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4/12 T - PM RVC & TiE Rockies: Getting a "Yes" from Investors
4/12 T - PM DaVinci:Stand Apart From Competitors & Drive Results
4/14 Th - Noon RMIMA Universal Identity - An interactive presentation
4/18 M - PM DaVinci Institute: The Secret Path to Becoming an Expert
4/21 Th - PM Boulder BPW Young Careerist Program
4/21 Th - PM Mile High Chapter of AITP Pricing Business Services
4/22 F - Day Silicon Flatirons: Entrepreneurship Conf: Going International
4/23 - S Day DaVinci Institute: Becoming an Everywhere Author
4/27-28 W-Th ACG Denver: Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference
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Mike Fries, CEO, Liberty Global and Garth Jensen, 
        Partner, Holm Roberts Owen, LLP Do more of what you do well is a great motto
enclosure-voice 997_ 4/11/11 - We are with Mike Fries, President and CEO of Liberty Global, who earlier this year spent some time in Davos at a fantastic, marvelous conference. Also joining us is Garth Jensen a partner at Holme Roberts & Owen. Garth set the stage with some background, Mike Fries runs a worldwide operation, primarily in Europe, "As you see technology bringing the world closer and business becoming more global, what are some of your thoughts as you attended this conference in Davos?" Mike replied, "I've been going every year now for 6, 7 years and what happens is the conference has evolved - but your experience within the conference evolves too. The first year I was there I did spend quite a bit of time milling about, experiencing and enjoying different types of events and speeches and panels. But every year since I've become more and more programmed in the sense that I'm involved in an industry partnership group for the telcos. The quality of people you have is world class, of course. For me to be able to interact in a two to three day period with the CEO of Georgia Telecom, CEO of Google, the CEO of Microsoft, all in a relatively small, informal environment and to understand where we're each coming from, with respect to our businesses and to our challenges, is a positive thing. And I always learn something. I always learn something I didn't know coming in. I'm happy to be, and lucky to go." Garth asked, "How do things you learn actually get translated into your services for your customers?" Mike shared his thoughts. "I would say as a CEO you have to have a vision, a clear articulation of where we're going and what we're doing and so I find, in many ways, I come out of there with a better sense of our direction; I understand better where our competitors are going or what they're thinking. So it helps define and refine your strategic vision of your business and your products and your services. So ultimately consumers benefit. Garth pointed out, "Mike I've known and worked with you for about 20 years and your career has been very impressive. You've worked with a lot of the country's best known and most well regarded business people during your career." Mikes reply, "I have been lucky to work with, of course John Malone, who I think is arguably the best boss you could ever have, from so many different perspectives. And of course, Gene Schneider who was a great mentor to me in many ways. I learned a lot from both of these guys." There's much more...
Related Links: Communication Executive of the Year - Photos of Gala Celebration || Liberty Global, Inc || Holme Roberts & Owen || CTP's 11th Annual Communications Executive of the Year and Ascent Award || CTP Home || Podcast Directory || Keywords: Mike Fries, Liberty Global, John Malone, CTP Exec of Year, Garth Jensen, HRO, Communications Technology Professionals, Cable Industry, Ascent Award, Liberty Media, UIH, United Cable, TCI Channel:Law 4/11/11 bytes=9803967
LISTEN to Mike Fries, President & CEO, Liberty Global with Garth Jensen, Partner, HRO, LLP

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Winning Teams, Relationships and the Connection Engine
enclosure-voiceLarry Nelson, Jim Franklin and Michael Webb 487_ 4/11/11 - Since May of 2008 when this interview was conducted so much has changed... Or has it? These are the questions you want answered when you search. Today the answers are more readily available if you have the right tools. The Connection Engine like many other search tools has gotten better. What keywords will produce relevant search results? Who are the innovators in a crowd and what are they saying? What new liabilities are emerging? Answering these difficult questions results in great rewards. However, with only search and unstructured text mining tools, people have limited success in capturing those rewards. Michael Webb, Aubice Co-Founder, Executive Vice President of Global Development was interviewed by Jim Franklin, past President of the Rockies Venture Club and the former CEO of Decisioneering. Jim's career path took him from there to Oracle as a VP and now (2011) Jim has been appointed as CEO of Sendgrid. Our guest in this interview, Michael Web was on the "Winning Team" panel at the 20th Annual Colorado Capital Conference, moderated by w3w3-dot-com's Larry Nelson. Michael pointed out that it's all about relationships. It has taken the right people with the right values to grow Aubice. He points out that when it comes to search there is this deluge of information... too much data, and very little relevancy. Another challenge is Understanding how to connect unstructured data to drive totally unexpected high value insights leading to breakthrough discoveries. "Aubice is a connection engine and can operate on the long tail of information where n=1 for advanced sensing of change and trend foreshadowing. Michael has built many successful teams over the years, and that's what it is all about.
Related Links: Aubice || Sendgrid || Rockies Venture Club || In the News || Keywords: Michael Webb, Aubice, Jim Franklin, Decisioneering, Oracle, Rockies Venture Club, Colorado Capital Conference, Teams, Innovators 4/11/11 Bytes: 20583970 LISTEN to Jim Franklin and Michael Webb

