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NREL is the Place - National Renewable Energy Laboratories in Golden Colorado - Renewable Energy Starts Here!


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There's no shortage of renewable energy resources. North Dakota has enough wind to supply 35% of the total U.S. electricity demand. Yet we are still spending $100+ Billion on imported oil. We need to pay attention. New energy technologies based on indigenous, self-renewing resources will help keep these dollars at home to strengthen the economy and create new jobs. Meet the people and tour the facilities of the National Laboratories here in Golden, CO.

Drew Bolin, Governor's Office of Energy Management & Conservation167_ Can You Imagine Pulling Electricity Out of Your Car for the Grid?
While Colorado has a world class federal laboratory in Golden, NREL, few state citizens realize that we also have an extremely active Governor's Office of Energy Management & Conservation. Drew Bolin , Director shared with Pat and Larry Nelson some of the very exciting projects the Office is working on and supporting. The projects include retrofitting automobiles with larger batteries enabling them actually put energy into the grid which is an NREL/XCEL project to popular wind energy to E-85 Ethanol. > LISTEN 8/21/06

Niel Golightly, Director of Sustainable Business Strategies, Ford Motor CompanyFord, 100 Years Old Heading for a Sustainable 200
"Companies still standing 10, 20, 30 years from now will be those companies that get the sustainability agenda right," says Niel Golightly, Ford Motor's Director of Sustainable Business Strategies. Bud McGrath, Executive Director of CORE and Treasure, Graham Russell question Niel about Ford's direction and seeing if it is sustainable. Short-term and legacy issues still persist. LISTEN 3/6/2006
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William Vass, Sr. Vice Pres. & CIO, Sun MicrosystemsSun, Expecting 12 to 15 Year Desktop Life Cycles
"It's really time for the IT industry to grow up," says Bill Vass, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Sun Microsystems. Bill was the luncheon keynote speaker at CORE's first annual Sustainable Opportunities Summit. He focused on the challenges of disposable IT products and pointed out that Google uses about 100 million kilowatt hours of power. Energy is not in the CIO budget. LISTEN 3/06/2006
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John CasesaChallenges and Opportunities for Green Investing
It will take a public sector and private sector partnership to achieve the next level of success in the clean energy field. John Casesa, First Vice President, Merrill Lynch points out that the, “Horse has already left the barn. And consumers want this technology. There’s no turning back now.” John was a keynote speaker at the Sustainability Opportunities Summit - "A Call to Sustainable Action: Energy, Security and Climate Change". Political tempers could rise in 2007- a hot year ahead. LISTEN 2/27/2006
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Admiral Richard TrulyThe Extraordinary Admiral Truly Retires from NREL
How does he think? What makes him tick? Why did he become and achieve so many things that most only dream of? Admiral Richard Truly, fighter pilot, former astronaut, Georgia Tech student (then leader), and recently retired Director of NREL shares his story in this “Profile of a Leader” with Larry & Pat. This was recorded at his NREL office about 2 years ago. 1/24/2005
Stephen Timms, UK Energy Minister - WREC VIIIStephen Timms Looks at Renewable Energy - 11/08/04
In the United Kingdom there are big hurdles to overcome, points out Stephen Timms, MP and Minister of Energy for the UK. Building confidence, broadening the renewables portfolio and overcoming resistance are keys. His boss, British Prime Minister Tony Blair is determined to address the threat of global warming. Complete Transcript Here

John Mogford, Group VP, Renewables, BP
Bringing SOLAR Into The Mainstream – BP - 11/08/04
At the World Renewable Energy Congress, John Mogford, Group Vice President Renewables and Alternatives at BP delivered a powerful speech about some very important topics including “Profitability Plus Sustainability”, “The Solar Industry”, “Priorities for Policy-Makers”, “What BP Plans to Do”. Complete Transcript.

The NreL Tech Transfer Team: Left to Right:  TomWilliams, George Douglas, Marty Murphy, Bobi Garrett, and Walter Copan
NREL: Tech Transfer Success Stories


NREL - Energy Straight from the Boss!The Tech Transfer Team of NREL supports the Mission of “Realize the Value of Public Investment.PART 1 >” Listen to them explain how it’s done for everyone to see. Tom Williams, Bobi Garrett, Walter Copan, Marty Murphy, George Douglas explain how the barriers to use are overcome by leveraging knowledge. PART 2 The NREL Way to Bring it to Market > PART 3 Answers to Renewable Challenges - NREL > PART 4 Unlimited Energy – Fact or Fiction?

Admiral Richard Truly, Director, NRELRobert Schwab, Editor, Colorado Biz MagazineLarry & Pat Nelson of w3w3® Media Network join Robert Schwab, business editor of the Colorado BIZ Magazine at the NREL offices with Director, Admiral Richard Truly for part-2 of an in-depth interview about the National Lab's challenges and triumphs. LISTEN
Adm. Richard Truly, Director, National Renewable Energy Laboratory - Golden, Colorado mic listenRobert Schwab, business editor for Colorado BIZ magazine teamed up with Larry & Pat Nelson of the w3w3® Media Network to get the latest update on NREL. Admiral Richard Truly, Director of the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory surprised everyone with his look at the present and view of the future. LISTEN

Robert J Noun, Director Communications, NRELRobert J. Noun, Dir. Communications & Public Affairs — NREL - A Colorado Treasure Celebrating 25 Years of Research Excellence When we finished this tour we were over-whelmed with the achievements and advancements they have made.

Larry Flowers, Team Leader International Projects, NWTCLarry Flowers, PE and Team Leader of International Affairs at NWTC the National Wind Technology Center. You may be surprised to learn, as we were, that Wind is one of the biggest success stories in the Renewable Energy collection!

Admiral Richard Truly, Director, NRELNREL - 25 Years In A Day
"The future is infinitely more important than the past." Admiral Truly, director of NREL, was delighted to announce that three technologies developed at NREL received R&D 100 Awards.

German Poster extoling the virtues of Wind Power
RENEWABLE ENERGY: The answer is riding the wind...Today we're touring the National Wind Technology Center, the world's largest most sophisticated test center for wind.

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