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3/10 Th - PM SFC (Silicon Flatirons Ctr): New Venture challenge Finals
3/15 T - PM DaVinci Institute: You Want a Mobile App...
3/17 Th - PM Boulder BPW’s 2011 Celebration of Women Event
3/19 S - AM DaVinci Institute: Professional Speaking Boot Camp
3/22 T - PM DaVinci Institute: Is There a Book in You?
3/29 T PM DaVinci Institute: Mastering Magical Persuasion
4/1 F – Day Silicon Flatirons Center Intellectual Property and the Cloud
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Robert White,
        Executive Success Coach and author Achieving Extraordinary Success; Personally and Professionally
enclosure-voice 979_ 3/7/11 - New Year’s Resolutions are either forgotten or a nagging source of guilt. We do more planning for a three day business trip than we do for our lives—the result is staying stuck in some kind of mediocre rut. There are proven methodologies for achieving extraordinary success and in this interview Executive Success Coach and author Robert White outlines those methods and 'next steps.' Those aspects of our lives we all consider most important – family, career, financial security and peace of mind, can be extraordinary experiences and Robert tells us exactly how to take our lives from ordinary to extraordinary. Today we're talking about one of Larry's favorite topics, achieving extraordinary success. We're talking with a colleague whom we've known for many years. Robert is an author, small and large business owner, traveled all over the world, from here to Japan and other places. Larry asked, "What makes you better or different from the army of folks out there professing to teach something about how to be more effective?" Robert replied, "I don't know about better, but I do know about a couple of distinctions. One of them is that I've built a number of training businesses where I've had to deal with hundreds and then thousands and then ultimately 1,300,000 graduates. So that real life experience affects everything that I do and also what I think. The second piece is that I am very tuned to my own personal journey, and noticing how all of the events and things happening in my life act as a mirror for what I need to work on next in terms of my own growth and development. In your book, Living an Extraordinary Life, you say "Life is simple this does not mean it's easy" expand on that..."The rules for living are actually pretty simple. The challenge for most people is they are in fact not easy. It's not easy, as an example, to tell the truth all the time. It's not easy to stay focused. It's not easy to express commitment in your life. So that's the piece, the simple part is figuring that all out as an abstraction, the hard part is living it." Listen and be ready to takes some notes...
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LISTEN to Robert White, Extraordinary People

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Brad Bernthal, Assoc. Clinical Professor of Law, Technology Policy and 
    Entrepreneurial Law, University of Colorado The first challenge is assembling the right team
enclosure-voice 977_ 3/7/11 - We've heard many people, including Brad Feld, say that software and Boulder are synonymous. We're here today with Brad Bernthal, Associate Clinical Professor of Law, Technology Policy and Entrepreneurial Law, University of Colorado. You do so much in different areas, a lot in the high tech arena and entrepreneurs, right here in Boulder. Brad explains, "With w3w3 doing this interview and many more, it has really been a terrific bone in terms of media coverage of this scene. FOX News did a piece on Boulder, MSNBC was here two weeks ago, New York Times covered us in May, so there's definitely been a lot of attention. With Boulder, the software scene is not without roots .The most direct root is probably going back to data storage and you've got to look back at IBM moving here, then throwing off StorageTek, which itself spawned an entire industry of data storage, related companies and startups - that's an important part of the tradition here that's often overlooked. There are other important entrepreneurial branches that I think are mainly ground work for this too. Natural Foods, Wild Oats, IZZY Beverages, WhiteWave coming out of this area among them. So you've got a culture in which there is a tradition of entrepreneurship. Larry and Brad explored the entrepreneurial challenges today. Brad, "Probably the first challenge is assembling the right team. So, one thing I look for when I'm examining the viability of a company is how sound is this team, how well rounded is it? If it's just a technologist that doesn't understand how to put together a business model, doesn't understand how to handle the finances of the company, doesn't understand how to sell and market, you've got an imbalance that could be fatal to the team. So in my experience, great ideas, poor teams is a recipe for failure. Mediocre idea, great team, recipe for success because the great team will find a way to pivot that business and find a way to make it work. So, the first challenge is making the team the right one." Brad explores many other key points for entrepreneurs...listen now...
Related Links: Entrepreneurs Unplugged || Silicon Flatirons Center || New Venture Challenge Photo Album || Silicon Flatirons: Entrepreneurship Conference: Going International || Entrepreneurs Channel || Keywords: Brad Bernthal, Silicon Flatirons Center, Entrepreneurs Unplugged, Brad Feld, Natural Foods, Wild Oats, IZZY Beverages, WhiteWave, Entrepreneurs Unplugged, New Tech Meetup, New Venture Challenge, Entrepreneurial Conference, StorageTek, IBM, Jason Mendelson, Joe Zell - 3/7/11 Bytes: 8062331 LISTEN to Brad Bernthal, Silicon Flatirons Center, CU

