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6/18 T PM Money and the Cloud: It's all just data streams
6/20 Th PM SFC Brews & Geeks: A Tale of Two Entrepreneurship Scenes
6/20 Th PM Ernst & Young's: Entrepreneur of the Year Awards
6/21 F AM TiE Business for Breakfast: Vic Ahmed and Dipankar Chakravarti
6/25 T AM CTA Gov in Tech Series: Women in Tech Journeys and Stories
6/26 W PM RVC Funding Mastermind
6/27 Th PM Guys' Night Out: Gentlemental Health
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Todd Roebken, President, ACG Denver, Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle Mergers & acquisitions and organic growth
enclosure-voice 1397_ 6/17/13 - Larry corralled Todd Roebken, the current president of ACG Denver. This past month they conducted their annual Leadership Planning Meeting, very exciting - the networking was spectacular, with all kinds of people who want to do and get involved, and it makes you proud to be part of it. "This is where you can hear about the different committees we have at ACG Denver - figure out where you can add value and where you can get value from being involved in this organization. If you're wondering why ACG, there are a lot of reasons." Todd tells us, "There are 500+/- members, 30% of those members are at C-level participation - Colorado middle market companies growing here in Colorado. It's really all the players, the movers and the shakers, in growth or M&A here in Colorado." One of the things Todd loves about ACG is that it is not industry specific. He said, "We have companies from all over the range, manufacturing companies, oil and gas, technology companies - all different kinds of companies trying to grow and that need resources to help them grow." ACG Denver has 50+ events every year that revolve around organic growth and M&A, so there are all kinds of opportunities for people to get involved as well as come to these events and network. Of these events, Larry loves the monthly luncheon meetings - he always attends and asked Todd to tell us about the other events. "We have a whole track for C-level execs, the Corporate Breakfast series. We do some social events on the corporate side, some CEO dinners. We have the DealMaker’s Forum, we also have the Leadership 20 program which is inspiring the middle market service companies - managers and up and coming leaders in those companies. And it's an MBA Leadership track that's condensed into a six week program, we put that on. We do a lot with schools to help them and we have the David Sloan Scholarship program for the Executive MBA and MBA program. The list just goes on and on, it's an exciting organization. We really have the community of service providers, we have the C-levels and their teams, intermediaries, the M&A gurus in town, the investment bankers - it is just the place to be if you want to help companies to grow."...Listen, there's much more...
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LISTEN TO: Todd Roebken, President, ACG Denver and Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle

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Cary Breese, CEO, GenieDB The most popular database in the world
enclosure-voice 1399_ 6/17/13 - Larry is talking with Cary Breese, CEO of GenieDB at the Glue conference. GenieDB makes My SQL [which is the most popular database in the world] ready for the cloud. Cary tells us they do that by making MySQL a fully geographically distributed database that is also self-healing. One of the challenges that people face when they go into the cloud and use applications in the cloud, is that cloud infrastructure is very distributed. It's not localized regionally and in addition the cloud has on occasion, had some outages and failures. So companies are concerned about moving applications into the cloud because of the concern that their application may one time, go down and be off-line. What GenieDB does, is to allow the MySQL database to replicate so there are copies of the database spread out through other geographies, other data centers - even other cloud service providers - all around the world. So, if there ever is a failure of a server, network connection, data center, or even a call service provider, you application can remain up and online serving its users without interruption. Beyond that, after the failure, GenieDB re synchronizes the database automatically, without any intervention or configuration. Completely hands-free. This makes the migration to the cloud much, much easier for the enterprise. Cary does business all over the world, Larry asked him, from his vantage, what is the greatest challenge facing companies today. Cary said, "I think enterprises always face the challenge of reducing costs, reducing overhead, and that continues to this day. And especially in difficult economic times. Productivity, efficiencies are always paramount. I think that is a big driver for why companies are looking to cloud computing."...Listen for more...
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LISTEN TO: Cary Breese, CEO, GenieDB

