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Economic Crystal Ball for 2003

Winners, Losers or Just Hanging On - What Do You Predict?

Over 150 interviews above, some of the "celebs" that made predictions are:
Brad Feld & Rick Patch | Chris Wand | Kirk Holland | Cathy Ewing & Jessica Wright | Tom Frey | Chan Smith | Mark Foster & Bill Goldsmith | Jon Nordmark | Pat Engstrom | Jared Polis | Mike Hamers | Rockie Thomas | Mark Walker |

On November 16, 2002 we interviewed presenters and some attendees at the DaVinci Institute BootStrap BootCamp. That evening we interviewed a herd of executives (including Brad Feld and Rick Patch) at CTEK's eBall.

Then on December 12, we interviewed the marketing gurus at the Boulder/Denver Marketing Vendors ShowCase - BTW, all three of these events were at the OMNI hotel.

We asked everyone the same basic question, "Would the economy, by the end of 2003, be up, flat or down?" Many took a little editorial freedom with their replies.

It's not too late to give us your prediction (you can't criticize the results if you don't give your input). We captured a bunch of predictions in writing at the Rockies Venture Club Fall Finance Forum. You can vote and compare instantly to what they predicted.

In any event, all of us at w3w3® Talk Radio wish you and yours a magnificent 2003.
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