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University of Denver, Daniels College of Business
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Connie Duckworth, Founder/CEO, ARZU - Keynote at Social Enterprise Event Univesity of Denver Women's College
Connie Duckworth December 3rd-4th. 

Connie K. Duckworth, Founder and CEO

Social entrepreneur Connie K. Duckworth founded ARZU, which means “hope” in Dari, in 2004 to empower destitute women weavers in rural Afghanistan and serves pro bono as Chairman and CEO. Starting with 30 weavers, ARZU has transformed into a learning laboratory for holistic grassroots economic development – today employing some 700 women, providing access to education and basic healthcare, seeding multiple micro-business start-ups, building community centers, preschools, and parks, and creating award-winning fair-labor rugs – all in a country ranked as “the world’s worst place to be a woman.” Ms. Duckworth retired in 2001 as a Partner and Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, the first woman to be named a sales and trading partner in the firm’s history. For the past decade, she has focused her business lens in many roles as a corporate director, published author, activist, angel-investor, humanitarian, and blogger. She is the recipient of numerous awards for leadership, advocacy, social impact, innovation and global presence.

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LISTEN TO: Connie Duckworth, Founder/CEO, AZRU

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FIRST Colorado a competition you won't believe
FIRST Colorado Regional Competition 2012 Judges - Click to enlarge photo and Check Photo 
        Album in Related Links below!1188_ 4/2/12 - FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) was founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway Human Transporter. In January each team receives a 'box' of parts (electronics to metal pieces) to build their robots. This year the FIRST Robotics 2012 Colorado Regional Competition was held at the DU Magness Arena, with 68 teams competing (60 from Colorado plus one from Mexico). Each year there is a different game, always challenging, exciting and amazing. More fun than you can imagine, beginning with the amazingly crazy MC, to inspiring stories from past participants, to the tension filled competition, even the audience gets into the act. You will laugh, and you will cry as you are pulled into this odyssey. FIRST was founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway Human Transporter. We met Dean Kamen in 2002 when Richard Pankoski and CSIA brought him to Denver. FIRST was founded on partnerships with businesses, educational institutions and government. Many Fortune 500 companies provide funding, in-kind donations and volunteers to support the program. The key to FIRST's success is the work of thousands of volunteer mentors, professional engineers, teachers, and other adults working with youth across the country. In addition to the volunteer team mentors, FIRST competitions and other events were organized and staffed by over 5000 event and committee volunteers. FIRST programs are growing rapidly in the United States and Canada, and demand is accelerating in other countries. Watch the short video with six teams competing and click on the event photo link to see all the photos.
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Barbara Bauer, Director, ABLE for Women, University of Denver - Women's College Denver - Women owned businesses employ more than 100,000 people
enclosure-voice 1141_ 1/9/2012 - We are here with a very interesting person, Barbara Bauer who is the director of, ABLE for WOMEN, The Entrepreneurship Center in the Womens College at the University of Denver. While we feel the answer should be obvious, Larry asked Barbara why we should care about women entrepreneurs. Barbara tells us, It is an important question and if you look at the data, the metro Denver area has the second largest percentage of women owned startups in the country. But only three percent of those startups break through the million dollar revenue bench mark. If we just look at the Denver area by itself, women owned businesses employ more than 100,000 people, and generate more than $19 billion in sales. But very few of those grow and reach what might be considered to be their full potential. We could have a tremendous economic gain in the state if we could change that. This is fascinating, but what does ABLE offer women that isn't already available? Barbara says it is important that there are other outstanding organizations already offering resources. But many times women and men don't know about what they offer and when it's appropriate to use them and what they need to be prepared with in order to take advantage of them. So we are concerning and connecting women in particular with what is already out there. Then ABLE is taking a look at the questions entrepreneurs are asking and the community and the professional organizations themselves and saying, you know, what's missing here? What isn't available that might make a difference for women entrepreneurs? The research that is available about women entrepreneurs suggests are two areas where they benefit. They have less successful networks in terms of their business needs. So providing opportunities for them to get connected in ways that they can't do on their own is important. Many of the ABLE programs are directed at that issue. The ABLE Entrepreneurship Center has monthly programs called Profit Matters, Practical Matters, ABLE Experts, all of these are designed to help women get connected to different resources than they might not be able to do on their own. Listen for more details and success stories...
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LISTEN TO: Barbara Bauer, Dir., ABLE for Women, Women's College at - DU

