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736_ Entrepreneurs Unplugged with Governor Ritter and Nir Barkat, Mayor of Jerusalem (Track 1 of 2)
Larry A. Mizel,  
        M.D.C. Holding; Nir Barkat, 9th Mayor, Jerusalem; Governor Bill Ritter, Jr.enclosure-voice Governor Bill Ritter, Jr., the Colorado BioScience Association, CSIA, Colorado's Technology Association; the Mizel Family Foundations, and the Silicon Flatirons Center worked together this special edition of Entrepreneur's Unplugged featuring Governor Bill Ritter and Jerusalem's Mayor Nir Barkat. (Track 1 of 2) in this interesting program started out with an introduction of Governor Bill Ritter, Jr. by Larry A. Mizel, Chairman & CEO, M.D.C.Holding. The Governor shared the five pillars that are the foundation of progress in Colorado. Even in these challenging times they have served Coloradoans well. The he introduced Nir Barkat, the 9th Mayor of Jerusalem. Brad Bernthal, Nir Barkat, Mayor Jerusalem and Robert Reich - Entrepreneurs UnPluggedMayor Barkat's early success as Mayor, significantly, is rooted in the business methods and entrepreneurial approach which he brings to City Hall. Mayor Barkat's roots are firmly in entrepreneurship. In 1988, Mayor Barkat co-founded BRM Technologies, a pioneering software house and later venture cap9ital firm that developed and marketed ground-breaking anti-virus software now standard on personal computers throughout the world. His leadership and business acumen brought him to the position of global chairman of one of BRMs largest venture projects. Mayor Barkat's early success as Mayor, significantly, is rooted in the business methods and entrepreneurial approach which he brings to City Hall. Mayor Barkat's roots are firmly in entrepreneurship. In 1988, Mayor Barkat co-founded BRM Technologies, a pioneering software house and later venture capital firm that developed and marketed ground-breaking anti-virus software now standard on personal computers throughout the world. His leadership and business acumen brought him to the position of global chairman of one of BRMs largest venture projects.
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Keywords: Gov. Bill Ritter, Mayor Nir Barkat, Jerusalem, Silicon Flatirons, Brad Bernthal, Robert Reich, Entrepreneurs, >
Channel: Entrepreneurs - 20943044 bytes 11/9/09
Track 1: LISTEN

Brad Bernthal,  Entreprenurship Initiative Director, Silicon Flatirons Center & Professor of Law CU Law School; & Robert Reich, OneRiotIn track 2 of 2 we have the highly acclaimed, familiar, Silicon Flatirons 'Entrepreneurs Unplugged' moderated discussion led by Brad Bernthal, Associate Clinical Professor of Law, CU Law School, and Entrepreneurship Initiative Director, Silicon Flatirons Center along with Robert Reich, Founder of OneRiot; Host and Moderator, New Tech Meetup, and guest of honor, Nir Barkat, 9th Mayor of Jerusalem and successful global entrepreneur. This was an engaging discussion loaded with a great deal of information for entrepreneurs as well as everyone in Colorado. Track 2 of 2: Bernthal; Reich; Barkat

Channel: Entrepreneurs - 31749416 bytes 11/9/09

725_ The Rise of Broadband Video and the Future of Digital Media
Meredith Attwell Baker, Commissioner, Federal 
           Communications Commission enclosure-voice Dale Hatfield, the Executive Director of Silicon Flatirons introduced the opening keynote speaker, Meredith Attwell Baker, who was nominated for a seat on the Federal Communications Commission on June 25, 2009. She was unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate on July 24, 2009, and sworn in as Commissioner on July 31, 2009. She addressed many issues that are are challenging to this ever-changing sector. In the spring of 2009, Netflix announced it was ready to provide customers the option of signing up for a standalone streaming offering, highlighting the changing nature of the video landscape. As Business Week recently put it, "operators like Comcast and DirecTV are facing accelerating competition from a host of upstarts eager to deliver movies and TV programming on demand." While the method of distribution is undoubtedly cheaper and quicker, there are still questions about whether the licensing terms for Internet-based distribution will facilitate this business model. Moreover, with respect to the major TV networks, they are asking themselves "whether free is a sustainable model" and whether they can avoid the fate of the newspapers. Finally, from the perspective of network providers, the rising popularity of video over the Internet is creating a huge upsurge in the demand for bandwidth, creating both new opportunities and challenges. There's so much more...
Related Links: Meredith Attwell Baker || Silicon Flatirons || CTP Channel || CTP Home || Keywords: Meredith Attwell Baker, Federal Communications Commission, Dale Hatfield, Silicon Flatirons, Spectrum, Jana Henthorn, Netflix, Comcast, Video, DirecTV, Change Channel: CTP > 19800714 bytes 10/20/09 LISTEN

