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Cable, Winner, Entrepreneurs, Hard Work & Perseverance 3/28/11 – Events Calendar, Photos & More
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4/5 T - PM DaVinci: Add WOW with Tech-infused Presentation Techniques
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Culture and attitude of serving those who serve
Mark Seglem, President & CEL, ADSSenclosure-voice 991_ 3/28/11 - Larry interviewed Mark Seglem, CEO of Advanced Distributed Sensor Systems (ADSS). ADSS was named a winner for the 2010-11 Colorado Companies to Watch annual awards. ADSS makes portable situation sensor systems for the Department of Defense, other federal agencies, first responders and in fact, they're starting to move into the non-profit world as well as some commercial applications. Mark says, "But, in particular we make portable, expendable sensors, primarily for the DOD to help those men and women who are serving us all around the world." Larry asked, "What has CCTW and being selected as one of the 50 companies that won the award meant to you? Mark told us, "There have been forums and presentations on things like the new healthcare bill, its impact on small businesses, those sorts of things that we would not know about or we would have to go out and hire people to help us with. The networking where we meet other small businesses in Colorado who are trying to grow and do things - to compare notes with other COO's and other management folks. What a tremendous organization and fantastic program for small businesses in Colorado." ADSS was started in 1999 as an SBIR project with a $100K grant from the government. Larry commented, "One of the things that I noticed (in fact you had a team of folks at the awards dinner), and I've been here before in your office, one of the things that I really admire about what you do, above and beyond the results and everything else, is the building of the company culture." Mark replied, "I was fortunate and honored to serve our nation for over 20 years in the Navy as a Naval officer. In fact, my old command, USS Berry is very heavily involved in the operations in Libya right now, and I am very proud of her captain and crew. That sort of culture and that sort of attitude of serving those who serve is the culture of this company. Fundamentally what separates us from other companies, small or large, is this idea of serving those who serve. We make products that help people. Whether it be in the DOD, first responders, police, fire, or in non-profits which is one of the areas we're starting to move into. That's the thing that separates us. If you talk to any of our employees, you'll see that." ...Listen now, there's much more...
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LISTEN to Mark Seglem, President & CEO, Advanced Distributed Sensor Systems, CCTW Winner

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Hard work and perseverance of the most important people
Colorado 50 Companies to Watch - Celebration of ADDS 2010-11 CCTW Winnerenclosure-voice 989_ 3/28/11 - We are honoring Advanced Distributed Sensor Systems, one of the 50 selected Colorado Companies to Watch, 2010-11 Winners. Each week for 50 weeks around the year, we celebrate one of these winners. They represent 14% of the businesses here in Colorado - providing 44% of the job growth. This is a critical segment of our economy and a critical element of our economic recovery. Larry Nelson and w3w3.com take special pride in bringing their stories to you. Listen to Mark Seglem, President and CEO of ADSS along with Dave Mead, CCTW sponsor and Congressman Mike Coffman. "I'm Mark Seglem, President and CEO of ADSS. Please let me thank you for coming to this important event in the life of our company. This is a very special day because it recognizes the hard work and perseverance of the most important people in this room, the employees of ADSS. This company was started in 1999 on a $100,000 Small Business Innovative Research Grant from the Department of Defense and has grown into a multi-million dollar operation. The reason for that success is really very, very simple, the folks standing in this room wearing ADSS shirts. I am particularly proud of the recognition they're receiving today because they're receiving it during the most severe economic downturn in our lifetimes. Yet we remain optimistic here at ADSS because it is the fortitude and sweat of these folks along with the thousands of others across our great state that will bring us out of this recession. I'm also very proud because the company produces products that protect our men and women serving around the world. As the father of two Marine officers, there is much more meaning to what we do here than simply making great sensor systems. We have a culture of wanting to help those who help others. I would like to thank Colorado Companies to Watch for this great honor. What a terrific organization they are. Also I would like to personally thank Congressman Mike Coffman for attending today. Congress Coffman, a former Marine officer himself, a veteran of Iraq, is a member of the House Armed Services Committee and more importantly the Chairman of the House Sub-committee on Small Business. Mike's work on those two assignments is absolutely critical to the continued success of small businesses like ADSS." Listen to what Dave Mead the sponsor, of Mead Consulting Group and Colorado Companies to Watch and others had to say...some great ideas...
Related Links: Distributed Sensors || Award Links || Colorado Companies to Watch || CCTW Gala Celebration || CCTW Channel || Mead Consulting Group || Blog || Keywords: Mark Seglem, Advanced Distributed Sensor Systems, ADSS, Colorado Companies to Watch, 50 Companies to Watch winners, Channel: CCTW > 3/28/11 Bytes: 7833289 LISTEN to Mark Seglem, Dave Mead - Mead Consulting & Congressman Mike Coffman

