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Mark Endry, Arrow Investments373CIO to CEO to IPO to Climbing Other Ladders
enclosure-voiceIs it moving, transitioning or leaping when an IT professional becomes a "C-Level" executive in a manufacturing company? Ask Mark Endry, Partner in Arrow Industrial. Mark is a big believer in mentoring. There are many people in large companies that become entrepreneurs or join small companies. There is much to learn in that type of transition...or should we say leap? As an example, Mark points out that he has been on the roof of their building telling contractors what needed to be done to fix the air conditioning. Ask your typical CIO or CEO when was the last time they did something like that? Mark spent 16 years with Digital Equipment, 8 years with JD Edwards (he was the CIO when Larry and Pat met him) and then onto being the CEO at Hyperrspace through its IPO in 2 years. BTW, Arrow Industrial is a super-high end precision manufacturing firm with class 'A' clients. Mark is concerned that there are not many young people in the high-paying funnel of manufacturing careers.
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Keywords: Mark Endry, Arrow Industrial, Manufacturing, Colorado, Technology, CIO, Business Consulting, Entrepreneurs > Channel: Entrepreneurs> Bytes: 11800976 > 9/10/07 LISTEN

364Gary Held, President, CTEKSophisticated Angel Investors Take It Up a Notch
enclosure-voiceSecuring angel investment today has changed a great deal in the last 2, 4 and 6 years. Gary Held, president of CTEK (C = Capital - T = Technology - E = Entrepreneurship - K = Knowledge) reflects back on his own angel investment he made in the 1980s. He and many others like him wish there was a CTEK back when he made some of his first investments. Back then, it was common for an angel investor to make an investment based on if this was someone they knew, were they liked and if it sounded like a good idea. Today, you need more than that just to get an appointment. In short, angel investors have become more sophisticated, knowledgeable, and there are angel support mechanisms that help the entire process. Gary points out the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs when trying to get angel funding. He also feels this is a great time for entrepreneurs to get started. CTEK has a couple of very powerful programs coming up that both angel investors and entrepreneurs should check out. LISTEN

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enclosure-voice 357_Mark Weakley, Partner, HRO Boulder What are Angel Investors Looking for in Return? (Part 1 of 2)
Mark Weakley , Partner, Holme Roberts & Owen, Boulder has helped a number of entrepreneurs raise angel funding...the right way, and that's the key. If the company is going to go on a rapid or an accelerated growth path, it will likely need some amount of institutional financing. Angel investing can get you on that trajectory, allow you to hire employees, develop your business model, finalize prototypes, and establish that what you are doing has validation in the marketplace. And then be in a better position to seek venture financing money. Another reason is a trend over the last 4 or 5 years where the venture funds are doing a lot less early stage investing. So you’re seeing the Angel Investors filling in that gap. Mark also talks with Larry about the 4 things angels are looking for and business plan strategies.

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Holme Roberts & Owen || It's the Law Interviews || CTEK Angels || Rockies Venture Club || Venture Capital Channel || It's the Law Channel || Keywords:  Mark Weakley, Holme Roberts & Owen, HRO, Angel Investors, Entrepreneurs, Business Plan, Venture Capital >> Channels: Venture Capital, It's the Law>Bytes: 5623957> LISTEN 8/13/07

360Angel Investors, Term Sheets, Valuation and Control (Part 2of 2)
enclosure-voiceMark Weakley, Partner, HRO BoulderA good target audience, vetting system, for your business plan or executive summary would be your corporate or business or finance lawyer. Because if they are not getting it after the first two sentences, it’s likely the angel investor isn’t going to do any better points out Mark Weakley , Partner, Holme Roberts & Owen, Boulder as he addressed questions about getting healthy financing from angel investors. Mark brought up some poignant thoughts about term sheets and evaluation. Valuation is often looked at by the entrepreneur only in terms of ‘how much of the company am I going to have to give up?’ They’re not thinking about the return that the angle wants to have. The entrepreneur is thinking if my valuation of the company is $4 mil and I have to raise $2 mil, then I have to give up ½ of the company. There you see the entrepreneur’s interest is control, management, other issues; and they’re not really thinking ‘What makes sense for the angel?’
LISTEN Part 2 of 2

