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Mantra for Venture Capitalists Today + Mobius VC Tips
1251_ 7/30/12 [Orig. Pub: 5/3/2004] -
Brad Feld, 2004 - managing director, Mobius Venture CapitalBrad Feld, managing director of Mobius Venture Capital identifies what VC's are looking at today…including exit strategies, hot markets, checklist of the VC’s mantra, what Mobius VC is focused on today as well as essentials for the first-time entrepreneur who is building a new company.
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LISTEN to Brad Feld, 5/3/2004, managing director, Mobius Venture Capital

Rwanda Radio 10 Years After Genocide + Challenges
Eugene Nyagahene, founder and CEO of Rwanda's first radio station since 19941253_ 7/30/12 [Orig. Pub: 5/3/2004] -
Eugene Nyagahene, founder and CEO of Radio 10, Rwanda’s first private radio station since the genocide of 1994. When the 1,000,000 plus people were brutally murdered in a 100-day period, the radio station in Rwanda was used as a tool to help the killing. For Nyagahene, the station represents a new beginning for Rwandan radio, which has been controlled by the government for a decade.

Related Links: Radio 10, Rwanda’s first private broadcasting endeavor since the genocide of 1994 || Rwanda's first private TV station (Tele 10) to start broadcasting in July || H.E. President Paul Kagame Event Photos || Keywords: Rwanda, Radio Free..., Paul Kagame, University of Denver, DU, Marc Holtzman
LISTEN TO: Eugene Nyagahene, founder and CEO of Rwanda’s first radio station since 1994

Michael Fields, Managing Partner, MSF Enterprises Connecting opportunities with money
enclosure-voice 1247_ 7/23/12 - Quick overview of MSF Enterprises, Michael Fields, the managing partner, tells us at MSF Enterprises "We connect opportunities with money." They have four practice areas in their business: investment banking, merchant banking, capital raising for alternative investment firms and an advisory service practice for family offices. Larry recommends, if you haven't listened to part 1, go back and catch that. Larry's first question here is, "How long do you believe it will it take to achieve the $5 Trillion goal?" That is one very big goal. Michael explains this is the Galt's Gulch Initiative to really build the asset management community here in Colorado, so that we have better resources for capital, across the board. Michael said, “We currently have about $8 Billion here in Colorado. We think we can get to $5 Trillion, done in a proactive stance, by attracting firms and also building firms, within four to five years." With technology today and just the ability for people to talk globally you can be anywhere. Colorado just has wonderful assets for quality of life that can attract very good people. In the past seven years, 700,000 people have moved here for 425,000 jobs. When you realize people come here without jobs because they want to be here, that's already a great motivating factor. We have a great talent pool to draw from. Larry asks, what steps so you plan on taking in order to attract all these different people and organizations? "We're working on the Galt's Gulch Initiative, which is really working on a three legged approach in terms of the government, universities as well as the private sector..." Listen for more.
Related Links: MSF Enterprises || DBJ Article || In the News || Venture Capital || Blog || Keywords: Michael Fields, MSF Enterprises, Multinational Strategic Financing, Investment Banking, Merchant Banking, Capital Raising, Galt's Gulch Initiative > Channels: VC - bytes=4964835
LISTEN TO; Michael Fields, MSF Enterprises

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Subject Line Text (or Lack of It) Drives Nelson Nuts
Larry Nelson, Founder/CEO, w3w3® Media Network1249_ 7/23/12 - [Pub: 3/14/09] Unwanted email is bad enough. How do you like to receive emails that have nothing, nada, zero on the Subject Line? That tugs on Larry Nelson’s nervous system. But just as annoying are people who use an [unrelated] 3-month old email, return it to you with the old Subject Line but a completely different topic. Larry recorded this short but poignant video three years ago in the Broadband Video studio. Since has grown since then and there still is a BIG need for these thoughts, we thought we should run it again. Enjoy his two-minute rant. Watch Video
Related Links: Colorado Rising Videos || Entrepreneur Channel || PodCast Directory || BroadBandVideo || Mastering Change || Keywords: Larry Nelson,, Media Network, Email, BroadBandVideo, Subject Line 3/14/2009 Watch Video: Larry Nelson, President, Internet Talk Radio

7/24/12 This is a time for all Coloradans to come together ...and help our community. joins Colorado Technology Association and others, appealing to the generosity of the technology community to donate money to the "Aurora Victim Relief Fund” through a collaborative effort through in partnership with Governor John Hickenlooper. There is immediate need to raise money for the burial costs and medical bills for the victims of last week’s deadly shooting on July 20th at an Aurora Cinema. Medical bills are adding up into the millions for the victims of last week's shooting and some families can’t afford the burial costs of their loved ones. Thank you for your generous support.

