AITP 11-20-03
Microsoft Demonstrates Office 2004
AITP-Denver negotiated give-aways beyond imaginable!

Elaine Miller, past president, is giddy with delight as she passes out tee shirts, software and books.  Microsoft representatve demonstrates bits of the new office system.  Current president Kinna acknowledges work done by board member

Elaine and Ben Johnasen  Charlie Oriez  Larry and Suzzane - membership board - pleased with all they offer AITP members.



October 17 AITP Denver 50th Anniversary - Past Presidents
Terry Huffine delivers Gubenetorial Proclamation: ATIP Day October 17, 2002

CEO, Elaine Miller presents Charlie Ortiez with special award   Ben Johansen Brad Brown, CEO and Founder, TUSC


May 21st and the last meeting of the season -


Elaine Miller, CEO /President
Denver AITP

May 21, 2002
Tom Frye
, Futurist
Traci Kreech, Spheer
 Kurt Jacobs, Spheer

50th Anniversary Bash 1/15/2002

Ty Bohannon, IT Portfolio, Inc. past
President / CEO of AITP-Denver
Kimberly Lunn, SofTec Solutions
Michael Mendocha, Khoo, Inc.
Charles Oriez, Oriez on Spam
Charles Oriez, The Sanders Fund
Jeff Wiggins, Keane
Stan Yellott, RMOUG President

AITP Hosts Taiwan Economic Representative - Dec. 12, 2001
Marc Agins, The Core Group
Jack Harper, BSI2000
Carl Mather, EDP Recruiting Srvcs
Steve Wille, Tough Teams
Sherman Woo, gvlabs

Ty Bohannon, President / CEO
Association of Information Technology Professionals - Denver
P. O. Box 334,
Denver, CO 80201-0334


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AITP installs new officers: here President and CEO, Elaine Miller and the new Board of Directors. AITP also took this oppor-tunity to honor past presidents

w3w3 takes it all in - That's Larry Nelson at the controls.

Traci Kreech and Kurt Jacobs gave a presentation on Voice
Over IP prior to dinner. After dinner..

w3w3 talks with Tom Frey, FuturistListen : Tom Frye and Larry NelsonWe were treated to a look into the future as only keynote speaker, Tom Frey could provide. It was a fun packed evening and set everyone's mind spinning.

Until the next meeting best wishes from AITP for a wonderful summer!

AITP's First 50 Dynamic Years Celebrated:Ty Bohannon, President & CEO, AITP Denver
For 50 years AITP has been the leader of information and education for the Information Technology Professionals. 2001 marks the 50-year anniversary of the association, and we are proud to say that we are growing ever stronger,
both in terms of membership and services to our members. w3w3 Internet Talk Radio host Larry Nelson conducted interviews with various members listed on the right along with photos.
It was a great evening with plenty of fun.

Good Food, Games, Great People and Fun - AITP 50th Anniversary Celebration
AITP's 50th Anniversary Celebration at D&Bs

Kimberly Lunn with w3w3 Talk Show Host Larry NelsonMarc Agins




Great Prizes to top off all that fun!


DU Campus Gathering for the Roundtable Discussion with Taiwan Representative, Shu-Yuan Ghung - 12.15.01

The Mile High Chapter of AITP was asked by the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Council to host a meeting with an official of the government Sectoral Planning Department,
Ms. Shu-Yuan Chung
Council Economic Planning & Development, Taiwan, R.O.C. Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2001.

Ms Chung, was in Denver to research IT and e-commerce issues. AITP hosted a round table iscussion at the DU Alumni Conference Center.

Opinions flew freely throughout the roundtable discussion as many joined in the lively discussion.

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