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Special Events - Conferences - Monthly Meetings

Larry & Pat Nelson, w3w3.comUse This Planning Calendar - Now you can plan your events avoid conflicts that can cost you and your membership so much strife. Everyone in the community can see at a glance what is coming and plan appropriately - no more double booking and missing events. LISTEN

*** Does your organization have a Special Event that should be listed on the “Save These Dates & Coming Events” Portal? This page can help your organization in PlanningAvoid Conflicting Dates with other organizations. This is a Collaboration tool to enhance your effectiveness within the community.  If your organization has regular monthly meetings we invite you to submit them for posting on our Web Community Calendar (no cost).

UPDATED REGULARILY: Add this page to your Favorites, as new events are added frequently.
Submit Your Event Dates  Submit Your Event Dates Here! Plan successful events in the future that won't conflict with others. Events for 2011 are coming in now!
2010 Community Calendar JAN - FEB - MAR - APR - MAY - JUN - JUL - AUG - SEPT - OCT - NOV - DEC || Past Events 2009 || 2008 || 2007 || 2006
Back to the Top December 2008 - Communty Calenar Looking Ahead - 2011 Event Dates
RESERVED for 2011
Make Your Reservations Now - The Year Ahead
January 6 DUE
CORE Colorado: Nominations for Sustainability Champion Award
January 10 M - PM
DaVinci Institute: The Future of Cloud Computing
January 11 T - Noon
ACG Denver: Monthly Luncheon Alan Beaulieu, Economist Institute Trend Research
1/11 T - PM
Rockies Venture Club: Founders Institute with Jon Nordmark
1/12 W - PM
TiE Rockies: Building MULTIPLE Billion Dollar Companies in the worst economy of our lifetime
1/12 W - PM
DaVinci: eBook eVolution - eVolving your readers' eXperience with effective eBooks
1/12 W PM
Boulder Startup and Founder Meetup
1/13 Th AM
RMIMA Data Loss Liability of Owners, Officer & Board Members
1/14 F - AM
IMC CO Who Will You Be in 2011 and Beyond?
1/18 T - PM
CU Technology Transfer Office - Annual Awards Banquet
1/20 Th - AM
CORE - Sustainability Breakfast and Tour; Xcel Energy
1/20 Th - PM
Communications Technology Professionals (CTP): January Social
1/24 M - PM
Silicon Flatirons: Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Pete Sheinbaum, Mandelbrot Project, Inc.
1/24 M - PM
Startup Junkie - Top 10 Entrepreneurial Trends for 2011
1/26 W - AM
ACG Corporate Executive Breakfast: Power of Peer Collaboration
1/27 Th - PM
Mile High Chapter of AITP The Job Doctors 2011
ACG Denver: Sam Martin CEO Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company
2/2 W - PM
TiE Rockies: Deals to be Funded by Silicon Valley VCs
2/7 M - PM
Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Nicole Skogg, CEO of SpyderLynk
2/7 M - PM
Night with a Futurist - How Boomers Are Changing the Future for Business
2/8 T - PM
RVC: Disruptive Strategies for Your Ideas, Your Team, Your Companys
2/10 Th PM
DaVinci Institute: The Mayan Calendar Evolution
2/13-14 S/M Day
Silicon Flatirons (SF): Digital Broadband Migration: The Dynamics of Disruptive Innovation
2/15 T PM
CTP's 11th Annual "Future of Communications" How Tele-control networks building the Smart Grid
2/15 T PM
DaVinci Institute Critical Components of Online Training, Demo & Presentations
2/21 M PM
Startup Junkie Underground, How to Start Growing Your Business Globally
2/22 T PM
Silicon Flatirons (SF): Crash Course, Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs
MARCH 1 T - Noon
ACG Denver: Mark Van Tine CEO Jeppesen
3/4 F - PM
SF: Mile High Tech Entrepreneurshp Conference, CU, Wolf Law
3/10 Th - PM
SF: New Venture challenge Finals
3/22 T - PM
DaVinci Institute: Is There a Book in You?
