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Top Stories August 29, 2005
Larry Nelson, w3w3® .com interviews with Stanley Feld, Merc Mercure, Chris Johnson and Phil Weiser

2005 History - Building Business in Colorado...
1378_ 8/29/2005-
HISTORY and perspective from 2005! We will transport you back to 2005 - eight years ago to listen to interviews and see tons of photos from 2005 business events. Just click on the Listen/Subject link and we can take you back. You will see the 100s of photos that are not found on other websites. Let us know what you think email
LISTEN TO: Phil Weiser, Merc Mercure, Chris Johnson, Stan Feld...

Keywords: Stan Feld, M.D., Healthcare system, Merc Mercure, photonics, Chris Johnson, VoIP, Phil Weiser, political environment changes, Silicon Flatirons Center, University of Colorado, Law School

801_ 3/8/10 - Grant leads to a sale to Disney
Krista Marks, Kerpoof - Entrepreneur Lucy Sanders, National Center for Women and Technology enclosure-voice Silicon Flatirons, ATLAS, and ITP present Krista Marks, Kerpoof as their featured entrepreneur in the Entrepreneurs Unplugged program. Krista Marks is the General Manager of Disney Online Kerpoof Studios. Prior to the acquisition by the Disney Interactive Media Group in July 2008, Krista was the CEO and Co-Founder of Kerpoof. With, and now, Kerpoof Studios has delivered the Internet's premier creativity platforms for children of all ages, platforms praised by press, educators, parents, and kids worldwide. Krista is also passionate about engineering and has long been active in efforts to broaden kids' awareness of engineering. Lucinda Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT moderated this discussion and dug deep into the facts. Brian Patrick, founder of Colorado Tech TV video and audio taped this lively discussion. After bootstrapping Krista and team went forward on applying for a government grant. Krista said, "The NSF (National Science Foundation) has many different programs aimed at advancing the cause of research and science in the United States and even internationally in some cases. SBIR stands for Small Business Innovation Research, so to qualify for an SBIR Grant you have to be a small business (fewer than 500 employees), and the grant has to be used specifically for funding research. A phase one grant is $100K and this funds the first part of that research, typically a feasibility type of analysis." In about two short/long years Disney bought Kerpoof. ..listen for more details...
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LISTEN TO: Krista Marks, Entrepreneurs Unplugged

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Penny Lewandowski, Director of Entrepreneurship Development, Edward Lowe Foundation Penny Lewandowski Second Stage Development and Growth
enclosure-voice 1373_ 4/8/13 - We're here with keynote speaker, at the ACG Denver's April Luncheon, Penny Lewandowski director of entrepreneurship development for the Edward Lowe Foundation. Lewandowski works with entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs) as they develop creative ways to grow their communities by serving second-stage businesses. She is a frequent speaker on the topics of building an entrepreneurial culture, as well as the importance of working with growth companies. She also directs the foundation’s Entrepreneurship Team and manages the technology services for the organization. It's been six months since Lewandowski was in Denver, Larry asked for an update on what's happening with Colorado Companies to Watch. Penny said, "Tomorrow evening we will be at the Governor's Residence with all of the finalists - and I think we have 184 finalists. We had a record number of nominations this year. Colorado is always out front when it comes to nominations. Then on Thursday we're going to be judging those companies, and they go through a pretty intensive process with that. We'll probably make an announcement in the next several weeks after we do the judging."