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Breaking down the barriers: Academics; Business; Civic
Chris Pelley, Capital Investment Management; and 
        Dennis Whittle, Global Giving Organization enclosure-voice 948_ 1/4/11- We're coming to you from the December ACG luncheon with Chris Pelley (Capital Investment Management Company) and Dennis Whittle (Global Giving), who are working to raise the consciousness around social enterprise and social entrepreneurship. Dennis is the founder of Global Giving and he was gracious in his efforts to come in and visit six universities and with ACG for their monthly luncheon, on this tour. Chris said he learned about Dennis Whittle when he read the book, Being Generous, and he'd heard about Global Giving and Dennis through Sherry Law whose daughter had been involved with Global Giving. Dennis was a big gun (as Chris says) at the World Bank for a number of years. Dennis mentioned that one of the themes during this visit has been 'breaking down boundaries' and Chris has been talking about collaboration across the three sectors, the ABCs of the academics, the business sector and civic groups. I really believe that kind of collaboration across sectors, and breaking down the boundaries is key to making progress with many of society's greatest challenges. That is what Global Giving is all about and that's what I'm seeing here in Denver and ACG, it's very encouraging. If you go to GlobalGiving.org you can choose from projects in almost 100 countries, in any cause or theme that you have interest in. Then you can read about the project and decide... There's much more, listen now....
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845_ 5/24/10 - Their students learn more about the world
Greg Bowlin, CTIR Board Member Jim Kidder, Exec. Dir, CTIR enclosure-voice The International Studies Schools Association (ISSA) is a national network of K-12 schools dedicated to improving students' understanding of the world. Larry interviewed Jim Kidder, Executive Director for the University of Denver Graduate School of International Studies, Center for Teaching International Relations (CTIR) and Greg Bowlin a CTIR board member and past chair of the World Trade Center board of directors. Greg is a Sr. VP and Chief Strategy Officer with Jeppesen, a company with worldwide exposure. The interview was conducted at the Governor's Residence at the Boettcher Mansion. They were celebrating the winners of the World Affairs Challenge which is an innovative student program that helps middle school and high school students expand their global vision with real-world international issues. The 2010 theme encompasses 'the Millennium Development Goals.' The World Affairs Challenge is an international, academic tournament for middle and high school students. Jim pointed out, "CTIR has been in existence for about 40 years to really focus on K-12 global education. So even though we are affiliated with the University of Denver, we really try to reach out to teachers all across Colorado and even across the United States to help them have their students learn more about the world." Greg said, "What they found is people that come into the business in the U.S. know very little about international business and how to deal internationally. In fact they find with kids and people in general, that they're just not exposed globally, to what's going on in the world. I feel it's just very important that they know this because business has become global." There's much more here so listen now... subscribe to our RSS feed
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798_ The project began as a Community Capital Project 3/1/10 -
Blair Taylor, Denver Karma, CoFounder Adam Post, Denver Karma, CoFounder enclosure-voice Colorado nonprofits employ 123,000 full-time employees and utilize 83,000 full-time volunteers. The nonprofit sector is the 3rd largest industry in Colorado. Colorado generated $13.1 billion in revenue and spent $11.9 billion. As well as metro Denver ranking 10th of the largest 50 cities in the number of nonprofits per capital. Blair Taylor and Adam Post joined Larry Nelson to talk about an organization they cofounded along with Kristin Reid, called Denver Karma. They were attending the University of Denver. The project began as a Community Capital Project, part of the Daniels School of Business curriculum, which aims to engage students in a dialogue about the ethical and social relationships of business and organizations in the community. Denver Karma evolved as a way for young professionals to invest a reasonable, small amount of time based on their available time to begin to fill the gaps that exist. Currently Denver Karma has about a dozen nonprofit partners with several more in consideration and about 50 young professionals involved. Denver Karma's mission touches everyone. "We would like to provide a mutually beneficial system to create community relationships. It provides young professionals with the opportunity to get involved strategically within the community and utilize their skills, providing nonprofits with a relief or substitution while they are struggling to manage internal staff and the financial support to employ them." Listen for more details...
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570_ What is Social Entrepreneurship?”
Dr. Paul Bauer and Chris Pelley on Social Entrepreneurshipenclosure-voice Dr. Paul Bauer, Clinical Professor, Daniels College of Business, DU and Chris Pelley, Managing Director, Capital Investment Management Group discuss this social entrepreneurship with Larry. Paul explained, "For me, it goes back to the Entrepreneur part of the equation. Like Einstein said, “We can’t solve the problems with the same thinking that we created them with.” Entrepreneurship is a mechanism that will allow us to address and make some real progress with the challenges we face today. The ‘social’ part for me says what we’re trying to do is create value wealth for the community, not just for the individual. I think business does that and I think business has a definite role to play in that. That’s why I think this is a topic that is very relevant to business today." Chris went on from there, "I come from the business entrepreneurship side of the equation, and yet we see a common path, a parallel direction, in terms of solving many of the world’s problems, whether it’s through business enterprise or social enterprise. My interpretation of their definition of social entrepreneurs is, 1.) It’s people who are going to use creative thinking in solving any problem. 2.) The notion of using real business principals and business drivers for the best results is also an important issue. 3.) Sustainability." There's much more...listen now...
