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University of Denver, Daniels College of Business
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Paul Bauer, College of Business, DUDouglas Dixon, President, University Hills Rotary Club How do we make the Denver Metro Area and the World a better place...
enclosure-voice 1449_ 10/7/2013 -
Paul Bauer is a clinical professor of information technology and electronic commerce for the Daniels College of Business. A long time associate and friend, he asked Larry Nelson to speak at the University Hills Rotary Club. Of
Larry Nelson, Founder, Managing Director, w3w3 Media Networkcourse Larry accepted, [he does love to talk...] Larry was so impressed with the audience and their focus, what they're doing, he was happy for the chance to talk with Doug Dixon, president of this, the University Hills Rotary Club. "Service above self, is the motto of Rotary." Doug tells us in this particular club their service goes in a number of areas but their primary project is what they call the Hobson Fund - it's a scholarship fund, providing scholarships - not a full ride, but they're pretty significant - to students who are majoring in math and hard sciences. One student in particular, majoring in math and Spanish (she wants to be a math teacher) will take her skills into lower income neighborhoods. Another student, Sara at the University of Denver, has actually had time with the Hubble Space Telescope. Larry asked, "What are the types of people that you would like to recruit and have come to your meetings?" Doug said, "Anybody that has an interest in making the community better. It used to be that Rotary wouldn't accept people under a certain age, that's not true now, we don't care. One of our members, Nathan, he's 27 and one of the most active members. We have a pretty broad spectrum of people in business, but we're all focused on, how do we make the Denver Metro Area and the world a better place. That's what we care about." There's more...
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LISTEN TO: Douglas Dixon CPA, LLC - President, University Hills Rotary

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Developing Colorado's Science and Technology
                  Leaders of Tomorrow
1372_ 4/8/13 -

Watch this short but important video. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) was founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway Human Transporter. FIRST was founded on partnerships with businesses, educational institutions and government. Many Fortune 500 companies provide funding, in-kind donations and volunteers to support the program. The key to FIRST's success is the work of thousands of volunteer mentors, professional engineers, teachers, and other adults working with youth across the country. In addition to the volunteer team mentors, FIRST competitions and other events were organized and staffed by over 5000 event and committee volunteers. FIRST programs are growing rapidly in the United States and Canada, and demand is accelerating in other countries...VIDEO to watch...

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Charles (Chuck) Patti, Sr. Associate Dean, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver Charles Patti, Ph.D., Daniels College of Business, Customer Experience
enclosure-voice 1350_ 2/11/13 - It hasn't been the norm to find universities teaching customer experience courses. At the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business, it is a big deal. We're talking with Charles Patti, Ph.D. and Senior Associate Dean and he tells us "Customer experience is a relatively new idea in the world of business and it is certainly even newer in the university setting. We started, about four years ago, developing a program, at the graduate level, in customer experience, primarily behind the impetus of the Cox family (Cox Cable) in Atlanta, Georgia. But, it has become very important to companies as they begin to see that their businesses depend not just on delivering service, but a total experience for their customers, which ends up translating to an emotional connection between the customer and the brand. Customer service also became very important about 15-20 years ago. But, in our mind, customer experience embraces many more attributes of doing business with a company than just the service component." Asked if and how companies measure customer experience, Dean Patti says, "We've been encouraging companies to do that. Many engage in customer satisfaction surveys. But at least 75% of what they measure in customer satisfaction, is only about the functionality - how well the product performs. Customer experience embraces many other aspects than just the functionality. We've been encouraging companies and working with companies to measure the other important dimensions like how they communicate. If it's a retail place, what the look and feel of the organization, and the culture and quality of the employees. When you look at all four dimensions you begin to measure the entire customer experience." Chuck's advice, "First would be for new employees to understand the difference between customer service and customer experience. To have them completely understand the four dimensions of customer experience and get them committed to measuring the financial return on the investment in a customer experience initiative that a company might take. The ability to measure what is the financial return, off of any kind of investment, is key." Listen for more...
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LISTEN TO: Charles Patti, Sr. Associate Dean, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver

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Social Entrepreneurship: Interviews with
Fabulous, Successful Entrepreneurs..

