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OCTOBER 2012 SUBMIT Your Event Dates – for 2012 Fall / Winter
10/1-11/30 NCWIT HS Girls! Applications Open, Aspirations in Computing
10/8-9 M/T day Rockies Venture Club Annual Colorado Capital Conference
10/8 M PM SFC Energy Innovation Series Jeff Bigaman US Senator, NM
10/9 T Aft SFC Perspectives, Competitive Fiber Networks Past > FUture
10/10 W AM CU Tech Transfer Office CU Innovations Breakfast – ESPRIT Entrepreneur
10/10 W PM SFC/Entrepreneurs Unplugged Dan King, CEO, Ready Talk
10/10 W PM StartUp Guru Boulder StartUp Meetup
10/11 Th AM RMIMA Critical Career Management for IT Professionals
10/15 M PM StartUp Guru Happy Hour Business/Social Networking
10/15 M PM SFC/Crash Course Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystem - Brad Feld
10/17 W PM StartUp Guru Boulder StartUp Sales & Marketing Meetup
10/19 F AM TiE Rockies Business for Breakfast
10/23 T Aft Silicon Flatirons Center The Changing Energy Mix
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Coat for Colorado Coats For Colorado has distributed gently used and new coats to individuals and families in need since 1982. Beginning October 1st, drop off used winter coats at any of the 27+ Dependable Cleaners' locations or join us at a special collection event.

October 1 through November 30th.

Corporations, non-profits and universities working together
Ruthe Farmer, Director, Strategic Initiativesenclosure-voice 1292_ 10/8/12 - The National Center for Women in Information Technology [NCWIT], is a national learning community of 300 organizations - that's corporations, non-profits and universities working together to increase women's meaningful participation in computer science and IT, and ultimately create an innovation workforce for the United States. We're talking with Ruthe Farmer, Director of Strategic Initiatives, NCWIT, about the Award for Aspirations in Computing which is open [Oct 1 thru Nov 30] to all high school girls in the United States. It is an award to recognize girls' aspirations, interests and aptitudes in technology, computing, web design - any girl who has an inkling that she might be into technology - that's who we're looking for. Super star, rock stars. We're looking for all girls that have an interest because we're a community of young women working together, to encourage and support each other in exploring this interest. The applications are open online. They apply at and they have until October 31st to get their applications submitted. The winners get prizes and award events. The national winners get $500, a laptop and a trip to an awards gala that Bank of America puts on in North Carolina, that is like the Oscars - it is awesome! Ruthe tell us NCWIT is on target to recognize 1,000 girls in 55 events across the nation. That's up from 30 events last year - this is really growing. For example, last year here in Colorado, we had sponsorship from Google, ViaWest, Chase Bank, as well as the University of Colorado and the School of Mines ...Listen for much more...
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LISTEN TO: Ruthe Farmer, Dir Strategic Initiatives NCWIT

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Sue Kenfield, See It Thrive Leadership is the ability to inspire and elevate performance in others
enclosure-voice 1294_ 10/8/12 - People want to be great. Effective leaders find a way to capture people’s desires to be their best, and they encourage and cultivate that desire. When a leader can operate in that capacity, they thrive…. as do the people they are leading. Larry sat down with Sue Kenfield, the president of See It Thrive™, a performance improvement consulting company and she is passionately dedicated to connecting people with their highest potential. She has been a professional in the area of human behavior for over twenty-five years. Listen to Sue and you will gain an increased awareness of the importance of being versatile, how it determines our success in work and life as well as learn some steps to improve versatility. A key to this interview is how Sue focuses on 'people being versatile'. She knows that mastering the multitude of behaviors present in effective leaders requires a commitment to ongoing development. With this mastery, leaders are able to be more versatile in responding to the various situations that usually arise. Larry asked a number of questions about versatility. "How would you describe versatility?" "What gets in the way of people being versatile?" "What is the ultimate value of improving our versatility in the workplace?" "What are some steps people can take to increase their versatility? Listen to Sue as she expands on these questions and get ready to take notes...
RELATED LINKS: See It Thrive Home || Training Trends || Economy Builders || Podcast Directory || KEYWORDS: Sue Kenfield, See It Thrive, Versatility, Leadership, Elevate Performance, Training, Potential, Individual Performance, Achieve Greater Success, bytes=4979046
LISTEN TO: Sue Kenfield, President, See It Thrive