APRIL 1 F - Day
Silicon Flatirons Center Intellectual Property and the Cloud
APRIL 11-12 M/T - Day
CORE Colorado 2011 Sustainable Opportunities Summit
4/11- 14 M-Th
27th National Space Symposium, at The Broadmoor Hotel
4/27-28 W-Th
ACG Denver: Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference
JUNE 6 S Day
ACG 13th Annual Golf Challenge
Defrag Conference 2011 - Save the date!
Back to the Top December 2008 - Communty Calenar PAST EVENTS: 2010 January Event Dates
January 2010
Reserve Your Dates for 2010 Now... We arrived here sooner than you thought... Thank You!
1/4/10 M - PM
DaVinci: Night with a Futurist - Next Generation Nuclear Power
1/5/10 T - Noon
ACG Denver: Institute Trend Research, Alan Beaulieu, Economist
1/9/10 S - AM
DaVinci Institute: StataSphere Boot Camp
1/12/10 T - AM
RVC: A Conversation with Colorado's Inc 500
1/13/10 W - AM
CORE: Sustainability Breakfast; Feel-good Government Grants
1/13/10 W - PM
Startup Guru: Startup and Founder Meetup
1/14/10 Th - AM
RMIMA - Rocky Mtn Information Management Association: Annual Employment Panel
1/14/10 Th - PM
ComTechPros: CTP Fiesta
1/15/10 F - AM
IMC USA: Ethics for Business Success: Dr. Kevin O'Brien
1/18/10 M - PM
Startup Junkie - Getting it Right in the Startup World
1/20/10 W - PM
CU TTO Annual Awards Banquet
1/21/10 Th - PM
AITP: Moderated Panel - The Job Doctors
1/23/10 S - AM
DaVinci: Finding, Pitching and Closing Investors
1/25/10 M - PM
SF Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Ryan Martens and Tim Miller, Rally Software
1/26/10 T - PM
Colorado Cleantech Initiative
1/26/10 T - PM
RVC Workshop: Everything About Term Sheets
1/28/10 Th - PM
TiE Rockies: Appetite for Destruction: The Crash of the Record Industry - Liberty Global - Starz
1/31 - 2/1/2010 S-M - Day
Silicon Flatirons Ctr: The Digital Broadband Migration: Examining the Internet's Ecosystem
Back to the Top February 2010 - w3w3 Planning Calendar PAST EVENTS: 2010 FEBRUARY nt Dates
2/1/10 M - PM
Night with a Futurist - Future of Television and Telephony
2/2/10 T - Noon
ACG Denver: Sean Menke, CEO Frontier Airlines
2/2/10 T - PM
Arapahoe Community College IP Basics
2/3/10 W - PM
Communication Technology Professionals (CTP): 10th Annual FUTURE of COMMUNICATIONS Program
2/3/10 W - PM
HRO & SiliconFlatirons at CU Intellectual Property "Crash Course" for Entrepreneurs
2/4/10 Th - PM
RMIA: Fort Collins Inventors' Meeting
2/9/10 Th - PM
RVC: Filtrbox - A Case Study from Start-up to Exit
2/10/10 W - PM
Startup Guru: Startup & Founder Meetup
2/11/10 Th - AM
RMIMA - Rocky Mtn Information Management Association
Glue Conference 5/26-27: Early Bird Registration Open through 4/2/10
2/15/10 M - PM
Startup Junkie Underground: The Future of Board Composition
2/17/10 M - AM
CORE: Sustainability Breakfast – Developments in Recycling
2/17/10 W - PM
KidsTek 9th Annual Dinner: Celebration and Fundraiser
2/18/10 Th - PM
RMIA: Colorado Springs Inventors' Meeting
2/18/10 Th - PM
Boulder Business & Professional Women: Embrace Your Wellness
2/20/10 S - Day
DaVinci Institute: Affiliate Marketing 101 Boot Camp
2/22/10 M - PM
CPIA: Colorado Photonics Industry Assn Quarterly Meeting
2/22/10 M - PM
SF Entrepreneurs Unplugged: With Krista Marks, Co-Founder of Kerpoof
2/24/10 W - PM
RVC: Intellectual Property –Overview for entrepreneurs
