Adapting with technology, NCWIT Hero is Founder and CMO
Molly McFarland, Founder/CMO, AdAdaptiveenclosure-voice 1651_ 8/10/15 - Lucy Sanders, the CEO for the National Center for Women and Information Technology or NCWIT, and Larry Nelson from w3w3® Media Network are interviewing Molly McFarland, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of AdAdapted. This is part of a series of interviews that we are having with fabulous entrepreneurs. Women who have started “IT” companies in a variety of sectors, all of whom have just fabulous stories to tell us, about being entrepreneurs. Molly McFarland is an entrepreneur who has a passion for bringing leading-edge solutions to market, and is always pushing beyond the obvious. The AdAdapted platform automates the native advertising model for advertisers that want to reach mobile app users. This allows advertisers to launch scalable, trackable, custom branded campaigns across a wide variety of apps. Prior to her position at AdAdapted, Molly held the position of Director of Marketing at Amplifinity, where she provided strategy and support for a successful sales team, formed strategic partnerships, and assisted in raising Series A funding.
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LISTEN TO: Molly McFarland, Founder and CMO, AdAdapted

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