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2013 Important Events - Mark Your Calendar Coming EVENTS w3w3® Media Network - Schedule & Plan Stars
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JANUARY 2013 SUBMIT Your Event Dates – 2013 Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall
1/7 M PM StartUp Meetup Innovation Pavilion Crowd Funding
1/8 T AM ACG Denver Alan Beaulieu, Economist, Institute Trend Research
1/8 T PM Denver Women in Business
1/8 T PM Rockies Venture Club Innovating in Golden
1/9 W PM Boulder Startup Meetup
1/10 Th Nn RMIMA: 3D Printing
1/10 Th PM Inventors’ Roundtable
1/11 F AM TiE Rockies: Business for Breakfast - Ray Hutchins
1/11 F day Silicon Flatirons Conference: the Technology of Privacy
1/18 F AM TiE Rockies: Business for Breakfast Dr. Arlen Meyers
1/21 M Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
1/22 T PM SFC/Crash Course: Angel Term Sheet Gotchas
1/29 T PM SFC/Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Jeremy Bloom, Co-Founder, Integrate
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Reducing the URL length makes sharing easier
Hilary Mason, Chief Scientist, bitlyenclosure-voice 1332_ 1/7/13 - Lucy Sanders, CEO for the National Center for Women and Information Technology or NCWIT along with Larry Nelson, Director of w3w3® Media Network interviewed Hilary Mason, for NCWIT's Hero Series with inspirational women leaders in technology and IT sector. Hilary has a great job, she is the chief scientist at bitly. Through its URL shortening and bookmarking services bitly provides a fun and easy way to save, share, and discover links from the web by using links called "bitmarks". Reducing the URL length makes sharing easier - pretty important to services like Twitter, for example. As Chief Scientist, Hilary's work crosses pure research, math, and development of product-focused systems. Hilary loves New York and she loves NY entrepreneurs - she is the Co-Organizer for DataGotham, Co-Founder of HackNY, as well as a member of the NYC Resistor. She is also involved with the NY TechStars effort, something near and dear to our hearts. How did Hilary become interested in technology? Hilary said, it started when she was a little girl. She was fascinated by computers and she taught herself to write code from the back of magazines when she was still in elementary school. Her fascination continued and she went on and majored in computer sciences. Her love for technology continues and she thinks it is amazing that the computer she carries in her pocket is more powerful than the one she used in elementary school. Hilary has mixed feeling about the word entrepreneur because it's so overloaded in our culture, and it's become trendy in a way that she's not sure is healthy. The way Hilary describes her work is she tends to find problems and then try to make things that solve the problems. It's engineering the right thing to solve the problem - no so much about starting a business just for the sake of being an entrepreneur...Listen for more...
RELATED LINKS: bitly || NCWIT Home || NCWIT Blog || TechStars NYC || Heroes Channel || KEYWORDS: Hilary Mason, bitly, Lucy Sanders, National Center for Women and Information Technology, NCWIT, Entrepreneur, New York, TechStars, Hero's, BYTES=13407611
LISTEN TO: Hilary Mason, Chief Scientist, bitly

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Learning how to build healthier brain habits
Ariel Garten with Kirsten Nelson using the 'Muse' the brain wave sensor and computer interface...enclosure-voice 1334_ 1/7/13 - We've enlisted Kirsten Nelson to help us cover the blur conference with so much cutting edge technology and business to check out here. We're talking with Ariel Garten, CEO and cofounder of InteraXon, specializing in non-invasive brain-computer interfaces - thought controlled computing products and applications... It's just what it sounds like, it is the ability to interact with content directly with your mind. The 'Muse' is a sensor that sits on your forehead and uses your brain waves and then lets you play games with your brain, interact with lighting systems, control music, or allow you to see inside your own mind, and see your own brain activity. You can use that information to improve your cognitive fitness, improve your emotional regulation and see what your brain is doing at different times of the day. Kirsten asked Ariel if there were specific groups that could benefit from this kind of technology. Ariel said, "...everyone can benefit from learning how to build healthier brain habits, how to improve their own mental functioning and, the way they interact in the world. In particular kids with ADD can benefit from it. Kids with ADD have lowered levels of beta waves and actually playing games with their brain - specifically with their beta waves can decrease their ADD symptoms as effectively as Ritalin." Where is this technology going in the future? Ariel explains, "In the far future it will be as ubiquitous as voice or gesture technology is now. Using your mind to interact with technology is going to be a really basic way to interact with the world." InteraXon was formed in 2007 when Ariel Garten decided to commercialize the thought controlled computing technology initially developed by world-renowned cyberneticist Dr. Steve Mann and his colleague, Dr. James Fung...There's more...
RELATED LINKS: InteraXon || C3 Writing || Defrag 1 Site, 2 Shows 3 Days || Defrag/blur Info || Blur Conference Photos || Defrag Conference Photos || KEYWORDS: Ariel Garten, CEO, InteraXon, Kirsten Nelson DefragCon 2012, blur, Software, Non-Invasive Brain-Computer Interfaces, Muse, ADD, Brain Waves, bytes=3091542
LISTEN TO: Ariel Garten, CEO/Founder Interaxon