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Leaders have unprecedented demands placed on them
Robert White, Extraordinary People - Author, "Living An Extraordinary Life" enclosure-voice 994 4/4/11 - Are you an ordinary or an extraordinary leader? This is going to be a very interesting topic, we're back with Robert White. "In prior interviews we talked about a personal foundation for success, as well as specific attitudes, habits, behaviors, that are really required to lead an extraordinary life. Now it occurred to me, based on what you've said, that we all have to be leaders today, is that true?" Larry is interviewing Robert White, founder of Extraordinary People, author and worldwide speaker. Robert's reply, "I believe so, I think when times were more stable and change was not coming at us at the pace that it is currently coming at us, that we could just manage our lives. You know managers, good managers, can plan, organize and control, whether that be in a family or corporate setting or non-profit setting. But when there is a tremendous amount of change, what is required is to move people. Move yourself and move others, to be able to deal with the change. To innovate, to create and to adapt to the rapidly changing environment that we're all living in. The environment is changing for our families. I mean, the pressures that the average teenager in middle school faces are radically different from when you and I were growing up. We all kind of know that. Of course it's true in organizations, our competitors change fast so we've got to change fast. Markets change, prices change, and everything changes. We have to do more with less, that's pretty constant for the last 10-15 years. And certainly in our civic organizations, politically and other government organizations, there's an awesome amount of change. So what do you need when there's a lot of change? You need someone to lead people through it." "That's a fact, Mastering Change in the Midst of Chaos, one of my favorite topics, said Larry. "And a very good book." Robert pointed out. "Leadership is not so much a science as it is art. And the art really functions around relationships. When you're going to be asking people to handle change, which is one of the primary tasks of a leader, the level of relationship is going to determine how effective you're going to be. So my focus is on preparing people to be in better, stronger, deeper, more productive relationships. From my perspective, that's a key aspect of being a great leader, to create extraordinary relationships. Get a complimentary copy of Robert's eBook, The Tipping Point of Success from the link below..
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LISTEN to Robert White, Extraordinary People

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"Denver takes a big ‘green’ bite!” says Mayor Hickenlooper - History
John Hickenlooper, Mayor Denverenclosure-voice 601_ 1/5/09 Rerun 4/4/11 - "In today’s economy where there is so much fear, people are pulling their money out of stocks, out of their 401Ks, out of money markets and putting it under their mattress," said Mayor John Hickenlooper in his interview with Larry. The Mayor went onto discussing other important topics including entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship Day proclamation, his outlook on the economy, and raising capital. He has the experience in all those areas. "Today, everyone is selling, trying to get their cash out to put under their mattress. You measure risk vs. reward, in times like this is where people can do very well. I would argue that in the next 18 months there will be more money made than in the following decade. People shouldn’t be hiding their money under the mattress; they should be looking for good, long term investments. You’re probably never going to find a better time to buy some of these blue chip stocks. It’s a great time for starting a business. You know, I started the Wynkoop in 1986- it took us two years, we didn’t open until 1988, but our rent for the first part of our lease was $1 per square foot per year, and that’s because the economy was in the toilet. There’s a huge opportunity for people to step back and say ‘things aren’t that bad and even as bad as they are, there are great opportunities now." Hickenlooper enjoyed sharing his 'Green Bite' views. Green Print Denver is trying to look at every single place that city government touches energy, consumption of resources, and how can we be more frugal. Kind of a throw back, you know my mom grew up in the Great Depression; she used to wash Saran Wrap and tin foil and tape it to the refrigerator door while it dried, so she could reuse it. That might be a little extreme but to a certain extent we’re moving back in that direction. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We have to do a lot of little things; just riding a bike is not going to do it." How about planting a million trees? (((Yes, this is a rerun from Jan 2009)))
Related Links: Denver OED || Green Print Denver || Solar Mapping || Bunch of History || Sustainability Channel || Keywords: Mayor John Hickenlooper, Economic Development, City and County of Denver, Economy, Sustainable Opportunities Summit, Green Print Denver, Channels:CEC Bytes: 9200016 >
LISTEN 1.5.09 John Hickenlooper as Mayor of Denver