2/25/10 Th - Noon
TiE Rockies WEBINAR: Public Relations as a Profit Driver
2/25/10 Th - PM
RMIA: Denver Inventors' Meeting
Back to the Top  PAST EVENTS: 2010 MARCH Event Dates
3/1/2010 M - PM
Night with a Futurist - Stepping Into the Future of Solar Energy
3/2-4/2010 T-Th - Day
CORE: Sustainable Opportunities Summit 2010
3/6/2010 S - Day
DaVinci Institute: Intuitive Intelligence Boot Camp
3/9/10 T - PM
RVC: Colorado IT Live 2010
3/11/10 Th - AM
RMIMA: IT Job Market
3/11/10 Th - PM
CSIA Presents: C-Level @ A Mile High
3/12/10 F - AM
IMC: Trends Impacting Colorado Business & Consulting Success
3/15/10 M - PM
Startup Junkie Underground: Bringing Your Product to Market
3/15/10 M - PM
Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Tyler Tysdal Mantucket Capital
CU Entrepreneurship Week, Silicon Flatirons' Entrepreneurship Conference & CU NVC competition
3/17-18/2010 W-Th - Day
ACG Denver (Assoc. for Corporate Growth): Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference 2010
3/18/10 Th - 2:30
SFC Annual Mile High Tech Entrepreneurship Conf: Role of Place, Immigration, Iteration & Innovation
3/18/10 Th - PM
Boulder BPW: Celebration of Women!
3/19/10 F - AM
Middle Market Entrepreneurs: Social Media as a Business Builder
3/25-27/10 Day
Day ColoradoFIRST Robotics Regional Competition - DU Ritchie Center
3/25/10 Th - PM
The Inventors Roundtable March Meeting Loveland
Back to the Top Calendar of Events April 2009 2010 APRIL Event Dates
4/2/10 F - Day
Glue Conference 2010 - Early Bird Registration Closes
4/2/10 F - Day
SF: Putting the Law Online, A Law.Gov Workshop
4/3/10 S - Day
DaVinci Institute: Guerrilla Marketing Toolkit Boot Camp
4/5/10 M - PM
Night with a Futurist:The Decline and Fall of the American Entrepreneur
4/6/10 T - DUE
CCC: Call for Presenters - Due by 5:00 PM RMDT
4/6/10 T - Noon
ACG Denver: Jerre Stead, CEO, IHS
4/7/10 W - PM
TiE Rockies: Virtual Organizations - Roundtable
4/8/10 Th - AM
RMIMA - Rocky Mtn Information Management Association
4/8/10 Th - PM
CTP: Communications Executive of the Year & Ascent Award Dinner
4/8/10 Th - PM
Inventors Roundtable April Meeting Denver
4/9/10 F - AM
IMC: Build Your Business & Consulting Firm
4/12-15/10 M-Th - Day
26th National Space Symposium: Colorado Spring, Colorado
4/13/10 T - PM
RVC: Venture Pub
4/14/10 W - Noon
TiE Rockies: Public Relations as a Profit Driver
4/14/10 W - PM
StartUp Guru Boulder: StartUp and Founder Meetup
4/15/10 Th - PM
Boulder Business and Professional Women: Young Careerist Competition
4/19/10 M - PM
Entrepreneurs Unplugged: CEO Howard Diamond
4/19/10 M - PM
DaVinci Institute: Franchising Success = Hyper Growth
4/20/10 T - Noon
TiE Rockies: Managing Successful Virtual Teams & Organizations
4/20/10 T - PM
Inventors Roundtable April Meeting Colorado Springs
4/20/10 T - PM
Peak Venture Group MIT Enterprise Forum
4/21/10 W - AM
Peak Venture Group Volunteer Recruitment Breakfast
4/21/10 W - PM
Bard Entrepreneurial Network Founder Institute
4/22/10 Th - PM
Inventors Roundtable April Meeting Loveland
4/22/10 Th - PM
Rocky Mountain Inventors Assoc Denver Area
4/24/10 S - AM
StartUp Guru Build A World Class Company Workshop
4/24/10 S - AM
CORE: Green Marketing Labs Series
4/27/10 T - PM
CORE: Why Wall Street is Paying Attention to Sustainability