Mitchell Berman, ZillionTV 724_ The emerging video marketplace and the opportunities for disruptive innovation
enclosure-voice Then Mitchell Berman, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of ZillionTV addressed the issues impacting rise of broadband video and the future of digital media. The new emerging broadband-based video model calls into question a number of technological, economic, and policy premises of the current multi-channel video programming environment. A critical question for established players--both the content developers and the distributors--is whether they embrace this emerging business model or fight it. Recognizing how the Internet undermined the market position of the recording industry and the newspaper industry, many established firms are looking to embrace these changes, in some cases funding or buying upstarts like ZillionTV, and in other cases, developing their own on-demand libraries (as Comcast is in the process of doing). In so doing, they are pushing technological development in this area to provide, as ZillionTV CEO put it, "unlimited video-on-demand, perfectly personalized to the consumer taste, and with advertisers able to push ads precisely to align with that taste." This conference examined the emerging video marketplace, discussing the opportunities for disruptive innovation, the nature of the changing business models, and the public policy responses. In so doing, they brought together a range of academics, policymakers, and business persons. Mitchell went on to explain why he feels TV is here to stay. In the face of such a changing environment, some critics...there's more...
Related Links: ZillionTV || Silicon Flatirons || CTP Channel || CTP Home || Mastering Change || Keywords: Mitchell Berman, ZillionTV, Dale Hatfield, Silicon Flatirons, Cable TV, ESPN, HBO, Change > Channel: CTP > 14372679 bytes 10/20/09 LISTEN

           Ceremony Moderator, Ray Gifford, Laaw School Dean David Getches; Brad Bernthal, Paul Ohm; Sue Wyman, Anna Nochese, Dale Hatfield - Executive Director, Silicon Flatirons and Phil Weiser, Founder, Silicon Flatirons Centerenclosure-voice PART 1: Mini-roast while Passing the Baton at Silicon Flatirons
Ray Gifford - Silicon Flatirons Senior Adjunct Fellow and Advisory Board Chair and Partner, Kamlet, LLP was the moderator. Ray was then joined by David Getches, Dean University of Colorado School of Law.

As Silicon Flatirons Center closes out this program year, they are moving on to a new chapter where founder, Phil Weiser, heads off to the Department of Justice, Antitrust Division and the new "Killer application", Dale Hatfield, steps into the role of Executive Director. At this Passing of the Baton Ceremony, the evening was spent in recognition of Phil Weiser's 10 years of dedicated service and to welcome Dale Hatfield's leadership. The program opened with welcome remarks from Travis Mitchell, Board President, Communications Technology Professionals. This was an evening of poking fun and covering a great sense of loss while welcoming Dale Hatfield... - 11109985 bytes - 6/22/09 LISTEN

681_ enclosure-voice The roast continues as two of Phil's colleagues turn up the heat
PART 2: Brad Bernthal - Silicon Flatirons Entrepreneurship Initiative Director and Associate Clinical Professor of Law got us all laughing. Brad was followed by Paul Ohm - Silicon Flatirons IT/IP Initiative Director and Associate Professor of Law continued the fun. 11174768 bytes - 6/22/09 LISTEN

Sue Wyman & Travis Mitchell, Communications Technology Professionals and evening sponsor 681_ Then two admirers tried to put a ball and chain around Phil's leg
enclosure-voice PART 3: With a little shift in gears Sue Wyman - Silicon Flatirons Executive Communications Advisory Board Chair and President of Jivaro Group and JivaroCXO was followed by Anna Noschese - Silicon Flatirons Program Director had fun but they focused on getting Phil back in a couple years.
Bytes: 7889087 - 6/22/09 LISTEN

Phil Weiser turns Baton to Dale Hatfield 681_ The fun evening was topped off with an exchange between Weiser and Hatfield
enclosure-voice The FINALE : Dale Hatfield - Silicon Flatirons Executive Director had talked about retiring but the baton he was handed doesn't allow for that. Phil Weiser - Silicon Flatirons Founder had a great time as he was joined by his lovely wife and daughter along with 100s of friends.
Related Links: Silicon Flatirons Passing Baton Ceremony || Colorado Law || Silicon Flatirons || Digital Crossroads || Jivaro Group || CTP Channel || Communications Technology Professionals || Event Photos || Keywords: Phil Weiser, Dale Hatfield, Silicon Flatirons, Ray Gifford, David Getches, Brad Bernthal, Paul Ohm, Sue Wyman, Travis Mitchell, Communications Technology Professionals, Anna Noschese > Channels: CTP 13555046 bytes - 6/22/09 LISTEN