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Larry Nelson, Director, w3w3® Media Network - Internet Business Talk Radio Valuable asset delivered to your desktop every Monday morning... Share It !
enclosure-voice 1329_ 12/24/12 - The greater front range holds numerous high-classed, priced-right events. Check out the Web Community Calendar regularly: We have listed - in chronological order - your favorite organization's coming events, with links to registration sites - all in one place. Right now you can find events scheduled throughout 2013 from January to December 2013. Also note the ‘Events Photo pages so you can see what happened and who was there.

Jan-Mar Events 2012Here you'll find links to some of the programs in the First Quarter of 2012. You will see events like…ACG Denver's Annual Economic Forecast with Alan Beaulieu (incidentally Alan will be here in January 2013); Regis Networking event with Larry Nelson; CU TTO Black Box event with David Allen; Entrepreneurs Unplugged with Jim Franklin; ACG Rocky Mountain Capital Growth Conference with Carly Fiorina; FIRST Robotic Competition; RVC Angel Capital Summit… Many of these are annual events and you can look at the 2013 Web Community Calendar to find the next -register & log it into your own calendar....

April-June 2012 a Very busy events quarter
Here are links to some of the programs in the Second Quarter of 2012. ...a few examples…CU New Venture Challenge; TiE Rockies Support Charter Members; Via West Ribbon Cutting; Glue Conference; ACG Denver Leadership Planning Meeting; Ernst& Young Entrepreneurs Award; Colorado Companies to Watch Gala Awards Dinner…. Reflection is good - but imagine what the future holds - or you can look at the 2013 Web Community Calendar and see what's coming up! Make sure you don't miss the important dates - register now or put a reminder in your calendar to hold the date.

July-Sept-2012_SummerEaseTime flies - Third Quarter of 2012 and here we have links to some of the programs. Examples… Colorado Technology Association Annual Wine Tasting; Startup Colorado with Mayor Hancock; ACG Denver and Howard Potter Annual Investment & Finance Cross Networking Event; Entrepreneurs Unplugged with Blog Frog; ACG Denver with Jim Deters…..

2012-Q4 Summary Eventsenclosure-voice 1328_ 12/17/12 - Can you believe, we've come to the end... Fourth Quarter 2012! [Also the end of the Mayan Calendar...] Here are links to some of the programs in the fourth quarter. Again, just a few examples… Rockies Venture Club's Colorado Capital Conference; Dancing with the Stars - Team Art Rancis; Silicon Flatirons Boulder Thesis with Brad Feld; Defrag Conference; for the first time in our area... Blur Conference; and with a 'social consciousness, Chris Pelley & ACG Denver present Social Enterprise with Connie Duckworth; Entrepreneurs Unplugged with Wendy Lea…