4/29/10 Th - PM
Silicon Flatirons Patents and Free and Open Source Software
4/29/10 Th - PM
Peak Venture Group PVG Social
4/30/10 F - AM
Boulder Chamber Social Media 2010 - The Business Edition
Back to the Top May 2009 Events Calendar - Tech Colorado 2010 MAY Event Dates
5/1/10 S - AM
DaVinci Institute: Marketing Automation Boot Camp
5/1/10 S - PM
StartUp Guru Launch Party Boulder
5/3/10 M - PM
DaVinci Institute: Shifting Gears on the Space Program
5/4/10 T - Noon
TiE Rockies: Designing a Powerhouse Revenue Growth Model
5/4/10 T - Noon
ACG Denver Luncheon: Timothy Marquez, Chairman & CEO Venoco
5/9/10 S - All Day
Happy MOTHER's Day
5/11-12 T-W - Day
CORE: Certified GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Training
5/12/10 W - Day
Rockies Venture Club: Colorado Capital Conference
5/12 W - PM
StartUp Guru: StartUp & Founder Meetup: Jeff Hoffman
5/13-14 Th-F
5th Annual Veterans Small Business Conference
5/13/10 Th - AM
RMIMA - Rocky Mtn Information Management Association
5/13 Th - AM
StartUp Guru: Launching and Funding Your Startup Business
5/13 Th - PM
StartUp Guru: Jeff Hoffman - Mentoring Circle
5/13/10 Th - PM
TiE Rockies CEO Conversations with Colorado Game-changers
5/14/10 F - AM
IMC USA: Forming, Managing & Leveraging Virtual Partnerships
5/14/10 F - AM
Peak Venture Group PVG Breakfast
5/17/10 M - PM
Startup Junkie Underground: Doing Business in India
5/20 Th - AM
ACG Denver Leadership Planning Event-*Invitation from the President - RSVP Required
5/20/10 Th - PM
CTP: Convergence of Communications within Smart Energy
5/20/10 Th - PM
Mile High Chapter AITP Keynote & Awards Recognition
5/20/10 Th - PM
Colorado Photonics Industry Assn: Raising Capital
5/20/10 Th - PM
ASAP CO: Successful Field Execution with Partners
5/20/10 Th - PM
Boulder BPW: Tonya Riggs Clement "Everest: Everyone Has One"
5/21/10 F - AM
Peak Venture Group M-ME Breakfast Panel
5/22 S - AM
CORE: Green Marketing Labs Series
5/24-25 Day
Nano Renewable Energy Summit
5/25 T - AM
ACG Denver: Corporate Executive Breakfast
5/26-27 W-Th - Day
2010 Glue Conference - Denver, CO
5/27 Th - PM
Rocky Mountain Inventors Association Denver Area Meeting
Back to the Top June 2008 Event Calendar 2010 JUNE Event Dates
6/1/10 T
In June look for the Bard Center for Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition
6/2/10 W Day
Boulder Economic Council: Boulder Economic Summit
6/5 S - Day
DaVinci Institute: Facebook Boot Camp
6/7 M - PM
Night with a Futurist Finding the Future with Lights-On Leadership
6/8 T - AM
Boulder SBDC: Scaling Up – Access to Capital
6/8 T - Noon
ACG Denver: Monthly Luncheon
6/8/10 T - PM
RVC: IP - Patent law overview for entrepreneurs
6/9/10 W - AM
CORE Sustainability Breakfast
6/9/10 W - PM
TiE Rockies Power Your Business Revenue Growth
6/9/10 W - PM
StartUp Guru StartUp & Founder Meetup
6/10/10 Th - Day
BARD Center: Business Plan Competition
6/11 F - AM
IMC: CO Breakfast Meeting, Leveraging Scenario Planning
6/11 F - AM
Idea Cafe: Idea Cafe Weekly Meeting
6/14/10 M - Day
KidsTek - 9th Annual Charity Golf Classic
6/15/10 T - Day
Boulder County Business Report Green Summit
6/15/10 T - Day
Rocky Mountain Venture Capital Association One Day Entrepreneur Bootcamp
6/15 T - PM
SIM and RMIMA: Colorado Business Technology - Danger or Opportunity Ahead?
