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9/3 M Day Labor Day - Have Fun and Drive Carefully
9/4 T Aft Silicon Flatirons: The Changing Dynamics of Video Programming
9/5 W Nn TiE Rockies Entrepreneurial Round Table featuring Jeff Medaugh
9/5 W PM StartUp Guru Boulder StartUp Funding Meetup
9/10 M PM SFC/Crash Course Lean Startups -Zach Nies, Rally Software
9/10 M PM DaVinci Institute Creating an Empire of One
9/11 T Nn ACG Denver Speaker Jim Deters, Founder at Galvanize
9/12 W PM Silicon Flatirons Bold Biz Solutions for New Energy Era
9/12 W PM Startup Guru Boulder StartUp Meetup
9/13 Th N RMIMA Windows 8 Preview
9/15 S AM DaVinci Institute Professional Speaking Boot Camp
9/17 M PM Startup Guru Hour Business/Social Networking
9/19 W PM StartUp Guru Boulder StartUp Sales & Marketing Meetup
9/24 M AM Davinci Coders Fall Enrollment - Ruby on Rails
9/24 M PM SFC/Entrepreneurs Unpluggged Holly Hammon, The BlogFrog
9/26 W PM StartUp Guru Boulder StartUp Tech Meetup
9/27 Th PM Annual Investment & Finance Cross-Networking Event
9/29 S AM DaVinci Inventor Bootcamp Make Millions From Your Inventions
10/2 T N ACG Denver Claude Pumilia, Chief Financial Officer, CIBE
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ETHICS: Personal, Professional, Community
Ethics_graphic_9-4-2012 1272_ 9/4/12 - Larry Nelson, producer of the w3w3® Media Network, tackles Ethics. The lack of ethics continues to get a great deal of press. Larry shares a brief "ethics model" (complexities have helped create this swamp). You'll hear the 3 foundational aspects and solutions for keeping us on track. Integrity is about, Honesty, Integrity and Dependability and is supported by Responsiveness, being Proactive and Committed. Ethics is often misunderstood and is so overlooked in today’s society. Listen to this powerful 3 minute discussion…
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LISTEN to Larry Nelson, International Management Trainer and Executive Coach.

Paul Jerde, Executive Director, The Deming Center for Entrepreneurship Does it have commercial viability and commercial applications?
enclosure-voice 1273_ 9/4/12 - [Orig Pub.-1/30/2012] It's interesting to see how the different departments at CU work together. Larry interviewed
Paul Jerde
, executive director and who has been with the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship for 15+ years, and he says he was pretty naive. "I had come to have some strong ideas about the positioning of the value of entrepreneurship education in the university setting. What I found was people lit up at the mention, something exciting about an entrepreneur, I guess. But the tendency is to very narrowly define it. To some people it means just small business. To some it means bleeding edge technology and to some it means insane risk taking. And to some it's only about startups. So, at the core of our philosophy is the belief and the positioning of the way that our faculty work, and we work with faculty and students. The value of entrepreneurship education, at the core, has fundamental value for the students in almost any particular discipline." Paul is often challenged... can you teach someone to be an entrepreneur? Can you teach someone entrepreneurship? Paul says no to the first. I don't believe, nor should you try to teach someone to be an entrepreneur. Other things cause that to come about. But you can absolutely teach the skills. And at the core of entrepreneurship education is teaching our students to answer the question when someone says, 'I have an idea, what do I do with it?' Here's what you do - 'That's an interesting idea. Does it have commercial viability? Does it have commercial applications?' Well, most people in the world don't really know. And that's what we want our students to have. They know what feasibility, analysis and market assessment is all about. They know about doing due diligence, how to go through a really rigorous and in-depth process in determining whether an idea can translatable into a commercial opportunity. The business planning part of this has to do with the integrating of different disciplines... finance, marketing, operations, strategy management, and so forth - bringing those all together. More broadly in our cross campus entrepreneurship program it's getting teams of students to work together to appreciate the ideas may come from the creative departments or from the engineers who can actually build something, or from the scientists who can actually discover something - but often times they don't know what to do with their new invention or new discovery. We try to make these 'productive collisions' of teams of students and in general find people of different expertise's come together around the idea of how do you allow an idea to flourish. There's much more....

