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Matt Pardee, Chief Evangelist, StrongLoop Products, training and support for Apps
enclosure-voice 1403_ 7/1/13 - Back at the Glue Conference with 500 people in attendance, the booths and companies represented are fabulous. We're talking with Matt Pardee, Chief Evangelist for StrongLoop. Started five months ago, born out of the desire to have a commercial vendor to back Node.js, which is a burgeoning language that's growing in popularity - its javaScript on the server. Up until now there wasn't a company that commercially backed it for companies that were going into production with Node.js. Matt said, "We love Node.js, guys in our company helped build Node.js and so we thought let's put this together, let's provide some support avenues for companies that are going into production and let's ask them what they need and then build products round that - so that's what we do." StrongLoop creates products, training and support for Node.js, a relatively young coding language, about four years old. A lot of the companies that have adopted it have been more of the avant-garde companies that were willing to make the investment and had the developers to do that. Now you see traditional ecommerce companies and companies like GM and CBS Interactive, etc . starting to look at Node.js as a solution to the problem of connecting a lot of people to their servers at once to either power their games or mobile devices. It's really the language that's becoming backend to a lot of the new experiences that are happening in the 2000 apps. When we're talking about what the benefits are for companies moving into this mobile era, this is a really natural fit for companies that have this experience with java script on the client side...there's more...
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LISTEN TO: Matt Pardee, Chief Evangelist, StrongLoop

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Pat & Larry Nelson, CoFounders, w3w3® Media Network - Change Is Not an Event, It Is an Ongoing Process (the Same with Chaos)
enclosure-voice 534_ 7/1/13 - Mastering change is one of Pat and Larry Nelson's favorite topics. There's a good reason. They have lived in and owned businesses in five foreign countries stretching from Norway to Australia. They are truly serial entrepreneurs as they have started more than a dozen companies. Some were extremely successful and others learning experiences. One thing that was true in every situation were the rushing changes. At times they were victims and others they were victors. Larry has conducted seminars for numerous companies both large and small, public and private sectors, in dozen countries, on the subject of 'Mastering Change in the Midst of Chaos'. In this recorded discussion Larry and Pat discuss the 'Six Truths About Change'. The topic includes; Resistance, Involvement, Making Losers, Vision, Benefits, and Follow up. Like the Nelsons say, "Master Change Before It Masters You." Listen now...
RELATED LINKS: Economy Builders || Blog || Podcast Directory || KEYWORDS: Mastering Change, Chaos, Pat and Larry Nelson, Involvement, Making Losers, Vision, Benefits, Follow up > bytes=8472349
LISTEN TO: Larry Nelson, International Trainer/Speaker

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Working with developers all over the world
Ian Spinelli, Marketing Coordinator, Canopyenclosure-voice 1401_ 6/24/13 - We're talking with Ian Spinelli, marketing coordinator for Canopy, an innovative technology company based out of Minneapolis. We spoke with Ian last year at the Glue conference, and Ian tells us that Canopy's latest flagship product is called Sensus. This is a really exciting product, it is an app enhancing, touch sensitive case that allows you to interact with the back and sides of your phone on applications that integrate Canopy's SDK without having to obscure your view of the screen. Ian said, "It's interesting. There isn't anything in the market quite as disruptive as our product in the mobile phone accessory products. You see a lot of things that are handheld and separate, but not a lot of things that take the benefits of the case that's already going to go into your pocket - and combining it with enhanced technologies." Larry notes that Canopy seems to continually come out with a string of new ideas, products and applications... "Is there anything they were focusing on in the future." Ian tells us, "We're focusing on Sensus and branching out not only on building the hardware and getting that out to market, but also on building the software for it too! Making sure all that infrastructure is built. And then working with third party developers to make sure that the adoption is there and consumers are going to love what they can do with the product. Canopy works with developers all over the world, they're signed up with the SDK and excited about Sensus. If this sounds interesting to you, you can go to there is a free private signup for our portal and you can request an SDK as well as our developer kit."
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LISTEN TO: LISTEN TO: Ian Spinelli, Marketing coordinator, Canopy