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Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Founder, 
        CMO, Gilt Groupe It is also important to have mentors
enclosure-voice 987_ 3/21/11 - This series is a real jewel and a valuable set of tools for the future of young women and everyone who has the good fortune to listen. Lee Kennedy, board member for NCWIT and founder of BolderSearch.com along with Larry Nelson, w3w3.com are speaking with Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Gilt Groupe, an innovative company that's revolutionized the fashion industry and ecommerce in general. Alexandra has been featured on Forbes, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, and many times on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox. "We launched Gilt Groupe in November 2007. We were inspired by a love of fashion and the excitement of a New York Sample Sale. We wanted to bring this excitement online for the first time in the U.S." Lee said, "We'd love to hear how you got into technology." Alexandra's reply, "Prior to launching Gilt Groupe, I hadn't worked in technology in any official capacity. I'd been working for Bulgari and Louis Vuitton after business school in much more of a bricks and mortar environment. My co-founder, Alexis Maybank is the reverse of that. She had worked at eBay, an early employee there, and scaled from 40 to about 5000 employees over a five year period. So she had terrific ecommerce experience. However, Alexandra considers herself an early adopter as a consumer. Larry asked, "What is it about being an entrepreneur that makes you tick?" She answered, "Prior to launching Gilt Groupe, my resume didn't look like an entrepreneur. But I think it is something innate, something I was born with in terms of my creativity and my spirit, my father is an entrepreneur. I was the little girl growing up in New York City who loved having lemonade stands and while I had the lemonade stand, I would sell the bracelets that I made, off of my wrist. So I was always into business ideas from a very young age. I had a baby sitting business that I built, so I think it comes from within. Something important to think about is there so many different types of entrepreneurs. They're...Listen for more...
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LISTEN to Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Guilt Groupe

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Decide, clearly, specifically and positively what you want
Robert White, Extraordinary Peopleenclosure-voice 985_ 3/21/11 - We are back with Robert White and we're going to talk about the eight power principles for achieving extraordinary success. “The last time we talked Robert, you emphasized the importance of becoming clear on our personal purpose, vision, value and strategic intent. Let me ask this, if we're already working on those and could be reflective on those pieces, what comes next? What actually do we have to do to be committed to extraordinary success?” Robert replied, "Let's just say we've made a decision that we might, maybe, perhaps want to entertain being extraordinary. For most people they want to be a little bit better. My experience is being a little bit better brings up a little resistance. So as you try to get a little better, all of your beliefs, all of the resistance you have from early in your life meet that desire to get better. So what it takes is a leap, a really good, strong commitment to say, Hey, I don't want to be just a little bit better - I want my life to be extraordinary. I want the family, the business success, the financial freedom. The moment you do that, the moment you're really clear on what you want to have, there are two components. First you have to do something to get what you want, but secondly you're going to have to improve your state of being. Ultimately it requires that combination of being and doing, if you want to create extraordinary success in your life. Robert has a 21 page report, they wrote based on 30 years research, and he is happy to provide this for people. But briefly they are 1.) Decide, clearly, specifically and positively what you want. 2.) Get really rigorous about telling the truth, first to yourself and then to others. 3.) Express yourself, to be fully who you are in the world. 4.) Take personal responsibility. We live in a victim culture; we live in a culture of blame which creates regret, shame. It is a horrible down cycle in people's lives. Taking personal responsibility gives you your power back..." ...listen now, there's much more...
Related Links: Extraordinary People || Resource Library || Extraordinary People Executive Coaching Blog || 8 Power Principles || In the News || Keywords: Robert White, Extraordinary People, Leadership, Career, Executive Success Coach, Living an Extraordinary Life, 8 Power Principles, Purpose, vision, values, strategic Intent 3/21/11 Bytes: 8130040
LISTEN to Robert White, Founder & President, Extraordinary People

