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Intense infatuation with natural building methodologies
enclosure-voice 1536_ 4/21/14 - We are visiting with Cody Farmer of MainStream Cody Farmer, Partner, MainStream CorporationCorporation a performance-driven green building firm. We've known and followed Cody and his partner Lisa Farmer for several years now and are very impressed with what they're doing. Imagine if you will, living off the grid... It all started with an intense infatuation with natural building methodologies and real estate investing. They thought that a person could build sustainably with nature and experience freedom off any grid, superior indoor environmental quality (IEQ), and extreme comfort. "We then learned the science and methodology of Passivhaus, which challenged every building principle we thought we knew. Our sights are now set on helping others accomplish their visions where architecture meets science to produce extreme performance, comfort, and health." They invested a lot of money into education and traveling and touring houses and buildings that were performing and they became certified Passive House Consultants and Designers. MainStream then put up a proof-of-concept building in Broomfield, one of three known private buildings in the United States. Four years ago Cody and Lisa added another dimension to MainStream and began doing 'Performance Building Design', material specification and energy models. Building from the ground up, or maybe a city building that's not performing, or a home that needs to be remodeled, even a brand new building - the first thing MainStream does is 'engineer out the losses of the system'. So, whether that's a wall system, windows, a ventilation system or insulation issues, air tightness issues, the first step is always to study the building... MainStream has developed the package, putting everything together to create performance, comfort, health and efficiency all in one whack. Listen for more details...
RELATED LINKS: MainStream || News2Use || Blog || In the News || KEYWORDS: Cody Farmer, Lisa Farmer, MainStream Corporation, Green Building Firm, Passive House Consultants, Designers, Indoor Environmental Quality, IEQ, Performance Building Design, bytes=5742657
LISTEN TO: Cody Farmer, Partner, MainStream Corporation

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30th Space Symposium, May 19-22, 2014 Two Life-Saving Technologies Are 2014 Inductees into Space Technology Hall of Fame
1535_ 4/21/14 - A global satellite-based search-and-rescue system, and an image-guided surgical robot will be the 2014 inductees into the Space Foundation's Space Technology Hall of Fame®, which recognizes technologies originally developed for space applications that now improve life on Earth. The induction will be next month during the 30th Space Symposium at The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colo. About the Space Foundation Founded in 1983, the Space Foundation is the foremost advocate for all sectors of space, and is a global, nonprofit leader in space awareness activities, educational programs and major industry events, including the annual Space Symposium, in support of its mission "to advance space-related endeavors to inspire, enable and propel humanity. Space Foundation world headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo., features a public Discovery Center including the El Pomar Space Gallery and the Northrop Grumman Science Center featuring Science On a Sphere®, and is a member of the American Alliance of Museums. The Space Foundation has a field office in Houston, and from its Washington, D.C., office, conducts government affairs, publishes The Space Report: The Authoritative Guide to Global Space Activity. Expect more international participation than ever at this year's 30th Space Symposium, to be held May 19-22 at The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colo., USA. Widely known as the most important worldwide space industry conference, the Space Foundation's Space Symposium annually attracts more than 9,000 participants.
RELATED LINKS: Leonard Nimoy || Space Symposium || Discovery Center || The Space Report || Space Technology Hall of Fame || Space Foundation || KEYWORDS: Space Symposium, Space Foundation, Global Satellite-Based Search-and-Rescue System, Image-Guided Surgical, Authoritative Guide to Global Space Activity, El Pomar Space Gallery, Northrop Grumman

Clifford Young, Associate Dean, UC Denver Business SchoolGraham Russell, Trupoint Advisors & Chairs the Advisory Council on Sustainability A real boost to sustainability in Colorado and beyond
enclosure-voice 1532_ 4/14/14 - We asked Cliff Young, Associate Dean in the Dean's Office at UC Denver Business School about managing for sustainability. "The history of managing for sustainability was actually somewhat industry driven." The first of these classes started back in 2007-08 and has grown to where UC Denver currently has 12 different classes teaching sustainability and three specializations, internally here at the business school. They're all graduate specializations, so if a student takes any four of these classes, that student gets a specialization either in their MBA or a Masters of Science & Management. Or if the student took three classes associated with the Masters of Science & Marketing you would get a specialization and with that you can get a Certificate in Sustainability. Cliff said, "The most recent accomplishment at UC Denver is bringing Graham Russell on board as the Ambassador for Managing for Sustainability." Larry has known Graham Russell for a number of years, "and he has done some phenomenal work in this area - it's really neat to see you with this great organization, but how did you get involved and what's your role?" Graham tells us when he was running CORE (the sustainable business association - Denver), he was privileged to get to know the UC Denver faculty. Graham left CORE in 2010 and was invited to teach here at UC Denver and has taught two or three courses over the past few years. He's also been instrumental in building relationships between the business school and the local business community. Graham also chairs the Advisory Council on Sustainability, and they've been very successful in building relationships with many of the larger companies in this part of the world.
RELATED LINKS: UC Denver Business School || Jake Jabs Ctr for Entrepreneurship || CIMCO Private Wealth || Blog || KEYWORDS: Cliff Young, Graham Russell, UC Denver Business School, Sustainability, CORE, MBA, Masters of Science & Management, Integrated Sustainability Program,, bytes=9052894
LISTEN TO: Chris Young & Graham Russell, UC Denver Business School