Larry & Pat Nelson, w3w3® Media Network - Voice of the Business & Tech Community in Colorado The horrific tragedy in Aurora
[1245_ 7/23/12]
 While this is a time of such great sorrow, it is also a time of great pride in all of our support services in Colorado. Especially the Aurora Police who were on scene within 90 seconds and quickly recognized the perpetrator. Proud of the brave souls in the theatre who acted to protect others, of the fire department, the police rescuers and emergency medical teams [EMS], the hospitals, doctors and nurses who tended the wounded.
     It is hard to admit the fact that there is more than a single guilty party. But, our culture and society show a lack of personal responsibility and integrity, coupled with arrogance, greed and corruption on so many levels. We cannot begin to understand the mind of anyone capable of this horror. But we can work to change the environment that created the opportunity for this evil to grow. What can you and I, the individual people do to prevent this type of event from ever happening again? We think it begins with ourselves. Demanding honesty, compassion and understanding in our personal and professional dealings. We must serve as models - on an everyday basis for what we want to see in others...  We have witnessed great courage and wisdom from the many heroes and they have inspired us here during this tragedy.
The greatest journey begins with a single step…

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Larry Nelson, Founder/CEO, w3w3® Media NetworkWhat a difference eight years can make…we are taking you back to 2004. We all know that the Internet and Web have changed a great deal in this past decade. When we launched in Jan 1999, we used to ‘brag’ about the fact people could listen to our material using a 28K modem. Businesses and leaders of business have changed a great deal too. The recording of Vinton Cerf, one of the fathers of the Internet, was at a press conference. His focus hasn’t changed but his career has. In Larry’s book, ‘Mastering Change in the midst of Chaos, Larry writes about some interesting comparisons between Alexander Graham Bell and Vinton Cerf.
      Brad Feld is one of the most well-known Venture Capitalists as well as an author and one of the founders of the famous Tech Stars. When Larry and Pat first met Brad, he was a leader in Softbank Venture Capital. Today he is the founder and managing director of the Boulder based Foundry Group.
      Art Rancis is a well-connected business leader, entrepreneur and is an international business consultant that really helps companies grow. Art is one of the featured dancers in the Boulder ‘Dancing with the Starts’ event on 10/18/12.
      In April 2004 Pat and Larry attended an event hosted by DU, honoring H.E. President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame. There were hundreds of people in attendance with many heavy hitters. They also attended a private event at the Phelps mansion where we interviewed Eugene Nyagahene, founder and CEO of Rwanda’s first radio station since 1994 and the genocide that the world turned its head away from.
      Listen to these interviews as that will give you a different perspective of the past and the future. Check out the links too as they will give you an update of what these leaders are doing today. You will find these and many more interviews from 2004 LINK HERE

The Beginning of the Internet + Challenges & Dreams
Vinton Cerf, V.P. and chief Internet evangelist for Google 1250_ 7/30/12 [Orig. Pub: 5/3/2004] -
Vinton Cerf, widely known as one of the “Fathers of the Internet” was the keynote speaker for the annual CITI CIO Award program. Cerf is a techie with a personality…and a whole bunch of spot-on information. At a press Q&A, he addressed the future challenges and greatest hopes for the Internet.
Related Links: ICANN Organization || Vinton Cerf - Wikipedia || Software Channel || Keywords: Vinton Cerf, Google evangelist, Internet,
LISTEN to Vinton Cerf V.P. and chief Internet evangelist for Google