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Peter Kellner, Endeavor_12-14-09 758_ Change Your City: Social Entrepreneurship
enclosure-voice Meet this 39 year old dynamo; Peter Kellner, CEO, JD who has turned around 320 companies primarily in South America, and created in excess of 80,000 jobs at $2.5 billion. Peter Kellner was featured in Barron’s, “New Faces of Philanthropy,’ December 2008. Larry interviewed Peter during his world-wind tour in Colorado talking about social entrepreneurism and Ashoka. Peter is the managing partner and founder of Richmond Management, primarily a venture capital firm that invests in technology & related services in the US. They also invest overseas and have been investing in media principally in China since late 1990s and is still very active there. Peter has a great team in place and that allows him time for his passion - Endeavor. Endeavor was started 11 years ago with Peter and his co-founder Linda Rottenberg, modeled on Ashoka an organization that vets and selects social entrepreneurs and started by his dear friend, Bill Drayton. Peter went to Bill and said, "Bill can I stand on your shoulders"; and I read this Thoreau quote, "and I want to call this thing Endeavor. I want to build an organization just like Ashoka, but I want to fund business entrepreneurs in the emerging world. Not micro credit entrepreneurs, I'm looking for Steve Jobs in Istanbul, people who can create massive wealth for their societies, inspiring stories, jobs and really lead cultural change around environmental development within their countries", which is, I think, the key to progress. So here we are eleven years later and Endeavor is in eleven countries. As a social entrepreneur, Peter co-founded Endeavor, a pioneering organization promoting entrepreneurship in emerging markets. Peter is on the board of Obopay, Inc., Voxiva, Inc. and AdChina, Inc. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of The Allen-Stevenson School, a boy’s school in New York City, as well as the Board of Ashoka Youth Venture. Peter was in Colorado to help launch the 'Change Your City' Campaign in Denver. Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper is also supportive of the campaign...listen for more...
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Hunt Lambert, CEO, CSU Global Campus 712_ Servicing your constituents by going global with rapidly changing markets
enclosure-voice Larry sat down with Hunt Lambert, Associate Provost, Colorado State University Continuing, Education, CEO, CSU Global Campus to talk about CSU's new project. Hunt explained, "The global campus idea started about 3 or 4 years ago when a bunch of us said, 'Is CSU, as the states land grant, still serving all of the students we were designed to serve?' Well we did some research and discovered about 500,000 people in the state who aspired to complete their undergraduate degree or earn a Master's degree, and the reason they aren't is not about tuition - it's about location, their geography and their schedule keeps them from going back to school. So we took a hard look at what the privates have done on online education; We took a hard look at our mission; and we said, We ought to find a way to serve this market in Colorado. And that was the genesis of the CSU Global Campus. It's amazing how the students have responded. We now exist as a third campus within the Colorado State System. In the first 11 months from funding, we went from nothing at all - no employees, no students, no courses, to having a fully functional online public university. Nine months after we taught the first course, we had a thousand students! Hunt has been part of 40 startups in 12 countries - he has a very broad entrepreneurial experience. Envirofit.org is one of many he is very proud of. Hunt is also on a panel at a RVC program on 9/8/09, Social Entrepreneurship: A Giant Step for Mankind and Profits.
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684_ Some say we are facing a moral as well as financial crisis
MiCasa Resource Center, Christine Marquez-Hudson & Richard Eidlinenclosure-voice Richard Eidlin, Founder, the Progress Group, a consulting firm and Christine Marquez-Hudson, CEO/Exec. Dir. Mi Casa Resource Center were interviewed by Larry at the Mi Casa Resource Center in Denver. They were talking about collaboration while looking at the role of social entrepreneurs in the greater Denver community focusing particularly on low to moderate income people who are aspiring business people and wish to have a social mission attached to the business activity they're involved in. Christine says the mission of Mi Casa is to advance the economic success of Latino families, ("..we work with all other groups, but the Latino community is our focus") Mi Casa has been involved in business development for almost 25 years. They offer a 13 week program [in English and Spanish], that helps new and aspiring entrepreneurs start their business, including connecting with lenders. Mi Casa's interest is in helping these new entrepreneurs to think about incorporating social issues into their new businesses as well as strategies to be environmentally friendly. The Progress Group is sponsoring 'The Responsible Economy Roundtable' on July 9 at the Mi Casa Resource Center. Speakers include André Pettigrew, Executive Director, Office of Economic Development, City and County of Denver, Steve Murchie from the Keiretsu Forum and others...
Related Links: Mi Casa Resource Center || Progress Group || Responsible Economy Roundtable || Social Entrepreneurship || PodCast Directory || Keywords: Christine Marquez-Hudson, Richard Eidlin, Mi Casa Resource Center, Progress Group, Responsible Economy Roundtable, Social Entrepreneurship, Latinos, Entrepreneurs > Channels: Social Entrepreneurship 10672172 bytes LISTEN 6/29/09 LISTEN