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Many business owners would like to retire
Les Simpson, President, Deferred Tax Benefits, and Charter Member TiE Rockiesenclosure-voice 1393_ 6/10/13 - Fifty percent of all businesses in the United States are owned by baby boomers' today and eleven thousand are turning 65 per day! And, they're looking for ways out. They've spent their entire lives building the business up, now they're trying to find ways to retire. Les Simpson has important answers. There are many business owners out there that would like to retire but they don't know how, or if they can. According to the SBA 50% of all businesses are owned by Baby boomers. 8 Trillion ready to be transferred to the next generation. But of the 1.2 Million businesses for sale a year only 210,000 will sell. There are three main roadblocks for this. Baby boomers fear running out of money lasting for the future. Where will they re-invest the money for security. And how they will make it after paying the taxes. Structured Sales solves these problems. Larry asked Les to explain how this would work. Les answered, "When a person sells a business or commercial real estate, we reduce or bypass all the new taxes and guarantee a person retirement income. An example of that; If a person sells a business and there's a $3 million profit, all they know they can do with that at this point, is pay all the up front taxes. Thanks to the tax increases this January, it went up to $840,000 on that $3 million. The biggest challenge is educating people." If you're thinking about selling 10 years out, Les recommends getting professional advice now. There are a lot of things in a company that need to straighten out legally in order to be a good candidate for a sale. The SBA says 1.2 million businesses per year, go on sale, but only 20% of those sell. Sometimes it's because they don't want to pay those taxes, or they can't find the right financing, but a lot of it is when they do the due diligence on the company there are problems...Listen for more... Les also chairs the General Member Committee for TiE Rockies.
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LISTEN TO: Les Simpson, Deferred Tax Benefits Charter Member TiE Rockies

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Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA, CEO/President, Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE) What's the difference between an improvement and an innovation
enclosure-voice 1395_ 6/10/13 - Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA, a professor at the CU School of Medicine, Department of Otolaryngology and he is President/CEO of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs.
Part 3 of 4... We're talking about innovation and Arlen says... "So, the issue is what is innovation? If you ask 100 people, you're going to get 100 different answers. So, here is Arlen's two cents..."First of all there is a difference between an idea, an invention and innovation. An idea is something that pops in your mind - that's the end of it. An invention is an idea reduced to practice. You make a sketch, you build a prototype - you actually start conceptualizing how this thing is going to look/taste/feel, it's reduced to practice. It could be a process or service, it doesn't necessarily have to be a product or goods. But innovation is a step further. Innovation is about creating value and value that someone is willing to pay you for, or exchange something of value which is usually money. So an invention doesn't do you any good unless someone is willing to give you money to use it or buy it. That's what innovation is. Now it's usually something new. An argument is what's the difference between an improvement and an innovation? And does that make a difference? Probably not, but an improvement is you take an old way of doing something and you improve it verses an innovation where you take a new way to try to make things better. Arlen said, "In my view the U.S. healthcare system has not been terribly innovative. In fact most of the biomedical industrial complex has not been terribly innovative." He went on to say if you look at the amount of money that goes into the top research and development funnel through NIH... Last year the FDA approved 39 new drugs - total. And that was the highest number in 50 years. So what we get out of the bottom for what we put in the top, are 39 new drugs. And, if you look at what are those drugs, a lot of them are ...listen for more...

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LISTEN TO: Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA, President/CEO, SoPE

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Chris Pelley, CEO, CIMCO Private WealthMona McConnell, Director of Marketing, CIMCO Cares Supporting our veterans & active duty personnel
1396_ 6/17/13 - A day of thanks for the service and sacrifice of our veterans & active duty personnel to enjoy with family & friends! We recognize the integral role military families serve as they provide unwavering support for the men and women who protect our freedom. They inspire our service members and bring life into our military communities. They are strong, caring and resilient. They don’t always wear a uniform but their service to our nation is selfless. FAMILY FUN DAY was held on the Streets at South Glenn in front of the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce. Larry and Pat really enjoyed the event and talked with a number of people including ‘heavy hitters’. A very special band, the Bluzinators entertained the audience. CIMCO Cares (Private Wealth) believes in ‘Giving Back’ and supporting the community. CIMCO set up and coordinated the entire event with Chris Pelley, CEO and Mona McDonnell, Director of Marketing and Biz Dev along with other CIMCO people. Watch the short video…
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Video Watch: Armed Forces Appreciation

