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Community Reach brought to yuoo by CIMCO, DTC, Denver, Boulder

Chris Pelley, Founder, CIMCO It's not just charity and philanthropy. It's about the bottom line
enclosure-voice 1112_ 11/21/11 - We're talking about one of Larry's favorite subjects, social enterprise, and he's cornered Chris Pelley, the founder of CIMCO a private wealth management firm. Chris has really been behind the social enterprise movement in our area and has organized an annual social enterprise program for years. ACG Denver is hosting this program on December 6th at the Denver Athletic Club, featuring Kim Jordan, Founder and CEO of New Belgium Brewery. Chris got involved with social enterprise seven or eight years ago as a result of his teen age daughters' interests and it was a big theme in major universities around the world. Social enterprise and social entrepreneurship really were an outgrowth, within the academic community and amongst non-profit people attempting to solve social problems in a more creative fashion. Social enterprise is a little bit of social justice with business acumen. As Chris and others talk about the ABCs of Social Enterprise; Collaboration, communication and, sustainability between academics, business and the citizen sector, they've realized they need more business acumen because they're top heavy with academics and nonprofits. Chris said, “It's getting business people involved because it's business metrics and business drive that makes a difference. Now we're seeing business enterprise that really is driven to solve problems that can make a profit. BTW that's not new; clean water is a social justice issue - try going without it for a few weeks. Yet water companies have been designed since the Roman Empire built the aqueducts. Sometimes our society overlooks that much of what business does is to promote social good, like creating jobs. But now there's more of a theme around clean and green and helping with starvation and all of these issues. To recap what we're trying to do is promote and highlight the fact that major global companies and middle market companies here in Colorado can actually improve their bottom line by being more mindful of social enterprise. It's not just doing well by doing good. It's not just charity and philanthropy. It is about bottom line results." There's much more to listen to...
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LISTEN to Chris Pelley, Founder/CEO, CIMCO

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Challenges, Choices and Opportunities for Companies
Chris Pelley, Managing Partner, CIMCO Denver, Boulder enclosure-voice 1014_ 5/16/11 - We are with Chris Pelley; of course Chris captured our attention years ago. He is very active in the community, he's on the board for ACG, and passionate about social entrepreneurship and involved in many outreach projects and programs. He also is Managing Partner of Capital Investment Management Company (CIMCO) an independent financial advisory firm that specializes in wealth management, retirement planning, portfolio management and business transition planning. Having a good bead on the economic environment, Larry asked, "What are the biggest challenges companies face today?" Chris' humble reply, "That might be an easy one because I've heard it from so many people far brighter than I. But it really distills down to one word, uncertainty." Chris points out that we got a bit of a respite from Congress on the tax situation. But if indeed Adam Smith was correct that the wealth of the nation is its people at work, then we need to improve upon employment - most of that will come from small and middle market companies. In fact 65% plus. Whereas in France 15% of the jobs come from small companies. So how do we work together to bridge the uncertainty around tax policy? The cost of healthcare? And even the regulatory environment? Today in Washington DC there's some debate about cutting expenses and/or raising revenue. What about growing the economy? If we grow from a $10 Trillion economy, which we had in the year 2000, to a $14 Trillion economy which we had in 2008... If we can have a 3% growth rate that will more than generate the revenue we need at current tax rates, I believe. That's just my opinion. To improve the employment circumstances and get us back on track." Larry asked, "what do you think are the greatest opportunities today for companies?" Chris said, " Again, taking from some of what I've read in Forbes and the Economist and what have you. I think outcome of the cleansing of the Great Recession of the 2000s is that the weaker companies have been pushed aside so there's not as much competition. The stronger companies, the old Darwin issue around survival of the fittest, I think, creates some, or ought to create some enthusiasm for companies that have made it. I think employees today are more vigilant because they're concerned. No one can afford to be complacent. At the end of the day it's a lot better than it was in 2008-9, so we're headed in the right direction. And corporations have what, $2.5 Trillion in cash and our government has put a lot of money into our economy, so I think that things are looking better." Chris also has some great advice for leaders...listen for more...
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It is more than doing well, by doing good
Kim Jordan, New Belgium Brewing, CEO/Founder1123_ 12/12/11 - Kim Jordan, CEO, New Belgium Brewing Company shares the story of her journey and that of hundreds of team members in becoming a profitable and socially responsible enterprise. Chris Pelley, founder and CEO of CIMCO, has been encouraging a greater understanding of social enterprise within the Colorado business community for almost seven years. In collaboration with ACG, he was very pleased to announce this year’s 5th Annual Business/Social Entrepreneurship event with keynote speaker, Kim Jordan, CEO and Co-Founder of New Belgium Brewing. Blending business acumen and social needs is something that Ms. Jordan has mastered quite successfully. She’ll share how aligning with social enterprise attracts the best and brightest talent, improves retention and ultimately enhances employee morale. There’s nothing better than having your employees boast with pride in their company’s purpose in the world to help improve your bottom line! Social enterprise is more than merely, "doing well, by doing good." Watch and listen to her message.
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Watch: Kim Jordan, CEO/CoFounder, New Belgium Brewing Co.