ACG Denver’s David Sloan Scholarship Program. Set your goal to become an ACG Scholar! Each year the Denver Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) awards one scholarship to a promising 1st or 2ndyear student at each of five area graduate business programs, in the amount of $2,500 annually. The scholarship is renewable for a second year based on both the academic performance and the career ambition of the student. To be eligible for the award, the recipient must be currently enrolled in one of five programs with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better...Listen for much more...
RELATED LINKS: ACG Denver || M&A Channel || ACG Denver's David Sloan Scholarship Program || Colorado Companies to Watch || ACG Photo || KEYWORDS: Penny Lewandowski, Entrepreneurship, Second Stage Companies, Edward Lowe Foundation, Colorado Companies to Watch, ACG Denver, David Sloan Scholarship, University of Denver, bytes=2751741
LISTEN TO: Penny Lewandowski, Director of Entrepreneurship, Edward Lowe Foundation

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Autism incidence increasing, you can make a difference
James Buckels and Kevin Custer, Autisim Society of Coloradoenclosure-voice 1375_ 4/8/13 - A few weeks ago Kevin Custer spoke to us about his work with the Colorado Autism Society and their new CEO, James Buckles. This is a topic we need to be much more aware of. When we refer to autism, we refer to it as Autism Spectrum Disorder, because there is a wide range of developmental disabilities that cause impairment in the areas of social interaction and communication and behavior. So for that reason we may have somebody that is very high functioning and capable of doing really incredible things and maybe socially awkward - but you may have someone on the spectrum that is non-verbal and can't really communicate. So you have those two variations and everything between. It really is very challenging to understand autism. The autism rates have gone up. The CDC says it basically comes down to two things. We have a better educated, better informed population of medical providers, doctors, people who know and can recognize it. The other is there is just more autism - the incidence rate has increased. Autism is one of the few disorders that is not race specific, it has nothing to do with geography. The only unique element of autism is that it is four times more likely to occur in boys than girls. The incidence rates are the same in the U.S. as they are in all countries, developed and undeveloped. Kevin said, "For businesses wanting to get involved and support, the website, is the place to start. The biggest thing we see is to train your employees to understand what's going on. If you have more than seven employees, one of them has a family member with autism. If that is the case, you're going to want to understand how you can better support that employee. With our Autism 101 program, we'll come into your business and explain about it. Then contacting James to figure out how we can help your business give support back to the community as far as being an autism friendly business." The ASC has a 'Walk' coming up June 9th, and James said, "We'd love companies to think about getting involved in the Walk Program. What we find is once their employees get involved, they'll come forward and be excited about this opportunity, create a team around supporting the disorder of autism. It's just a valuable way for a company to give back and at the same time will see benefits from being involved." Listen for more information....
RELATED LINKS: Autism Society of Colorado || Walk || ASC Programs || Donate || Arc Capital Development || KEYWORDS: Walk for Autism, Kevin Custer, James Buckles, Autism Society of Colorado, autism spectrum disorder, autism friendly business. sensory friendly films, CDC, Beau Jo's, autism friendly environment, bytes=7426615
LISTEN TO: Kevin Custer & James Buckles, CEO, Autism Society of Colorado

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Mastering Change in the Midst of Chaos™1307_ 11/12/12 -
Mastering Change in the 
        Midst of Chaos, Larry L. Nelson, Author
Here’s what you’ll learn in this 200 page book!
     - Apply the Principles of A-to-Z Planning to
        Build a Winning Team
     - Tap into Your Team’s Mental DNA to
        Increase Performance
     - Understand Your Sector’s
        History, Trends & Ground Swell

Regardless of the economy, application of these 3 initiatives will help you achieve your goals, meet your bottom-line metrics and accomplish incredible results. These 3 initiatives are Powerful, Proven and People-Oriented. Larry predicts there will be more significant changes in 2013 than in the last 10 years combined…across all sectors. Read More at Mastering Change .

Order now… It’s yours for $10.00 and we’ll pay the shipping in the US… (last chance - free shipping)