358 It was August 2001 and eBags came within $50K... Jon Nordmark, CoFounder, eBags
"It was hard to attract someone because the Internet had gone into its dive; you know we’d entered into the ‘dot bomb’. Companies were failing every day, every business paper you picked up had on its front page 'this company went belly up, that one went belly up'..., We made it out of that;" reflects Jon Nordmark, co-founder and CEO of eBags. It was August 2001 and eBags came within $50K of making a profit that month and September we thought we were going to hit it – September 11 hit instead and it just blew the luggage market out of the water. The lessons we can learn by looking back can be invaluable. Starting in 1997, Jon was working at Samsonite, in charge of all the distribution channels there, from the marketing perspective, creating new products for them... And at the time Jon could see that the Internet could be what looked like, a major distribution channel. Most people didn't think it was possible to sell luggage to individual consumers on this thing called the Internet.

Related Links:  eBags || Profile of a Leader || In the News || Entrepreneurs || Keywords: Jon Nordmark, eBags, Luggage, Hand Bags, Samsonite, Entrepreneur, Leader, Online, Dot Bomb, Transparency Management> Bytes: 6863833 >8/13/07 LISTEN

enclosure-voice359eBags Expanding While Deleting Its 50% Brain Drain Jon Nordmark, CoFounder, eBags
When we started eBags our goal was to create a billion dollar company. It takes a lot of capital; we ended up raising $30 million dollars (prior to 9/11) – that ended up being a great thing for eBags explains Jon Nordmark, co-founder and CEO of eBags. When I was trying to do eBags, I knew, from all the research I’d done, that 10% of all bag sales came from catalog sales. I was confident that at least that many would purchase online as they’d already bought without seeing and touching. Then we got into the shoe business – we sold that recently. It was very successful, quadrupled the size of the site in 3 years. It grew rapidly, but it only grew to be 11% of eBags total sales, but it was taking 50% of our heads! So what we’ve done is refocused back on bags. Larry and Pat also got some great entrepreneurial and networking advice from Jon. LISTEN Part 2 of 2

enclosure-voice 350_ Brad Feld: Venture Capitalist; New Name, New Office, New Outlook

Larry Nelson talks with Brad Feld, The Foundry GroupGetting the latest scoop about venture backed companies in Colorado from Brad Feld, was more fun for Pat and Larry than going to an over-the-top Sci-Fi movie…in fact, some of what they heard sounded over-the-top and with a Sci-Fi flavor but steeped in exciting reality. Brad talked about the Web resurgence the past 24 months and cited a number of companies. Those Colorado companies included FeedBurner, Postini, PhotoBucket, Me.dium, NewsGator, Dogster, and more (none of which are liked in spell-check).

Brad also talked about the successes and challenges of TechStars. We reflected on the 2003 investor perspective where words like "cautiously optimistic" were commonly voiced, and Brad joked about that oxymoron. That's not him, he says he prefers, "encouragingly pessimistic". Brad is managing partner of the Foundry Group which has opened a new office in the middle of Boulder. Brad had Larry sit next to a 1980s Donkey Kong game. There is a bunch of valuable information packed in with the humor..

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Keywords: Brad Feld, Foundry Group, Mobius Venture Capital, TechStars, FeedBurner, Postini, PhotoBucket, Me.dium, NewsGator, Dogster
> Channels: VCs, Entrepreneurs > Bytes: 9763007> LISTEN 7/30/07

enclosure-voice351_ Brad Talks About the Future and Gives Some Great Funding Advice
Brad Feld, The Foundry Group
Part 2: Dramatic innovation is here. More is coming our way and will transform many things in our personal and business lives. Brad Feld, managing partner of the Foundry Group is very open about predictions for the next few to twenty-years, and lays it on the line for a range of different topics: Why he supports NCWIT? Why he and Jason Mendelson started the 'Ask the VC' Blog? Why Colorado must invest more in education? he weaves in other hot topics. Larry and Pat asked, "What are the 3 most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs when asking for money?" You have to hear it in Brad's words but here is a hint: Wrong amount of money; A disconnect between what's needed and reality; and the team that is talking today and going forward with the plan. Brad points out he has never met a company whose revenue plan was accurate. He shares some ideas.
Bytes: 6784630 LISTEN Part 2 of 2 8/6/07

