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282_ Lloyd Lewan - Leadership Beyond Management Dr. Lloyd Lewan, Keynote Speaker, Colorado Ethics in Business Awards
enclosure-voiceWe live in a time of great division. Nations against nations – religions against religions, complicated competition with foreign countries. We have a growing underclass in the world and we really don’t know what to do with it. And there are so many other moral, scientific and economic dilemmas we face. As Lincoln said, “A house divided cannot stand.”

We must find men and women who can face these challenges with a much wiser set of denominators and understandings. Lloyd Lewan was the keynote speaker at the annual Colorado Ethics in Business Awards (CEBA). He had hundreds of attendees on the edge of their seats as he detailed prescriptions for leadership and ethics.

Colorado Ethics in Business Awards 2007 Photo Album"The best guarantee for the future of this country of ethics, is to find and develop the finest leaders, for at the heart of any leader is and ethical base. I frankly believe leadership is the DNA of any nation, of any business, of any organization, or any home.”

You can listen to Dr. Lewan's entire address right here - 35 minutes from an exceptional program - Colorado Ethics in Business Awards Keynote Address.

PHOTOS - 3/19/07 Bytes: 15883183 >> LISTEN

Audio LinkBeyond the Trends - Model for Ethics
Larry Nelson, producer of the w3w3® Media Network - Talk Radio show Launches New ETHICS Channel! In Volume 2 - Issue 1 of  "Beyond the Trends". Larry tackles Ethics. The lack of ethics continues to get a great deal of press. Larry shares a brief "ethics model" (complexities have helped create this swamp). You'll hear the 3 foundational aspects and solutions for keeping us on track.

Gov. Richard D. LammGov Lamm is Outspoken About Ethics
No one has ever accused Richard Lamm, Director for the Center for Public Policy and Contemporary Issues at DU and former 3-term Governor of Colorado of not speaking his mind. True-to-form, Dick lays down the gauntlet when it comes to ethics. The path of the unknown is clear if you are clear.

Linda Rydberg, Womens Leadership Foundation Would you quit your job or put your career in jeopardy because of ethical concerns? That's easy to answer if you are not the person on the line. Linda Rydberg of the Women's Leadership Foundation shares a couple real-life stories and the word "legacy" played an important role in their actions. Linda recommends that teams need to have a written list of shared values.

Dr. James Davis, Author "Learning to Lead" discusses Ethics on w3w3 Media network   Ethics and ethical corporate behavior are highly valued characteristics in today's leader. We asked Dr. James Davis, Dean of University College of the Denver University and author of Learning to Lead, to shed some light on the importance of how we make decisions - from an ethical perspective. Dr. Davis pulls specific examples from 2000 years of historical trial and error to answer the question.

Dr. Murray HamiltonCan you imagine what homeland security and defense would look like if there was an absence of good ethical behavior?
Dr Murray Hamilton, Director of the Center for Homeland Defense and Security at the University of Denver weighs in on this much talked about issue in the workplace, Corporate Ethics. LISTEN

Paul Ray, Director Office of Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Colorado6/2/03 Meet Paul Ray, Director of the Office of Life Sciences and Biotechnology in the Governor's Office of Innovation and Technology. We talked with Paul about Ethics. A new channel being launched at w3w3 Network.
Paul's candid, hard-hitting, straight forward responses will give you something to think about. His sincere take on an issue affecting so many is a look back at lessons learned and applications for today's success with ethical codes of conduct.

Dr. James Davis, Dean of University College of the Denver UniversityClimbing the corporate ladder can be quite a trick especially when you include ethical behavior into the equation.
Listen:  Dr. James Davis Dr James Davis
, Dean of University College of the Denver University and prolific author gives some structure to this dicey issue. Simplicity is the key, as Dr Davis walks us through three steps for building ethical behavior.


Rob Reuteman, business editor for the Rocky Mtn. News talks about the tug-of-war between virtue & vice.

Dutkowsky, Bob, JDEdwards - Ethics

Polis, Jared Ethics direct no-nonsense - righting the balance

Les Wyatt Ethical behavior is deep-rooted (good & bad)


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