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Let's smile, have some fun and make some money
Erick Mueller, Co-founder & VP Marketing & Sales, 
        Funovation - Colorado 50 Companies to Watch Winner enclosure-voice 975_ 2/28/11 - "Well, this is different for us. We're sitting here in a maze with a guy who's started five different businesses over the years. We're with Erick Mueller, co-founder, VP of sales & marketing of Funovation... and in that, there's probably a bit of a hint what this is all about. Let's smile and have some fun. It is easy to understand why Funovation is one of the Colorado 50 Companies to Watch winners. Erick has founded 5 companies. 4 have done OK, 1 was a flaming failure. He believes the past doesn’t matter and lives by “what have you done lately?”. Based on this, he continues to work hard to create value in the world and make a difference. Larry asked, "Today, with all the things we've been through, the economic challenges, what do you think are some of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs today? Erick replied, "One of the first challenges is, we really need to adapt. For a couple of years, my peers and I sat there saying/thinking, it's going change, it's going to get better. Then after a few years in the same environment we realized, no it's different. The business environment has changed. We really need to adapt. Meaning really research what our customers are looking for and change our operations accordingly. To pause and adapt, perhaps quicker than they have in the past. He went onto explaining more about the exciting company. "Funovation was founded to create heart pounding, addictive attractions that require brain and brawn. That's quite a mouth-full, but ultimately we create fun experiences that help people to go play and to have fun, and our first attraction is a laser maze. It's just like in the movies, like Entrapment or Mission Impossible, where Catherine Zeta-Jones or Tom Cruise navigates through the web of lasers to steal the jewel or rob the bank. Larry and Mike Hamers took a turn through the maze and Erick said he was impressed with their technique. We have over 60 locations around the world. One highlight would be right in Times Square, in New York City. So we have a Mission Impossible theme right there is NYC. We have a location in Dubai, which is our second largest maze in the world. They have a pharaoh theme, they do a tremendous amount of business there. One of our newest locations is in Nanjing, China. Roughly 25% of our income is from overseas. We're in ten countries around the world and growing." There are more smiles...
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Keywords: Erick Mueller, Funovation, Smile, Fun, Mazes, Colorado Companies to Watch, 50 Companies to Watch winners, Worldwide, Boulder, Colorado 2/28/11 bytes=7362667
LISTEN to Erick Mueller, Co-founder, VP Sales & Marketing, Funovation

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Putting together the plan to go to the next level
Vic Ahmed, Business Process Mapping with Business 
        Genetics, a disruptive technology... enclosure-voice 973_ 2/28/11 - Larry corralled Vic Ahmed, a serial entrepreneur who has helped companies grow along with his many entrepreneurial experiences. Vic is also Chairman and President of TiE Rockies. Recently, he got involved with, Business Genetics, a Colorado company. Vic explained, "I found it by accident than worked with the founders, Cedric Tyler and Steve Baker, helping them put together the plan to go to the next level. One rarely has the opportunity to work with a company that is the best in the world. At first I was skeptical, but doing my due diligence over a number of months, I am convinced. Even Gartner has said on a number of occasions, what they have is not only disruptive, but the best in the world. What they do is a very exciting thing and done in the very traditional world of business and process mapping. This has been around for decades. Typically you write down requirements and business processes or use some fancy software to come up with these requirements. Business Genetics says no. What they do is very business friendly. It's like what/where type of questions that any business person can answer very easily without getting confused, without technical jargon being thrown at them, which has been the case in the traditional methodology. The end result is two things, 1.) The time frame of getting this work done reduces to a fraction because of the way it works. The second is the level of accuracy of your requirements or processes goes up by an order of magnitude. If you look at IT projects as an example, over 60% fail. Research says that 80% of the reason that these fail is because requirements don't map to what they're trying to accomplish, what the user actually wants. It is not easy to conceptualize a data flow diagram and other technical diagrams that traditionally have been produced. So this changes the ball game. I think the level of accuracy is the biggest benefit." Listen to Vic's discussion for some more money saving and money-making ideas...
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Bettina Hein, Pixability - NCWIT Hero Increase sales and profits by using video
enclosure-voice 980_ 3/7/11 - w3w3® Media Network is proud and honored to bring another NCWIT interview to our audience. We've long since recognized the need for education and support for our youth and particularly for young women, in math and science, engineering and technology. The women we interview are bright guiding lights for the future of our youth, generously sharing their experiences - challenges and all. They are inspiring, often humorous and motivating. This series is a real jewel and a valuable set of tools for the future of young women and everyone who has the good fortune to listen. Lee Kennedy, founder, Bolder Search and NCWIT Board member, along with Larry Nelson, w3w3® Media Network interviewed Bettina Hein, founder and CEO of Pixability. Pixability, based in Cambridge, MA., helps small and medium sized businesses and non-profits increase sales by using video. Bettina is a serial entrepreneur and founder of She E Os, a network for female CEO's and growth companies. Bettina's advice to young entrepreneurs today? "I love helping people make their dreams come true. I typically tell them anyone can be an entrepreneur. I tell them there are three things you need. 1.) 90k - If you knew what was going to hit you during the course of building your company, you would not start. So, start young and go at it. That doesn't mean unprepared. You have to do your research, look for a good market. But if you knew too much you would not be able to be an innovator. The second thing you need is chutzpah, being audacious, putting yourself out there - you really have to own it and be convinced you can do this. The third thing is perseverance - you have to have the will to see it through. Because it is very hard and you are going to want to quit, often. So you have to want to see it through. that doesn't mean being stubborn. You have to take cues and pivot and change your business model and evolve it. So, if you have those three, I think any young person can make it. ...listen now there's much more...
Related Links: Pixability || NCWIT Home || NCWIT Practice || NCWIT Blog || Heroes Channel || Keywords: Bettina Hein, Pixability, She E Os, National Center for Women and Information Technology, NCWIT, NCWIT Heroes, Lee Kennedy, Bolder Search, Entrepreneurs, Technology > 3/7/11 Bytes: 17840068 LISTEN to Bettina Hein, Founder, Pixability

