Stage tech companies raise on average $60M per year
enclosure-voice 1652_ 8/31/15 - Lucy Sanders, the CEO for the National Center for Women and Information Technology or NCWIT, and Larry Nelson from w3w3® Media Network are interviewing Paula Sorrell an experienced leader in the technology sector, and a serial entrepreneur who for the past four years has served as Vice President of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Venture Capital for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. Paula Sorrell is an independent consultant focused on strategy and marketing, specifically helping organizations who are building an innovation economy. In her role at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Paula has overseen more than $1 Billion under management to support Michigan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Stage tech companies raise on average $60MM per year. Paula came from a family of technicians. She understands and translates the language for others. Regardless of the field, and she works with many, Paula says, “Technology somehow leads to improving people’s lives, making the world different one technology at a time.”
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