622_ ASHOKA Fellow of the year and the Colorado connection
Steve Werner, David Kuria and Larry Nelson Sustainable Water and Sanitation Project in Kenyaenclosure-voice Larry sat down with David Kuria from Nairobi, Kenya and Steve Werner, an independent consultant and active member of the Rotary Club of Denver Southeast who has worked in international development for 25 years. David is the Chief Executive officer of Ecotact Limited, an environmental development company incorporated in Kenya. He is the Ashoka Fellow of the Year for his project. David Kuria from Nairobi, Kenya, is an expert on water issues in Kenya but he is also in demand around the world because he is taking a new approach to addressing water problems by addressing the sustainability issue. Sustainability usually comes down to whether there is ongoing funding in order to keep your enterprise going, whether it’s water and sanitation or some other problem. Steve said, "The issues that David and I have been concerned about are the issues around a growing population in urban areas and all the sanitation and water problems that come with that." David pointed out, "Ikotoilet looks at transformation, restoration and sustainability of social dignity in our ever growing urban population. Our value proposition rests on providing public conveniences that ensure consistency, cleanliness and conservation." Listen fo the specifics...
Related Links: David Kuria/ Ashoka || Social Entrepreneurship || Rotary Club of Denver Southeast || Ashoka || EcoTact || Keywords: David Kuria, Social Entrepreneur, Ashoka, Steve Werner, Iko Toilets, Kenya, Africa, Social Enterprise > Channel: News Bytes=12187588 - 2/16/09 LISTEN

