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Jim Arkebauer, Co-Founder, Rockies Venture Club
"You're doing your usual outstanding job and I appreciate your efforts. Thanks for keeping me posted."

Sheryl Bass, Business Report Correspondent, Boulder County Business Report
"The Internet 'radio show' has undergone several transformations throughout the years, and, now, owners Larry and Pat Nelson are poised for expansion."

Lu Cordova, past president, CTEK
"w3w3 differs from other technology news outlets not only in its multimedia delivery system, but also because it actually helps market the business it covers. For example, w3w3 representatives were on the steering committee that helped strategize and launch the inaugural CTEK entrepreneur ball. It's fostering technology growth."

Jill Farschman, President of ExecSavvy
"Wow, what a substantive w3w3 interview about TiE-Rockies!!! High quality information about our programs and leadership."

Brad Feld, Managing Director, Mobius Venture Capital
"I think he's (Larry Nelson) done a really good job of providing a different kind of media channel for the technology community. The content is invigorating. It's interesting, and it's with good people."

Jay Gershen, Executive Director, CUHS
"Thanks for the terrific job you are doing with your radio talk show!!"

Louis Hornyak, Chairman, Colorado Nanotech Initiative
"There seems to be a core of visionary groups like yours that is going to provide leadership for Colorado's future.w3w3 is an incredible organization!!"

Peter Justen, Partner, Entrex
"It is most interesting to me to read your newsletters. It's a great way for me to catch up on the Colorado tech community. Keep them coming!"

Sheldon Lutte, Director of Emerging Technologies, Crate and Barrel
"We all listened to the interview on W3W3. It sounded terrific! You really made the show flow well. Thanks for making the process so easy and so comfortable for me."

John Metzger, Founder, Metzger Associates
"By leveraging new technologies, w3w3 radio has helped shift paradigms in how media delivers information and relates to the community it serves."

Erik Monsen, Doctoral student at CU
"I just wanted to let you know that I recently used one of your W3W3 radio interviews in a strategic management class I teach to juniors and seniors in the business school here at CU. It was a short, concise overview of ethics and I felt that it was more interesting and personable than making my students read an article on ethics. Thanks!

Art Rancis, Amidex, Inc.
"What a great source of social documentation. I think that we need to display it at a public gallery once a year."

Paul L. Ray, President & CEO, Nervonix
"Truly, a valuable new asset for Colorado's technology community."

Stan Szabelak, Civil Engineering Manger, RTD
"Thank you for sending the periodic stories and interviews. I find many of them to be worthwhile and enjoy spending a few minutes after work hours to peruse them."

Lucy Vento, President, Colorado RFID Alliance
"I am able to listen to all the news stories on I really enjoy them - they make me think hard about some tough issues and also are inspirational. You and Pat have a positive yet pragmatic perspective that makes a lot of sense. You have a new committed listener & will tell my colleagues about"

Robert White, Founder, ARC Worldwide
"This piece, not surprisingly, is VERY good. Clear, heartfelt and powerful."

Marc Holtzman, President, University of Denver
"Larry and Pat Nelson at w3w3® Media Network are indeed Colorado's Voice of the Technology Community. We have watched them grow the past number of years as they have touched and supported virtually every technology sector."

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