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w3w3® Internet Radio Featured Media Partner Sherry Law, ACG Denver   Miss an ACG event? Want to know more about what key ACG speakers are thinking? Curious to learn more about other ACG members? There’s a wealth of information and photos on the ACG channel at w3w3.com. ACG-Denver chose w3w3 Internet Radio as a media partner and they’ve gone over the top in delivering for us. Larry and Pat Nelson get additional perspectives from many of our speakers in their interviews and capture the experience of ACG events through photos. Their interviews with ACG leaders provide insight on a variety of business topics. ACG’s channel is one of many on w3w3. Larry and Pat capture the news and views from the governor, Metro area mayors, business leaders, entrepreneurs and prominent players visiting here from the around the world in their interviews. Join the thousands of business people who keep informed by regularly checking www.w3w3.com. And sign up for the newsletter.

Larry Nelson, Managing Change in the Midst of Chaos Supercharge Your Business, Now
1634_ 11/10/14 - Discover 3 new ways of Thinking, Planning and Executing... Learn about the Process – 1) Radical Planning – Are you ready for it? The audit will help you cross the sea of change with a successful, proven process. 2) The People Factor – What's the answer to the people puzzle? How do you tap into your team's mental DNA? Allow your people to be the solution. 3) The Trends – There is a ground swell in your market space. Can you identify it? Capitalize on it and avoid the traps and pitfalls. "Growth is impossible without change. As Larry points out, the most effective way to manage change is to create it. Mastering Change allows for new natural alignment and unprecedented growth and success.” Curt Coffman, Co-Author, 'First Break all the Rules'. What do these organizations have in common? AT&T, Ball Aerospace, Bechtel Corp, Canon, Children’s Hospital, Dean Foods, First National Bank, GE, Hilton, IBM, IRS, Johnson Controls, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, Microsoft, Mobil Oil Japan, 3M, NCAR, Sanyo Australia, Stanford University, Tiffany and Company, Toledo Edison, US Forest Service, US Dept. of Transportation, United Way, University of Colorado, University of Wisconsin… Answer: They and many others have tapped into Larry Nelson’s programs. Guy Kawasaki, author of Reality Check and co-founder of Alltop.com, www.garage.com said, "Larry’s plain talk approach for managing teams is refreshing and practical. His advice will help teams deal with change challenges in unknown economic times because it’s not filled with hype and jargon. Mastering Change is a great resource for entrepreneurs and managers." Try Something Disruptive to Supercharge Your Business.
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Ascent Awards 2013 - CTP and TiE Rockies Please join CTP, TiE Rockies & The Innovation Pavilion in recognizing Larry and Pat Nelson as our 2013 CTP Tech Icon Award recipients!
Sherry Law, Evergreen Communications - 1452_ 10/14/2013

Pat & Larry Nelson, Co-Founders, w3w3® Media Network, aka  w3w3.comIf you attend business events in Colorado, you’ve undoubtedly seen Larry and Pat Nelson, Larry with camera in hand. As founders of w3w3® Media Network, they have attended more than 1,000 events, taken more than 40,000 photos, and interviewed 2,000-plus tech leaders since 1998. Communications Technology Professionals (CTP) is turning the lens on Larry and Pat on November 7th to present them with the Tech Icon Award as part of the Annual Ascent Awards. It is the very first award of its kind. The Annual Ascent Awards celebrate Colorado entrepreneurial technology companies, recognizing excellence in a variety of categories. The event is presented by CTP and TiE® Rockies and held each year at the Innovation Pavilion. CTP holds two other keynote events each year, The Future of Technology (FOT), and the Technology Executive of the Year. "Larry and Pat are ever-present and constant supporters of Colorado tech companies," says Debora Langer, CTP president. "The board wanted a way to express how much Larry and Pat have meant to us over the past 15 years—and the Tech Icon Award was born in an immediate and unanimous decision. We are thrilled to be making the inaugural award to Larry and Pat, who are Colorado’s true tech icons. We invite everyone who knows Larry and Pat to join us in celebrating them on November 7th." The Nelson’s have supported technology companies and companies in diverse industries since co-founding w3w3®Media Network in 1998. The w3w3 all-business radio show website consists of blogs, podcasts, articles, recorded and archived audio and video interviews, business photos and a business calendar of events. Larry also conducts in-house seminars and offers keynote addresses on various business topics, including "Mastering Change in the Midst of Chaos," also the title of his latest book. Larry and Pat have been entrepreneurs in other realms as well, having lived in and owned businesses in five foreign countries that ranged from retail stores to high tech; warehouses to direct mail; and manufacturing to consulting and training. Register for the Annual Ascent Awards:


w3w3® Media Network Links that will make a difference
914_ 10/25/10- w3w3® Media Network is all about supporting business and technology in Colorado.  We specialize in creating valuable links and relationships to help you grow your company, build your team, get insights to various industries, keep you up-to-date, raise money, increase your income and profits, and so much more...Venture Capital; Tech Transfer; Communications Technology Professionals; Mergers and Acquisitions; It's the Law; Training Trends; Colorado Companies to Watch; Mastering Change; Looking for Money; In the News; and more...Just click on the topic of your interest and you'll find treasure trove of information...
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Purpose of w3w3® Talk Radio w3w3® Talk Radio is a blend of Internet talk radio, an online business magazine and an aggregator of business development strategies. Although it has a worldwide reach, w3w3® is community focused, in Colorado.