Art Rancis, 2004 - Amedex Building a Business & Lessons Learned
1252_ 7/30/12 [Orig. Pub: 5/3/2004] - Art Rancis, CEO of Amedex is experienced in understanding the key components of building a successful business. Art identifies the 3 lessons learned as an entrepreneur…Keep focused…Stay focused but get ready to spin off…Structure the company properly. Experience, Sony Electronics,
Related Links: Art Rancis: 25+ Years of Executive Experience || Art Rancis LinkedIn || Keywords: Art Rancis, International Business Consultant, Boulder based, Dancing with the stars, University of Colorado, Deming Center, Univeristy of Colorado, Leeds School of Business, Member. National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Emmy Committee
LISTEN TO: Art Rancis, 2004, CEO, Amedex

Over the last few years it's been the social network - Dave Jilk, CEO/Founder, Standing Cloudthat's coming to an end...
enclosure-voice 1246_ 7/23/12 - We're talking with what we would call a very successful serial entrepreneur, David Jilk, Founder and CEO of Standing Cloud a Boulder based company. We have a series of questions we regularly put to entrepreneurs, like what is the greatest challenge faced today? Dave says, “For entrepreneurs generally, if you take it more broadly than the IT industry or the software industry, the usual problems are applied to most business, right? So, the economy is certainly not in a state where people are spending freely. When times are good, of course, people spend easily and they're willing to take chances. That's more important, they're willing to take chances and spend the money. That gives very new businesses and innovators the ability to get started with those early adopters. Today those early adopters might be more sensitive to spending. And, something I see all the time, the increase in regulations and taxes and other expenses definitely get in the way. Almost more, the regulation than direct costs. The various rules you have to follow just overwhelm the business that should be paying attention to building valuable products and services for their customers - and finding customers. So, that kind of gets to being a big distraction. You know the legal system is kind of a mess, the patent system. But, the answer I really want to give for the IT and Software industries, no surprise, is - hiring great talent is the biggest challenge.” Dave talks about the opportunities we have today, "Over the last few years it's been social network type things. That's probably coming to an end..". Listen now...
Related Links: Standing Cloud || Foundry Group || TechStars || FeldThoughts || Entrepreneur Channel || Keywords: Dave Jilk, Standing Cloud, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, IssA, Amazon, Customer Relation Management, Cloud, Early Adopters, Regulations, Taxes, Wireless Frequency Spectrum, Wave Technology > bytes=5845475
LISTEN TO: Dave Jilk, CEO/Founder, Standing Cloud

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Dave Milliken, COO, Funding Launchpad Here, and here, and here is money to grow your business
enclosure-voice 1248_ 7/23/12 - We're going to do some interesting linking with money today. We're talking with Dave Milliken, COO at Funding Launchpad. Dave tells us that Funding Launchpad starts off with the concept of crowd funding. "We're all familiar with today's environment. So, instead of trying to get one or two wealthy individuals to give big chunks of money - you're able to go out to the general public and get smaller amounts of money from a lot more people. That's money to grow your business, but also a loyal ‘fan base’ at the same time. Not too long ago this would have been illegal. Dave tells us that has both changed and is changing. Earlier this year a bill was passed by both houses of Congress and signed by the President, called the Jobs Act. This is one of the bills allowing individuals to do exactly what we're talking about here. Interestingly enough, here in Colorado and actually in several other states, there are state regulations that do allow people to partake in such activities today, state's securities laws. Dave said "There is a process to get going. But once you do, you are allowed to tell anyone and everyone that you are raising money. And, of course, you're allowed to take their money and put it in the bank and start using it to grow your business. This is important to business because it is really tough to get money now. The venture capital industry has been shrinking consistently for the last ten years. But more important than that, only certain types of businesses are even considered for bank loans or for institutional money. You have to be in the right geography in some instances, the right industry, the right stage of development... A lot of times they're looking for teams that have done it before. It is really hard for a lot of companies to get started." There's more details...
Related Links: Funding Launch Pad || StartUpGuru || Venture Capital || Entrepreneurs Channel || Keywords: Dave Milliken, Funding Launchpad, Steve Reaser, Brian Tsuchiya, Startup Guru, Crowd Funding Alliance, Entrepreneurs, CrowdFunding, Vim Funding, Jobs Act, H.R. 3606, Advisor, Colorado, Entrepreneur, bytes=4900052
LISTEN TO: Dave Milliken, COO, Funding Launchpad

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Related Links: Ultimate Win Resources || Training Trends || 3-Filters Technology™ || Podcasting Directory || Your Goal ||
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