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5/28 W PM
LOHAS Startup Meetup
5/30 F AM
TiE-Rockies Growth And Funding Through Government Contracting
6/3 T Nn
ACG Denver: Lloyd Lewis, President/CEO, Arc Thrift Stores
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CTA Industry Briefing & Legislative Session Celebration
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ACG Denver Leadership 20 Alumni Breakfast
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KidsTek - 13th Annual KidsTek Charity Golf Classic
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ACG Denver Corporate Exec Breakfast, Steve Blue, CEO, Miller Ingenuity
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Flag Day
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Fathers Day
ACG Leadership 20 DUE Applications & Nominations
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Important trends in technology share one thing in common
1554_ 5/27/14 - What is Gluecon? Cloud, DevOps, Mobile, APIs, Big Data — all of the converging, important trends in technology today share one thing in common: developers. Developers are the vanguard. Developers are building in the cloud, building mobile applications, utilizing and building APIs ...check out the photos of this 2-day event...

Les Hazlewood, CoFounder/CTO, Stormpath Everyone needs user management, login, secure API, secure passwords
enclosure-voice 1556_ 5/27/14 - After the morning keynote address at the Glue Conference, we sat down with one of the featured speakers, Les Hazlewood, co-founder /CTO of Stormpath. Impressed by his talk, Larry asked Les to give our audience an overview of his company. "Stormpath is an identity management service. We offload management user integration as a backend for people building applications." Stormpath works with all sizes of companies from startups to very large companies. Everyone needs user management, login, secure API, secure passwords and Stormpath does that for anyone that has a public website. Les told us that he and his co-founder spent at least six months in market research before they actually started building the technology. Their thesis being that security is difficult and as more and more companies go to the modern cloud, security breaks more and more often. Larry said, "While security is such a continuous and growing problem are there other challenges facing business today?" The modern cloud movement is difficult for a lot of companies to adopt and understand, 'How do I make the change from my on-premise physical infrastructure to a kind of virtual cloud infrastructure'. That's difficult for a large company to wrap their heads around. Also it's incredibly difficult to staff high tech companies, to find people with enough skill sets, training and experience to join and be successful. In the tech space, keeping abreast of new technologies is always difficult. There are always new things, new innovations. You have to spend a descent amount of time on a regular basis investigating new technologies to see where they fit and how they could benefit you. The companies that can be more nimble - adopting things faster typically can outlast the companies that can't.
RELATED LINKS: Stormpath || GlueCon 2014 || Podcast Directory || Entrepreneurs Channel || KEYWORDS: Les Hazlewood, Stormpath, Glue Conference, Cloud Infrastructure, Security, Skill Sets, Training, Experience, Nimble, Modern Cloud Movement, bytes=4117214
LISTEN TO: Les Hazlewood, CoFounder, Stormpath

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Colorado impacting global food movement
Krista Roberts, Director, Slow Foods Denverenclosure-voice 1549_ 5/19/14 - We interviewed Krista Roberts, the Director of Slow Food Denver, a local chapter representing a global food movement called 'Slow Food'. It started in Italy initially as a reaction to the fact that a fast foods hamburger stand was being constructed at the foot of the Spanish Steps in Rome. But it has evolved a lot since then and is founded on the premise that everyone should have access to food that is good, clean and fair. There are chapters all over the world and we are one of the most active in the United States. In the Denver community, they have two main areas of programming. The 'Seed to Table School Food' program works directly with schools educating children about where their food comes from, how to cook and just the pleasure of enjoying good food. They also support about 50 school garden programs. The other area of work they do is their Community Table Programming. Here they do a lot of outreach and education to the general public helping connect them with local food producers, farmers, ranchers - getting more information about their food and building community through all these outlets. Coming in June, and this is a first of its kind, Slow Meat will focus on meat - and we're excited that it's in Denver - this is the first hosted in the United States! The idea is to gather a group of people who are all involved with meat in some way - ranchers, processors, chefs, consumers - to really consider meat and how we can create a more sustainable meat system in our country...
RELATED LINKS: Slow Food Denver || Community Reach || CIMCO || Podcasting Directory || KEYWORDS: Krista Roberts, Slow Food Denver, Global Food Movement, Community Table Programming, School Garden Programs, CIMCO, Community Reach Channel, bytes=7120251
LISTEN TO: Krista Roberts, Slow Food Denver