Social Entrepreneurship: Interviews with
Fabulous, Successful Entrepreneurs..


Barbara Bauer, Director, ABLE - Womens' College, University of Denver
Brandy Bertram, YouthBiz 4/2/20122
Connie Duckworth, Founder/CEO, ARZU - DU Women's College
Connie Duckworth, Founder/CEO, ARZU - Social Enterprise Event
FIRST Colorado - Regional Competiton 2012 4/2/12

Dr. Bill Foege, Gates Foundation & Rotary, End Polio Now 1/4/11
Chris Pelley, CIMCO & Dennis Whittle , GobalGiving.org - Breaking down the barriers: Academics; Business; Civic 1/4/11

2010... 12/7/10
The 4th Annual 'Social Entrepreneur Day' Breakfast @ Cable Center

Dennis Whittle , GobalGiving.org Interview with w3w3.com 12/6/10
Jim Kidder & Greg Bowlin, CTIR 5/24/10
Denver Karma, University of Denver 3.1.10
Douglas Jackson, Project CURE 2.23.09
Peter Kellner, Endeavor 12.14.09
David Kuria, Ashoka Fellow of the Year & Steve Werner 2/16/09
Hunt Lambert, Servicing Constituents ...
Chris Lowney, Author, Heroic Leadership
Justin Rockefeller, Generation Engage
MacKenzie Roebuck-Walsh, Daniels Consulting Firm - 10/11/10
The 2nd Annual 'Social Entrepreneur Day
What is Social Entrepreneurship? Dr. Paul Bauer & Chris Pelley
A Giant Step..., Steve Bigari, Ashoka Fellow

Social Entrepreneurism focused on women
Connie Duckworth appearing December 4th, Annual Social Enterprice Event - Hosted by CIMCO and ACG Denver, Denver University, CU Boulder and Colorado State University!
Connie Duckworth, Founder/CEO, ARZU - Keynote Speaker at Annual Social Entrepreneurship ACG Denver & CIMCO Denver enclosure-voice 1295_ 10/15/12 - Social entrepreneur Connie Duckworth founded ARZU, (which means “hope” in Dari), in 2004, to empower destitute women weavers in rural Afghanistan. Connie serves pro bono as Chairman and CEO. Starting with 30 weavers, ARZU has transformed into a learning laboratory for holistic grassroots economic development —today employing some 700 women, providing access to education and basic healthcare, seeding multiple micro-business start-ups, building community centers, pre-schools and parks, and creating award-winning fair-labor rugs—all in a country ranked as “the world’s worst place to be a woman.” Ms. Duckworth retired in 2001 as a Partner and Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, the first woman to be named a sales and trading partner in the firm’s history. She tells us she really wanted to rebalance how she spent her time. So she envisioned 1/3 business activities, 1/3 philanthropic activities and 1/3 family oriented activities. ARZU became the focus of her philanthropy. ARZU is an example of a 'for benefit corporation'. It uses private sector practices to create jobs in very remote rural villages in Afghanistan, and produces export quality products. Because of her business lens, Connie sees a social business as the way to empower people through employment. It seemed like a natural fit as Connie's passion has always been women's rights. To Connie, the shortest path is through economic advancement. The women in Afghanistan are truly among the most disadvantaged women in the world. Connie Duckworth is the Keynote Speaker at the CIMCO Annual Social Enterprise event at ACG Denver! Listen for more...

More about Connie Duckworth:
Connie Duckworth founded ARZU, Inc. in 2004 and serves pro bono as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. She is a retired Partner and Managing Director of Goldman, Sachs, & Co., where she was named the first woman sales and trading partner in the firm’s history during her 20 year career. Ms. Duckworth is a Trustee of Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company and a Director of Russell Investment Group and of Steelcase, Inc. She serves on the Board of Overseers of the Wharton School in Philadelphia. Ms. Duckworth also serves on the Boards of Directors of the Interfaith Youth Core in Chicago and of NorthShore University HealthSystem, in Evanston, Illinois, where she was the first woman to be Chairman of the Board. She is a past Chair of the Committee of 200, the organization of leading women entrepreneurs and corporate business executives in the U.S. and is the author of The Old Girls Network: Insider Advice for Women Building Businesses in a Man’s World (Basic Books 2003), a primer on entrepreneurship. 

The recipient of numerous awards for leadership, advocacy, social impact, innovation and global presence, Ms. Duckworth was awarded the 2011 Wharton School Dean's Medal, the school's highest honor. In addition, Ms. Duckworth was named a 2008 Skoll Foundation honoree for Social Entrepreneurship. She holds an M.B.A. from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. from the University of Texas.