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Speaking of Kendall Colman & Molly Hughes
Molly Hughes, Speaking & Media Preparedness Coach, Colman & CompanyKendall Colman, Founder/President, Colman & Companyenclosure-voice 1347_ 2/11/13 - We are here with Molly Hughes and Kendall Colman, discussing one of Larry's favorite subjects, entrepreneurism and the current challenges and opportunities. Colman & Company was founded and started 13 years ago by Kendall. She said, "It was really a result of a passion of hers at a very early age, based on the idea that people really do have potential that lies in them like a seed. With the right skills and talent and encouragement really can be developed." That was her personal experience as a competitive athlete; she found the coaches in her life made the biggest difference of all. Of course we all recognize Molly Hughes from Channel 4 News. After leaving CBS about a year ago, Molly joined forces with Kendall and is handling the speech and media preparedness aspect of Kendall's executive coaching firm. Molly says the Kendall found she was working with a lot of executives who then were doing great on the leadership front but there was still some work that needed to be done on public speaking. That is how their work fits together, Molly works with their clients on speech development and really anything related to communication, whether it is through the lens of a camera, one-on-one or to a large group of people. Larry asked what are the biggest challenges for companies today. Kendall believes most of us have some terrific ideas. "It doesn't take much to notice in our society, areas that can be improved. Gaining support and getting those first few people... It's always those first few people, for an entrepreneur, that make the biggest difference, who jump on board with the idea and say, I see it too. The challenge is putting an organizational structure in place so that the idea can be successful, before the home equity loan runs out." Then Larry sought out the great opportunities. Molly said, "What we're finding in the work we do is the Internet is huge, no matter what your business is. One of the best ways businesses can engage with their clients or consumers is through the use of video. It is one of the ways that all of our sensors are all at play. More and more people are turning to video as a way to really get their product or service out there. There is just explosive growth in this field right now."
RELATED LINKS: Colman & Company || Colman & Company Events || Economy Builders || Podcast Directory || KEYWORDS: Kendall Colman, Molly Hughes, Colman & Company, Speaking, Coaching, Organizational Psychology, Behavioral Sciences, Culture, Channel 4 News, CBS > bytes=7774357
LISTEN TO: Kendall Colman & Molly Hughes, Colman & Company

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Mastering Change in the Midst of Chaos™1307_ 11/12/12 -
Mastering Change in the 
        Midst of Chaos, Larry L. Nelson, Author
Here’s what you’ll learn in this 200 page book!
     - Apply the Principles of A-to-Z Planning to
        Build a Winning Team
     - Tap into Your Team’s Mental DNA to
        Increase Performance
     - Understand Your Sector’s
        History, Trends & Ground Swell

Regardless of the economy, application of these 3 initiatives will help you achieve your goals, meet your bottom-line metrics and accomplish incredible results. These 3 initiatives are Powerful, Proven and People-Oriented. Larry predicts there will be more significant changes in 2013 than in the last 10 years combined…across all sectors. Read More at Mastering Change .

Order now… It’s yours for $10.00 and we’ll pay the shipping in the US… (last chance - free shipping)