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It's culturally getting to the root of what we can do
Ryan Ferrero, CEO and Founder, Green Garageenclosure-voice
978_ 3/7/11 - After 12 years in this business, Larry has never interviewed an executive with a title like Chief Carhugger." But Larry welcomes this hugger to the show. We are talking with Ryan Ferrero, CEO and Founder of Green Garage. Larry first heard about the Green Garage from David Moll some time ago and David said, "This is an organization you have to look into. They're not ready for the exposure yet, but they will be soon." Really impressed with what he is seeing, Larry said, "You guys are really doing special things, making fundamental changes that are creating a huge difference in the industry and for the consumer." Ryan said, "We are coming into our own, we're opening throughout Colorado now and looking for national expansion and working our plan throughout this year and next, for a bigger footprint." Ryan is a native Boulderite and born into the car business. Those two things clashed but, in 2008 with rising gas prices, Ryan realized there was something here, where maybe we could bring those tree-hugging thoughts of Boulder and the car business together. After being a young car dealer, domestic and import dealerships, owner and working with national corporations and groups, auto management realized, hey there's something here with the infrastructure in Boulder that we know about 'natural foods, natural grocers, we have bio fuel and solar and wind... Why can't we take transportation to task here and bring and take whole foods and jiffy lube, put them together and have more sustainable auto service and maintenance. When we started talking about what we can do with the automotive industry, not just making them greener, but taking a look at the relatively diseased nature of the industry - we had guys like David Moll from Infield Capital, who has been a remarkable talent for us and Alex Bogusky taking a look at the industry and the need to have a customer centric engagement so that when a customer comes in or we go out to valet and pickup and deliver the car, it is about the customer, what our needs and time demands are today, so Alex has done a great job bottling that up and helping us market that. Bud Sorenson, a seventeen year director with WholeFoods and quite an entrepreneur in his own right. Bud has brought conscious capitalism to Green Garage, so we're more than a P and L. We're about involving all of the stakeholders of our company and realizing" Listen for more...
Related Links: Green Garage || Infield Capital || In the News || Blog || Keywords: Ryan Ferrero, Chief Carhugger, Green Garage, Infield Capital, David Moll, Alex Bogusky, Bud Sorenson, WholeFoods, Auto Repair, Boulder, Colorado - 3/7/11 Bytes:7284927 LISTEN to Ryan Ferrero, Founder, Green Garage