RELATED LINKS: ARZU Studio Hope || CIMCO || Community Reach || Social Entrepreneurship || M&A Channel || ACG Denver || ACG Denver / CIMCO Annual Social Enterprise Event || Photos CU Boulder || ACG Denver/CIMCO Social Enterprise Event 2012 || KEYWORDS: Connie Duckworth, ARZU, Studio Hope, Social Entrepreneurship, Afghanistan, Women, Philanthropy, CIMCO, Community Reach, ACG Denver, bytes=5276215
LISTEN TO: Connie Duckworth, Founder/CEO, AZRU

Powered by Podbean.com Brandy Bertram, Executive Director, YouthBiz

Community Leadership, Educational Leadership, Entrepreneurial Leadership
enclosure-voice 1190_ 4/2/12 - We are talking with Brandy Bertram, Executive Director of YouthBiz. YouthBiz is an after school program that is on a mission to increase the economic and social prosperity of our community through our focus on youth leadership. Our after school programs focus on one of three areas, 1-Community Leadership, 2-Educational Leadership and 3-Entrepreneurial Leadership. Brand said, "It is so much fun. Our young people are really the leaders, directors and the drivers of the work that we do. They come to us from all areas of the community - representing 40 different schools - they make their way to us for two hours every single day during the school year as well as summer programming." The progress is evident in the changes they see in the community to make it a safer, more vibrant, more energetic place to be. YouthBiz is celebrating their 20th anniversary. Started in 1992 by a community leader, Brian Barhaugh, who is still engaged in the community. He started it with a group of youths in response to the 'summer of violence' in 5 Points. We lost so many young people. They decided there must be something they could do together to show their community the value of their young people, not the liability. That works remains relevant and needed today. Larry asked, "What are some of the innovations and changes YouthBiz is going through right now?" Brandy replied, "For many years we've stood on our foundations, which will not change, which include peer based leadership - young people teaching young people. We incentivize and pay financial wages to our young people. We understand they are up against the gun when it comes to what they're going to do with their after school time. Economic strife is a very real concern in their community. We combat that by paying them wages for their time and by getting them involved in actual hands-on work. We are realizing our mission by helping those young people, not just learn the skills...Listen for much more...
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LISTEN TO: Brandy Bertram, Exec Director, YouthBiz

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Dennis Whittle, CEO and Founder, Global Giving

Enable everyone in the world with an idea
enclosure-voice 937_ 12/6/10- The mission for GlobalGiving.org is 'Unleash the potential of people around the world to make positive change happen.' Larry had a discussion with Dennis Whittle, CEO & Co-Founder, Global Giving and asked Dennis if he could expand on the mission statement. "We believe that anyone in the world with a good idea for making their community a better place should be able to have that idea heard and possibly supported. It doesn't mean it will be supported but they should have that idea heard. On the other side we believe that anyone in the world with talent or resources should be able to reach out and directly connect with the people with ideas and help make those ideas a reality." Dennis is a keynote speaker at some 'Social Entrepreneurship' events in Colorado. Larry asked for an example of why people work through and give through Global Giving. "I think more and more, people are looking for a direct connection, transparency and efficiency, speed. It used to be if you wanted to contribute to big causes in the world, you sent money through the mail. Then maybe, you'd get a brochure at the end of the year, telling you in general terms, what an organization had done. Global Giving allows you to go online, choose an organization with a cause that you're interested in, in a country or community you're interested in, see exactly what your $10, $100 or $1000 can do. And then get directly connected with them, get feedback and updates quarterly, you can email them if you want, you can visit them if you want. You can tell your friends about the organization you think is doing good work. So it's really a platform that enables direct connection in real time where you can see a real impact." We're looking forward to your keynote addresses for ACG Denver, University of Denver, University of Colorado at Boulder and a number of other universities around the state. There's much more, listen now...
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LISTEN to Dennis Whittle, Global Giving