6/17 Th - PM
CORE How Green Initiatives Impact the Oil, Gas & Power Industries
6/18 F - PM
Colorado Companies to Watch Gala Event
6/19 S - AM
CORE: Green Marketing Labs Series
6/20/10 S - All Day
Happy FATHER's Day!!!
6/21/10 M - AM
ACG Denver 12th Annual Golf Tournament
6/21/10 M - PM
Startup Junkie: Turn Your Passion into a Million Dollar Business
6/22 T – AM
Boulder SBDC: How to Pitch an Angel
6/22 T – PM
Silicon Flatirons & CTP: Entrepreneurs Unplugged
6/23 W Noon
TiE Rockies Create a Dynamite Social Media Program for Your Business
6/24 Th - PM
TiE Rockies The 7 Numbers that Determine Success or Failure
6/27-30 Day
iste.2010 Intrn'l Society for Technology in Education® - Denver Convention Center
ACG Leadership 20 Nominations Due
Back to the Top July Events Calendear, Colorado Technology/Business Community 2010 JULY Event Dates
Plan & Schedule Your Events Now
INDEPENDENCE Day - Happy July 4th - USA!!!
7/8 Th - PM
TiE Rockies Domain Names & Search Engine Optimization
7/8 Th - PM
Inventors’ Roundtable Denver Monthly Meeting
7/12 M - PM
DaVinci Institute Uncovering the Opportunities
7/13 T - PM
RVC: Raising Capital in Today's Environment
7/15 Th - PM
CSIA Apex Awards
7/16 F - Day
CORE: Leading Edges of Sustainability Strategy
7/17 S - AM
CORE: Green Marketing Labs Series
7/21 W - PM
TiE Rockies Summer Social: Special Networking Event
7/21 W - PM
DaVinci Institute How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business
7/22 Th - PM
DaVinci Institute Fast Path to Getting Published
7/26 M - PM
Startup Junkie - Pedaling Your Way to Success, and Getting Lucky Along the Way
Intn'l Symposium Advanced Radio Technologies (ISART): Shared Spectrum Technologies
7/29 Th - PM
TiE Rockies Sustainable Energy Initiative: Guided Networking
Back to the Top August 2008 Save the Dates Community Calendar @ 2010 AUGUST Event Dates
8/3/10 T - Noon
ACG Denver: Monthly Luncheon: Aaron Todd, CEO Air Methods
8/5/10 Th - AM
TechStars: Boulder's Demo Day
8/9 M - PM
DaVinci Institute The Green Flight Project: Revolutionizing Aviation
8/10 T - PM
DaVinci Institute The Ecology of Entrepreneurship
8/10 T - PM
RVC: Venture Pub and Colorado Success Stories
8/11 W - AM
CORE Sustainability Breakfast: Developments in Recycling
8/11 W - PM
Boulder Startup & Founders Meetup
8/12 Th - PM
TiE Rockies: Group Mentoring
8/17 T - PM
DaVinci Institute Cause Marketing - Doing Great by Doing Good 101
8/18 W - PM