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The app market is really taking off right now
Cathy Edwards, CTO and CoFounder, Chomp.com - NCWIT Hero enclosure-voice 998_ 4/11/11 - Lucy Sanders, CEO for the National Center for Women and Information Technology or NCWIT along with Larry Nelson, Director of w3w3® Media Network interviewed Cathy Edwards, CTO and co-founder of Chomp.com, a search engine for mobile applications. Lucy loves it saying, "If you're like me, it's difficult to find all the applications that you can have on your mobile device today. Cathy created Chomp's proprietary algorithm that understands the function of each app. So you get to search for applications not just on what they're called, but what they do. For example you can search for puzzles, games, gardening, fitness, etc. It's a great app launched in January 2010 with a platform for the iPhone and just recently for the droid. Cathy said," Things are really going well. The app market is really taking off right now. If you look at the stats, the rate at which apps are growing, both in terms of the number of apps available and the rate of adoption, is very similar to the early days of the web. This is looking like something that is going to be very, very big. And of course as it gets really big people are going to need ways of finding those apps." Cathy was asked, "Why are you an entrepreneur, what about it makes you tick?" She replied, "I feel really privileged to do what I do. I love to get up in the morning and go to work. I really think very few people are in a position where they can genuinely say, I spend a lot of time working and I love every minute of it. To me being an entrepreneur is about two things. The first is about creating and building like really amazing products, the things that people use and that people love. There's this kind of very tangible feeling that goes along with being an entrepreneur of I built that. The second piece is about creating and building an amazing team of people. I really love working with people and I have the most amazing team of people at Chomp." Listen for more...
Related Links: Chomp dot com || NCWIT Home || NCWIT Practice || NCWIT Blog || Heroes Channel || Keywords: Cathy Edwards, Chomp, Apps, Search, National Center for Women and Information Technology, NCWIT, Lucy Sanders, NCWIT Heroes, iPhone, Droid - Channel:NCWIT 4/11/11 Bytes: 14072584 LISTEN to Cathy Edwards, CTO and Co-Founder, Chomp.com

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Then again, transparency counts for so much
enclosure-voiceThomas J. Byrne, Sr. Vice President, Asia, Moody'sSteve Werner 996_ 4/11/11 - Doing business in other countries can be a tricky thing, but it can also be a very valuable resource for large and small companies. We're lucky enough to corral a gentleman who is spectacular as it relates to doing business in China, Japan, Korea and other countries. We welcome back to the show Steve Werner, to introduce us to long time friend and associate Tom Byrne. They served together in the Peace Corps in South Korea many years ago. While Tom is here, Steve asked him to speak to a few groups today, at University of Denver, Rotary Clubs, and the World Trade Center. Tom works for Moody's Investor Services in Asia and he is Sr. VP with the Sovereign Risk Division which means that he assess the political, social and business climate in each country in order for Moody's to give a financial grade to those countries. Larry asked, "What is the business environment like today? How is it impacting international trade?"Tom replied, "My view is the macro view, it's a view that most of the time is about 30,000 feet above the surface. So I don't get into the nitty-gritty aspects of actually doing business deals in these countries. But we do assess the general institutional features of all these countries in Asia, Pacific area which includes Southeast Asia, south Asia and all the way to the Middle East. All sorts of countries in varying degrees of development... What we do find is that there is a positive correlation between so called governance and transparency and credit worthiness. In fact, countries that we worked on in the past like Korea become more transparent, their institutions, particularly their legal institutions, as well as the government itself become more effective but more credible. And this is associated with increased business and increased capital inflows into these countries. This is the time of 'Black Swan' events, referring to of course that famous book that Nassim Taleb wrote, warning us that we shouldn't have biases that under appreciate uncertainty and that rare events could have massive consequences. We've seen a bunch of these rare events and we're still trying to gain our footing from global financial prices, high unemployment in the U.S. as a consequence of that. But what that means now is that..." Listen for more...
Related Links: Moody's || Steve Werner Consulting || Rotary Club of Southeast Denver || In the News 2009 || Keywords: Thomas J. Byrne, Moody's, Asia, China, Japan, Korea, Transparency, Steve Werner, Rotary Club, Peace Corps, Triple A Rating. Worldwide - Channel:News 4/11/11 Bytes: 6005554 LISTEN to Steve Werner and Thomas J. Byrne, Moody's Asia

