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5/1 T Noon ACG Denver with Stephanie Comfort, CenturyLink
5/1 T 1 pm ViaWest Cloud with Confidence Webinar
5/3 W AM ACG Denver Leadership 20 Alumni Breakfast
5/7 M PM Night w/a Futurist Future of Law, Reinventing Legal Services
5/8 T PM RVC Wealth Advisors and Angel Capital
5/10 Th AM ACG Denver Leadership Planning Meeting
5/10 Th AM RMIMA, IT Employment Market...
5/12 S AM DaVinci Mastering Your Professional Network on LinkedIn
5/14 M PM StartUp Guru Greentrepreneurs Springtime Showcase
5/23-4 Day GlueCon 2012
5/28 M Memorial Day Remember & honor those who have served...
6/4 M AM KidsTek 11th Annual Charity Golf Classic
6/5 T Noon ACG Denver John Zimmerman, CFO, Tomkins
6/12 S Day DaVinci Institute Book to Nook, Pixels to Profit
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They do everything to support the entrepreneur
Ray Hutchins, TiE Rockies, Charter Memberenclosure-voice 1204_ 4/30/12 - While he's right here and focused on Colorado, Ray Hutchins works all over the world. One of his global connections is through TiE Rockies which is associated with TiE Global. TiE Global has 57 Chapters throughout the world. We have a very vibrant and fast growing chapter right here in Denver, one of the smallest in the TiE Global network, but it is recognized as one of the most dynamic, fastest growing and most influential chapters. Asked about TiE and its makeup, Ray tells us that TiE stands for the Indus entrepreneur. Eighteen years ago a group of wealthy Indian technology guys put together the organization. The original mission was to build strong relationships between India and the United States. Something they were quite instrumental and successful at. The mission shifted over the years and today is supporting the entrepreneur. So we do everything we can to support the entrepreneur and to create jobs and to grow businesses. That's the primary mission. In order to do that TiE has two levels of membership. One level is the Charter Member and then the other is the general member. Charter members are successful business people usually older and more experienced who have achieved success of one kind or another (various criteria associated with that) and they basically fund the organization. TiE is growing very fast and enjoys a great reputation in the Denver Metro area. Ray said, it's kind of a club of successful men and women having some success and then wanting to help others and wanting to help the State grow. "That's the basic mission and if you're on board with that, then we welcome you. And, we work very hard to form relationships between these people. With us you've got to put an oar in the water and you've got to make a difference. You've got to be part of the organization and help push it forward. That's not only good for us, but it's good for you, that's how you get your pay-back." The last event w3w3 attended was fabulous. That was an event where John Kelley a board member, highly respected businessman from the Denver metro area, past CEO of McData, he is currently raising money for a new company CereScan that is changing the way brain injury and disease is diagnosed and treated around the world. He's raising money for that deal, he's a charter member, a highly respected member of our group and we came together as an organization to support him and help him raise money, and it was a very successful event.
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365 Pat & Larry Nelson - 3-Filters TechnologyLeadership, Management, Production: Friends or Foes?
enclosure-voice Most people go through life not ever really understanding their strengths and what they can capitalize on. On the other hand, they don't always understand their personal challenges that often sabotage their potential success. It's all about people. People cause all problems and people solve all problems. Before we try to understand and harness the world, we need to start with ourselves. Here's a program that will help you "Unravel the People Puzzle - It's Powerful • Proven • People-Oriented." All people are part of this equation. 'Quality is the enemy of innovation, innovation is the enemy of quality, and people get in the way of both'. A great organization needs to focus on all three (quality, innovation, people), all the time and a great manager must make decisions based on all three. The 3-Filters Technology offers a way for dealing with these conflicting needs. At a recent Information Technology Leadership Series, Larry Nelson, using 3-Filters Technology specifics addressed these key topics...What you need to know before your next promotion... What you wish you had known before your last promotion...What you need to know to grow your company to the next level.

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Andrea Woolley, Denver Executive Director, Playworks The vision for every child in America
enclosure-voiceJill Vialet, CEO / Founder, Playworks 1200_ 4/23/12 - You know when Chris Pelley brags about this organization and then Forbes names the Playworks Founder to Forbes List of Top Social Entrepreneurs, we had to learn more. We're talking with Jill Vialet, CEO PLAYWORKS and Andrea Woolley, Denver Executive Director, PLAYWORKS. They've been here in Denver for two years and their work has been very successful as you'll hear. First we want to give you an overview of what Playworks does. Jill started Playworks 15 years ago. The key insight is that play and recess in particular, at schools, is this untapped opportunity of really promoting learning and getting kids moving. Currently Playworks is based in 300 schools across the country full time, and then provides training in 400 additional schools. The vision is that one day, every child in America will have access to safe, healthy play every day. Play creates essential opportunities for children to explore their imaginations, to connect with other people and to stretch and grow physically, emotionally and socially. Our experience is that diminishing opportunities for unsupervised play in our society have left kids with a very thin understanding of how to manage their own play and that it is important to have grown-ups introduce some basic rules to make play work. Playworks builds the culture of play at a school so that kids feel safe and included. This means that soccer games aren't running through four-square games, for instance. We also introduce games that that encourage kids themselves to take ever-increasing responsibility for the quality of play and for each other. Ultimately our unique brand of play fosters greater independence and leadership among children. Just yesterday Playworks announced, Stanford University released preliminary findings of a study from the first year - and there were statistically significant findings around reducing bullying...Listen for more, these kids will be your teammates in years to come...