DaVinci Institute How to Unleash the Power of Twitter
8/23 M - PM
Startup Junkie Do as I say, not as I did - A story of overcoming mistakes and obstacles
8/24 T - PM
Startup Junkie How to Energize Your PowerPoint Presentations
8/24 T - PM
BCBR: IQ Awards
8/26/10 M - PM
CPIA: Colorado Photonics Industry Assn Quarterly Meeting
8/26/10 M - PM
Communication Tec Professionals: StratStaff Intro and Social
8/29/10 Sun - Day
Day Venus de Miles: Bike ride, festival, sisterhood, and inspiration
8/31/10 T - PM
CORE & NREL Colorado Cleantech Initiative
Back to the Top August 2008 Save the Dates Community Calendar @ 2010 SEPTEMBER Event Dates
Plan & Schedule Your Events Now
9/8 W - 1:00pm
Silicon Flatirons: Wireless Broadband: Markets, Models & Spectrum
9/8 W - PM
Boulder Startup and Founder Meetup
9/9 Th - Noon
RMIMA: I would fire all of IT if I could
9/10 F - AM
IMC USA: Defining and Understanding Your Clients
9/13 M - PM
Night with a Futurist: An American Social Entrepreneur in War-Torn Afghanistan
9/14/10 T - Noon
ACG Denver: Monthly Luncheon Ray Schiavone CEO Quark
9/14/10 T - PM
RVC: Monthly Business Program
9/14/10 T - PM
DaVinci Inst Learn How to Create, Develop and Publish a Book
9/15/10 W - AM
CORE: Sustainability Breakfast
9/16/10 Th - PM
Communication Tech Professionals [CTP]: Cloud Computing Networks - One Size Does Not Fit All
9/16/10 Th - PM
Boulder BPW: Theresa Szczurek on Passionate Purpose Success Formula
9/20 - 10/15
NCWIT: Applications Open - Aspirations in Computing for High School Divas - Due by October 15th
9/20/10 M - PM
Silicon Flatirons:Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Andre Durand, Ping
9/22 - 10/10/10
Cavalia: Daytime & Evening Shows 9/22 - 10/10/10
9/23 Th - PM
Young Americans Center: Entrepreneur of the Year
9/23-24 Th/F - Day
Greenhouse Scholars: Dinner Royale
9/24 F - Day
DU, AITP, RMIMA: Cloud Computing - Are You Ready
9/23-24 Th/F - Day
Colorado Generation Geo 2010: CeGEHPA
9/25 S - Day
NAAAP Colorado: Be a Talent in Demand
9/27 M - PM
Startup Junkie Underground: How to build a million dollar startup
9/28 T - PM
DaVinci: Energize Your PowerPoint Presentation
9/29-30 W-Th - Day
CBSA: BioWest 2010
Back to the Top October 2008 - Tech Community Calendar 2010 OCTOBER Event Dates
Reserve Your Dates Coming - ACG DealMaker's Event - CSIA DEMOgala - Naturally Boulder Days
10/1-2 F/S - Day
Telluride Tech Fest 2010 Tickets FREE - Limited Seating Register Now!
