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8/12 M PM R V C Academy: Valuation for early Stage Companies
8/13 T PM Rockies Venture Club Summer Pitch Fest
8/16 F AM TiE/ Business for Breakfast Julia Hill-Nichols
8/20 T PM Cloud Elements Adding Two-Factor Authentication to Cloud Application
8/21 W AM TiE Rockies Entrepreneurial Roundtable, Robert Smith
8/22 M AM ACG Corporate Executive Breakfast - Jeff Tarr, CEO, Digital Globe
8/23 F AM TiE / Business for Breakfast : Karen Meyer
8/27 T PM Colorado Photonics CPIA Quarterly Meeting Optics in Space
8/28 W Aft TiE Rockies / RMIMA Corporate Crown Jewels & Cyber Espionage
8/30 F AM TiE/Business for Breakfast - Sharon Shores
9/2 M Day LABOR Day
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9/3 T PM RVC Academy: Patenting on a Budget
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Eric Roza, CEO, Datalogix For us, it’s all about the data
enclosure-voice 1420_ 8/12/13 - ACG Denver had as their keynote luncheon speaker, Eric Roza who has led Datalogix since its recapitalization in October 2009. He was previously a divisional general manager with Asurion, one of the world’s most successful private companies. In prior roles, he launched a series of innovative digital products, including an integrated media center awarded “Best Product” at the 2002 Consumer Electronics Show. Roza began his career as a consultant with Bain & Company, and has degrees from University of Michigan and Stanford Graduate School of Business. Eric is a tireless advocate for the role of health & fitness in the workplace, and owns CrossFit Sanitas, the leading fitness facility and community in Boulder, Colorado. Eric said, "We got our start in the offline, transactional-data world. So we know better than anyone the power this information has in delivering meaningful results for marketers: the ability to target, to measure, and to optimize performance. As a company, we made it our mission to leverage the power of purchase-based audience targeting to drive measurable online and offline sales. As a result, we’re able to bring real targeting and accountability into the digital space like never before. Our data includes almost every U.S. household and more than $1 trillion in consumer transactions. Nobody is better positioned to deliver the right message to the right audience across channels."
RELATED LINKS: Datalogix Home || ACG Denver || M&A Channel || CrossFit Sanitas || Blog || Podcasting Directory || ACG Denver / Eric Roza Event Photos || KEYWORDS: Eric Roza, Datalogix, Transactional-Data World, Innovative Digital Products, Integrated Media Center, ACG Denver, Association for Corporate Growth > bytes=2414448
LISTEN TO: Eric Roza, CEO, Datalogix

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Links that will make a difference
w3w3® Media Network914_ 10/25/10- w3w3® Media Network is all about supporting business and technology in Colorado.  We specialize in creating valuable links and relationships to help you grow your company, build your team, get insights to various industries, keep you up-to-date, raise money, increase your income and profits, and so much more...Venture Capital; Tech Transfer; Communications Technology Professionals; Mergers and Acquisitions; It's the Law; Training Trends; Colorado Companies to Watch; Mastering Change; Looking for Money; In the News; and more...Just click on the topic of your interest and you'll find treasure trove of information...
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Bart Taylor, Founder, Company Week Digital Magazine Building a new manufacturing economy in the western region

enclosure-voice 1416_ 8/5/13 - Bart Taylor a familiar face in Denver, spent ten years at ColoradoBIZ Magazine, we've seen him as editor and MC many times over the years. has learned that Mr. Taylor launched a new digital business publication.   We're talking with Bart to get the details. Bart left ColoradoBIZ on April 19th to launch Company Week, the Voice of Rocky Mountain Manufacturing. Basically the community of makers and manufacturing that, in Bart's estimation, are building a new manufacturing economy here in the western region. Long term, Company Week will have a regional platform - but Bart, his network and their interests are Colorado centric. Bart said, "When you look at manufacturing in Colorado, it's a very diverse industry sector. It's industrial manufacturing, it's brewers, growers, it's coders, it's bike makers, satellite makers. I think when you start peeling the covers back on manufacturing, as I will do through the companies and the people that are driving this sector, one sees that it's very different from what it's iconic brand in the United States in the last 50 years. It's not defined by major companies. It's a sector defined by small, agile tech savvy companies and manufacturing operations. I'm going to help actually, redefine the brand of manufacturing in Colorado." As you listen to Bart, you will see that he has amassed a great interest and intelligence that has driven him to this group of companies over the last several years. Manufacturing is still only... There's more listen...
RELATED LINKS: CompanyWeek Home || In the News || Blog || Podcasting Directory || KEYWORDS: Bart Taylor, Company Week, Manufacturing, Voice of Rocky Mountain Manufacturing, ColoradoBIZ, Colorado Centric, Brewers, Growers, Coders, Bike Makers, Satellite Makers, bytes=4760035
LISTEN TO: Bart Taylor, Company Week