Three-part Mission of w3w3® Talk Radio (Customers, Sponsors & Community)

w3w3® supports the right that the average person's experience of the World Wide Web is enjoyable, informative and safe by providing an on-demand menu of programs, materials and resources, 24/7.
w3w3® is committed to support the efforts of our sponsors to be profitable and serve as a vehicle to help get their message out as well as keep their prospects informed about the sponsor's latest developments.
w3w3® actively supports a full range of associations, public events and public sector organizations by offering access to a Web Community Calendar, portal pages and announcements about their activities.

Target Audience (Listeners, Readers & Attendees)
w3w3® offers online interviews and speeches 24/7 with 15 different topic Channels. The interviews range from short 2 to 5 minutes to longer in-depth interviews. While the various Channels appeal to a broad and expanding audience, the interviews have a high-tech bent and are quite topic targeted and deliver a learning experience to the listeners. Even those with a 28K modem connection can enjoy their favorite program.

w3w3® offers an expanding variety of short articles as well as extensive white papers. Currently all of the articles and white papers maybe downloaded and printed for personal use. w3w3® also has a relationship with the Colorado BIZ Magazine. The editor participates in a w3w3® interview and publishes an article about the joint interview. Monthly w3w3® receives a full color ad in the magazine.

Co-founders & Producer
Larry and Pat Nelson
, the co-founders of w3w3® have more than three decades of experience as entrepreneurs in six countries. Larry is the producer of w3w3®, a published author, trainer and most notably a business development architect. He has been a consultant to both public and private sector organizations including AT&T, Children's Hospital, First National Bank, General Electric, IRS, Microsoft, 3M, US Forest Service, US West, IBM, United Way, Toyota, Toledo Edison, University of Wisconsin, Mobil Oil, Time Insurance and many, many more.

Larry is available for keynote speeches and special inhouse training programs. More Information

Happy New Year 2010 764_ Google ranks Colorado’s w3w3.com number one for the “Business Internet Talk Radio” show (Google has over 25,000,000 listings).
We were ranked higher than many big names including Voice America, etc. Check it at… The same is true for the category “Entrepreneurs Internet Talk Radio” show… see at…
In January 2010 w3w3.com is celebrating our 11th year as an all-business Internet talk radio show. We have a very active Podcast Directory and our Blog . A very popular section is our Web Community Calendar that supports, Business, Government and Education. Also check out our very popular Business Event Photos as many years are archived there. We also have numerous Channels that are focused on specific topic areas and they are on our home page. If you don’t see what you want there, check out our Find It page where you can search by name, topic, company or industry as we have 1000s of pages archived. We have many other pages and we would like your opinion and input, tell us what you like, or don't like, and what you'd like to see. Send us an email to radio@w3w3.com or give us a call at 303.860.9393 and please feel free to post your comments on our Blog. Everyone at w3w3® would like to, Thank You! Have a SUPER 2010!!! (Can you believe how fast this year has gone by?) ... 2010 is nearly here! Reach out for new opportunities and Celebrate the New Year!
- 12/28/09

250 enclosure-voice The Dirty Dozen – Disastrous, Dumb and Deceitful by w3w3.com
Is everyone crazy out there, or is it just me? Larry Nelson, Business Development DirectorWe all know some difficult people. Whether they are customers, co-workers of even those in your personal life. If you encounter Difficult People in your life Larry Nelson's tips will help you deal with them. Check out his Directory of the “Dirty Dozen” and their characteristics. They range from Saboteurs to Wonderful Ones, from Saints to Emotional Misfits, from Connivers to Bullies, and a few others that will surprise you.. or get you. What you’ll appreciate the most is understanding what makes you vulnerable and what you can do about it.
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183_ Are You Part of the Advancing Colorado Movement?
The "Rising Tide" philosophy is something Pat and Larry Nelson believe in. They have found a wonderful theme that is growing in popularity and prominence in Colorado. It's simple but powerful and more information can be found at AdvancingColorado.com. We are all Advancing Colorado and now we do it with intention. Governor Bill Owens surprised Pat and Larry by presenting them with the 2006 Advancing Colorado Excellence Award for Advancement of the Technology Community at the Colorado Tech Week Launch. Together we create the future. > LISTEN 9/25/06