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What is the Rate of Return on a College Degree?
1550_ 5/19/14 - He explained how federal laws from the early 1800s shaped our current education system, our economy, and ultimately the role of the U.S. as a world leader. Dr. Jordan highlighted current trends and shifts in the education arena. He provided statistics about teaching job skills versus teaching students critical thinking, and how higher education changes students, their families and the larger world around them. The audience will leave with an understanding of what a college or university is in today’s world and how to ensure that you match the right type of education with the needs of your employer and your family. Since taking the helm, President Jordan has led MSU Denver on a rapid trajectory toward becoming one of the preeminent public urban universities in the nation. Under his leadership, MSU Denver has achieved university status, launched its first master’s degree programs, experienced undergraduate enrollment increases at record levels, and seen plans for a new Hotel and Hospitality Learning Center and the Student Success Building come to fruition. Amid deep budget cuts, President Jordan has led nationally recognized initiatives to retool and reposition the University for the future. Dr. Jordan went into great detail what MSU was doing about Investing the Stimulus, Metropolitan State College of Denver uses federal funding to reposition itself for the future... Earlier, Alternative Investments: Why 60/40 Doesn’t Work Anymore was presented by: Chris Pelley, CIMCO
RELATED LINKS: Metropolitan State University of Denver – MSU Denver || Investing the Stimulus || FEI Colorado Chapter || CrossTalk Article || CIMCO Private Wealth || KEYWORDS: Stephen Jordan, Metropolitan State University of Denver, MSU Denver, FEI Colorado, Education System, Our Economy, Teaching Job Skills, CIMCO Private Wealth, Chris Pelley,

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Extraordinary entrepreneurs and what they did to win
Jim Wilson and Mike Shehan, EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2014enclosure-voice 1553_ 5/27/14 - We're sitting down with Jim Wilson, Partner, Assurance Services, Ernst & Young and his special guest, Mike Shehan, Co-Founder, CEO, spotXchange, to get an inside peak at the premiere entrepreneurial event of the year, here in the EY Mountain Desert Program (covering Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico) for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Gala coming up on June 26th. Jim has been with Ernst & Young for 18 years now and w3w® worked with him over the past several years covering this fabulous event. Mike Shehan along with Steve Swoboda, co-founders of spotXchange are past winners of the award and this year Mike is judging the event. With over ninety nominations this year, there has been an enormous amount of work and effort put into the judging. We asked Mike to tell us about his experience and he told us the excitement began with being nominated and just hasn't stopped. Mike told us he wanted to give back and becoming a judge offered the opportunity to do just that. Such a surprise, the rewards, and inspiration that came out of the process was awesome and gratifying. Seeing these other entrepreneurs, their passion and the work they've done building their companies was amazing and gave Mike more inspiration to go on. Larry asked Jim what he's seen over these many years - and his answer was interesting and eye-opening... These entrepreneurs are working so hard, with such passion and at such a fast pace...For more information please call the EY expert, Courtney Storey at 720.931.4411, if there's an answer she will have it.
RELATED LINKS: EY Entrepreneur of the Year Program || spotXchange || Economy Builders || Mastering Change || KEYWORDS: Jim Wilson, Ernst & Young, Mike Shehan, spotXchange, EY Entrepreneur of the Year Program, EY Mountain Desert Program, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, bytes=7147000
LISTEN TO: Jim Wilson, Partner, Assurance Services, Ernst & Young and Mike Shehan, Co-Founder, CEO, spotXchange

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Rob Zazueta, Director, Platform Strategy, Mashery, An Intel Company API management solves the three biggest problems faced today
enclosure-voice 1555_ 5/27/14 - It is very obvious, if you employ developers they need to be at this conference designed specifically for them. Not being very technically inclined we can tell you that the conference is very interesting at the surface. But what we've noticed most is the engagement of the people attending... those developers. They're excited, animated, smiling and 'glued' to their conversations with other developers who are either exhibitors, speakers or attendees. Following the morning keynote sessions on day two, Larry's managed to corner Robert Zazueta aka Rob Z director of Platform Strategy, at Mashery, An Intel Company. (Mashery was purchased by Intel about a year ago!) One of our first encounters with Mashery came at the 2011 Defrag Conference when we spoke with Ian Brown the Director of Demand Generation (aka, Marketing). Now, 3 years later, here at GlueCon 2014, we sat down with Rob and we asked for a better understanding of APIs (In computer programming, an application programming interface API) and its management. Rob said, "This is one of those esoteric areas that unless you're really involved in APIs, you might not understand what API management is all about. What it boils down to is API management solves the three biggest problems faced by anybody who has to manage an API, i.e. security, scalability and support." Traditionally, the value in a well designed API is found in the ability to easily share your data and functionality. An API driven architecture makes it easier to add new functionality to evolve with your company’s needs. As the business landscape changes, you’ll be able to keep up and adjust your offerings to the expanding demands of the market...there's more...
RELATED LINKS: Mashery || GlueCon 2014 || Applying APIs || Software Chnl || KEYWORDS: Rob Zazueta, Rob Z, Mashery, Intel, GlueCon 2014, API, Demand Generation, Security, Scalability, Support, Developers, Computer Programming, Application Programming, bytes=5385302
LISTEN TO: Rob Zazueta (Rob Z), Dir Platform Strategy, Mashery