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Entrepreneurs - Economy Builders Channnel on - Meet the men and women who make it happen! Economy Builders, Powerful, Proven and People Oriented
1418_ 8/5/13 - For years has interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs that have made Colorado a nationwide successful business community. These success stories also include learning experiences and they are archived for your anytime listening... Click on this link to read and listen to the stories of your choice. They are Powerful, Proven and People-Oriented...
RELATED LINK: Economy Builders || KEYWORDS: Brad Feld, Brad Bernthal, Jeremy Bloom, Kendall Colman & Molly Hughes, Jill VanMatre Dupré, Bill Flagg, Mike Hamers, Ron McKey, Arlen Meyers, Roy Dimoff, Jim Franklin, Mike Fries, Dave Jilk, Larry Nelson, Melodie Reagan, Phil Weiser

Mastering Change in the Midst of Chaos™1307_ 11/12/12 -
Mastering Change in the 
        Midst of Chaos, Larry L. Nelson, Author
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Regardless of the economy, application of these 3 initiatives will help you achieve your goals, meet your bottom-line metrics and accomplish incredible results. These 3 initiatives are Powerful, Proven and People-Oriented. Larry predicts there will be more significant changes in 2013 than in the last 10 years combined…across all sectors. Read More at Mastering Change .

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The acquisition price was nearly $125 million
John Giacomoni, Sr software Architectenclosure-voice 1419_ 8/12/13 - A decade ago, John Giacomoni was working as a professional research assistant in the Software Engineering Research Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder when the group took on a problem they couldn’t afford to solve. The affordable solution he envisioned as a CU-Boulder research assistant became a reality with the help of former CU-Boulder Assistant Professor Manish Vachharajani, Senior Software Architect, F5 Networks, Inc.Manish Vachharajani. Convincing others would turn out to be the real problem. "Funding agencies and investors, except for a handful of Boulder angels, universally said, ‘No way; no how. You guys are crazy,’" Giacomoni remembered. The work finally began to pay off in late 2009, when LineRate got its first angel investor, a Boulder local, whose interest attracted other angel investors. Ultimately, they raised $575,000 in angel financing for the company, allowing Giacomoni and Vachharajani to hire seasoned networking developer Mark Terrel, create a production-ready product, and recruit experienced startup leader Steve Georgis to serve as chief executive officer, which in turn, attracted a second round of funding totaling $4.75 million. The pair went on to co-found a company based on the technology, LineRate Systems, which they sold earlier this year to F5 Networks. The acquisition price — nearly $125 million according to filings made with the Securities and Exchange Commission — was the largest exit of a networking infrastructure company in the Boulder area in years. "John and Manish were incredibly persistent in going after their vision," CU-Boulder’s Tallman said. "They met with dozens of...Listen for more...
RELATED LINKS: LineRate Systems || F5 Networks || CU Technology Transfer Office || CU TTO Channel || TTO Blog || CU TTO || Software Channel || KEYWORDS: John Giacomoni, Manish Vachharajani, LineRate Systems, F5 Networks, Software, Alexander L. Wolf, Research Funding, Angel Investors, CU Technology Transfer, CUTTO, bytes=13770817
LISTEN TO: John Giacomoni & Manish Vachharajani