Treatment and prevention of brain damage
Greg Miknis, Matt Pink & Kim Heidenreichenclosure-voice 1402_ 7/1/13 - Here's another win with CUTTO. Dr. Kim Heidenreich, Professor of Pharmacology and Neuroscience at the University of Colorado-School of Medicine, in collaboration with Dr. Greg Miknis and the team at the Colorado Center for Drug Discovery (C2D2) at CSU, have made great strides in developing novel therapies for the treatment and prevention of brain damage caused by traumatic brain injury (TBI). In 2007, Kim’s lab discovered that a very potent inflammatory mediator, normally not found in the central nervous system, is present in the brain after TBI. Kim discovered that if this inflammatory mediator is blocked, secondary injury to the brain and the deleterious effects of TBI can be prevented. Together, Kim and Greg have developed a novel series of compounds that can inhibit this inflammatory molecule. The project is now moving toward advanced pre clinical studies that if successful will bring the program one step closer to a clinically approved drug, benefiting victims of this growing unmet medical need. When Larry interviewed Kim and Greg which was arranged by Matt Pink, Licensing Manager for the Colorado University Tech Transfer Office many interesting and valuable points were discussed. You will learn about the incidence of TBI and concussion as well as appreciate why TBI is a major public health problem. This interview will hopefully provide HOPE for listeners who have experienced a TBI or health providers for TBI patients. There is increased nonfederal funding for TBI (GE and NFL gifts) that is focused on diagnosis of TBI via blood bio markers or neural imaging. This is great but we also need more funding for developing TBI treatments ...Listen for more...
RELATED LINKS: CU Technology Transfer Office || Traumatic Brain Injury || CU TTO Channel || TTO Blog || Colorado Center for Drug Discovery (C2D2) || Mastering Change || KEYWORDS:Kim Heidenreich, Greg Miknis, Neuroscience, University of Colorado-School of Medicine, Colorado Center for Drug Discovery, C2D2, CSU, Traumatic Brain Injury, Inflammatory Mediator, CUTTO, > bytes=6579412
LISTEN TO: Kim Heidenreich, PhD and Greg Miknis, PhD

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Life of the Entrepreneur: Controlling Your Destiny
Nancy Phillips, CEO, ViaWestenclosure-voice 421_ 9/6/11 - This interview was conducted in Dec 2007 for the NCWIT Heroes channel. ViaWest, one of the nation’s largest privately held colocation, cloud and managed services providers, announced today (11/1/12) that Nancy Phillips, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, has been named Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Roy Dimoff, co-founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board, will continue in his role as Chairman.
Here are a few keys for being a successful entrepreneur shared by Nancy Phillips: Maintain a good sense of humor; Overcome the nay-sayers; and Practice real-world economics. Nancy is the Co-Founder and, CEO of ViaWest and she shared her story and poignant points about building and growing a business even in the toughest of times with Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT board member, Lee Kennedy along with Larry Nelson.
Nancy loves technology and people and has a long history with the Telecom industry. She enjoys the challenges of being an entrepreneur for many reasons including her passion to control her destiny. Nancy says her husband claims, "Because I'm a control freak." Nancy has also been a principal, executive and consultant for numerous successful telecommunications companies including France Telecom, MCI and Qwest. Over 15 years ago, she began her career with Teleconferencing Systems Canada as Vice President of Sales and it was in this role that she met Roy Dimoff - the two have been loyal business partners ever since. Nancy shares some excellent advice for managers, leaders and entrepreneurs.

RELATED LINKS: Economy Builders || ViaWest || NCWIT Home || NCWIT Blog || Heroes Channel || KEYWORDS: Nancy Phillips, ViaWest, Lucy Sanders, Lee Kennedy, Entrepreneurs, National Center for Women & Information Technology, NCWIT Heroes > 12/10/07 Bytes: 48124972 Listen to: Nancy Phillips, ViaWest bytes=48124972
LISTEN TO: Nancy Phillips, ViaWest & NCWIT Hero