Paul Washington, Executive Director, Office of Economic Development, Denver City and County JumpStart 2013 Denver's economic development strategy continues
enclosure-voice 1376_ 4.12.13 - There are more than 25,000 Denver businesses and enterprises, approximately 420 of which have more than 100 employees. However, the 420 firms with more than 100 employees represent nearly 50 percent of the total jobs in Denver. Compared to the U.S. economy, Denver has a significantly higher concentration of persons employed in the energy, healthcare, information technology, finance and professional/business services fields. These firms generally produce high-value products and services. Employees of these firms tend to receive higher wages and are required to hold advanced educational training. Top concerns of Denver’s employers include a strong educated workforce, safe and energetic business areas, and reasonable operating costs as compared to other parts of the state and country. In 2013, OED will continue to focus on retaining three groups of businesses: (1) the largest private and nonprofit employers; (2) high-growth sector companies; and (3) firms with soon-to-be expiring leases. A continuous outreach campaign to owners and C-level executives will demonstrate the city’s commitment to the business community while identifying issues and highlighting the benefits of operating a company in Denver. We are setting focus on the best strategies to advance economic prosperity for the city, its neighborhoods, residents and businesses. The 2013 JumpStart strategy provides a clear signal to the community as to how we are working to build a stronger Denver, with jobs and housing opportunities for all. And, JumpStart 2013 is a road map for our staff — it drives the work plans and priorities for all OED staff divisions. Because economic development is a continuous, multi-year task, this year’s strategic plan also includes a separate longer-term plan that sets forth our strategic direction for the next three years. You’ll see that our 2013 initiatives relate directly to this broader three-year plan. Similarly, our future annual plans will also support the long-term strategy. JumpStart 2013 clearly builds upon our successes from last year. We again have seven main sections, or what I refer to as “pillars” of economic development. Each of our pillars for 2013 includes a series of bold, forward-thinking strategic initiatives to help us accomplish our important mission. The OED will continue to engage in partnerships with business industry groups, including better support for renewable and traditional energy companies located in downtown Denver. This heightened focus will result in more business leaders choosing to live, work, play and stay in Denver.
RELATED LINKS: Denver OED || JumpStart 2013 Denver || Greenprint Denver || Entrepreneurs || KEYWORDS: Paul Washington, Denver, Office of Economic Development, Jump Start 2012, Business Retention, Small Business Advocacy, Business Recruitment, Sustainable Neighborhood Development, Business Lending, Workforce Development, Key Strategic Projects, bytes=6260927
LISTEN TO: Paul Washington, Executive Director, OED, City & County Denver

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Brad Feld, Co Author, Do More Faster David Cohen, Co Author, Do More Faster Brad Feld and David Cohen:
Do More Faster Book

enclosure-voice 903_10/4/10- Larry sat down with Brad Feld, managing partner of Foundry Group to talk about an exciting announcement. Larry began the interview with, "You know there are a lot of powerful words out there, and three of them are Do, More, Faster, do you have any comments to make on them?"
With a chuckle, Brad said, "Good setup! Do More Faster is the title of a book that David Cohen, the founder of TechStars, and Brad Feld have written." By strange coincidence, this is Monday, October 4th, the publication date! The origin of the book was a phrase thrown around TechStars, Do more faster. If you're not familiar with TechStars, it is a mentor driven accelerator, started in Boulder four years ago. It's a 90 day program, usually 10 companies, usually 25 to 30 entrepreneurs go through the program, full time, extremely immersive. They have about 50 mentors, experienced entrepreneurs that work with them along with those of us in the program. They get a small amount of seed financing at the front end of the program. About a year ago David and Brad sat down and talked about a way they could codify some of the things that they've learned. They settled pretty quickly on having the mentors and entrepreneurs involved in helping create the book. "We looked around and there aren't many books written by entrepreneurs, especially first time entrepreneurs about the experiences they've had creating companies. We then organized the chapters around usually one line phrases like 'do more faster' that have come out of the last four years of running TechStars that David and I sat down and put together with some other people. Then we had a bunch of people write first drafts about which we spent a lot of time on and then David and I organized the book and put some connective tissue between the essays. So very experiential, lots of details from the founders, from the entrepreneur’s perspective, from the mentor’s perspective, about specific things that all entrepreneurs could use, but especially first-time entrepreneurs or perspective entrepreneurs. We were on the verge of self publishing and we got introduced to some folks at Wiley and they took that book on. They were incredibly helpful."...There's more...

