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What Do These People
Have in Common?

Governor Bill Owens
Secretary Marc Holtzman
Valerie McNevin,
Security Dir. for CO
Cathy Ewing,
Rick Patch,
Sequel Partners
Terry Huffine,
John Hansen,
Lu Cordova,
Jeff Finkelstein,
Customer Paradigm
Brad Feld,
Mobius Venture Capital
Tom Kellermann, World Bank
Jo O'Brien, CO Dept. of Education
John Sifonis, Cisco Systems
Admiral Richard Truly, NREL
Pat Engstrom, Knowledge Factor
Allison Hartsoe, FWE
Robert Walker, Aerospace -Pres. Comm.
Daniel Feld, Mobius Venture Capital
Richard Clarke, National Cyber Security

Bob Dutkowsky, J. D. Edwards
Paul Berberian, Raindance
Dan Murray, Customer Paradigm
Nancy Phillips, ViaWest
Mike Hamers, LightSpeed Comm'l Arts
Ben Forta, Macromedia
Trip Carter, Aerospace Advocate for CO
Stanley Feld, MD
Elaine Miller, AITP
Ken Owens, Conduant
Tom Frey, daVinci Institute
Bill Esrey, Sprint
Arlen Meyers, MD, Biotechnology
Larry Nelson, Training Trends

Answer... They have all been guests on
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