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General Stanley McChrystal, The McChrystall Group - Part 3 of 4... Keynote address at Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference 4/1/2014 "Listen, learn ... then Lead!" Gen. Stanley McChrystal [Part 3 of 4]
enclosure-voice 1533_ 4/14/14 - "I was raised with traditional stories of leadership: Robert E. Lee, John Buford at Gettysburg. And I also was raised with personal examples of leadership. And I was raised to believe that soldiers were strong and wise and brave and faithful; they didn't lie, cheat, steal or abandon their comrades. And I still believe real leaders are like that. But in my first 25 years of career, I had a bunch of different experiences." After McChrystal graduated from West Point, he was commissioned as an infantry officer, and spent much of his career commanding special operations and airborne infantry units. During the Persian Gulf War, McChrystal served in a Joint Special Operations Task Force and later commanded the 75th Ranger Regiment. He completed year-long fellowships at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in 1997 and in 2000 at the Council on Foreign Relations. In 2002, he was appointed chief of staff of military operations in Afghanistan. Two years later, McChrystal was selected to deliver nationally televised Pentagon briefings about military operations in Iraq. From 2003 to 2008, McChrystal commanded JSOC and was responsible for leading the nation’s deployed military counter-terrorism efforts around the globe. He assumed command of all International Forces in Afghanistan in June 2009. President Obama’s order for an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan was based on McChrystal’s assessment of the war there. McChrystal retired from the military in August 2010.
RELATED LINKS: RM Corporate Growth Conference || ACG Denver || M&A Channel || My Share of the Task: A Memoir || The McChrystal Group || KEYWORDS: General Stanley McChrystal, My Share of the Task: A Memoir, Association for Corporate Growth, ACG Denver, Annual Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference, , bytes=13460692
LISTEN TO: Gen Stanley McChrystal - RMCGC 3 of 4

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Be focused on really being good at what you do
enclosure-voice 1535_ 4/21/14 - Ward Cerny, Vice President, Bernstein Global Wealth ManagementSince the 60s, Bernstein a New York based fund, has been built solely on research based investment management. That singular focus has led them to become one of the biggest companies and one of the biggest public firms in that arena. We're talking with Ward Cerny, Vice President, Bernstein Global Wealth Management and he said, "We've just focused on really being good at what we do and not all the other things that cause conflicts to our investment management clients, such as lending, mergers and acquisitions, having a proprietary trading desk. We just want to focus on ensuring the best outcome for our clients, the fiduciary, and that's what we do." For Ward's part, he is an advisor to individuals, foundations and endowments and in his niche of specialty is "helping business owners, in particular, plan out how their companies and transactions in relation to their companies, is going to benefit them. Transactions like selling a majority or the entirety of their company or buying another company, how is that going to affect them personally? How is it going to affect their goals and help them achieve what they want to get out of their professional lives?" That is quite a tall order. Ward said, "Another hurdle to overcome is most entrepreneurs feel very comfortable taking a ton of risk and having all their eggs in the business basket - just trying to get them to diversify so that their financial future is a lot more secure." Listen for more...
RELATED LINKS: AllianceBernstein || ACG Denver || M&A Channel || PodCast Directory || KEYWORDS: Ward Cerny, AllianceBernstein, Wealth Management, Corporate Heads, Professionals, Business Community, Private Equity, Investment Bankers, Association for Corporate Growth, ACG Denver, bytes=6130941
LISTEN TO: Ward Cerny, Vice President, Bernstein Wealth Management

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Creating a greater presence with marketing
enclosure-voice 1537_ 4/21/14 - While at the Rocky Mtn. Corporate Growth Rob Gower, Marketing Director, AdvodaConference, we had an opportunity to sit down with Rob Gower, marketing director at Advoda. Rob tells us that Advoda is a very unique company in that it's been around for 12 years, a completely debt free company and doing very well. This company has grown to the size it has, with the reputation it has and we are very well known within the industry and very well liked. This was accomplished without marketing, quite a testament to a full service IT and telecommunications master agency. Lots of people assume, when you talk about IT or telecom that you have a very specific product which you provide. The difference with Advoda is they work with over 50 carriers and service providers and take a consultative approach to evaluate the service requirements and align them with carrier offerings and present the ideal solution available in the marketplace. They find the best fit for you. For example if company A provides the best cable service and company B provides the best cloud service, that's what Advoda is going to give you rather than just going with one or the other. Rob proudly offers, "the best value proposition we offer is you can actually speak directly to us" no automated answering - and they do all the project management. So instead of just providing the service and passing it on, they own it and...there's more...
RELATED LINKS: Advoda || ACG Denver || M&A Channel || Software || KEYWORDS: Rob Gower, Advoda, Rocky Mtn. Corporate Growth Conference, ACG Denver, Full Service IT, Telecommunications, Project Management,, bytes=4438207
LISTEN TO: Rob Gower, Marketing Director - Advoda