Related Links: Foundry Group || Brad's Blog || Venture Capital Channel || Amazon || Tech Stars || Mastering Change || Do More Faster Book Home || Startup Communities || Keywords: Brad Feld, Author, Do More Faster, David Cohen, Tech Stars, Entrepreneurs, Wiley, bytes: 7984590
Listen to: Brad Feld, Author, Do More Faster

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Developing Colorado's Science and Technology
                  Leaders of Tomorrow
1372_ 4/8/13 -

Watch this short but important video. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) was founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway Human Transporter. FIRST was founded on partnerships with businesses, educational institutions and government. Many Fortune 500 companies provide funding, in-kind donations and volunteers to support the program. The key to FIRST's success is the work of thousands of volunteer mentors, professional engineers, teachers, and other adults working with youth across the country. In addition to the volunteer team mentors, FIRST competitions and other events were organized and staffed by over 5000 event and committee volunteers. FIRST programs are growing rapidly in the United States and Canada, and demand is accelerating in other countries...VIDEO to watch...

RELATED LINKS: Colorado FIRST Home || FIRST Impact || ColoradoFIRST Robotics Competition Photos 2013 || Channel: University of Denver on || PodCast Directory || KEYWORDS: Colorado FIRST, Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, Student Competition, Volunteers, Mentors

Laurie Fitzgerald, PhD, Sr. Practitioner for the Consultancy, Inc. Enlightened Empowerment, a term Fitzgerald got from a favorite client
enclosure-voice 1370_ 4/1/13 - Laurie Fitzgerald, PhD and senior practitioner for The Consultancy, Inc. has been providing guidance for business leaders in their efforts to navigate the hyper competitive and increasingly turbulent market place. Larry asked, "Although you have a long list of American organizations, I've noticed that it's been almost a decade since you've worked with U.S. clients. Where have you been and what have you been up to in the interim?" Well, Fitzgerald's been out of the country. A number of years ago she published some articles on the Transformation of Dynamical Complex Systems, [that's organizations]. That captured the attention of business executives in Australia, India, South Africa and also in Europe. When Laurie was invited to join them in implementing and facilitating a change process within their organizations, she leaped at the opportunity. Laurie's background is in the social sciences. In particular sociology and psychology. That's her life's work, getting into the minds of people and the minds of organizations, and organizations do have minds. And helping them to change the way they think and the way that they see the world. Enlightened Empowerment? A term Fitzgerald got from one of her favorite clients, the Marel Company. they are a combined Dutch and Icelandic firm that is the world's largest producer of poultry, meat and fish processing equipment, their machines are located all over the world. In 1999, Laurie met Theo Hoen, CEO of that company. He had been working for a long time trying to bring about profound change in the company by the old outside-in approach. When we talked about inside-out transformation, he jumped on the bandwagon. He said," this is the way we're going to have to do it. What I want to do is to enlighten empowerment." Which means he wanted everyone in the company to be empowered to make decisions, to take action within the company. In order to do that he knew they needed to be enlightened. Their minds needed to be evolved to a higher level so they could see the organization as a whole. And that would be everyone, secretaries as well as managers and executives. Larry said, "You deal with organizations worldwide, and I hope you'll be doing more in the U.S. What do you think are the biggest business challenges today?" The biggest business challenge in Laurie's mind is the fact that organizations are built on the hierarchical model. In that model, as you rise through the hierarchy you are vested with power. The problem comes when a person who is not enlightened, who does not look at things as whole but only looks from their own perspective, is given power. And as Lord Acton, a famous British historian said, "Power corrupts!". That is true and in order to avoid that problem...
RELATED LINKS: Lessons from Jurassic Park || Economy Builders || Mastering Change || Blog || KEYWORDS: Enlightened Empowerment, Laurie Fitzgerald, The Consultancy, Guidance for Business Leaders, Global, Turbulent Market Place, Inside-Out Transformation, bytes=6744088
LISTEN TO: Laurie Fitzgerald, PhD, Senior Practitioner, The Consultancy, Inc.

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