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120_ Melodie Reagan, CEO, Auromira Executive AdvantageTalk - Melodie Reagan Turns the Tables
Father of 5, lived and owned businesses in 5 countries and is going into his 9th year as an Internet radio show host on w3w3.com. There have been many bumps along the road, and that started with a case of polio. Larry Nelson and his wife Pat are definitely serial entrepreneurs. They went from nothing to a multi-million dollar busines and back to nothing. Actually back to a new start.  > LISTEN 4/17/06123_ Talk - Melodie Reagan Turns the Tables #2
After building and losing a multi-million dollar business in Europe and moving back to the states, Larry Nelson and his wife Pat moved to Australia. Things were really up, down-under and the Nelson magic was back. The emphasis in Australia was delivering training to executives and business owners on the subjects of Mastering Change, Building Teams and Marketing your company.
Part 2 of 2 LISTEN
4/24/06 || Related Links: Comments About w3w3.com || Auromira Home Page || Beyond the Trends || IF - Larry's Favorite Poem || Larry's Way of Living

w3w3® offers a range of business development strategies for its clients. These services include 1) assessment of past and current marketing & sales tactics, 2) development & planning of both short & long-term objectives as well as 3) execution & delivery of the plan including metrics. Electronic & direct mail, audio interviews & articles on the w3w3® web site, as well as pre & post event planning and execution are deliverables.

Differentiators   Most online radio shows are music, distantly followed by special interest (i.e. religion, politics, sports, finance, etc.). The w3w3® shows are informative and offer the listener an insider's view of building a business, understanding the government's view, the characteristics of the making of a leader and the various aspects of business development. Related articles and other resources add to the listening experience.

The quality of the people interviewed, the topic direction, the 24/7 availability on a 28K connection and the local focus separate us from the media and other Internet web sites. The exclusive high-profile interviews with business leaders, government officials, leading educators and association professionals make w3w3® a sole source of such high quality learning information.

Dr. Stanley FeldLarry Nelson, President & CEO w3w3.comThe Making of an Entrepreneur Part 1 of 2
Built on Promises
Stanley Feld
turns the Table on Larry Nelson. Dr. Feld was intrigued with Larry’s success with their w3w3® Internet Talk Radio Show. He delves into Larry’s past to see 'what makes him tick - why he insists on the entrepreneur’s route. It started with Polio.

Dr. Stanley Feld & Larry Nelson, w3w3 Media Network, PresidentLarry Nelson Taps into the Past & Passion Dr. Stanley Feld continues to drill down on Larry Nelson in this interview. Larry turned his stamp & coin collection into a thriving business (with the help of a $50,000 SBA loan) when he was 21 years old. He then went from coins to cosmetics to consulting. When things get tough, the tough don’t cave in. (Part 2)

Stanley Feld, MD, MACEDr. Stanley Feld – Operates on a Learning Platform
“History is so powerful for building and thinking about the future. With $100 you can leverage a dream, because human beings are made out of thoughts and not made out of money,” says Dr. Stanley Feld, father of the Feld brothers at Mobius Venture Capital. He continues with Larry Nelson. (Part 3)
Dr. Stanley Feld Dr. Stanley Feld – Offers More Insight
Dr Stanley Feld
probes into the psyche of Larry Nelson, a serial entrepreneur who doesn't know when or why to quit. The diagnosis is, "He's perpetual and never stops." Dr. Feld's prescription is, "Keep it up!". (Part 4)
Listen to Part 7Dr. Feld & Larry Nelson Still Celebrating
Seminars and workshops took Larry & Pat Nelson to all the corners of the world. The Nelsons built a large seminar & consulting business that led to them being branded “Business Development Architects”. Dr. Stanley Feld digs deeper to identify the core pieces of their success story - (Part 5)
Larry Nelson - Part 8 Dr. Feld & Larry Nelson Explore Bad Choices - 
Writing persuasive promotional pieces are fundamental to being a "Business Development Architect". Dr. Stanley Feld probes some of the experiences Larry would rather forget. But there are lessons for all managers and entrepreneurs, that can be learned vicariously (Part 6)
Dr. Feld and Larry Nelson Talk Principles & Power
Larry Nelson, w3w3 Media NetworkListen to the two final segments as Dr. Stanley Feld and Larry Nelson discuss, giving, being of value, pitching to the spot, power, principles, power and giving of yourself 100%
(Part 7 and Part 8)

Learn more about Stanley FEld, M.D.
author of the Healthcare Blog
The broken system that needs reconstruction.

Cloud-Elements Interview with Larry Nelson

CTP & TiE Rockies - Annual Ascent Awards
Larry & Pat Nelson, w3w3.com
Receive Tech Icon Award


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