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Information is critical to all types of businesses. Whether you have a business that has not traditionally worried about computers and networks, or if your business is steeped in technology, you know that businesses are enabled and improved by effective use of technology. But how do you select an IT infrastructure and security company?

Many times Web sites and brochures offer services that appear to be the same or similar. How do you choose the right one? The answer is trust. When you are looking to secure your information and your network, you need to trust the partner you select. So why should you trust Applied Trust more than our competitors? There are many reasons, all of which are based in the tenet that we provide the best security, infrastructure, performance and availability services for your networks and systems. Learn more…

208_ Three Focused Recommendations Trent Hein, Applied Trustfor Entrepreneurs.. Adapting your business model to what the client really wants can be tricky. One sure way to become a broken company is to not be aware of client needs. More... Applied Trust

Ned McClain, Applied Trust172_ The ATE Employee Canon has Redefined the Big Bang .. You don`t need a secret password to find out what is happening at Applied Trust. Their canon was designed entirely by techies but we can all understand it.

169_ East and West Coast Duke it Out While Colorado Has Fun .. Applied Trust Engineering has given `Green Backs` a whole new meaning. Building your own company requires 24/7/365 passion.


489_ Green IT Infrastructure Costs Less: Bigger is not Better
Trent Hein and Ned McClain, Co Founders, Applied Trust Engineeringenclosure-voice Green IT infrastructure costs less and improves the health of our planet. Trent Hein co-founder of Applied Trust and CEO and Ned McClain, co-founder and CTO talk about the proactive steps Applied Trust has taken to implement a EcoInfrastructureGreen IT infrastructure and take that even a step further and call it EcoInfrastructure. Everyone knows that with today’s high cost of data center real estate, the increasing cost of energy, and your company’s desire to be more eco-friendly, infrastructure is on everyone’s mind. Trent and Ned discussed specific tactics and strategies for taking steps to building a Green IT infrastructure. Here are five key points: 1) Bigger is not better 2) Consolidate 3) Server virtualization 4) Organizational philosophy 5) Reduce the waste stream. Applied Trust engineers will work closely with your staff to ensure that a thorough assessment is conducted. All assessment recommendations will be presented in an actionable manner, such that network and system administrators can use the document as a guide for mitigation. Here are some results you can expect: • Reduced capital costs • Stronger bottom line through significantly reduced operating costs (including reduced energy consumption and reduced system administration labor) • Support for the environment • Improved employee morale and workplace environment • Improved corporate image as a “green business,” which can provide a marketing or recruiting edge. Listen Now...
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Green IT

354 Trent Hein, Applied Trust EngineeringThis is More Than a High-Level Alert for Your Computer

Trent Hein and Ned McClain, co-founders of Applied Trust discuss one of the scariest Internet subjects we have ever heard. They talk about the topic in a way that business people can understand and gives your IT staff some geart security ideas. Ned McClain, Applied Trust Engineering

Their number one suggestion is to
check the Open Web Application Security Project or OWASP. "These guys publish a lot of interesting information about what’s going on with application security on the web. They publish a Top 10 Vulnerability list. The 2007 list is out and anyone who has a web site, large or small, should be aware of what’s on this list. There's also a wonderful guide that talks through how to mitigate and address the top ten vulnerabilities in your environment.

In 2007, Cross site scripting aka XSS, has risen to the number one spot of the top ten web security vulnerabilites. Sites that allow users to post content to the site might mean that a bad guy could post malicious code to the site.

No. 2 Threat: Injection Flaws. A lot of web sites have a data base behind them and any of those servers speak a language that you can use to say, “Hey, I would like to get information from the data base, or I’d like to put information into the data base.” This has been used for a whole variety of exploits.

No. 3 Malicious File Execution, really means having good website hygiene. Demo files that came with your computer, or a sample application should be cleaned up so that a ‘bad guy’ can’t take advantage of that file and take control of your computer.

Trent and Ned give a whole new meaning to TRUST.

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Linux Administration Handbook, Second EditionBook of the Year

Revolutionizing IT as We Know It Garth Snyder, Evi Nemeth and Trent Hein, Authors

enclosure-voice329_ It sounds tecnical, but what isn’t today? Here’s a technical best-seller, written by 3 key experts: Evi Nemeth; Garth Snyder; Trent Hein along with 10 key contributors…all experts. This 1000-page book, "LINUX Administration Handbook" (Second Edition),has a cartoon on the cover (and drawings throughout), easyto understand with readable information and a special section for non IT managers so they understand what is going on and how to be an effective manager in this arena. IT loves this second edition because of the critical contents that are easy to reference and are now getting support from management rather than pushback. It started in 1988. Setting the standard of excellence, translated into 20 languages, and is revolutionizing IT as we know it.   Related Links: Applied Trust || Book Press Release || Amazon || Blog || Channels: Software > Keywords: Evi Nemeth; Garth Snyder; Trent Hein, LINUX, IT managers, LINUX Administration Handbook  > Bytes: 6199696 LISTEN 6/18/07

4/9/07 Career Opportunities Available Now at Applied Trust

233 Linux Administration Handbook, Second EditionPolicy, Politics and Privilege; the IT Infrastructure Challengeenclosure-voice
Most managers do not understand the difference between UNIX and LINUX, but they should. That knowledge could be the difference between a company horror story and success. Trent Hein and Ned McClain, co-founders of Applied Trust Engineering who also co-authored the, "LINUX Administration Handbook" (Second Edition) and include critical sections written especially for non IT managers who can gain an understanding what is going to happen when they turn over the keys to the systems administrator.
Related Links: Applied Trust || Book Press Release || Community Support || Book Details || Keywords: Applied Trust, Trent Hein, Ned McClain, LINUX Administration Handbook, Systems Administrator, IT Infrastructure|| Bytes: 6930393 > LISTEN 1/1/07 Part 1 of 2