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Find the influencers who align with your brand
1288_ 10/1/12 - Another exciting, revealing, enlightening evening with Silicon Flatirons Center, Entrepreneurs Unplugged event. Our attention was focused on BlogFrog and co-founders, Holly Hamann,VP of Marketing. Holly is a serial entrepreneur who has spent her career launching and growing start-ups in the social media, entertainment, video, and other tech industries. She is a blogger, public speaker, contributing writer on technology and marketing to various publications, is an American Marketing Association "Marketer of the Year" award recipient and guest blogger for The Huffington Post. She lives outside Boulder, Colorado and blogs about social media, triathlons and parenting teenagers. Rustin Banks, CEO, started building online communities 15 years ago by hosting bulletin board systems (BBS) in his parents' closet. With an MS in Electrical Engineering, he left his position in Aerospace designing next-gen satellite systems to start BlogFrog in 2009. He and his wife, Tara, live in Colorado and he blogs about leadership and being the father of three small for much more...
VIDEO WATCH: Rustin Banks & Holly Hamann Video, Parts 1&2 of 4

Part 2 of 4

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Paul Washington, Executive Director, Office of Economic Development, Denver City and County These are non-profit organizations that lend money to small businesses
enclosure-voice 1290_ 10/1/12 - We are talking about Jump Start 2012, with Paul Washington, Executive Director in the Office of Economic Development for the City and County of Denver. This is part 2 of this discussion. Paul said, "- In mid October during Denver Startup Week, OED will publish their capital matrix where we have identified all of the investors that have done business or provided capital to Denver based businesses over the last five year period. This matrix has over 100 capital sources, which will be a great tool for the small business community. That's at the venture capital level, angel capital and mezzanine, senior debt financing, it spans the whole gambit of the balance sheet. Additionally Denver OED will identify what they term as their 'big league gazelles'. These are the highest billed companies in Denver that we feel deserve special attention and focus. One of the things we've been learning at the VC roundtable, as well as trips to Silicon Valley, is that it's important for a region to celebrate the successes that have been had for venture backed companies." Paul spoke of a business lending program, but there is one other initiative that they are focused on, to be unveiled in early 2013. This program is called the CDFI Initiative. CDFI = Community Development Financial Institution. These are non-profit organizations that lend money to small businesses, many times when banks cannot. And banks are finding it increasingly harder to lend to the small business community because of the various regulations that have come out since the down turn in 2008 at the federal level...Listen for more details...
RELATED LINKS: Denver OED || JumpStart 2012 Denver || Greenprint Denver || Entrepreneurs || KEYWORDS: Paul Washington, Denver, Office of Economic Development, Jump Start 2012, Business Retention, Small Business Advocacy, Business Recruitment, Sustainable Neighborhood Development, Business Lending, Workforce Development, Key Strategic Projects, bytes=6260927
LISTEN TO: Paul Washington, Executive Director, OED, City & County Denver

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Coat for Colorado Coats For Colorado has distributed gently used and new coats to individuals and families in need since 1982. Beginning October 1st, drop off used winter coats at any of the 27+ Dependable Cleaners' locations or join us at a special collection event.

October 1 thru November 30th!