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MacKenzie Roebuck-Walsh, CoChairwoman, Daniels Consulting Firm Cutting edge of business and technology
enclosure-voice 909_ 10/11/10- Can low-income businesses have a high-impact on the triple bottom-line? To answer this question, the Daniel’s Consulting Firm (DCF) has partnered with the Greater Good Academy to begin measuring the impact of a sustainable business plan on fledgling businesses. As co-chairperson of DCF, MacKenzie Roebuck-Walsh is leading the effort to develop metrics that track the success of students at the Greater Good Academy, both during and after instruction. The Greater Good Academy strives to incorporate environment awareness, community engagement, financial impacts and over-all company culture into day-to-day business for the students. We're talking with MacKenzie Roebuck-Walsh, she is co-chairwoman of the Daniels Consulting Firm which is a spin off of a student organization that allows students to get real world practice doing consulting jobs over an eight week period. MacKenzie says her main goal as chairwoman of the organization is to bring in partners and then staff those partnerships with students from the school and make sure their projects are really complete from day to day and at the end of the eight weeks have a very professional deliverable. Larry asked, "Are there specific types of organizations that you look for?" She said, "Yes, we reach out looking for organizations that are usually in the mid-size range, sometimes startups that need a marketing plan or financial plan. Daniels also has a core focus on sustainability and ethical business practices. So anytime we can bring on a project that focuses on one of those two areas, either a sustainable green business or a business that's really looking to add some ethical components to a business plan, that's where we go to work. MacKenzie went on to define 'Triple Bottom Line'. "The triple bottom line refers to people, planet and profit. So it is taking the typical business function and looking at their output, not only from a profit standpoint, but also how is it affecting the people (in the organization, customers, people in the neighborhood where you do business) and also, how is it affecting the planet? What are your business practices doing to conserve energy, give back?" There's much more...
Related Links: Social Entrepreneurship Channel || Daniels College of Business, DU || Greater Good Project || Mi Casa || Blog || Keywords: MacKenzie Roebuck-Walsh, Daniel’s Consulting Firm, Social Entrepreneurship, Daniels College of Business, Greater Good Academy, Triple Bottom Line - 10/11/10 bytes: 5938576 Listen to: MacKenzie Roebuck-Walsh

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Justin Rockefeller, Generation Engage

762_ Justin Rockefeller, Generation Engage
enclosure-voice Justin Rockefeller is the chairman and cofounder of Generation Engage. His father is the Democratic Senator from West Virginia and his mother's father was the Republican Senator from Illinois - Justin grew up with politics around the dinner table "...and they didn't always see eye to eye". Recently Justin was in Colorado to help launch the 'Change Your City' Campaign in Denver. Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper is also supportive of the campaign. Larry interviewed Justin at the Phipps Mansion (Hosted by the University of Denver). Justin's passion? "Most young Americans don't have access to the types of things my classmates had access to in college. Things like earmarked funding, student groups, visiting campaigns on campus - as in politicians, professors, you name it. They care about issues and people. They don't necessarily see politics as a means to an end relating to those issues. So our group of young people founded Generation Engage - came together and decided there needed to be more focus on the non-college view, bringing political access to them... But also thinking of politicians themselves and what drives them to interact with young people. We stumbled upon a Google grant which gives us free advertising on the Google homepage, and that provides a carrot for politicians to participate, because they get the message out for free, and our young members in community colleges across the country get to interact with mostly local politicians. It's always a democrat and a republican." Guests include big names like Colin Powell, Newt Gingrich and many others...listen for more...
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627_ PROJECT C.U.R.E. has over 12,000 volunteers all making a difference
Dr. Douglas Jackson, President, Project CUREenclosure-voice PROJECT C.U.R.E. (Commission on Urgent Relief & Equipment) was founded in 1987 to help meet the need for medical supplies, equipment and services around the world. Since its inception, PROJECT C.U.R.E. has delivered medical relief to needy people in over 120 countries. Larry and Pat interviewed Douglas Jackson, President and CEO of Project C.U.R.E. about their progress and how they are impacting so many lives. Addressing the history Doug said, "We got started 22-23 years ago, quite unintentionally. Doug’s father Dr. James Jackson was doing economic consulting in the 3rd world – Zimbabwe, Peru, Ecuador and finally Brazil where he saw a clinic, a beat-up, ramshackle cabin thing, in the middle of a town of 300,000 people – and there weren’t any medical supplies and Larry Nelson with Doug Jackson at Project C.U.R.E. headquarters in Denver, Coloradono real equipment. So, my pop decided that day that he would do something to change that situation." Doug went on, "There are a number of ways to be involved with Project CURE. You can donate medical equipment if you have some, crutches, and walkers that you needed temporarily. We figure it costs us about $25 to deliver a box of medical supplies or equipment anywhere in the world. The value of what’s in that big old box is about $500. So for every $25 in, we can put $500 overseas." Listen to this...we can all make difference...
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Chris Lowney, Author, Heroic Leadership 595_ Heroic Leadership: Self-Awareness; Ingenuity; Love; Heroism
enclosure-voice "The way I define self-awarenes as it relates to leadership is... ‘to lead well, people have to know themselves well. What are their strengths and weaknesses, their values, their outlook on the world," said Chris Lowney, author of the best seller, Heroic Leadership. Chris was with JP Morgan for just about 17 years, in New York, Tokyo, Singapore and London. Before that for almost seven years he was a Jesuit Seminarian after finishing high school. He was also the keynote speaker at a number of functions the day Mayor Hickenlooper and Governor Ritter proclaimed Tuesday November 18, 2008 “Social Enterprise Day” in Colorado. Larry interviewed Chris after his keynote address at the ACG Denver sell-out. Chris went onto say, "It seems to me that self-awareness usually involves two kinds of things, one is that we all have to make some foundational investment in knowing ourselves. You know, what am I here on earth for? What do I care about? What am I trying to accomplish?, these sorts of things. These ideas seem abstract and irrelevant but when we don’t come to grips with them, then sometimes we go a little bit adrift. One of the Roman philosophers, Seneca said, “To one who doesn’t know his destination, no wind is favorable”. (Lucius Annaeus Seneca (Roman philosopher and statesman [4 BC-AD 65 ...) "So the idea of self-awareness includes these two dimensions; 1.) that we make some foundational investment in knowing ourselves and 2.) we have some mechanism for keeping ourselves updated every day on how it is going." Chris talked about the 'Four Principles That Made All the Difference'. In addition to self-awareness; ingenuity; love; and heroism were discussed. Listen now...
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11/18/08 Photos: Second Annual Social Enterprise/Leadership Event