Give people the value that they really need Les Haber, GM Radio Colorado Network - 1060AM
enclosure-voice 1398_ 6/17/13 - He's a Florida boy, treasures his winter holiday photos. Can't stop thinking about December ...We're talking with Les Haber, general manager of Radio Colorado Network. With a long and varied history, we asked Les what his focus was today. "We're really working to build this business network on this radio station. It's business and health, primarily because we have an aging population. So, we're focusing on health, people are living longer, Social Security - Medicare aren't quite where they need to be. People need to think about being in a better position to retire to supplement that so they can survive and maybe have a great retirement instead of one where they just struggle to survive." Les believes the biggest challenge facing business is really two fold. "It's 1.) maintaining and 2.) growing market share. You can't do that if you sit by idly with your hands in your pockets. Basically today, the biggest part of the problem is people are spending less money than they have in the past because there's less disposable income. What's the most important part - having you give people the value that they really need in the products and services you supply to help them and make it economical, affordable and efficient to get there." Flipping the coin, we asked Les about the biggest opportunities. Les replied, "The greatest opportunities are looking at segments of the business community that are maybe under served and finding a place there. But the most important thing we have to think about, especially with small businesses and businesses trying to grow, is return on investment. Are they investing enough in their own future to make ROI very profitable? If you're going in to business today, do not go in to business undercapitalized, that's number one! Number two, make sure what you're doing has a huge need that you can really fulfill and do a great job on. Third, the backend of..." There's more...
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LISTEN TO: Les Haber, GM Radio CO Network 1060AM

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Dan Caruso, CEO & President, Zayo, Inc. Now in 2013 they have just achieved a Billion Dollar threshold
1392_ 6/11/13 - Zayo was launched earlier, but their first dollar of revenue was in July of 2007. Now in 2013 they have just achieved, on an annualized basis a Billion Dollar threshold. Larry asked Dan Caruso, Founder and CEO, what all that expansion and the changes look like. "The last year has been a period of enormous change for Zayo. When we started the company, it was based on the premise that fiber in the ground would be a very valuable and scarce resource over time, because of the need we all have for increased bandwidth - kind of an essential resource to supply bandwidth. So we built the whole business plan around this bandwidth infrastructure concept. And, it was predicated on acquiring companies that had built fiber years in the past Pull them together into a national [and now international] platform, and use that platform to sell and produce bandwidth for very large consumers of bandwidth. So over the last year that all really came together thru a series of acquisitions. The two largest of those were 360 Networks, which was completed at the beginning of last year, and Above Net, which was completed in July 2012 time frame. Those two plus the other acquisitions resulted in our company more than tripling in size in the last 18 months. Dan said, "Today's focus, more than anything else is putting that fiber to work in businesses that need bandwidth as part of their core business proposition. That includes the wireless carriers. With all of us using our wireless devices more frequently and far more applications, the wireless carriers have to keep pace. To do that they need more fiber. The big Internet companies - the amount of data they need to store and move around is growing and growing, and growing. So they need more robust fiber solutions. There are other institutions as well, such as healthcare. Think of all the things you go to the doctor for and how much of that involves sharing and transferring of information. Their needs are growing at a dramatic pace. Media companies, financial institutions, all kinds of vertical ventures need more and more bandwidth. Zayo deals directly with customers in each of those verticals"...listen for more as Dan discusses the challenges and opportunities...
RELATED LINKS: Zayo || Dan Caruso's Bear on Business || In the News || Podcasting Directory || KEYWORDS: Dan Caruso, Zayo, Bandwidth, Business Plans, Bear on Business, Fiber, 360 Networks, Abve Net, Media Companies, Financial Institutions, Vertical Ventures, > bytes=7414912
LISTEN TO: Dan Caruso, CEO/Founder, Zayo, Inc.

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Chris Pelley, CIMCO Cares - TiE Rockies, Business for Breakfast - June 7, 2013
1394_ 6/10/13 - “Lead the Way” Chris Pelley (CM TiE Rockies) with Mona McConnell, Marketing Director, CIMCO Cares and guest speaker, Francy Milner, J.D. from CU Leeds School of Business presented at TiE Rockies Business for Breakfast.

“Lead the Way” Business leaders have the power to solve social problems with authentic collaboration. Learn how CIMCO Cares is one catalyst in this effort, and walk away with solid ideas on how to benefit from what we’ve experienced! Francy Milner teaches business ethics and corporate social responsibility at the Leeds School of Business of the University of Colorado at Boulder. In her role as the Associate Director for the Center for Education on Social Responsibility (CESR), she focuses on curriculum development for graduate and undergraduate courses that help students explore their personal values and their assessment of the role of business and business leaders in a global society. See Photos
RELATED LINKS: Event Photos || Community Reach || CIMCO Private Wealth || TiE Rockies || Innovation Pavilion || Center for Education on Social Responsibility (CESR) || KEYWORDS: Chris Pelley, Mona McConnell, CIMCO Cares, Francy Milner, Leeds School of Business, Innovation Pavilion, TiE Rockies
View Event Photos HERE

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