Roisin Pelley, Saffron Education, India From Denver: Exploring South Asia's entrepreneurial culture
enclosure-voice 1058_ 8/08/11 - From learning about traditional Indian medicine in Varanasi, exploring Chinese culture in Shanghai, to studying Gross National Happiness in Bhutan, or working with a NGO founded by Gandhi; Saffron Education offers innovative programs, internships and teaching opportunities for students interested in gaining an experience of South Asian culture beyond the classroom. Roisin Pelley, Denver resident is taking on a big challenge with her new job at Saffron Education. We managed to get a few minutes of her time before her departure this weekend for Bombay, India. This exciting venture sprung from Roisin's participation in the Leadership Institute at Harvard College (LIHC). Saffron Education is doing study abroad programs and internships and volunteer experiences throughout South Asia for students from high school, undergraduates and MBA levels. One of the most exciting opportunities is Bhutan, a small country and Constitutional monarchy that doesn't allow many tourists. Saffron's first program was run in Bhutan with the youth development program there. "Our students from America taught teachers there and got really involved in the community", said Roisin . "Knowing the cultural complexities and the way business works, the way the culture affects business, is really crucial for being able to expand successfully. Having those cultural skills that students get by visiting companies and meeting people can be a huge asset to them when they're in the workforce." India presents a great environment for entrepreneurship with their growing economy. People are always starting new companies and looking at different ways to improve life there because there certainly are lots of things that need to be done. It's a great place to be creative in and think of new solutions and how they can fit such a complex country. With 1.2 billion people, most products or services are going to find some kind of market. Listen for more...
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Elder Care is a pro bono, free service
Chris Pelley, 
    Managing Partner, CIMCO and Michael Meurer, Meurer Law Offices and Elder Care Expert enclosure-voice 1006_ 5/2/11 - Anxious and bewildered, families of veterans and the elderly usually deal with the complex issues of caring for their loved ones after a crisis hits. Because they are unaware of how to protect their personal assets or what benefits are available and how to apply for them, families risk losing much, sometimes all, of what they’ve worked so hard to accumulate. Larry discussed this program with Chris Pelley, Managing Director of CIMCO and his guest Michael Meurer of Meurer Law Offices. Chris' friend at CIMCO Kansas City, explained that Elder Care was a pro bono, free service with a call center in St. Louis, with a number of experts in this wide range of Medicaid, Medicare, Veteran's Benefits, that very few people know about and that it is provided for the community at large. It occurred to Chris that looked a lot like Social Entrepreneurship (as we all know, Chris' great passion). So he listened and he learned that it could in fact help many people in the Rocky Mountain region in terms of addressing the problems for their elderly parents. That's the service and now we are going to help promote that program here. Denver-based CIMCO has joined ElderCareUSA™ to assist in their free program for seniors and their families and caregivers in Colorado. ElderCareUSA is a growing, national network of elder law attorneys and financial professionals who are experts in the field of elder planning and can help with issues related to long-term care. This includes education about a little known VA pension called Aid & Attendance (A&A). CIMCO has been selected as the exclusive Registered Investment Advisory for ElderCareUSA in the Front Range region. Elder Care Assistance is a free program designed to put families in touch with legal and financial professionals that understand all of the rules ...There's much more ...listen now...
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spacer graphicCommunity Reach Interviews

Nigel Alexander, Lemonade Day 4/25/11
Kim Jordan, CEO/CoFounder, New Belgium brewing Company
Michael Meurer & Chris Pelley, Elder Care Critical Free Service
Chris Pelley, It's not just charity & philanthropy. It's about the bottom line. 11/21/11
Chris Pelley, Managing Partner, CIMCO
Roisin Pelley, Saffron Education

Larry Nelson, Author, Mastering Change in the Midst 
         of Chaos

Reaching out to and supporting the community is what this Channel is all about. Sponsored by CIMCO a company known for organizing and supporting numerous community efforts. If you have any topics or know of any nonprofits that should be interviewed, let us know. Email: info@w3w3.com

Nigel Alexander, Lemonade Day It is a fun, free,
Metro Denver city-wide event

enclosure-voice 1005_ 4/25/11 - What is Lemonade Day? It is a FUN, FREE, Metro Denver city-wide event, where KIDS get to MAKE and KEEP THE MONEY that they earn. Kids of all ages learn to set goals, develop a business plan, establish a budget, seek investors, sell a product, provide customer service, and give back to their community. Larry interviewed Nigel Alexander, an owner of Liberty-Bell Telecom who is a big supporter of Lemonade Day. What is it? Lemonade Day is an event that teaches kids the skills they need to be successful in the future. They will learn to set goals, develop a business plan, establish a budget, seek investors, sell a product, provide customer service, and give back to the community. Lemonade day is the perfect opportunity for a community to show kids they care, and train the next generation of entrepreneurs through a FREE, fun, engaging, experiential activity. When it is? Lemonade Day is Sunday, May 22nd, 2011. Who can participate? Youth of all ages can participate (with adult supervision!). Not only does Lemonade Day directly affect the participants, but it also affects the entire community. To register for an official Lemonade Day stand and to participate in the event, a parent or guardian must sign a consent form agreeing that a responsible adult will assist and supervise. Who can get involved and how? Anyone and everyone can be involved in Lemonade Day! Young entrepreneurs that have lemonade stands need adult supervision, sponsors, investors, employees, and customers ...Listen for more...
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