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Smart grids, renewables and alternative fuels
John LoPorto, President & CEO, Power Tagging 
        Technologies enclosure-voice 976_ 2/28/11 - Speaking of the future, the future is now, and we're going to be talking about grid based communications and energy informatics. Larry sat down with John LoPorto, President & CEO, Power Tagging Technologies (big CTP supporter) to talk about a very exciting and emerging area. With John's experience, Larry asked John, "What are the challenges facing entrepreneurs today?" John replied, "it's very difficult to get access to capital. Not impossible. We've actually been very fortunate in raising growth capital. We've raised most of it through strategic investors; we're in the midst of raising another round right now. But something I think has changed over the last number of years is we've got to be able to demonstrate a very solid, very quantifiable business plan. It's all based on economic return. No one is investing in technology for technology's sake any more. Larry asked, "Take out your crystal ball, what opportunities are coming for entrepreneurs in the next decade?" John's insight, "I think this green sector, whether we're talking about smart grids, renewables or alternative fuels, will continue to be an exciting opportunity to generate value and also accomplish something good for humanity. If I were looking forward and advising our grandchildren's generation, I think the major advances to be made are in biotechnology and genetic engineering, things of that sort." John went onto explain the Power Tagging focus. "We developed as a core technology, a technology that allows us to tag or fingerprint power, electrical energy which is something that's never been accomplished before. This really provides a framework to provide data communications directly over the high voltage power grid. This is really the most ubiquitous network on the planet that reaches into every room and every building on the face of the earth with multiple transit access. Most of the promise has been that we're going to make things more efficient and make power more useful to people, that people are going to interact (I don't know that consumers have really demonstrated an interest in interacting with the power grid - they don't want to change their behavior, they don't want to start doing their laundry early in the morning just because the power is cheaper then.)...listen now there's much more...
Related Links: Power Tagging Home || Communication Technology Professionals || Executive of the Year and Ascent Award || CTP Channel || Entrepreneurs Channel || Keywords: John LoPorto, Power Tagging Technologies, Communication Technology Professionals, Smart Grids, Renewables, Alternative Fuels, Entrepreneurs > 2/28/11 bytes=7646461 LISTEN to John LoPorto, Power Tagging Technologies

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Worldwide executives explore the unknown
Dave and Claire Leonard, at CTP's Communications Executive of the Year Awards Dinner 2010enclosure-voice 974_ 2/28/11 -What do worldwide executives do to bring balance into their lives? Join us in listening to Dave Leonard's account of his journey to Antarctica. He paints an exciting word picture. As he says, "Bring a little balance to your life, broaden your horizon and your perspective." Dave and his wife Claire decided to travel to Antarctica after the sale of Wild Blue last year. We had taken an excursion with National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions, and we had gone to the Arctic three years ago. We were so impressed with the operation that we decided to do the other end of the globe. I guess you could say, to become bi-polar. This journey was 21 days on a ship. We left from Ushuaia, went to the Falkland Islands, then to South Georgia Island, to Elephant Island and over to Antarctica Peninsula. (same journey, in reverse, that Sir Ernest Shackleton took in 1914 - but we didn't have the same experience - that is one of the most amazing survival stories of all time.) Larry asked experiences that standout. "Well first, I was unprepared for just how staggeringly beautiful that part of the world is. It's not well known because nobody is there. Basically it's whale stations and research stations run by the U.S. and other governments on the Antarctica Peninsula which is governed by an international treaty. Second the abundance of wildlife is astounding. I mean, to be standing on the Salisbury Plain in South Georgia amidst, literally two to three million penguins. It's beyond description, words just can't do it justice. It was the adventure of a lifetime, we're very glad we did. The winds are impressive, called Katabatic winds, that come off the glaciers and blow at 100 to 150 mph. If you've never tried to stand up in a 150mph wind, I'll tell you it's a real experience." There's much more to listen to and check out the links below...
Related Links: Antarctica Cruise || National Geographic Explorer || Communications Technology Professionals || CTP Channel || Blog || Keywords: David Leonard, Claire Leonard, Antarctica, Communications Technology Professionals, CTP, 2/28/11 bytes=5425008 LISTEN to David Leonard, Global Executive, R&R in Antarctica

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Achieving Your Personal and Professional Goals
Dynamite Package to Start New Year With933_ 11/29/10- Don't Let Another Year Go By - The Ultimate Win is Yours - Larry Nelson has taught this material in seminars in over a dozen countries, from China to Canada, from Norway to Australia, from Germany to Japan as well as throughout the USA. He shares the results of his international research about the Characteristics of an Achiever and then goes on to help you lay out your "personalized blueprint" to personal and professional success. Larry is an internationally published author, has been a consultant to many Fortune 1000 companies and is best known for his train-the-trainer programs. ...listen now a complete step-by-step program including a downloadable manual and resource guide...this is an in-depth strategic planning and goal setting system for achievers...Read More about how to Supercharge Your Business... The links below are valuable and extremely helpful to setting your course for the next year! And they're free. Related Links: Ultimate Win Resources || Training Trends || 3-Filters Technology™ || Podcasting Directory || Your Goal || Keywords: Ultimate Win, Your Goal, Training Trends, 3-Filters TechnologyTM, Setting Goals, Larry Nelson; 11/29/10 Chnl: Entrepreneurs

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