235 Call a Spade a Spade or You'll Lose More than the Game enclosure-voice
Applied Trust Trent Hein and Ned McClain, co-founders of Applied Trust Engineering who also co-authored the, "LINUX Administration Handbook" (Second Edition) include critical sections written especially for non IT managers who can gain an understanding what is going to happen when they turn over the keys to the systems administrator. It's frustrating for the management team when they don't have a handle on what the IT department is doing. It's also frustrating for the IT folks when they do not get management support.
Related Links: Applied Trust || Book Press Release || Community Support || Book Details || Keywords: Applied Trust, Trent Hein, Ned McClain, LINUX Administration Handbook, Systems Administrator, IT Infrastructure|| Bytes: 6526644 > LISTEN 1/8/07 - Part 2 of 2

191_ Safe Surfing and Online Predators Spawning New Fears
Aaron Kornblum, Jeanne Smith, John Suthers
There is a growing and historic partnership with the public and private sectors dealing with the epidemic affecting the youth. Yes this is an epidemic and many are closing their eyes and ears to this growing problem. Others are ignorant and don't have a clue as to what is happening. Thank goodness we are in a state that is proactively doing something about it. Colorado's Attorney General, John Suthers, Deputy AG, Jeanne Smith and Microsoft Attorney, Aaron Korn Blum kicked off a program with a couple hundred law enforcement officials to discussion the solutions. This is the first in a series of this critical topic. Please share with others. 10/09/06 LISTEN
Related Links: AG Safe Surfing Initiative || Cyber Security Channel || In the News Channel || OEDIT Channel || Photos || Keywords: Online Predators, Cyber Crime, Safe Surfing, Law Enforcement, John Suthers, Colorado Attorney General, Jeanne Smith, Deputy Attorney General, Aaron Kornblum, Microsoft
John Suthers, Colorado Attorney General - Safe Surfing Initiative211_ Campaign Aimed at Winning the War with Online Predators
The number of children approached by low-level scum buckets commonly called online predators is scary. The number of children that engage in online communication with them is even more than frightening. The number of children that have a face-to-face encounter with someone they met online is becoming an epidemic. The predators are physically nearby. Colorado's Attorney General, John Suthers shares some steps that parents, the front-line protectors can take with our Safe Surfing Initiative..> Related Links: Making Kids Web Smart || AG Safe Surfing Initiative || NCSP || US Cyberwatch || Applied Trust ||
Keywords: Cyber Security, John Suthers, Attorney General, Colorado, Safe Surfing, Internet Predators, Applied Trust - 11/20/06 LISTEN - Bytes 2049361
203_ Littlest Piece of Information Can be Used Against You
Aaron Kornblum, Senior Attorney for Internet Safety Enforcement Programs, MicrosoftInternet predators are a persistent mob and it's extremely difficult to pin them down. Everyone realizes that the children must be taught about these dangerous criminals who hide behind their computer until they set up their next meeting with an unsuspecting child. At the same time, Aaron Kornblum, senior attorney on Internet Safety Enforcement for Microsoft says that parents and family need to know what they can do to protect their children online.The Attorney General's office has a 'Safe Surfing Initiative' and w3w3.com hopes you are paying attention to this important topic.
Related Links: Making Kids Web Smart || AG Safe Surfing Initiative || NCSP || Applied Trust || Keywords: Cyber Security, Aaron Kornblum, Microsoft, Colorado, Safe Surfing, Colorado, Internet Predators, Applied Trust >11/06/06 LISTEN - Bytes 2058556
199_ Out of Site, Out of Mind Until the Predator Strikes
Jeanne SmithIt's the good news and the bad news. "The Internet is a wonderful tool to exchange knowledge and ideas in ways not possible before," says Jeanne Smith, Deputy Attorney General for the state of Colorado. Jeanne goes on to point out, "It's also a place where bad things are happening at the same fast pace." Predators are pervasive on the Internet and it's difficult to pin them down. Predators are in every chat room. The Attorney General's office has a 'Safe Surfing Initiative' and Larry & Pat of w3w3.com hope you are taking stock of this important and hot topic. - Related Links: AG Safe Surfing Initiative || NCSP || Cyber Security Toolkit || Applied Trust || > 10/30/06 LISTEN - Bytes 1774135 - Keywords: Cyber Security, Jeanne Smith, Colorado, Safe Surfing, Colorado, Internet Predators, Applied Trust
193_ Internet Predators and Safe Surfing, Both a Crises
Patrick Sullivan, Jr., Cherry Creek School System
The stories are scary, growing in number and the Internet Predators are learning faster than we are. Patrick Sullivan, Jr., (former Sheriff for Arapahoe County) and presently Director of Safety and Security for the Cherry Creek School System shares three key points ALL parents should pay attention to. 1) Keep the computer in a common area (never in the kid's bedroom. 2) Parents learn the 'instant messaging' lingo. 3) Learn how to check the history on a computer and check it. Consider using computer monitoring and forensic tools. 10/1606 LISTEN
Related Links: AG Safe Surfing Initiative || Cherry Creek Notice to Parents || Computer COP Software || Cyber Security Channel || Bytes 2540254
: Patrick Sullivan, Safe Surfing, Internet Predators, Computers, Cherry Creek, Schools, Colorado

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