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Highest standard of leadership, vision and social responsibility
Mike Fries, Liberty Global and Larry Nelson, w3w3® 
        Media Network enclosure-voice 992_ 3/28/11 - John Malone, Chairman of Liberty Global said, "I have worked closely with Mike for over a decade and was involved in many of the international operations he helped start and manage long before this. I continue to be impressed by his energy, drive and his leadership as CEO of Liberty Global, and proud of the contributions he's made to Colorado... This award is well deserved." The Communications Technology Professionals CEY award recognizes the Colorado communication executive that demonstrates the highest standard of leadership, vision and social responsibility. Mike Fries will be honored at the CTP annual awards dinner on April 7th at the Brown Palace. Larry asked for an overview of Liberty Global. Mike replied, "...80% of our revenue comes out of Europe. In the last ten years, we've actually re balanced the business pretty considerably. Ten years ago, if we were doing this interview, we would have been in 26 countries with about $11.3 Billion in revenue. Today we're in 14 countries with $9 Billion in revenue. We've focused on markets and on regions where we could achieve great scale, and that's typically for us been in Europe. A year ago we exited Japan, that was a very substantial and long term investment for us. We redeployed that money into our own stock but also into Germany early in 2010 and then we just announced yesterday another acquisition in Germany. So we spent $9 billion buying German cable operations in the last 12 months. But that's because we see great potential in that part of the world and for us concentrating in that part of the world brings lots of benefits. So hopefully being in Denver is the center of our world, we are in four or five continents and Denver is the center of anything, but more and more a corporate focus in Europe. I've been doing this for over 20 years. I was founding equity partner with Gene Schneider when we founded UIH, shortly after United Cable was sold to TCI. So I've essentially been doing this type of job, international cable, for 20+ years. I've been CEO of Liberty Global for six years, as part of a merger between UGC, a company we had formed and Liberty Media International. Mike went onto 'lessons learned' and info on new innovations being released this year. Listen for more...
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LISTEN to Mike Fries, President & CEO, Liberty Global, CTP Communications Executive of the Year

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Create a plan to manage and regulate your business
Brian Tsuchiya, Founder, Startup Guru enclosure-voice 990_ 3/28/11 - People are the source of all problems and people are the source of all solutions, we've heard Larry say this often. Today we're speaking with Brian Tsuchiya and we're talking about entrepreneurial personality types. Brian is the founder of Startup Guru, he's worked with many organizations of different sizes, seen a lot of successes and he's learned a lot about people along the way. And Brian adds, "To start, I've learned a lot about myself. To understand others, the lens always reflects back to you and what type you are." Roughly five years ago, as an entrepreneur, Brian was thinking about this and the things in his life and he named these four personality types. He came up with the Dreamer, Architect, Builder and the Cultivator. The Dreamer: This is where the idea for a business is born. The dream is the culmination of the entrepreneur’s life experiences and passions. The Architect: This stage is where the dream is interpreted into a business model which becomes the blueprint of the venture. The Dreamer typically does not make a good Architect. The Builder: This is the stage where the dream can first become reality. The Builder then literally turns the dream into reality. We are now at a critical juncture of the venture. The Cultivator: This is the growth stage. Once the business is launched the Cultivator’s primary role is to guide the business through the various levels of growth. Brian points out, “In creating and running our businesses, we have natural talents that at times reveal our brilliance. With this brilliance, also come our blind spots that are caused by our unconscious patterns or temperament. Neither type is superior to the other. Each dominant type has both opportunities to display their brilliance and they will also reveal their blind spots. Our main goal is to help entrepreneurs become aware of what makes them brilliant and encourage them to put their energy and focus into those areas. We’re also aware of how important it is to be conscious of our blind spots so we can create a plan to manage and regulate these less developed traits. This plan does not include becoming an expert in all of our various weaknesses." Listen to Brian's interview, take notes and visit the links below...
Related Links: Startup Guru Home || Startup Guru Blog || DaVinci Institute || The Four Stages of Entrepreneurship || The Value of Entrepreneurial Personality Types || Economy Builders || Keywords: Brian Tsuchiya, Startup Guru, Entrepreneurial Personality Types, Entrepreneurship, Dreamer, Architect, Builder, Cultivator > 3/28/11 Bytes: 6882432
LISTEN to Brian Tsuchiya, Startup Guru

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Larry Nelson, w3w3® Media Network - BPW's Man of the 
         Year Man of the year chosen by BPW
enclosure-voice 988_ 3/21/11 - A Community of Champions: Boulder BPW’s 2011 Celebration of Women Event. The honorees chosen by this year’s committee encourage participation, equity, and economic self-sufficiency for working women at various levels within our community. We are honored to announce this year’s award recipients who truly are champions for women in Boulder County. Established in 1931, Boulder Business and Professional Women is a local membership organization.
Their selection for Man of the Year is Larry Nelson, Co-Founder, w3w3®Media Network. Larry and his wife and business partner, Patricia have lived in and owned businesses in five foreign countries. They started a dozen companies…some were extremely successful while others were learning experiences. Their business ventures ranged from: retail stores to high-tech; from warehouses to direct mail; from manufacturing to human resource consulting and training. Larry started out in the media as a publisher of a hardcopy and audio newsletter. Over the years, he has conducted business seminars in 15 countries. The training business is what led him to the radio show business. First it was live terrestrial radio and then to the Internet. The w3w3®Media Network which includes Internet Talk Radio (launched over 12 years ago), includes a Blog and Pod-Cast directory and can be found at www.w3w3.com. His all business radio show website consists of articles, recorded and archived audio and video interviews, business photos and a business calendar of events. A literal who’s who of business and high-tech leaders is archived on the w3w3.com website. Everything on the website is at no cost to visitors as it is sponsorship driven. His weekly electronic newsletter is also free. The w3w3.com mission is to make the average person’s experience on the World Wide Web enjoyable, profitable and safe and is focused on Colorado. Larry is also an author of a newly released book, “Mastering Change in the Midst of Chaos”. Listen to Larry's acceptance speech as it is loaded with valuable ideas for entrepreneurs and leaders ...Listen now...

