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Chas Williams, Business Development Director, m62Good vs. Powerful Presentation Secrets - 11/15/04
This time Chas Williams of m62 was in the w3w3® Media Network Studio rather than in England for this follow-up interview. Chas shared a few “golden nuggets” with Larry and wait until you hear the last one. There are only a few seats left, but you are invited to the First Seminar at the w3w3® Studio & Center and hear Chas talk about “Killer Presentations”… Free, but space is limited ‘Check it Out’

Chas Williams, m62 Visual CommunicationDeath by PowerPoint vs. Killer Presentations
Are you ready for another bullet point presentation that is read word-for-word as the person next to you starts snoring? We know the answer, but that’s what we’ll all see at the next meeting…unless Chas Williams of m62 gets his way. There’s more than one idea in this UK interview that can give you the edge. Picture this! 10/25/04

Setting the Standard for Result-Oriented Presentations
In the eyes of the beholder - Next generation PowerPoint

Top 3 things missed when preparing a PowerPoint presentation
1- Developed to help the presenter rather than appeal to the audience
2- Didn't take the proper measures to target or engage the audience
3- Nothing new was built in...bullet points, same old, same old

Top 3 reasons why the prospects don't say "Yes"
1- Presentation did not prove the value proposition
2- Confusing display of the facts and lacked clarity
3- Absence of a marketplace differentiator & boring

Top 3 reasons why prospects say "Yes"
1- Visual presentation & content was powerful & proven
2- You can touch, feel and understand the benefits
3- The compelling delivery made the decision obvious

To our w3w3 listeners and subscribers-
You might ask, "Is this program for everyone and is it worth my time?" It's more than worth your time (that's why I'm personally inviting you). It might not be for everyone, but I can't imagine anyone that wouldn't from the expertise of Chas Williams.

Chas Williams has over 3 highly successful decades of sales, training and marketing experience working for Fortune 100 organizations, and now for m62. With a wealth of knowledge from his relationships with ‘C Level’ executives in enterprises such as Citigroup, AIG, PwC, EDS and Bayer, Chas is an inspiring keynote speaker to audiences of 100 or more the world over.

Pat & I will be personally attending to pick up on some leading edge ideas directly from the UK. See why companies around the world have benefited from the expertese of m62.

Visit m62 in the UK for Visual Communication
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