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The answer for the growing shortage of coders
Tom Frey, Futurist, DaVinci Codersenclosure-voice 1202_ 4/23/12 - It's been a while, but we are back with Tom Frey, founder of the DaVinci Institute. Tom has a number of different programs that the DaVinci Institute puts on and they have a very special program coming up. As the 'futurist' Tom and the DaVinci Institute has recognized there are many technical challenges that we're facing. In the face of these challenges, DaVinci is now offering a beginner based training program for computer programmers and it is oriented around the language 'Ruby-on-Rails', which is one of the hot new languages. Tom said, "We're seeing there is such a demand for computer programmers - it's just growing by leaps and bounds." He told us the demand is coming from two directions, the old code that's out there buried deep in the mainframe computers with the operating systems that run the day to day operations of major corporations. A lot of this code is written in the old languages like Fortran and Cobalt. The people that have been maintaining this code are nearing retirement age. So the corporations are being faced with a major decision, do we scrap all this old stuff and start over from scratch or do we hand it off to a big company like IBM to manage all this? The fact is there are not a lot of new Cobalt programmers coming out of colleges today. IBM is trying to get colleges to continue training cobalt programmers - but students are looking for the newest programming languages like Ruby-on-Rails, Python, JavaScript, the newer hot languages. So people going to college would rather be writing apps for mobile devices than they would be working on mainframe computers. What's unique and different about the DaVinci approach is that it is beginner based. There are a lot of programs out there that are 3 days to a week long, but they're for experienced programmers. So, getting into the field is very tough, unless you're going to college. At DaVinci, they're offering an eleven week program so you can go from zero to programmer in less than 90 days...listen for more...
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Nancy Phillips, COO, ViaWest with 
    Kristin Russell and Gov. Hickenlooper at Ribbon Cutting for ViaWest Greenwood Village Critical to serving the small - mid sized business segment
enclosure-voice 1203_ 4/30/12 - Quite a milestone in the company's history! Here at the ViaWest new offices in Greenwood Village, with Governor Hickenlooper and his Secretary of Technology and CIO of the State, Kristin Russell, coming down to mark the special occasion and help with the ribbon cutting. Nancy Philips, COO and Cofounder, said, "We were very honored to have them join us in celebration of what is obviously a great milestone for ViaWest." As we've all witnessed, ViaWest has been growing - right out of the spaces they had downtown [in various locations]. Nancy said, the Greenwood Village offices have given them the opportunity to consolidate their staff, kind of bring them together. ViaWest started business back in 1999 and w3w3 attended the ViaWest Grand opening downtown Denver. Today ViaWest is at 22 data centers, in 5 states / 6 major markets, so they've been busy since that ribbon cutting we attended June 5th, 2002. Nancy said it a testament to being in a great industry and they give a lot of credit to the employees they've attracted who've really helped grow this organization to where it is today. As a matter of fact, they are now recognized as the largest privately held company in the collocation and cloud services space. Nancy and Roy are very proud of their long tenured staff, very like-minded in terms of the vision for the organization, people that are really committed to the community and the customers that they serve. But they've also been bringing on a lot of new talent from all over the country. Back in November of 2011, at the DefragCon, w3w3 introduced you, the listeners, to Jason Carolan, ViaWest's new CTO who is leading a lot of the cloud initiatives. ViaWest carries a continuum of technology whether it is pure collocation requirements all the way to fully out sourced managed capabilities which is critical to serving the small - mid sized business segment they focus on. Nancy said, "We are very in tune with our customer base and therefore they become the best basis for where we should be developing our technology and product sets. With such an expansion around IT, web presence, the capabilities for flexibility and expansion within not weeks or months, but minutes, the cloud serves the purpose..." Larry asked about the new product offers from ViaWest. Nancy explained, "As we've moved into the virtualized space we're seeing storage and data replication as critical components in terms of what companies are looking for - greater availability, looking for ways to protect their data and being sure it is always available. That's been driven by...There's much more, listen now...
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534_ Change Is Not an Event, It Is an Ongoing Process
Patricia & Larry Nelson, Co Founders, 
    w3w3.com(the Same is true with Chaos) 4/30/2012
enclosure-voice Mastering change is one of Pat and Larry Nelson's favorite topics. There's a good reason. They have lived in and owned businesses in five foreign countries stretching from Norway to Australia. They are truly serial entrepreneurs as they have started more than a dozen companies. Some were extremely successful and others learning experiences. One thing that was true in every situation were the rushing changes. At times they were victims and others they were victors. Larry has conducted seminars for numerous companies both large and small, public and private sectors, in dozen countries, on the subject of 'Mastering Change in the Midst of Chaos'. In this recorded discussion Larry and Pat discuss the 'Six Truths About Change'. The topic includes; Resistance, Involvement, Making Losers, Vision, Benefits, and Follow up. Like the Nelsons say, "Master Change Before It Masters You." Listen now...