Greg Maffei, Prsident & CEO, 
           Liberty Media 729_ We're in the middle of a digital tsunami that is impacting the media business
enclosure-voice Greg Maffei, President and CEO of Liberty Media Corp was a keynote speaker for the Silicon Flatirons, CTP & the Cable Center event, 'Rise of Broadband Video and Future of Digital Media'. Greg said, "We're in the middle of a digital tsunami that is impacting the media business enormously. FaceBook has 300 million users, up three times in a year; YouTube has 400 million users, by almost any measure it's the largest TV station in the world. About 24 hours of video is uploaded every ten minutes. Ninety-six percent of Gen Y have joined a social network. You can't get 96% of people to do anything. This one is stunning to me; One out of eight couples that married last year, met online. What a transformation that is. And it only accelerates, FaceBook would be the 4th largest country in the world, and the fastest growing segment on FaceBook is 55 to 65 year old women. Google is about twice the size of Time Warner which is the largest traditional media company in advertising. Most of the things that are happening are creating unstable competitive environments and business models with very low barriers to entry and pricing power is destroyed for all entrants. Some examples of that destruction of legacy business models; music, a well known story. Are we going to see this in video? Perhaps. Hulu is hugely destructive and I don't think the people behind it NBC and the like, Fox, are going to stay with it long - I think they're going to change the model because it is not sustainable. Newspapers is probably the best example that is current right now." There's much more...
Related Links: Liberty Media || Silicon Flatirons || CTP Channel || CTP Home || Keywords: Greg Maffei, Liberty Media, Silicon Flatirons, Communication Technology Professionals, Video, Time Warner, FaceBook, Google, Hulu, Change Channel: CTP 30379584 bytes - 10/26/09 LISTEN

The Rise of Broadband Video and the Future of Digital Media
@ The Cable Center, Denver, CO Monday, October 12, 2009 - Part 1
Part 2

Silicon Flatirons Passing of the Baton Ceremony
@ Wittemeyer Courtroom, Wolf Law Building
June 16, 2009, 6:30pm

Sponsored by Communication Technology Professionals (CTP)

Please join Silicon Flatirons as we recognize Phil Weiser's service and welcome Dale Hatfield's leadership at the Passing of the Baton Ceremony. A reception will follow. Registration

enclosure-voice 674_ Feld-Weiser: One-on-One Feld on Work-Life Balance
Brad Feld & Phil Weiser, One-on-One Series, F
           eld on Work/Life Balance

For entrepreneurs, lawyers and other professionals, work-life balance is often a topic that individuals plan on thinking about when they have time. Phil Weiser, Professor of Law and Telecommunications engages in a discussion with Brad Feld, Managing Partner, Foundry Group, about a topic that is very elusive for many entrepreneurs. Brad said, "This topic took me 15 years, a failed first marriage, and my current wife (Amy Batchelor) almost calling it quits for me to realize that I had to figure out what 'work-life balance' meant to me." This recognition lead to Brad's commitment to a series of rules, which evolved into a set of habits that include: 1. Spend time away; 2. Life dinner; 3. Segment space; 4. Be present; 5. Meditate. Notably, Brad's view on life-work balance is not that working hard is not important; it's that "balance improves the quality/quantity of work that you can get done and you become more effective at accomplishing stuff." Listen to the entire Feld & Weiser, One-on-One on Work-Life Balance. LISTEN
Related Links: Photos || Silicon Flatirons Passing Baton Ceremony || Feld Blog || Foundry Group || Keywords: Brad Feld, Phil Weiser, Work-Life Balance, Entrepreneurs, Work-Life Balance, Amy Batchelor 6/15/09 > Bytes: 44730621 LISTEN

Dan Caruso, Communications Executive of the Year, Founder Zayo Group 625_ Dan Caruso named Communication Executive of the Year for 2008 for CTP Travis Mitchell, President, Communications Technology Professionals
enclosure-voice "A lot of people don’t realize how large of a telecommunications hub the Front Range really is. When you have Level 3, Time Warner Telecom, Qwest and now Zayo Group all within about 30 miles of each other, this creates a nice environment," said Dan Caruso, President and CEO of Zayo Group. He went onto say, "All of them are doing well and I think will continue to do well in this difficult economic environment. In fact, I think telecom in general will hold up pretty well in this recession." Travis Mitchell, President, Communications Technology Professionals (CTP) and Larry interviewed Dan to get his perspective of what entrepreneurs must do during these challenging times. He gave some very straight- forward advice. One point Dan brought up was, "Come to grips with the situation, be realistic in your thinking, manage conservatively and try your best not to need anyone’s money." In addition, they discussed the components of excellent leaders, what specifically must be done to thrive in the next two years, and key suggestions for startups. Listen for more insights...
Related Links: Zayo Group || Com Tech Pros || CTP Channel || Envysion || Colorado Uplift || Keywords: Dan Caruso, Zayo Group, Travis Mitchell, Communications Technology Professionals, CTP, Communication Executive of the Year, Envysion > Channel:CTP Bytes= 11549364 - 2/23/09 LISTEN