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Garrett Bussier, Marketing Manager, CereScan Corp After suffering a TBI, healing & sharing became his passion...
enclosure-voice 1531_ 4/14/14 - Back in 2006 Garrett Bussiere was a professional athlete. It was his first year playing pro ball with the St. Louis Cardinals and he ended up sustaining a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and that was actually the last game he played in - July of 2006. He had a head injury and that was the end of his career and a very trying time in his life. Garrett was both a professional athlete and simultaneously finishing his undergraduate degree at Berkeley. What he found after the injury when he returned to Berkeley was that he could no longer concentrate, he had difficulty with his classes and he saw a lot of his life diminish to the point where he had to join the Disabled Students Union to get some academic help to get him through. It was very difficult and Garrett said, "I just felt like there was this heavy weight placed on my shoulders that I was trying to alleviate. I had a mild traumatic brain injury that changed my life." From this point Garrett endured lingering symptoms and did what most people with this injury do - he went to specialists, you see neurologists, neuropsychologists, brain scans, he did all of it. But, "I wasn't getting good answers. I was told I needed this medication or that medication and rest." For Garrett, he just couldn't swallow the fact that at 20 years old he had to be on three different medications. He began exploring other options, things like nutritional neuroscience, exercise physiology, stress management and other options that related to enhancing cognition and expediting the rate of recovery. Garrett went on to write a book, The Concussion Healing Solution, Clarity Amid the Confusion. Today, Garrett is the Marketing & Research Manager at, CereScan Corp...
RELATED LINKS: Healing Your Head || CereScan || Podcasting Directory || Community Reach || CIMCO || KEYWORDS: Garrett Bussiere, CereScan, Traumatic Brain Injury, The Concussion Healing Solution, Clarity Amid the Confusion, Brain Scans, Chronic Brain Disorders, Bipolar, Brain Imaging,, bytes=6456532
LISTEN TO: Garrett Bussiere, Marketing & Research Mgr, CereScan Corp

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Part 4 of 4... General Stanley McChrystal, The McChrystall Group - Keynote address at Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference 4/1/2014 The McChrystal Group... [Part 4 of 4]
enclosure-voice 1534_ 4/14/14 - The thought that the consulting world is ripe for disruption has been floated before – and the change is happening in many parts of the industry. The common complaints about consulting suggest the direction that the industry is moving: consultants drop a thick report on the table that never gets read; their solutions generate additional problems; they look at questions or problems too narrowly to have a sustainable business impact. The McChrystal Group is a niche consulting firm that partners with companies going through the same change process that we experienced during a decade of combat. "We’re working with leaders who acknowledge that in today’s environment, things simply move too fast for one-off solutions to keep pace." CrossLead (McChrystal Group) is a leadership philosophy that empowers organizations to achieve beyond optimal results through constant adaptation. We believe that the world has changed. We believe that the hierarchies that dominated the 20th century will not suffice in the information age. We live in a networked, fast-paced era. Organizations must embrace a fundamental shift from efficiency to adaptability.. "I came to believe that a leader isn't good because they're right; they're good because they're willing to learn and to trust. This isn't easy stuff. And it isn't always fair. You can get knocked down, and it hurts and it leaves scars. But if you're a leader, the people you've counted on will help you up. And if you're a leader, the people who count on you need you on your feet." Stan McChrystal
RELATED LINKS: RM Corporate Growth Conference || ACG Denver || M&A Channel || My Share of the Task: A Memoir || The McChrystal Group || KEYWORDS: General Stanley McChrystal, My Share of the Task: A Memoir, Association for Corporate Growth, ACG Denver, Annual Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference, , bytes=13399670
LISTEN TO: Gen Stanley McChrystal - RMCGC 4 of 4

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The Ultimate Win - Your Goal1486_ 1/13/14 - Don't Let Another Year Go By - The Ultimate Win is Yours! Larry Nelson has taught this material in seminars in over a dozen countries, from China to Canada, from Norway to Australia, from Germany to Japan as well as throughout the US. He shares the results of his international research about the Characteristics of an Achiever and then goes on to help you lay out your "personalized blueprint" for personal and professional success. Larry is an internationally published author, has been a consultant to many Fortune 1000 companies and is best known for his train-the-trainer programs and Talk Radio. Larry and Pat developed these materials 20 years ago and put them up on the web in July 2007. The ‘Ultimate Win’ link below takes you to a page that allows you to download and print the entire Resource Guide and listen to all the Audio Sections for FREE. This is our thanks to you…have a great year!
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