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NREL - A Colorado Treasure
Celebrating 25 Years of Research Excellence

They're saying "thank you" for the opportunity. But, when we finished this tour we were overwhelmed with the achievements and advancements they have made - Thank you? Yes, Thank you NREL and with today's threat of terrorism, we'd just like you to keep up the good work! Please.

Below is a photo essay of the tour we took. Click on the photos with a blue border for the audio portion of the tour - there is a lot to learn. Everything that happens here eventually effects your daily life in ways that are very exciting. They will save you money and maybe save your way of living - possibly your life.

We arrived at NREL where we were greeted by the Director, Admiral Richard Truly and his top people. Before beginning our tour we checked out the Visitor's Center loaded with young people and real interest. (This was really impressive - as you can see.)

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National Renewable
Energy Laboratory

Page 2: NWTC

Admiral Richard Truly, Director, NREL
Admiral Richard Truly, Director NREL
shows Larry Nelson the severed bolt from one of Truly's Challenger mission flights. More about Admiral/Director/Astronaut Truly

Would you like to go to the top?
Stay tuned...
We will tour the National Wind Technology Center

You may be surprised to learn, as we were, that Wind is one of the biggest success stories in the Renewable Energy collection!



We've visited NREL 3 times now, this is
 our next stop, AFUF

Richard Truly, Director, NREL
Admiral Truly, Director at NREL, explaining
one of the displays at the NREL Visitors Center

Solar Tracking Device being tested at the Outdoor Test Facility
Solar Panel Tracking Device

Check out the Energy-Sipping House in Idaho Springs
Utilites Cost $100/year

Preplanning and good design made all the difference.

NREL Executive Team with Larry and Pat Nelson w3w3 Talk Radio
Jerry Bellows, Robert Noun, Stanley Bull,
Admiral Richard Truly, Pat and Larry Nelson,
Jack Darnell, Jessie Harris

Students studying the displays at the Visitors Center
NREL Visitors Center - Students Who Are Getting It!

Audio Tour Begins Here
Dana Morgan, NREL Ambassador (One of NREL's first employees, today he is the historian/volunteer) Bob Noun, Director, Communications & Public Affairs

Hybred Prototype Cars developed and tested here at NREL.
Bob explaining the hybrid electric vehicles - researched and tested here at NREL -
These Hybrids get 50 Miles/Gallon or more!
1. Touring SERF with Bob Noun

3. Nationall Photovoltaic Center housed at SERF
2. Here we are in the lobby of the SERF Building. Photos to my right. This building is very interesting.

Step Into the Future...
This building is a working model of the energy efficiency technologies developed by the scientists working here. Saving over $200,000 per year in energy costs to run this building - we felt they were rather successful.
Bob Noun, Director Commuications and Public Relations, NREL 4. Jerry Olson, Principal Scientist in the 3-5 Lab
Jerry Olson, Principal Scientist in the 3-6 Materials and Devices Laboratory. One of the real stars and winner of the Awards/Patents.
5. Multi Junction Solar Cell
Bob Noun Explains Multi Junction Solar Cells
6. Bill McMahon explains how to grow solar cells
Bill McMahon explains how to grow a solar cell!
7. A Wind Tree in the Office Pod
Here you see an "Air Tree" in the Office Pod
It's very comfortable here - Pat wanted to stay!

8. Iowa Thin Film Technologies
NREL works with manufacturers to lower manufacturing costs.

9. Scientist working

10. Your Roof Can Supply Your Electricity Solar Roof Tiles - Available commercially
11. R & D 100 Awards 12. Outdoor Test Facility
Our guide today, Bob Noun is an attorney as well as the very knowledgeable Director of Communications and Public Affairs at NREL. Thank you Bob for a fascinating, information packed look at the future!
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