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Listen To: Paul Jerde, Exec. Dir., Deming Center

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CU Technology Transfer, the Challenges and the Choices
           BioWEST awards CU TTO, Business Partner of the Year
enclosure-voice 1275_ 9/4/12 [Orig. Pub. 10/4/10] - "Over the last seven years we've (generated) 69 companies, and those are Colorado companies, 57 are still around. Last year was though, we lost a couple companies. It's been brutal. Very tough for early stage technology companies. I see the sun shining through the darker clouds of the innovation economy recession" said David Allen, Associate Vice President for Technology Transfer at the University of Colorado. Larry discussed with David the University of Colorado Tech Transfer (TTO) annual report for 2009 - 2010. While there are many challenges, there are a number of very positive aspects. Here's an overview of the TTO Dashboard:

~ invention disclosures (respectable year with continued pipeline growth)
+ US patent applications (solid year for both TTO and licensee companies)
+ exclusive deals (good year, especially given the soft economy)
-nonexclusive deals (most such deals due to one software program)
~ start-ups (slightly down, but continued high level performance)
~ POC program (strong projects primarily supported by State BDEG)
-overall revenue (expected low revenue, worsened by recession)
-liquidations (sitting on ownership interests in 55 companies)
+ financial reserve (recovery of TTO’s Long-Term Investment account)
-patent reimbursements (shortfall compared to previous years)
-start-up and early-stage licensee financings (very difficult market)
+ support from the business community (continued strong engagement)
+ support from the CU Administration (strategic importance maintained)
+ TTO personnel (capable TTO staff and collaborative team environment)
+ Net, Net TTO had another solid year except for low licensing revenue In addition here are the TTO stats for IP and Licensing Portfolio at a Glance (as of 07/01/2010): Total U.S. Patents in force : 306 - Total U.S. Patents in prosecution: 309 - Exclusive Licenses in good standing: 153 - Non-Exclusive Licenses in good standing: 209 - Bio Licenses in good standing: 176 - Non-Bio Licenses in good standing: 184.
At the BioWest Conference, CU TTO team was a winner of the 'Business Partner of the Year Award'.

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LISTEN TO: David Allen

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Larry Nelson, Business Development Director The Dirty Dozen – Disastrous, Dumb and Deceitful by
enclosure-voice 1267_ 8/27/12 - Is everyone crazy out there, or is it just me? We all know some difficult people. Whether they are customers, co-workers of even those in your personal life. Listen to this discussion with Larry Nelson about his directory of the “Dirty Dozen” and their characteristics. They range from Saboteurs to Wonderful Ones, from Saints to Emotional Misfits, from Connivers to Bullies, and a few others that will surprise you or get you. What you’ll appreciate the most is understanding what makes you vulnerable and what you can do about it.
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LISTEN to Larry Nelson, Institute for Change Research

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Telecommunications and policy issues for entrepreneurs
Phil Weiser, Dean, University of Colorado Law School and Brad Bernthal, Law Professor and Director of the Silicon Flatirons Center’s Entrepreneurship Initiative enclosure-voice 1269_ 8/27/12 - You know what teenagers are like? Especially the first, ah, 13th year? "Basically an adolescent, little rambunctious, looking to do things differently." Well that's how Phil Weiser sees the Silicon Flatirons Center - growing up on the Boulder Campus, part of the University of Colorado is the Center for Law, Technology and Entrepreneurship. Larry interviewed Phil Weiser, Dean of the University of Colorado Law School, and Executive Director and Founder of the Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship at CU and Brad Bernthal Associate Professor of Law Silicon Flatirons Entrepreneurship Initiative Director at CU. Well that's how Phil Weiser sees the Silicon Flatirons Center - growing up on the Boulder Campus, part of the University of Colorado is the Center for Law, Technology and Entrepreneurship. "This is interdisciplinary engagement - which means we're on the Law campus but it's much more than law, it’s technology, business and campus community engagement, bringing community to the campus. Give people a chance to see their ideas in a little broader perspective. Give them a chance to develop young talent. That's a very important part of our overall community. And also do a good job of raising the debates overall for national so we can elevate our local community, raise the debate nationally, support entrepreneurship and encourage our students." That's what Silicon Flatirons Center is about and they're celebrating their 13th Anniversary in January 2013. We're going to kick this off with a fabulous calendar of events. Brad Bernthal "People come to Silicon Flatirons to ideally see around the corner. The 13th anniversary is coming up, but between now and the end of the year, here are some of the things coming up. Phil says, "We kick it off on September 4th, the day after Labor Day, with the 'Future and Dynamics of Video Programming'. "We're going to have the CEO of Aereo, which is the definition of the destructive technology..."
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LISTEN TO: Phil Weiser, Brad Bernthal Silicon Flatirons Center 13th year