The new breed of professional business woman
Wendy Bohling, MoxieExec, Boulder/Denver Moxie enclosure-voice 1291_ 10/8/12 - Have you heard about the new breed of professional business woman? Well, we're talking with Wendy Bohling of Boulder/Denver Moxie. Wendy has partnered with Melodie Reagan as MoxieExecs in the 20th chapter of the nationwide Moxie Exchange Movement. "Moxie is a leadership and professional development program designed to meet the needs and accelerate the learning and growth of highly talented women." Wendy and Melodie have each had successful, hard won careers. They've been isolated in a male dominated world, where it took tenacity, developing confidence in your own abilities and Wendy says, you come into that situation as a woman, wanting to be valued and that you are seen for what you bring to the situation, not always what you look like. Today women are looking for culture as much as they're looking for interesting work, and they're having a hard time finding it. Moxie was started a few years ago by Maureen Boyt who has started lots of businesses, but she also was really good at developing mastermind groups that helped businesses get to the next level. She saw the lack, the void of doing that for women. Moxie is that intentional organization to grow the next set of women leaders. Both those that exist today and, to grow the next set of women leaders that are now 10-18 years old, it's called the Go Girl Initiative. Moxie is all about building a community or tribe of successful women. Men have done this over time, in fact you hear men talking all the time; 'How'd you get that job?' Well you know Joe, I worked with him there and he...Listen for more details...
RELATED LINKS: Moxie Exchange Denver/Boulder North || Moxie Exchange || Crazy Good Marketing || In the News || Blog || KEYWORDS: Wendy Bohling, Melodie Reagan, Boulder Denver Moxie, Moxie Exchange Movement, Mastermind, CrazyGoodMarketing, i2iWorkforce, Colorado Companies to Watch, Talent Strategy, Recruiting, Jobs, Training, bytes=6910435
LISTEN TO: Wendy Bohling, MoxieExec, Denver/Boulder Moxie

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IT is complex, there is no standardized model
enclosure-voice Ben Budraitis, President/CEO, iTruss Solutions 1293_ 10/8/12 - We're talking with Ben Budraitis, CEO/President of Denver based iTruss Solutions. In addition he is a founding member of the board at Colorado Companies to Watch. iTruss Solutions provides a standardized approach to IT for small and midsized businesses, leveraging the kind of things that large companies do that help them succeed, distilling that down to the small business user so they can enjoy the advantages that large corporations do in their businesses. With Colorado Companies to Watch [COCTW], back in 2009, iTruss Solutions was the first industry partner to join the team and to help bring COCTW to where it is today. Ben said, "Our role was to help engage other industry partners, to get them involved in the program and we got involved in sponsorship and recruiting sponsors." Ben said his first key opportunity was having an introduction by Dave Mead to the ACG Denver board. Stephanie Steffens and Ben joined in that meeting, ACG Denver joined and helped, really, catapult the program in to 2010. Switching gears back to iTruss Solutions, Larry asked, "What is the basic industry problem for small and midsized companies contending with IT challenges?" Ben told us there are two basic problems. First, there is no standardization when it comes to IT and the risks and costs associated with this are not readily recognized by chief executive officers until a crisis happens within the organization. "Taking the latter issue first", Ben said, "we liken IT to an iceberg. And what companies typically see is the tip of the iceberg, but it's that other 85% of the mass, under the water, that will sink the ship. The IT industry is like the automotive industry where Henry Ford Never existed.." .listen for more...
RELATED LINKS: iTruss Solutions || Colorado Companies to Watch || Colorado Companies to Watch Channel || PodCast Directory || Gala Event || Business Network of Emergency Resources || KEYWORDS: Ben Budraitis, iTruss Solutions, IT, Lowe Foundation, Colorado Companies to Watch, Gala Event, COCTW, Dave Mead, Second Stage Companies, Henry Ford, Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, bytes=7867980
LISTEN TO: Ben Budraitis, President/CEO iTruss-Solutions