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573_ The Second Annual Social Entrepreneur Day
Paul Bauer, Daniels College of Business, 
                University of DenverChristopher Pelley, Managing Director, Capital Investment Management Groupenclosure-voice The Second Annual – Social Entrepreneurship Day, on 11/18/08 began with breakfast at the Phipps Mansion. The special guest speaker from New York, Chris Lowney, was a partner at JPMorgan for 18 years and is the author of Heroic Leadership. Dr. Paul Bauer, Clinical Professor, Daniels College of Business, DU and Chris Pelley, Managing Director, Capital Investment Management Group discuss this special social entrepreneurship day with Larry. Author Chris Lowney offers leadership lessons from a 450-year-old company that grappled successfully with the same challenges that test great companies today: forging seamless multinational teams, motivating inspired performance, remaining “change ready” and strategically adaptable. They were asked, "How can Colorado carve its place as a world leader in this new realm? We can accomplish this mission by building an alliance of business, political, and academic leaders in Colorado. Our top schools already recognize the strength of social entrepreneurship and its potential to make a global impact." There will be a number of other high-profile guests including First Lady Jeannie Ritter, Lisa Nitze, Vice President, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public. After the Phipps Mansion it is then followed an ACG lunch program at the DAC...Then a special event at DU in the afternoon. The evening will be at Regis University. So this is the early stage of a real coalition in Colorado as I’ve labeled it ABCs, Academics, Business and Community.
Related Links: Daniels College of Business, DU || CIMCO Private Wealth || Ashoka || Heroic Leadership ||
Keywords: Social Entrepreneurship, Daniels College of Business, Dr. Paul Bauer, DU, Chris Pelley, Capital Investment Management, Ashoka, Jeannie Ritter, Lisa Nitze, Chris Lowney, Heroic Leadership, ACG > Bytes: 8651235 > 10/20/08
LISTEN TO: Paul Bauer & Chris Pelley

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Larry Nelson with Gary Gaessler, VP Sales & Marketing, Cloud Elements Provision and integrate services within specific environments
enclosure-voice 1415_ 8/5/13 - Larry interviewed Gary Gaessler, VP Sales & Marketing of Cloud Elements about their new developer tool and an exciting announcement. Gary said, "We can scale up applications in 1/4th of the time and at a 1/4th of the cost. So we're really a picks and shovels play for companies that are building applications into the cloud." Cloud Elements also has a consulting services component of the business and do quite a large amount of consulting for companies. With Cloud Elements, developers and enterprises leverage reusable ‘Elements’ to build cloud applications faster by dramatically reducing the time required to integrate, monitor and maintain leading PaaS and SaaS cloud services. Cloud Elements works with vendors including Twilio, SendGrid, Box, and to accelerate the integration, management and monitoring of popular services used in building cloud applications. Cloud Elements is a tool built by developers for developers and is based on the highly scalable Cloud Foundry PaaS platform. The company provides a unique blend of technology with cloud application integration consultants available to assist companies in accelerating the build and deployment of their applications. Customers focus on building unique business functionality while Cloud Elements integrates and maintains the third-party services needed to build applications in a fraction of the time. Listen for more detail...
RELATED LINKS: Cloud Elements || 1 Million Cups || Innovation Pavilion || Galvanize || TiE Rockies || Software Channel || KEYWORDS: Gary Gaessler, Cloud Elements, Developers, Enterprises, PaaS, SaaS, Cloud Foundry PaaS, Twilio, SendGrid, Box,, > bytes=6779614
LISTEN TO: Gary Gaessler, VP Sales & Marketing, Cloud Elements

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National Center for Women and Informationo Technology (NCWIT) - Aspirations in Computing Award Recipients Honoring young women at the high school level
1417_ 8/5/13 - Aspirations in Computing is a talent development initiative designed to increase female participation in technology careers by providing encouragement, visibility, community, leadership opportunities, scholarships, and internships to aspiring technically inclined young women. MUST SEE VIDEO!
      Since 2007, NCWIT has inducted more than 2,500 young women into the Aspirations in Computing community and is helping to usher these women into technology careers.
     If one thing is clear, it's that Aspirations in Computing women are really going places! In this issue we'll explore some of those different places where Aspirations in Computing recipients are going: Naomi Shah and Meiri Anto went all the way to Brussels to accept the "Tech Needs Girls" prize at the European Parliament; Nicole Torcolini is helping people with disabilities get around more independently through her assistive software; Colorado Aspirations in Computing recipients are helping their peers get into the workforce with new tools they created; and computing educator Catherine Wyman is encouraging Arizona girls to pursue their career goals.
RELATED LINKS: Aspirations in Computing || Application (Due 9/15 - 10/31) || Success Stories/pdf || National Center for Women in Technology || NCWIT Heroes || MUST SEE VIDEO! || KEYWORDS: NCWIT Aspirations in Computing, Award for Aspirations in Computing, Ruthe Farmer, Lucy Sanders, NCWIT, AspireIT

National Center for Women In Technology
Capital Investment Management Company - Registered Investment Advisor -  DTC, Denver and Boulder
LightSpeed Commercial  Arts

Swiftpage: Create, Send and Track Email Marketing

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