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Connecting buyers and suppliers in the marketplace
Talia Mashiach, CEO/Founder, Eved enclosure-voice 1199_ 4/23/12 - Talia Mashiach is the CEO and Founder of Eved. Lucy Sanders, the CEO for the National Center for Women and Information Technology or NCWIT, and Larry Nelson, from w3w3.com interviewed Talia. This is part of a series of interviews that we are having with fabulous entrepreneurs. Women who have started “IT” companies in a variety of sectors, all of whom have just fabulous stories to tell us, about being entrepreneurs. Talia is the CEO and Founder of Eved (Ev-ed), an online meeting and event market place. Eved connects buyers and suppliers in the meeting and event industry through an easy-to-use web based platform. Eved believes the Meetings & Events industry is ready for a transformation driven by technology. Eved did $5.5 its first quarter. Lucy asked, "What got you into technology?" Talia always loved business and her passion has been around automated business processes. She's not that old at 35, but when Talia went to college there wasn't all this excitement about entrepreneurs, there weren't any classes or people wanting to be entrepreneurs. Finally exposed to technology when she launched a company in 2000 - back when people didn't really have business web sites, certainly not ecommerce, it was really just about to start. At that time she sold overstock computers from Dell to small businesses. She was taking orders by phone then faxing them into the warehouse... moving it all around and managing all the clients... and she just thought there needed to be another way to do that, that would be much faster. So, she decided to build a website that would automate this entire process. That was her starting point when she decided she had to turn the process into something on the web. What is really cool around technology today and Talia thinks the future is going to be all around cloud collaboration. Certainly around business software - I think it needs to start looking at the applications people are using in their daily lives like Facebook...There's much more, listen now...
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Websites that are search engine optimized
Ray Hutchins, Denver SEO Services dot com enclosure-voice 1201_ 4/23/12 - Everyone is doing business on the Internet now days, right? So people want to be found if someone is looking for them. And their choices are to have their website either search engine optimized or to pay for ads with Google. The ads with Google, that's an effective way but it's become very expensive. People paying $6 to $9 per click - that can run up quickly and be very expensive. For people who have the right kind of business, SEO is the preferred route and that's what Ray Hutchins does - founder of DenverSEOservices.com So Ray helps someone with one or more web sites associated with their business rank high. What that means is they want to be on the first page of search results for various search terms related to their business. And that is search engine optimization. Ray points out, with his own domain name, Denver SEO Services - notice the keywords built into the domain name. "That's a nice SEO strategy for any of the listeners, building your keywords into your domain name will make your SEO process so much easier and more effective" said Ray. Larry asked, "When you work with a client, do you help them select these words, define which are the best words to use?" Ray replied, "Yes, these are called Keywords. You have to identify what are the terms being used by the customer when the customer is trying to find you, your product, your service. Trying to find your website, what are the keywords they're using? Ray has quite a few attorney clients. For an example we'll take a criminal defense attorney. Well, keywords for him might be DUI, Denver DUI. Because someone gets in trouble with a DUI, the first thing they do is hit Google with that search engine. They go to Google and they type in Denver DUI attorney or Denver DUI lawyer... Well my client wants to rank very high on that, he wants to be on the first page, for sure, and ideally in the top three search results. So we have to find the best keywords for a client, the terms used most often by searchers / customers looking to find you. And then we have to get them ranked, and that's a complex process involving lots of different steps. Essentially it all revolves around 'gaming search engines'. You are trying to, without violating the rules, without violating their parameters, you're trying to help your client rank higher than the competition.
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Achieving Your Personal and Professional Goals
933_ Don't Let Another Year Go By - The Ultimate Win is Yours
- Larry Dynamite Package to Start New Year WithNelson has taught this material in seminars in over a dozen countries, from China to Canada, from Norway to Australia, from Germany to Japan as well as throughout the USA. He shares the results of his international research about the Characteristics of an Achiever and then goes on to help you lay out your "personalized blueprint" to personal and professional success. Larry is an internationally published author, has been a consultant to many Fortune 1000 companies and is best known for his train-the-trainer programs. ...listen now a complete step-by-step program including a downloadable manual and resource guide...this is an in-depth strategic planning and goal setting system for achievers...Read More about how to Supercharge Your Business... The links below are valuable and extremely helpful to setting your course for the next year! And they're free.

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Keywords: Ultimate Win, Your Goal, Training Trends, 3-Filters TechnologyTM, Setting Goals, Larry Nelson; 11/29/10 Chnl: Entrepreneurs

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