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Larry Nelson with Brad Feld, Author, Startup Communities and 
    Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Startup Communities and Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
enclosure-voice 1287_ 10/1/12 - What does a Startup Community Ecosystem look like? Ask our prolific author and Colorado based VC Brad Feld. Ok, you don't have to, we did. Now you can listen to him. Then you have to read this book. And after digesting all his great advice, one last step, or maybe the first step... "Do it!  Don't wait for permission. Don't wait to talk to someone. Do go to startup events, meetups, tech talks everything you can find and commit to that for at least six months."
      We began, that is w3w3® Media, 14+ years ago on terrestrial radio and one of our earliest interviews was Brad Feld, a relative newcomer to the Boulder area - already making a name for himself. We've watched him and his wife Amy build their home here, making this community - that's the entrepreneurial, technology (even the arts, the university) and VC communities better and stronger. He's been a champion for the community as a whole and now he's working on the young emerging entrepreneurs, his newest book, "Startup Communities - Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City".
      Brad said he's used a lot of the ideas that he's been involved in and participated in, in Boulder, since he moved here in the mid-90s, to form the framework for the book, which we called the "Boulder Thesis". They worked hard on defining on what any city in the world should do if they want to create a long-term, healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem. The key parts of the Boulder Thesis are these four components. The first is the startup community has to be lead by entrepreneurs. We separate the world into leaders and feeders. They're both important, but they're different. In the context of startup communities, the only people that can be effective leaders are the entrepreneurs. If you have the other people involved in the startup community, the feeders playing the role of leader, it doesn't work. So government can't be the leader, university can't be the leader, investors, venture capitalists, big business, those can't be the leaders. The Second is those entrepreneurs have to take a long-term view. Brad likes to say, "It's generational, at least 20 years. You can't start and build a sustainable startup community in two or three years." We're in a cycle where startups are exciting, a lot of people get involved in startups, and that's fine. But if you really want to build, in your city, a long term startup community, you have to be in it for a long time. The Third part of the Boulder Thesis is, you have to be inclusive of anyone who wants to engage at any level. This is leaders and feeders, individuals who want to get involved - it's anyone new, who moves to town, anyone who wants to be involved can and should be - Then you're way ahead of the game. The last part is you have to have a series of activities and events that have a regular cadence and rhythm to them. Things like TechStars an accelerator for 90 days, you're doing something that engages the entire entrepreneurial stack. The essence of it is this idea that... Well, listen to Brad he will tell you so much more - read his book and you'll learn so much more. Get started now!

RELATED LINKS: Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City || Brad Feld Blog || Brad Presenting, SFC Crash Course || Foundry Group || Do More Faster Book || Economy Builders || Venture Capital Channel || NCWIT Sit With Me || KEYWORDS: Brad Feld, Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City, Foundry Group, Venture Capital, Amy Feld, Boulder Thesis, bytes=8827196
LISTEN TO: Brad Feld, Author, Startup Communities, Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City

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This is true for entrepreneurs starting a new business
enclosure-voiceAdam Kaye, Content Director, Startup Quest 1289_ 10/1/12 - Gamification is actually incentivizing our members and progressing through the learning process and giving them rewards for contributing and learning. Larry is interviewing Adam Kaye, a serial entrepreneur who has studied International Business & Management. he also founded multiple companies in diverse sectors such as real estate development, hospitality, entertainment, & digital software technology. His most recent entrepreneurial venture included helping found a technology business incubator SILICON TALLY in Tallahassee, the capital city of Florida. Currently he divides his time between being a technology and innovation consultant for business owners and developing his latest startup venture, YpickMe, a web application which makes resumes interactive and multimedia-enhanced. Adam is Co-Founder Vim Quests creator of Adam explained, " is a gamified e-learning platform for first time entrepreneurs. Essentially they walk first time entrepreneurs through the startup service process helping them avoid making the mistakes made so many times by entrepreneurs. Gamification is actually incentivizing our members and progressing through the learning process and giving them rewards for contributing and learning via our system." ..Listen for much more...
RELATED LINKS: Startup Quest || Start-up Chile || || StartUpGuru || Blog || KEYWORDS: Adam Kaye, Startup Quest, YpickMe, Gamification e-learning, Startup Chile, Brian Tsuchiya, StartUp Guru Incubator, Entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley, Steve Wozniak, bytes=6327382
LISTEN TO: Adam Kaye, Content Director, Startup Quest

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