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Angel Investors, Passion and Profit, Entrepreneurs 8-31-2015 – Events Calendar, Photos & More
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AUGUST Start Up Mode:
9/3 Th PM
SFC/EUP: Larissa Herda, Ethics Initiative
9/8 T Nn
ACG Denver: Bob Ogdon, Chairman/Founder, Swiftpage
9/9 W PM
CTA: Sip & Connect
9/10 Th AM
CBSA: Advancing Commercialization
9/10 Th Nn
RMIMA: Security Vulnerabilities
9/16 W PM
CBSA: Oktober Fest
9/17 Th PM
SF Broadband Conference : Closing the Digital Divide
9/17 Th PM
AITP Mile High Dinner Meeting
Galvanize Upcoming Events
Innovation Pavilion Events
9/21 M PM
ACG Denver: CEO Dinner
9/24 Th PM
Silicon Flatirons New Venture Challenge - Kickoff
Denver Startup Week 2015 The Largest FREE Entrepreneurial Event in the Entire Country

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The Artist's vision speaks through color and action
enclosure-voice 1653_ 8/31/15 - Painted Paper, movement through collage: works by Cecelia Feld and Ania Gola-Kumor Opening event at the Andrew J. Macky Gallery in the foyer of Macky Auditorium Concert Hall, University of Colorado Boulder (285 University Avenue, Boulder). Free and open to the public until November 15, 2015.
RELATED LINKS: Studio 7310 || Cecelia Feld Blog || Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMoCA) || KEYWORDS: Cecelia Feld, BMoCA, Mackey Gallery, Mackey Auditorium, Collage, CU – Boulder Campus
LISTEN TO: Cecelia Feld, Studio 7310

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Becoming a Top 20 Entrepreneurial University
enclosure-voice 1743_ 8/19/15 - Entrepreneurs Unplugged with Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO JPMorgan Chase was a declaration from several areas of our vibrant ecosystem. University Chancellor, Dr. Philip DiStefano along with Erik Mitisek began with information and facts that are important, inspiring and acknowledge the partnerships that have made the difference for Colorado. (A complete transcript of Dr. DiStefano’s Address is available here.) We join as Dr. DiStefano is addressing the audience: "Welcome to the University of Colorado Boulder campus. We are so glad to have you for this thought-provoking and enlightening discussion with Jamie Dimon, Phil Weiser, Nancy Phillips and Brad Feld. I’m so pleased that Brad serves on my Advisory Council. Three other members of my Advisory Council who are in the audience today; Rob Strain, president of Ball Aerospace; Earl Wright, Chair of the Board, AMG National Trust Bank; Dan Caruso, chairman and CEO of Zayo Group. We are honored that Mr. Dimon and J.P. Morgan Chase Bank asked us to host this important discussion on the value of entrepreneurship to the nation’s economic fabric.
RELATED LINKS: Chancellor Philip DiStefano | DiStefano Importance of STEM | Colorado Technology Association | Foundry Group | ViaWest | KEYWORDS: Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase, Entrepreneurs Unplugged, Silicon Flatirons, Phil Weiser, Philip DiStefano, CU Boulder, Colorado Technology Association, Erik Mitisek, Foundry Group, Brad Feld, Nancy Phillips, ViaWest - bytes=4797652
LISTEN TO: Dr. Philip DiStefano, Chancellor, University of Colorado and Erik Mitisek, CEO, Colorado Technology Association

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Entrepreneurs Unplugged: James Dimon, Chairman of the Board, CEO and President of JPMorgan Chase & Co.
enclosure-voice 1744_ 8/19/15 - Entrepreneurs Unplugged is a meeting place where faculty, students, and community members learn about and get involved in entrepreneurship. In particular, the program offers the Front Range startup community, students and faculty an opportunity to learn how a successful startup is created as well as an opportunity to network. You will hear broad ranging discussions with successful, community leaders and outstanding luminaries.
      The conversations revolve around their personal experiences, success strategies and diversity. As Brad Feld said, "Women aren’t broken and Men aren’t the enemy." Participating panel member, Nancy Philips, CEO and CoFounder, ViaWest, is a perfect example of "the unbroken woman".
Jamie Dimon became Chairman of the Board on December 31, 2006, and has been Chief Executive Officer and President since December 31, 2005. He was President and Chief Operating Officer following JPMorgan Chase's merger with Bank One Corporation in July 2004. At Bank One he was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer from March 2000 to July 2004. Before joining Bank One, Mr. Dimon held a wide range of executive roles at Citigroup Inc., the Travelers Group, Commercial Credit Company and American Express Company.