591_ James Crowe, Level 3: Fundamentally We Have a Healthy Industry
James Crowe, Level 3 Communicationsenclosure-voice The press conference with James Crowe at the Broadband Summit on the Level 3 campus with Larry Nelson, w3w3.com and Jeff Smith, Rocky Mountain News was held right after Jim's keynote keynote address at the Silicon Flatirons: Colorado Broadband Summit. When asked what he would like to see happen with the new administration Jim said, "I would like to see President Elect, Barac Obama get the ‘credit crisis’ under control...I’d like to see the flood flow start back up. You know the economic body had a heart attack and government’s come in with the paddles and tried to get the heart started again, get the money flowing. Then you’ve got to survey the damage while the heart stopped. Industry after industry has suffered stress, and we’re going to have to look at getting the broader economy going again.” When asked about the challenges with the broadband industry Jim replied, "Fundamentally we have a healthy industry. That doesn’t mean that everyone within the industry is healthy. But, in tough times people tend to communicate more. They tend to stay home, entertain themselves at home; they tend to substitute telephone communications for cars and planes. Businesses tend to communicate more and for the same reasons consumers do, less travel more communications – we’re doing that. We just finished installing 30 more high definition video conference systems in all of our locations, and the usage has skyrocketed." Listen, there's more...
Related Links: Silicon Flatirons || Rocky Mountain News || CTP Channel || Com Tech Pros || Colorado Broadband Summit event photos || Keywords: James Crowe, Level 3, Silicon Flatirons, The Colorado Broadband Summit, Jeff Smith, Rocky Mountain News, Barac Obama, Economy - Channels: CTP Bytes: 9113080 > 12/1/08 LISTEN

Gary Gaessler, Sue Wyman, Phil Weiser and Gregg Sutherland267_ Consumers May Win in the Communications Battle
What do telecom, cable, wireless and satellite have in common? Businesses & consumers could benefit from the duopoly transition to unlimited choices.
was a year that delivered mega-mergers and acquisitions of industry giants and neophytes. The promise of convergence was realized and triple play and quadruple play bundling options became the norm. Cable and telecommunications companies battled for the wallet of both corporations and consumers and satellite companies collaborated and searched for products to round out their offerings. User generated content exploded into the limelight with the $1.65B Google acquisition of YouTube.
Related Links: Denver Tele Pros || Jivaro Group || Trillion || SFTP || Event Photos ||
Channel: CTP, DTP || Keywords: Gregg Sutherland, Ernst & Young, DTP, CTP, Communications, Telecom, Cable, Wireless, Satellite, Google, You Tube - 2/26/07 LISTEN Open Bytes: 2668359
LISTEN Keynote, G Sutherland Bytes:10236136
Panel Discussion with All the Dicey Issues
, Bytes: 35135129

The 7th Annual "Future of Communications"
7th Annual Future of Communications Panel Keynote speaker Gregg Sutherland, Partner, Ernst & Young – Strategy of Communications along with a distinguished panel (Phil Weiser, Executive Director, Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program, University of Colorado Law; Donna Jaegers, Senior Research Analyst, Janco Partners; Scott Binder, Senior Vice President, Comcast Colorado; Dan Yost, Executive Vice President, Product and Marketing, Qwest; Mike Rouleau, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategy, Time Warner Telecom) discuss and debate the disposition of the telecom and communications industries in 2007.

  • What part will fiber optic networks play for telecommunications company’s delivery of on-demand entertainment. How will capacity increase for both telecos and cable companies?
  • What type of systems and best practices will enable next generation services for communications service providers?
  • Will and ‘should’ broadband network providers be subject to a "network neutrality” mandate?
  • Voice over Internet has eviscerated long distance and is beginning to do the same to local phone service; what will Video over Internet’s impact be on cable and satellite service providers?
  • WiMax...where are you?
  • What part does mobile networking play in the corporate environment?
  • Hosted IP Services versus premise based VoIP solutions – will a winner emerge?
  • Who’s left to sell and who still has the financial ‘bandwidth’ to buy?

Opening remarks and 10-year anniversary celebration LISTEN Open Bytes: 2668359
Gregg Sutherland Keynote Address with Predictions: LISTEN Keynote, Bytes:10236136
Panel Discussion with All the Dicey Issues
LISTEN Panel, Bytes: 35135129 (This is 1 hour and 13 minutes long. You can listen to all or part and return later)

CTP Logo

Mike Hamers, LightSpeed Commercial ArtsDTP was celebrating its 10-year anniversary and took this opportunity to announce a name change to better reflect the radically changing playing field. The contest for the new logo design for the "Communications Technology Professionals" (CTP) was awarded to LightSpeed Commercial Arts, Mike Hamers.

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