Paul Bauer, Doug Dixon & Larry Nelson, Rotary Club + Student Scholarships
FCR - FIRST Colorado Regionals, Robotic Competition 2013
Stephen Miller, Sr. Director of Entrepreneurship, Daniels College of business
Charles Patti, Sr. Assoc. Dean, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver
Christine Riordan, Dean, Daniels College of business, University of Denver

Barbara Bauer, Director, ABLE - Womens' College, University of Denver
Brandy Bertram, YouthBiz 4/2/20122
Connie Duckworth, Founder/CEO, ARZU - DU Women's College
Connie Duckworth, Founder/CEO, ARZU - Social Enterprise Event
FIRST Colorado - Regional Competiton 2012 4/2/12

Dr. Bill Foege, Gates Foundation & Rotary, End Polio Now 1/4/11
Chris Pelley, CIMCO & Dennis Whittle , GobalGiving.org - Breaking down the barriers: Academics; Business; Civic 1/4/11

2010... 12/7/10
The 4th Annual 'Social Entrepreneur Day' Breakfast @ Cable Center

Dennis Whittle , GobalGiving.org Interview with w3w3.com 12/6/10
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Denver Karma, University of Denver 3.1.10
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David Kuria, Ashoka Fellow of the Year & Steve Werner 2/16/09
Hunt Lambert, Servicing Constituents ...
Chris Lowney, Author, Heroic Leadership
Justin Rockefeller, Generation Engage
MacKenzie Roebuck-Walsh, Daniels Consulting Firm - 10/11/10
The 2nd Annual 'Social Entrepreneur Day
What is Social Entrepreneurship? Dr. Paul Bauer & Chris Pelley
A Giant Step..., Steve Bigari, Ashoka Fellow

Stephen S. Miller, Daniels College of business Stephen Miller, Sr. Director of Entrepreneurship, Daniels College
enclosure-voice 1351_ 2/18/13 - Stephen Miller, senior director of Entrepreneurship, Daniels College of Business, has been working with entrepreneurs for the last 8-10 years. Working first with the CTEK group and then opening the CTEK Stapleton Incubator Denver Ventures. That entity today is about 35 companies in a broad range of technologies, over the course of about 5 years. Part way through that time frame we started talking to the National Renewable Energy Lab as well as the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce. They were looking at starting an incubator as well as a clean tech open and we're working with the folks out in California to do exactly that, and talking with NREL about being their incubator. So those forces came together and we did exactly that. We were talking about entrepreneurship more generally. This last year the opportunity to join Daniels presented itself. And the opportunity to work with Dean Riordan and her fine team led him here. Stephen said, "I think, entrepreneurship is not only live and well, but it's growing in many ways. Colorado has traditionally been known as a tech hub - and entrepreneurship has been focused more in the technology areas and Boulder to an extent has lead that charge. And of course CU has been very involved in that as has CSU and the Colorado School of Mines as well. A lot of the innovation we've seen out of Mines has been energy related both traditional and renewable. In Denver, we've seen a tremendous kick-start by leaders such as Jim Deters at Galvanize and Vic Ahmed at Innovation Pavilion. We have a former Mayor who was an entrepreneur in the beer business and the current mayor who is very entrepreneurship friendly. And it doesn't hurt that Paul Washington is head of economic development, has a history in startups as well." The University of Denver has looked at entrepreneurship as a focus for ten years or more. A lot of professors, Paul Bauer and others, and now with the leadership of Dean Riordan it's finally come to a critical mass. Alumni who are successful entrepreneurs in their own right and board of trustee members...listen for more...
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LISTEN TO: Stephen S. Miller, Daniels College

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Dr. Christine Riordan, Dean, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver

Dr. Christine Riordan, Dean, Daniels College of Business, Leadership
enclosure-voice 1348_ 2/11/13 - Most recently Christine was elected to the International Society for Accrediting Business Schools (AACFC) and that was an international election. Since Dean Riordan assumed the leadership role, Daniels has been ranked among the top business schools in the world by Business Week, U.S. News & World Report, The Aspen Institute’s Beyond Grey Pinstripes and the Financial Times. Dr. Riordan, Dean of the Daniels College of Business is also Professor of Management and we're talking about leadership. "Leadership requires mental toughness" Larry asked her to tell us a little about this. Talk about some of the elements and why they exist. Chris went onto explain, "There's a great parallel between business today and sports. A lot of what we do with sports is we train our athletes to have a mental toughness, an attitude and ability to adapt. When we think about what business has been through in the last five years, the same concept applies to business leaders today. Thinking about being an executive in today's business environment is very tough. There's a lot of change that's rapid. There are massive amounts of information. There's a need to think differently. So 'mental toughness' is a concept that business leaders should apply every single day and to their own personal lives as well as their organization. It includes things like flexibility. Are you flexible enough to adapt your plays within your company? To change business as you need to change business? Are you responsive to the demands of the game of business? Do you have the courage to make some pretty tough decisions? Do you have the resilience to get back into the game when things don't go your way? Are you a good sportsman trapping the game of business? So when we talk about mental toughness, it's really taking some of the concepts that they use in sports and applying them in business." They went on to discuss How can leaders avoid making decisions based on overconfidence?...and other leadership issues...listen for more...
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LISTEN TO: Christine Riordan, Dean, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver

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