Related Links: BPW Celebration: Community of Champions || Training Trends || Boulder BPW || Mastering Change || Photo Album || Keywords: Larry Nelson, Boulder BPW, Mastering Change, Training Trends, Electronic Newsletter, w3w3®Media Network, Entrepreneurs, Leaders > 3/21/11 Bytes: 11546439
LISTEN to Larry Nelson, Boulder BPW's Man of the Year & Co-Founder, w3w3.com

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Janet Eden-Harris, Boulder BPW Woman of the Year Woman of the year chosen by BPW
enclosure-voice 986_ 3/21/11 - The 2011 Celebration of Women Event is an opportunity for Boulder BPW to recognize those who serve our community by supporting and inspiring others to promote BPW’s mission politically, professionally and personally. Each year we choose an organization to support and the 2011 Celebration of Women Event is a fundraiser that will benefit Boulder Family Self-Sufficiency. Selected as "Woman of the Year" is Janet Eden-Harris Chief Marketing Officer and Sr. Vice President of Strategy, Market Force Information. In her dual roles as chief marketing officer and senior vice president of strategy, Janet Eden-Harris is responsible for marketing, product and corporate strategy at Market Force Information. Janet joined Market Force from J.D. Power and Associates, where she was vice president of its Web Intelligence unit. Before that, she was CEO of Umbria, a Boulder-based information services company that was acquired by J.D. Power in 2008. Prior to Umbria, Janet held the positions of executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Information Resources Inc. (IRI), overseeing global marketing operations, product management and strategy. She previously spent a decade directing marketing initiatives at i2 Technologies, a leading provider of supply chain management solutions for multiple industries including CPG and retail. Prior to i2, she was chief marketing officer for Aspect Development, which was acquired by i2 to become one of the largest mergers in software history. Prior to Aspect, Janet headed marketing for CADIS, a start-up company that provided parts management solutions and early business applications, which was acquired by Aspect Development. Before CADIS, she was co-founder of Eden-Harris, Associates, a marketing consulting agency, and held a variety of senior management positions in the high-tech and agency sector working for clients such as Carte Blanche Credit Card, Barclays Bank, and PSA Airlines. Janet holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and marketing from the University of Oregon. Listen to Janet's acceptance speech. It is a fascinating story...
Related Links: BPW Celebration: Community of Champions || Market Force || Boulder BPW || Blog || Keywords: Janet Eden-Harris, Boulder BPW, Market Force Information, J.D. Power and Associates, Umbria, CADIS, Carte Blanche Credit Card, Barclays Bank, PSA Airlines > 3/21/11 Bytes: 14992512
LISTEN to Janet Eden-Harris, Boulder BPW's Woman of the Year

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Achieving Your Personal and Professional Goals
Dynamite Package to Start New Year With933_ 11/29/10- Don't Let Another Year Go By - The Ultimate Win is Yours - Larry Nelson has taught this material in seminars in over a dozen countries, from China to Canada, from Norway to Australia, from Germany to Japan as well as throughout the USA. He shares the results of his international research about the Characteristics of an Achiever and then goes on to help you lay out your "personalized blueprint" to personal and professional success. Larry is an internationally published author, has been a consultant to many Fortune 1000 companies and is best known for his train-the-trainer programs. ...listen now a complete step-by-step program including a downloadable manual and resource guide...this is an in-depth strategic planning and goal setting system for achievers...Read More about how to Supercharge Your Business... The links below are valuable and extremely helpful to setting your course for the next year! And they're free. Related Links: Ultimate Win Resources || Training Trends || 3-Filters Technology™ || Podcasting Directory || Your Goal || Keywords: Ultimate Win, Your Goal, Training Trends, 3-Filters TechnologyTM, Setting Goals, Larry Nelson; 11/29/10 Chnl: Entrepreneurs

Mastering Change in the 
         Midst of Chaos, Larry L. Nelson, Author
Change Is Not an Event,
It Is an Ongoing Process

as it is with Chaos

Check out the Mastering Change Blog
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