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The strength starts with the research enterprise
David Allen and Lindsay Lennox, Marketing Assistant Director, CU Technology Transfer Office enclosure-voice 1271_ 9/4/12 - We're bidding a fond farewell to Dr. David Allen, the Tech Transfer Guru at the University of Colorado. Over the last decade, we've watched Dave Allen lead the CU Tech Transfer Office to soaring heights. He's brought a great team together and feels confident that he's leaving his post in very capable hands. "It's difficult to leave Colorado. Colorado's a great place. I've had a wonderful time here in the last ten years." But he feels it's important to him to be in a position to provide the most value to another major research university - Arizona University. He'll be in the president's office, reporting to the president, part of the cabinet and that is important in that the University of Arizona is making a major commitment for technology commercialization. Dave will be the executive director of the overarching organization called, Tech Launch Arizona, within the Tech Launch is their Tech Transfer Office, an outstanding research park and a business incubator associated with that. They have some very good entrepreneurship programs. They have a business / industry liaison program which is like a front door to the university for people who want to access the university and its resources. But it's bitter sweet, Dave leaves behind a lot of friends, a lot of good memories - "But, I have one more in me and this is where I've chosen to do it", said Dave. "I think I'm lucky this time, like I was when I came here. I have all the support, resources and a good environment." When Dr. Allen came to CU Larry said, "I wonder what this guy is going to do. And over these numbers of years, the team you've built, the successes that have occurred, the impact on the university as well as the community and the state as a whole has been fabulous and Arizona is really lucky." We also talked with Dave about CU's strengths. Dr. Allen recognized Lindsay Lennox, Marketing Assistant Director, for the great job she's been doing for years and said she has helped place CU TTO right below the University of California - and that's a much bigger university system than Colorado. "We've become a place that helps define the practice of technology transfer in American universities." One of David’s key team members, Tom Smerdon has been named interim leader of CU TTO. Listen for more…
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LISTEN TO: Dr. David Allen - Farewell

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Keep at it, eventually there will be a turn around
Dr. Michael Bristow, MDenclosure-voice 1274_ 9/4/12 - [Orig Pub. 01/31/11] ARCA Biopharma, Inc. is a Colorado-based biopharmaceutical company developing genetically-targeted therapies for heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases. Larry interviewed Michael R. Bristow, MD, Ph.D. CEO & Chief Science and Medical Officer of ARCA at the CU Technology Transfer Office Awards banquet. Dr. Bristow has been a favorite interview for w3w3® for years. Larry asked him, "Michael what are the biggest changes you've seen in this last year in your industry?" He re[lied, "It's been a couple of tough years, but I think things are starting to turn around and basically the atmospherics have gotten a lot better. Just coming off a JP Morgan meeting, it was, I thought, a completely different tone this year." Dr. Bristow had some interesting insights about funding. "Well, it's sort of like financing of real estate was back in the early 80s when interest rates were 20% - you've got to do creative financing. So, all kinds of vehicles have been used through this period. ARCA biopharma, for instance did a reverse merger, bought a company that was NASDAQ listed, that had a bunch of cash - that proved to be a good move. So people have gotten through this one way or another, but we need to get back to traditional sources of funding." Larry asked, "Is there any particular advice to people in your arena?" Spoken like a true leader he replied, "Yes, don't give up. I mean, tenacity, keep at it, eventually there will be a turn around. Now when things aren't going too well may be the best opportunity there is in terms of acquiring assets. Think ahead. Think positive." Dr. Bristow joined ARCA as one of ARCA’s founders in September 2004, and has served as Chairman and Chief Science and Medical Officer of ARCA until he was appointed to his current position of Chief Executive Officer in July 2009. Dr. Bristow is a Professor of Medicine and the former Head of Cardiology at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, where he has been since October 1991. Dr. Bristow was one of the founders of Myogen, Inc.
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LISTEN TO Michael Bristow, MD, Professor, CEO, ARCA at TTO Awards

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Hilary DeCesare, CEO/Founder, Everloop The purpose is to keep these kids safe across all devices
enclosure-voice 1266_ 8/27/12 - Hilary DeCesare, Co-Founder and CEO of Everloop. Hilary is a digital parenting expert and a mother. She recognized the unmet need for a safe environment for children to share, to talk, on the Internet. Came up with the idea of Everloop and their innovative technology called looping. Children join loops that share common interests. Everloop is a social media platform designed for kids under 13. There is a huge craze going on out there where kids are using devices far earlier than ever. You've got kids as young as 5, 6, 7 going on their parent's smart phones, iPads, desktops. What Everloop is trying to do is make sure when these kids go out into the wild, wild Internet and they're exposed to adults, that they're ready to actually be there and they're not making mistakes. So Everloop's purpose is to really keep these kids safe across all devices. During the interview Lucy Sanders, CEO for the National Center for Women and Information Technology or NCWIT along with Larry Nelson, Director of w3w3® Media Network talked with Hilary about the lessons learned and future expectations. She said, "Don't lose sight of your purpose. Put together one page on what you're hoping to accomplish and what are your milestones going to be." Hilary is big on putting plans together - a 30 day, a 90 day... you have to be organized enough that when you hit those small successes you stop and take note - that was really good I've been able to accomplish this. If you don't, you're spinning and spinning and miss the fact that you're progressing. Listen for much more...
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LISTEN TO: Hilary DeCesare, Founder/CEO Everloop