Paul Bauer, Daniels College of Business, 
                University of Denver 573_ The Second Annual Social Entrepreneur Day
enclosure-voice The Second Annual – Social Entrepreneurship Day, on 11/18/08 begins with breakfast at the Phipps Mansion. The special guest speaker from New York, Chris Lowney, was a partner at JPMorgan for 18 years and is the author of Heroic Leadership. Dr. Paul Bauer, Clinical Professor, Daniels College of Business, Christopher Pelley, Managing Director, Capital Investment Management GroupDU and Chris Pelley, Managing Director, Capital Investment Management Group discuss this special social entrepreneurship day with Larry. Author Chris Lowney offers leadership lessons from a 450-year-old company that grappled successfully with the same challenges that test great companies today: forging seamless multinational teams, motivating inspired performance, remaining “change ready” and strategically adaptable. They were asked, "How can Colorado carve its place as a world leader in this new realm? We can accomplish this mission by building an alliance of business, political, and academic leaders in Colorado. Our top schools already recognize the strength of social entrepreneurship and its potential to make a global impact." There will be a number of other high-profile guests including First Lady Jeannie Ritter, Lisa Nitze, Vice President, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public. After the Phipps Mansion it is then followed an ACG lunch program at the DAC...Then a special event at DU in the afternoon. The evening will be at Regis University. So this is the early stage of a real coalition in Colorado as I’ve labeled it ABCs, Academics, Business and Community.
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Steve Bigari, America's Family401_ Social Entrepreneurship: A Giant Step for Mankind and Profits
Social Entrepreneurship is the 'final frontier' of philanthropy. Steve Bigari and America’s Family work with employers like McDonalds to help their low income employees break the cycle of poverty. This will benefit us all. Steve's journey really began at McDonalds, watching people struggle. He employed 600 people at any given time, and the rule, not the exception, the rule – these folks struggled on a day to day basis to make ends meet. "What I found, by getting involved and connecting with them, so basically creating relationships for them, if I could add education and relationships to their hard work, that’s central to everything we learned. If somebody doesn’t want in the worst way to break the binds of poverty, they’re not going to be able to." The most important ingredient is they must be willing and able to work hard. Steve is a keynote panelist at an ACG Denver Luncheon - Social Entrepreneurship - When Greed Is Good: Creating Value and Making a Difference Through Common Good Capitalism. His motto: Inspiration, Instigation and Innovation.

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