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The federal government is extremely hamstrung in its ability
Mark Seglem, President and CEO, Advanced Distributed Sensor 
        Systems, ADSS enclosure-voice 995_ 4/4/11 - . We're talking about the economic times and the different things organizations, public and private sector are going through today, because it has a tremendous impact and frankly, I'm a little worried. We are here with an expert who has some experience on a business level about this issue. Larry interviewed Mark Seglem, CEO of Advanced Distributed Sensor Systems (ADSS). "Mark could you give us an overview of how you're looking at the economic environment right now and what's happening?" "I'd be happy to and pleased to do it because I've been on both sides. I spent 20 years on active duty and I was a senior requirements officer for the Navy - so I've seen it from the side of the federal government. Now I'm a small business, private business owner who contracts with the federal government, predominantly DOD. I think the fundamental message that I would get out is that the continuing resolution that is currently in effect for fiscal year 2011, is killing small businesses that rely on the DOD for their contracts, or in fact any federal agency. In this environment under continuing resolution, the federal government is extremely hamstrung in its ability to let procurement contracts, maintenance contracts - except for the most essential operational type contracts. As a consequence small business that provide support either directly to DOD or to other federal agencies, or to large contractors like the Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, etc., those contracts are basically on hold right now." The trickle down effect is huge. "The big contractors have to support infrastructure on multi-billion dollar contracts that cannot be let right now under continuing resolutions. . It leads to layoffs, a reduction in size of the company and then when the contracts do come through we have to ramp up again. It's an extraordinarily inefficient way to do business. And it has more impact than just on the federal government - it goes right through the private sector and it particularly hurts small business."...Listen now, there's much more, ideas and solutions...
Related Links: Distributed Sensors || Colorado Companies to Watch Home || CCTW Channel || Economy Builders || Keywords: Mark Seglem, Advanced Distributed Sensor Systems, ADSS, Colorado Companies to Watch, 50 Companies to Watch winners, SBIR, Federal Budget
4/4/11 bytes=5002870
LISTEN to Mark Seglem, President & CEO, ADSS

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Pent-up demand for people wanting to start businesses
Tom Frey, Futurist, Founder of DaVinci Instituteenclosure-voice 993_ 4/4/11 - You know the future is a very exciting place but not everyone really understands that much about the future. Oh they hope and they wish and they dream - but here's a guy that is 'the future', Tom Frey founder of the DaVinci Institute. Of course, Tom travels all over the world, he gives talks on a variety of different topics, but the future is always part of it. Larry asked, "In this economic environment that we've been experiencing, what are some of the challenges that entrepreneurs and small business owners face today?" Tom replied, "First of all, whenever there's a layoff, there is a percentage of the population that will try to start a business, traditionally about 7%. And there are lots of people that have been laid off work. So we have this huge, pent-up demand for people wanting to start businesses, but the difference this time is there is no money out there, there is virtually no money to access. As a result of that, what we're seeing is people are shifting from trying to start physical businesses to starting digital ones. They're going into the online world and trying to get a toe hold, some way to make money online. And, if they can do that they're going to stay there. So the whole idea of starting businesses is alive and well. People just love that idea of being out from under the thumb of the boss. So we're seeing lots of activity, but it's mostly in the online world. We're seeing a brain drain, people leaving physical jobs trying to get into the digital world. Starting an online business is easier and less expensive. When people are leaving the physical world for the digital world, that leaves some gaping holes in the physical world - that means there are some huge opportunities there. In the digital world there's this category of businesses I call the 'empire one businesses'. This is a one person business with far reaching influence. It can be a one person consulting business, practice or coaching business. But more and more we're seeing things where people are have products manufactured in China or India, central distribution unit in the U.S. or Canada and they have customers in Great Britain, Brazil, Germany, anywhere in the world." There are many other ideas ...listen now...
Related Links: DaVinci Institute || Economy Builders || The Vault || Blog || Keywords: Tom Frey, DaVinci Institute, Entrepreneurs, Inventions, Innovation, Futurist, Digital World, China, India, Great Britain, Brazil, Germany - 4/4/11 bytes=5367748
LISTEN to Tom Frey, Futurist, DaVinci Institute

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Achieving Your Personal and Professional Goals
Dynamite Package to Start New Year With933_ 11/29/10- Don't Let Another Year Go By - The Ultimate Win is Yours - Larry Nelson has taught this material in seminars in over a dozen countries, from China to Canada, from Norway to Australia, from Germany to Japan as well as throughout the USA. He shares the results of his international research about the Characteristics of an Achiever and then goes on to help you lay out your "personalized blueprint" to personal and professional success. Larry is an internationally published author, has been a consultant to many Fortune 1000 companies and is best known for his train-the-trainer programs. ...listen now a complete step-by-step program including a downloadable manual and resource guide...this is an in-depth strategic planning and goal setting system for achievers...Read More about how to Supercharge Your Business... The links below are valuable and extremely helpful to setting your course for the next year! And they're free. Related Links: Ultimate Win Resources || Training Trends || 3-Filters Technology™ || Podcasting Directory || Your Goal || Keywords: Ultimate Win, Your Goal, Training Trends, 3-Filters TechnologyTM, Setting Goals, Larry Nelson; 11/29/10 Chnl: Entrepreneurs

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