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Great news for entrepreneurs in northern Colorado
Kelly Manning, State Director, Colorado SBDC Networkenclosure-voice 1268_ 8/27/12 - Great news for entrepreneurs in northern Colorado, specifically in the aero space sector - SBDC Network is partnering with a new organization, The Estes Institute; this group is doing some amazing things in Estes Park; the Colorado SBDC Network with enthusiastic business support from the likes of the Stanley Hotel and others. The Colorado SBDC is working diligently to assist any businesses that have been adversely affected by these tragic events. They are working with their Centers and many resource partners building a network of solutions to help get. In addition they put on special events and Kelly Manning, State Director, is here to talk about the Estes Institute. "So SBDC is partnering with this new organization, Estes Institute, and it's going to be hubbed out of Estes Park, and in particular out of the Stanley Hotel. The first event that we're putting on up there is called 'The Launch' - kind of a cool name considering that the event is for the aerospace and aviation industry. It's going to be an investor conference, a three day program, October 30th thru November 1st, at the Stanley Hotel. Keynote speaker is Norm Augustine retired chairman of Lockheed Martin, and he will be a huge draw for Colorado. There will be training programs, pitches, investors, to help Colorado small businesses and mid-size businesses who want to do business or get deals done in the aviation / aerospace industry. Attendees will be there obviously to look for investors, so we're inviting investors not only nationally, but internationally. It will be an 'invite only' event. So it's going to be a smaller event that businesses will actually apply to attend this conference. What we want to do is make sure we show these investors that we have solid companies that they'll want to do deals with. Aside from those deals...get the details...
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LISTEN TO: Kelly Manning, State Director, SBDC Network

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Dave Allen, Associate Vice President, Technology Transfer Office, University of Colorado Technology Transfer business flows with the innovation economy
enclosure-voice 1270_ 8/27/12 - The Tech Transfer Office at University of Colorado has been growing under the auspices of Dr David Allen for a full decade. Over these years he has accurately read the economic future, planned and executed strategies that have grown the office and greatly pleased the entire community. We are talking with Dave, the Associate Vice President of CU TTO for another annual report and a little flash back on the past decade. Dave gave us an overview of the report. "Last year was difficult in a couple of areas and outstanding in others. Technology Transfer business kind of flows with the innovation economy and also with the way federal funding for research goes because that's where our raw material comes from. Last year we had a slight decrease in our inventions disclosures, but an increase in patent applications, working through some of the pipeline issues that we have. Our exclusive licensing transactions were just two less than we had the year before which is hardly significant, we did 33 of those. That's an outstanding number in a difficult time in the market place. In the areas of bio technology and clean tech, last year was one of the most difficult years in a long time. Our startups have been running at around the same pace in a five year average - about ten a year. And, of course they continue to participate with the state Bio Science Discovery Evaluation Grant program; we are fully subscribed with a bunch of really high quality projects do have quite a backlog of companies that are poised for M&A and even some poised for going public. But overall CU TTO had an outstanding revenue year, with almost $33 Million of revenue! Almost thirty of that was from one transaction. Dave said, "What we did was to sell the royalty stream for the future. That took all the near term risk right off the table and if it does well, allows participation in the upside, which is a win/win for CU TTO and the purchaser." It was a solid year overall, TTO continues to work with partners like the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, CU Cleantech, CCTSI down at AMC, the Innovation Center for the Rockies, and our team is a strong team wonderful people working here...Listen for much more...
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LISTEN TO: Dr David Allen, Associate Vice President, Technology Transfer Office, University of Colorado

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Achieving Your Personal and Professional Goals
933_ Don't Let Another Year Go By - The Ultimate Win is Yours
- Larry Dynamite Package to Start New Year WithNelson has taught this material in seminars in over a dozen countries, from China to Canada, from Norway to Australia, from Germany to Japan as well as throughout the USA. He shares the results of his international research about the Characteristics of an Achiever and then goes on to help you lay out your "personalized blueprint" to personal and professional success. Larry is an internationally published author, has been a consultant to many Fortune 1000 companies and is best known for his train-the-trainer programs. ...listen now a complete step-by-step program including a downloadable manual and resource guide...this is an in-depth strategic planning and goal setting system for achievers...Read More about how to Supercharge Your Business... The links below are valuable and extremely helpful to setting your course for the next year! And they're free.

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Keywords: Ultimate Win, Your Goal, Training Trends, 3-Filters TechnologyTM, Setting Goals, Larry Nelson; 11/29/10 Chnl: Entrepreneurs

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