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Traditional marketing doesn’t work like it used to
Patrice Barber, Taylor Made Emarketingenclosure-voice 1400_ 6/24/13 - Larry interviewed Patrice Barber, CEO of Taylor Made Emarketing, (TME) a national speaker and award winning business automation consultant who has worked with over 35 Fortune 500 corporations and hundreds of entrepreneurs. Her areas of expertise include digital marketing strategy, marketing automation, mobile marketing, CRM implementation, as well as operations and business development. She is also COO of TiE Rockies Colorado. Its great that all these digital tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube connect us to lots of people online… But the question is how do we attract online prospects and convert them into long term business relationships and revenue. The answer to that question is what I have asked our guest Patrice Barber to talk with us about today. That includes the market challenges the opportunities, and how digital marketing works. Patrice started out with the Challenges: One of the biggest challenges SMB’s face is that the landscape of marketing is rapidly shifting to online and digital marketing. Traditional marketing doesn’t work like it used to. Many small business owners still don’t quite understand how to leverage the power of the Internet and integrate it into the traditional offline tactics that DO work and tie marketing efforts directly to the sales team. Opportunities: There are at least 5 online marketing channels most businesses can take advantage of to tie into their traditional marketing. Mobile marketing, Online PR, Social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, You tube, Google+, Ads online, Internet marketing - Auto-responder drip campaigns, Content writing – like blog posts and other articles. Provide an example of how digital marketing works. When small businesses focus on relationship marketing, they can warm up leads and enjoy 'inbound or pull marketing' instead of more traditional PUSH-Y marketing. One way we simplify this is to define the digital marketing strategy as - Connect, Convert and Cultivate. The idea is to connect to your target market, convert them to interested prospects and raving fans, and cultivate relationships before during and after the buying process so they buy, rave, refer, and buy some more…Patrice explains more…listen now…
RELATED LINKS: TMEmarketing || Innovation Pavilion || TiE Rockies || Economy Builders || Mastering Change || KEYWORDS: Patrice Barber, Taylor Made Emarketing, TiE Rockies Colorado, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Traditional Marketing. Mobile Marketing, Online PR, Social Media, bytes=6579412
LISTEN TO: Patrice Barber, President/CEO, Taylor Made Emarketing

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Larry Nelson with Brad Feld, Author, Startup Communities and 
    Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Startup Communities and Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
enclosure-voice 1287_ 10/1/12 - What does a Startup Community Ecosystem look like? Ask our prolific author and Colorado based VC Brad Feld. Ok, you don't have to, we did. Now you can listen to him. Then you have to read this book. And after digesting all his great advice, one last step, or maybe the first step... "Do it!  Don't wait for permission. Don't wait to talk to someone. Do go to startup events, meetups, tech talks everything you can find and commit to that for at least six months."
      We began, that is w3w3® Media, 14+ years ago on terrestrial radio and one of our earliest interviews was Brad Feld, a relative newcomer to the Boulder area - already making a name for himself. We've watched him and his wife Amy build their home here, making this community - that's the entrepreneurial, technology (even the arts, the university) and VC communities better and stronger. He's been a champion for the community as a whole and now he's working on the young emerging entrepreneurs, his newest book, "Startup Communities - Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City".
      Brad said he's used a lot of the ideas that he's been involved in and participated in, in Boulder, since he moved here in the mid-90s, to form the framework for the book, which we called the "Boulder Thesis". They worked hard on defining on what any city in the world should do if they want to create a long-term, healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem. The key parts of the Boulder Thesis are these four components. The first is the startup community has to be lead by entrepreneurs. We separate the world into leaders and feeders. They're both important, but they're different. In the context of startup communities, the only people that can be effective leaders are the entrepreneurs. If you have the other people involved in the startup community, the feeders playing the role of leader, it doesn't work. So government can't be the leader, university can't be the leader, investors, venture capitalists, big business, those can't be the leaders. The Second is those entrepreneurs have to take a long-term view. Brad likes to say, "It's generational, at least 20 years. You can't start and build a sustainable startup community in two or three years." We're in a cycle where startups are exciting, a lot of people get involved in startups, and that's fine. But if you really want to build, in your city, a long term startup community, you have to be in it for a long time. The Third part of the Boulder Thesis is, you have to be inclusive of anyone who wants to engage at any level. This is leaders and feeders, individuals who want to get involved - it's anyone new, who moves to town, anyone who wants to be involved can and should be - Then you're way ahead of the game. The last part is you have to have a series of activities and events that have a regular cadence and rhythm to them. Things like TechStars an accelerator for 90 days, you're doing something that engages the entire entrepreneurial stack. The essence of it is this idea that... Well, listen to Brad he will tell you so much more - read his book and you'll learn so much more. Get started now!

RELATED LINKS: FeldThoughts || Foundry Group || Do More Faster Book || Economy Builders || Venture Capital Channel || KEYWORDS: Brad Feld, Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City, Foundry Group, Venture Capital, Amy Feld, Boulder Thesis, bytes=8827196
LISTEN TO: Brad Feld, Author,
Startup Communities, Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City

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