Learn about the true heroes living amongst us
Chris Pelley with General Joseph 'Bud" Ahearn enclosure-voice 1331_ 1/7/13 - It is always such a pleasant surprise to find and learn about the true heroes living amongst us. So often they are quietly leading their lives with never a word of what they've accomplished and often continuing to give us more. We think it's part of the fabric of what makes them the heroes they are. The Community Reach Channel, sponsored by CIMCO (Capital Investment Management Company) and our friend Chris Pelley, proudly introduce us to Bud Ahearn. Bud spent thirty-four years in the United States Air Force where he retired as a Two-Star General, building and managing Air Force bases around the world, and then 20 years with CH2M Hill and over 10 years with Engineers Without Borders. Chris said, "Bud has been a role model and a guiding light in the field of social enterprise, where business people and corporations can find alignment and purpose." After graduating from engineering school in 1958, Bud joined the Air Force, stationed at Camp Cook Air Force Base, now known as Vandenberg Air Force Base. Bud said when he arrived it was a couple of posts and a rusty chain. It was chosen to be a space base where their mission in life was to seize and maintain control of space. This first assignment was awesome and filled with heroic aspiration, "...and our nation fulfilled that." This is the beginning of Bud Ahearn's career. As awe inspiring as that is, his story continues - a story that touches the world and continues to inspire and impress. Learn more about our local hero, General Joseph A 'Bud' Ahearn...
RELATED LINKS: Community Reach Channel || CH2M HILL || CIMCO || Engineers Without Borders Denver || Engineers Without Borders USA || Social Entrepreneurs || KEYWORDS: Bud Ahearn, Chris Pelley, CH2M Hill, CIMCO, Capital Investment Management Company, Two-Star General, Air Force, Community Reach, Hero, BYTES=10920754
LISTEN TO: Chris Pelley & General Joseph 'Bud' Ahearn, Local Hero

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Tom Smerdon, Interim Associate Vice President, Technology Transfer Office, University of Colorado Funding biotech technologies with matching funds for startup companies
enclosure-voice 1333_ 1/7/13 - We're back with Tom Smerdon, Interim Associate Vice President of the University of Colorado Technology Transfer Office in Boulder. We are starting the new year with a look at some metrics for the past year as well as a look at the coming year. The Tech Transfer Office covers the entire Colorado University system, with campuses in Boulder, downtown Denver, the Anschutz Medical Campus and the Colorado Springs campus. The bulk of the research dollars are going into the Boulder as well as the medical campus and most of the inventions are going to be coming out of that research from those campuses. But there is still a significant amount of research going on in Colorado Springs and some in downtown Denver in terms of funded research. Tom said, "Last year we had 226 invention disclosures on a system wide basis. That was down from the year before, but still a very healthy number. Applications were a little above last year, we filed 261 applications and executed 47 option license agreements [in line with and greater than past years] but we'd certainly like to get that number up as well as the number of exclusive licenses which tend to be the real revenue generators. Last year we had 32 of those. In terms of startups, , there were ten spun out of the university system - split pretty evenly between Boulder and Denver with a couple out of Colorado Springs." This has been very steady, over the past 8 or 9 years, they've averaged about 10-11 each year. Tom is very pleased to tell us, "Most of those companies...listen for more ...
RELATED LINKS: CU Technology Transfer Office || CU TTO Channel || TTO Blog || Proof of Concept Programs || The Start-up Process || KEYWORDS: Tom Smerdon, Interim Associate Vice President, Tech Transfer Office, University of Colorado, Technology Transfer, Invention Disclosures, Start-ups, Funding, Biotech Technologies, Bio Science Discovery, Evaluation Grant Program BYTES=6922974
LISTEN TO: Tom Smerdon, IA VP, TTO University of Colorado

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Patricia & Larry Nelson, Co Founders, w3w3® Media Network - The New Year begins

1330_ 12/31/12 - One of Larry and Pat’s favorite sayings is, “Whatever you give out you get back.” This past year has been interesting and challenging. Millions of people around the world, within the United States and in the state of Colorado need your help now. The following four organizations have a special Colorado connection, serve many different types and groups of people. Check out the links below and then remember…”Whatever you give out you get back”…and we would like to add…the return will be 1000-fold!!!

Mile High United Way
Mile High United Way lives at the intersection of the private, public, philanthropic and nonprofit sectors. Today we work with hundreds of local nonprofit partners, government agencies, policy-makers and businesses to deliver services in three key areas of investment.

American Red Cross
The American Red Cross exists to provide compassionate care to those in need. Our network of generous donors, volunteers and employees share a mission of preventing and relieving suffering, here at home and around the world, through five key service areas.

Alandi Ayurveda Gurukula
We are devoted to earth-healing practices centered upon the five sacred elements: earth, water, fire, air and space. We seek to sustain nature in all our daily choices, including housing, food production, transportation, healthcare and energy use.

Project C.U.R.E.
This year, we'll send teams of medical professionals to Peru, Nicaragua, Ghana, Tanzania and Mexico to provide education and life-saving medical care to those in need, making a real difference for individuals and communities in the developing world.

RELATED LINKS: Mile High United Way|| American Red Cross || Alandi Ayurveda Gurukula || Project C.U.R.E. || KEYWORDS: giving, caring, sharing, philanthropy, American, generosity, empathy


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