10/1 F - Day
Defrag: Early Bird Discount Ends Today
10/2 S - Day
The Mother of Invention Regional Conference
10/4 M - PM
CTP and Silicon Flatirons From Broadcast (MULTICAST) to Video-Anywhere
10/5/10 T - Noon
ACG Denver: George Heinrichs, CEO, Intrado
10/5/10 T - Noon
DaVinci Institute: The Ins and Outs of Audio Book Production
10/7/10 Th - Day
10/11 M- PM
Silicon Flatirons (SFC)/Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Greg Maffei & Michael Zeisser, Liberty Media
10/14 Th - Noon
Silicon Flatirons (SFC): Internet Architecture and Innovation
10/19 T - PM
DaVinci Institute Moving from the Fast-Lane to the Difference-Maker Lane
10/20/10 W - PM
ACG Denver: 5th Annual Investment & Finance Cross-Networking
10/21/10 Th - PM
Boulder BPW Monthly Meeting
10/21/10 Th - PM
AITP Denver : Mastering Change - Supercharge Your Business
10/21/10 Th - PM
CTP : Oktoberfest
10/22/10 F - Noon
CU Boulder Alumni: Smart Lunch with Dave Morin
10/23/10 S - Day
Inventor Boot Camp 2010
10/25/10 M - PM
DaVinci Why America and the world needs more entrepreneurial superheroes
Back to the Top space 2010 NOVEMBER Event Dates
November 2010
Reserve Your Dates - Coming; Defrag 2009 - DaVinci Inventors Showcase - BioWest - Broadband Summit - RVC Angel Capital Summit - Thanksgiving
11/1/10 M - Day
Angel Capital Summit DUE - Applications to Present
11/2/10 T - Noon
ACG Denver: Paul Larkins, CEO, SquareTwo Financial
11/4 Th - Day
CTP - Communications Technology Professionals: Tech It Out
11/8 M - PM
DaVinci Institute Harnessing the Power of Audio Books
11/9/10 T - PM
RVC Celebrates 25 Years with a VC Panel
11/10/10 W - AM
CORE Sustainability Breakfast
11/10/10 W - PM
ACG Denver DealMaker's Forum
11/11/10 Th 11am
RMIMA: Ben Reeser, 3T Systems Making Business Case for Desktop Virtualization
11/12/10 F - AM
Institute of Management Consultants - CO Chapter Breakfast Seminar
11/13 S - Day
DaVinci Institute: DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2010
11/13 S - Day
Rocky Mountain ProductCamp
11/15 M - PM
SF Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Nathan Seidel, SprakFun, Inc.
11/17-18 W/Th- Day
Defrag 2010 Conference Accelerating the aha factor! - Broomfield, CO
11/17 W - PM
CPIA: Colorado Photonics Industry Assn Annual Meeting
11/18 Th - PM
Boulder BPW Monthly Meeting
11/18 Th - PM
AITP: Introduction to the Testing Maturity Model Enhanced™
11/25 Th - Day
Happy Thanksgiving!
11/29 M - PM
Startup Junkie Underground: From the Napkin to the Marketplace
11/30 T - PM
CORE: Colorado Cleantech Initiative
Back to the Top December 2008 - Communty Calenar 2010 DECEMBER Event Dates
December 2010
Reserve Your Dates Now - End of Year Socials - Thank You's - Christmas - New Year's Eve
12/1/10 W - PM
DaVinci: Reinventing Yourself in these Times of Change
12/3/10 F - Day
Silicon Flatirons: Privacy & the Press: New Media Landscape
12/6/10 M - PM
CTP, Communications Technology Pros: December Holiday Social
12/6-7/10 M/T - Day
Rockies Venture Club: Angel Capital Summit
12/7/10 T - AM
Social entrepreneurship Breakfast: Cable Center
12/7/10 T - Noon
ACG Denver: Dennis Whittle, globalgiving - 4th Annual Business/Social Enterprise
12/8/10 W - PM
DaVinci: A Branding Extravaganza
12/9/10 Th - Noon
RMIMA: A Gradual Migration to the Cloudy
12/9/10 Th - PM
Inventors Roundtable: Monthly Meeting
12/9/10 Th - PM
CORE: Member holiday party
12/9/10 Th - PM
ACG Denver: Private Equity / Intermediary Networking Event at Invesco Field
12/13/10 M - PM
DaVinci Institute: 2010 Holiday Party
12/14/10 T - PM
RMIMA: brings bacvk the office holiday party
12/16/10 Th - PM
Mile High Chapter of AITP: Holiday Social & Networking Event
12/25/10 S - AM
MERRY CHRISTMAS! - HAPPY HOLIDAYS - Have Fun and Get Mentally Prepared for 2011
12/31/10 F - PM
Check out the LifePics for prints of your favorite photos! Photo Albums... you could be there.
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