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Raymond Johnson, Crowdfunding Pilot Project Lead, Leeds School of Business, Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, CU Boulder Crowd funding with a business and academic blend
enclosure-voice 1551_ 5/19/14 -" We’re excited about the prospect of using crowd funding to jumpstart promising projects developed by students, faculty and staff," said Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano. "For our initial pilot we looked for projects across a range of academic and research disciplines, as well as for projects that provide outreach." Larry interviewed Ray Johnson, CU-Boulder Crowd funding Pilot Project Lead from the Leeds School of Business, Deming Center for Entrepreneurship. CU-Boulder Crowd funding is a pilot online fundraising platform (launching May 2014) that allows CU-Boulder individuals and organizations to create and share fundraising campaigns with an engaged community. Our tools empower the CU-Boulder community to come together and create lasting impact on things you care about. Through the platform, you can: Explore eight exciting pilot projects led by CU-Boulder students and faculty, from engineering to archival work to film; Spread the word about projects that inspire you to help generate interest and enable project teams to reach their goals; Make tax-deductible contributions using a convenient online interface; Keep up with project developments and outcomes as the projects move toward completion. Plans are in progress to refine and expand CU-Boulder Crowd funding once the initial pilot concludes, so we welcome any feedback that can help us improve the platform. Listen for more details...
RELATED LINKS: CU Crowd funding FAQs || CU LEEDS School of Business || CUTTO Channel || Silicon Flatirons Center || Entrepreneurs Channel || KEYWORDS: Ray Johnson, CU-Boulder Crowd funding Pilot, Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano, Leeds School of Business, Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, Fundraising Platform, Crowd funding, bytes=5874732
LISTEN TO: Ray Johnson, Crowd funding Pilot Project - Leeds School of Business

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What to expect at GlueCon 2014 Eric Norlin, Founder, Gluecon
1545_ 5/12/14 - Glue Con coming May 21 & 22, 2014. Eric Norlin, Founder of the Glue Conference, said, On day 1, you’ll see several breakout tracks: APIs, Cloud, DevOps and Identity. These tracks are designed to be taken “as a whole” — which is to say, that my intent is that you would pick a track for the afternoon. Of course, you’re more than free to violate that, and bounce from track to track. But, for instance, in the Identity track, you’ll get exposed to a session on tokens, one on OneName (distributed identity via bitcoin’s block chain), several on SSO and OpenID, and one on mobile platforms and identity. Similarly, in the DevOps track, you’ll dig in on SaltStack, Ansible, using Go and AWS clusters, and Docker. And again, the same kind of pattern for APIs and Cloud. Each track has discussion time and led Q&A — where the sessions are meant to inspire discussions *across* the individual session topics. 2.) Running parallel to the day 1 tracks, you’ll find 2 workshops. These workshops (one on Mesos, and one on ECL and HPCC) are 2 hours in length, and meant as extensive dives into a specific topic. 3.) Day 2s breakouts are grouped by themed tracks, per se, but you’ll still find broad groupings of topics — be they devops, APIs, platforms, SDKs, or analytics. 4.) In all cases, you’ll find solo presentations that are meant to be technically advanced. In other words, come prepared. 5.) Over the 2 days of GlueCon, you’ll find 78 sessions PACKED with content. No fluffy panels, just substance. "I hope you’ll take a few minutes and really look through the agenda. If you’re a developer, I’m confident that doing so will make you want to attend. And to do that, all you need to do is register."
RELATED LINKS: Agenda || REGISTER || Photos Gluecon 2013 || Defrag Conference 2013 || Software Channel || w3w3 Blog || KEYWORDS: Eric Norlin, Gluecon, tokens, OneName, bitcoin, SSO, Open ID, DevOps, SaltStack, Ansible, Go , AWS, clusters, Docker, APIs, Mesos, ECL, HPCC, Cloud Computing, Mobile Development, Big Data, APIs, CIO, CTO, Techno Babble, Renaissance Enterprise Developer, Drone Technology, Foundry Group, Brad Feld, Seth Levine, Jason Mendelson, Ryan McIntyre


Achieving Your Personal and Professional Goals
The Ultimate Win - Your Goal1486_ 1/13/14 - Don't Let Another Year Go By - The Ultimate Win is Yours! Larry Nelson has taught this material in seminars in over a dozen countries, from China to Canada, from Norway to Australia, from Germany to Japan as well as throughout the US. He shares the results of his international research about the Characteristics of an Achiever and then goes on to help you lay out your "personalized blueprint" for personal and professional success. Larry is an internationally published author, has been a consultant to many Fortune 1000 companies and is best known for his train-the-trainer programs and w3w3.com Talk Radio. Larry and Pat developed these materials 20 years ago and put them up on the web in July 2007. The ‘Ultimate Win’ link below takes you to a page that allows you to download and print the entire Resource Guide and listen to all the Audio Sections for FREE. This is our thanks to you…have a great year!
RELATED LINKS: Ultimate Win || 3-Filters || Your Goal || Training Trends || Mastering Change || KEYWORDS: Ultimate Win, High-Tech, Goals, Training Trends, Business, Interviews, Photo Chronicles, Pat Nelson, Larry Nelson > Learn More
LEARN MORE: Larry Nelson, Exec. Director, Institute for Change Research

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