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Target market leads to a big sale and much more
Alicia Morga, NCWIT Heroenclosure-voice 972_ 2/21/11 - She is an example of bootstrapping that few others can match. Lucy Sanders, CEO for the National Center for Women and Information Technology or NCWIT along with Larry Nelson, Director of w3w3® Media Network and Lee Kennedy, Founder, and NCWIT board member interviewed Alicia Morga, founder and past CEO of Consorte Media, sold in 2010 to Audience Science. Currently Alicia is the creator of GottaFeeling (iPhone App) and the founder of a new (in stealth) startup. Alicia is a remarkable young woman with great down-to-earth advice for other young women wanting to build a life in the information and technology space. She is an example of bootstrapping that few others can match. Her beginnings are humble and we encourage you to watch the 'Professional Bio' video on her blog - it's short (link below... About Alicia). Lucy Sanders wanted to know when Alicia got interested in technology. Alicia points out, "It was a circuitous route for sure." She didn't grow up wanting to be an entrepreneur, nor did anyone think she would be an entrepreneur. Looking back she realizes she had all the entrepreneurial traits that are usually necessary to become an entrepreneur, she was very curious and adventurous. Her first exposure was in high school with a basic programming language class. She built a baseball game and thought that was fun - 'you can build anything you want in this thing called a computer'. She did end up going to Stanford University which plunked her down right in the middle of Silicon Valley. She tells us she heard dribs and drabs about technology and entrepreneurship, but didn't connect the dots until she became a corporate lawyer after law school, also at Stanford University. Take the GottaFeeling App. Alicia had never created an app before, she didn't even own an iPhone or an iTouch. She decided this was something she didn't know anything about and said, "Why don't I just jump in and see what I can create." That's when she created GottaFeeling...listen now there's much more...
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Listen to: Alicia Morga, founder, ConsorteMedia

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