RELATED LINKS: Silicon Flatirons Center | J.P. Morgan Chase Bank & Co | EUP – Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase Video | KEYWORDS: James Dimon, JPMorgan Chase Co.; Silicon Flatirons Center, Entrepreneurs Unplugged, Phil Weiser, CU Law School; Boulder CO, Brad Feld, Foundry Group; Nancy Philips, ViaWest; National Center for Women & Information Technology - bytes=20937264
LISTEN TO: Entrepreneurs Unplugged - Jamie Dimon, CEO, JPMorgan Chase Panel

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Silicon Flatirons Center - Entrepreneurs Unplugged
Jamie Dimon, CEO & President, JPMorgan & Chase 8


Stage tech companies raise on average $60M per year
enclosure-voice 1652_ 8/31/15 - Lucy Sanders, the CEO for the National Center for Women and Information Technology or NCWIT, and Larry Nelson from w3w3® Media Network are interviewing Paula Sorrell an experienced leader in the technology sector, and a serial entrepreneur who for the past four years has served as Vice President of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Venture Capital for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. Paula Sorrell is an independent consultant focused on strategy and marketing, specifically helping organizations who are building an innovation economy. In her role at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Paula has overseen more than $1 Billion under management to support Michigan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Stage tech companies raise on average $60MM per year. Paula came from a family of technicians. She understands and translates the language for others. Regardless of the field, and she works with many, Paula says, “Technology somehow leads to improving people’s lives, making the world different one technology at a time.”
RELATED LINKS: NCWIT Home || NCIT Blog || Heroes Channel KEYWORDS: Paula Sorrell, NCWIT Hero, Lucinda Sanders, NCWIT, National Center for Women and Technology, Larry Nelson
LISTEN TO: Paula Sorrell

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Crash Course: How to Pitch to Angel Investors
enclosure-voice 1654_ 8/31/15 - An angel investor is often described as an investor in a start-up company using his or her own money, and operating outside of a partnership model. Routinely these individuals invest in early-stage start-up companies and have a different set of incentives and legal constraints than traditional venture capital firms. Because of these differences, angel investors are a difficult group to generalize. Moreover, while plenty of literature exists to help an entrepreneur prepare for pitching to venture capitalists, such as Brad Feld & Jason Mendelson's Venture Deals, less guidance is available on how to pitch one's idea to an angel investor. Techstars alum and incoming Managing Director Natty Zola will sit down with Techstars founder David Cohen to discuss how to effectively pitch to angel investors. Drawing on his experience of funding more than 600 startups including Uber, Twilio, SendGrid, Sphero, and Digital Ocean, David is in a prime position to give his thoughts on the process and what works best, from an investor's perspective. Since angel investors are a growing area of venture investing, this topic is extremely timely.
RELATED LINKS: Silicon Flatirons Center || SFC Crash Course Event || Techstars Boulder Economy Builders || KEYWORDS: David Cohen, Techstars, Natty Zola, Silicon Flatirons Center, Brad Bernthal, Angel Investors, Entrepreneurship, Startups, Entrepreneurs
LISTEN TO: David Cohen & Natty Zola, Techstars Boulder

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Event Photos - Crash Course, Pitch an Angel

Molly McFarland, Founder/CMO, AdAdapted Adapting with technology, NCWIT Hero is Founder and CMO
enclosure-voice 1651_ 8/10/15 - Lucy Sanders, the CEO for the National Center for Women and Information Technology or NCWIT, and Larry Nelson from w3w3® Media Network are interviewing Molly McFarland, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of AdAdapted. This is part of a series of interviews that we are having with fabulous entrepreneurs. Women who have started “IT” companies in a variety of sectors, all of whom have just fabulous stories to tell us, about being entrepreneurs. Molly McFarland is an entrepreneur who has a passion for bringing leading-edge solutions to market, and is always pushing beyond the obvious. The AdAdapted platform automates the native advertising model for advertisers that want to reach mobile app users. This allows advertisers to launch scalable, trackable, custom branded campaigns across a wide variety of apps. Prior to her position at AdAdapted, Molly held the position of Director of Marketing at Amplifinity, where she provided strategy and support for a successful sales team, formed strategic partnerships, and assisted in raising Series A funding.
RELATED LINKS: NCWIT Home || NCIT Blog || Heroes Channel || AdAdapted || KEYWORDS: Molly McFarland, AdAdapted, transparency, apps, mobile advertising, native advertising, NCWIT Hero, Lucinda Sanders, NCWIT, National Center for Women and Technology, Larry Nelson, bytes=28539836
LISTEN TO: Molly McFarland, Founder and CMO, AdAdapted

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Our spring / early summer started with a bang
...literally, a big bang! Lightening struck w3w3 headquarters and fried computers! We were happy there wasn't a fire, but smoke-stains on the walls above the electrical outlets told us how lucky we were... It was a disaster - our own paralyzing, confused disaster. Recovery came through our great community and we want to tell you about them and we want to offer our sincere appreciation, to thank them. And we very much want to thank you for your phone calls and concern. We will be back with the rest of the story...

Larry Nelson, Managing Change in the Midst of Chaos Your Ultimate Win
The Ultimate Win - Your GoalThe Ultimate Win™ - Achieving Personal & Professional Satisfaction An in-depth strategic planning and goal setting system for achievers. Here's a win/win! You can enjoy the full benefits of this online program, including the entire audio and downloadable resource guide... totally free. All we ask in return is some honest feedback. Tens of thousands people around the world have heard the program either in a live seminar or on cassette tapes. We are launching this as a "for sale" program on the Web very soon. Any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated. If you have a friend or colleague that you think would enjoy and participate in our "beta" test, please feel free to pass along this link and invitation. There is no cost to them. All your information and input will be confidential.

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