CB-30_ Tech Startup of the Month - From Colorado to Denmark
Sunil Cherian, CEO, Spirea, Inc."There are lots of new technologies being developed in renewables and the distributed-power areas, but when it comes to actually putting that together as a comprehensive solution, there’s a big gap in the market," said Sunil Cherian, the CEO of Spirae Inc. "There aren’t very many people who can take these new technologies and do the right things with it. That’s a key problem in the market, as well as an opportunity." The company’s largest project is developing new tools for Denmark’s natural gas and electrical system operator,, one of the most progressive utilities on the planet. By Eric Peterson  READ More
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Keywords: Colorado Business Magazine, COBIZ, Eric Peterson, Sunil Cherian, Spirae, > READ MORE

enclosure-voice 342_  The Challenges of Running A Start-UP
John Sifonis, Author and Business StrategistJohn Sifonis is a noted author and strategist on the topics of Business and IT strategy formulation. John has 35 years of business and technology management consulting experience with Global 500 corporations in Europe, South America, Japan, and Africa. He was also a regular guest on Larry & Pat's terrestrial radio show on KTLK. John discusses the biggest challenges faced when running a start-up. He also gives some excellent solutions with his lessons learned. These are the challenges: the founders, the investors, funding and how they structured the company. John also gives some great advice about going public.

Related Links:  Nexiasoft Pressroom || Entrepreneur Channel || Find It || Blog || Keywords: John Sifonis, Entrepreneur, Cisco, Net Ready, Start-Up, IT, Founders, Investors > Channel: Entrepreneurs >> Bytes: 9763007 LISTEN 7/16/07

Brad Feld338_ iPhone - Hyperbole, Hoopla, Hooray or Horrific

Do you have your iPhone yet? Brad Feld, Managing Director of The Foundry Group writes in his Blog, “I’ve had an entertaining series of problems. I’m still amused, but getting closer to annoyed. I picked up my phone last night at the Flatiron Apple Store on the way home from the airport. It took me 45 seconds to purchase it (no line.) I tried to activate it when I got home. iTunes went through its upgrade cycle to 7.3 and then gave me errors that I didn’t have the right version to work with the iPhone so I had to deinstall / install iTunes 7.3. I did that and tried to activate. It got hung up trying to check my credit and told me I had to go to an AT&T store to get a pre-authorization code.”

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Keywords: Brad Feld, The Foundry Group, Mobius Venture Capital, iPhone, AT&T, Apple > Brad's Blog - Read More ||
enclosure-voice LISTEN to 2007 Predictions by Brad Feld and Jared Polis: Interview 1/8/07

Catharine Merigold, General Partner, Vista Venturesenclosure-voice293_Entrepreneurial Advice from a Venture Capitalist
We asked Catharine Merigold, General Partner of Vista Ventures, "What are the three biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs?" Catharine offered some poignant advice which explains why she is a returning judge of the upcoming Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year program. The entrepreneur's first challenge is the need to be focused. Then as time moves along, the next challenge is that they are too focused and they lose sight of their stakeholders and that includes shareholders, employees and customers. Here's more. Related Links:  Vista Ventures || Ernst & Young Perspectives || How Do I Participate? || Entrepreneurs || Keywords: Entrepreneur, Catharine Merigold, Vista Ventures, Venture Capital, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year>> Channels: Entrepreneurs || Bytes: 4906948 LISTEN 4/9/07
Lucinda Sanders, CEO and Cofounder, NCWIT288_ Golden Sauce That's Usable, Powerful & Motivating enclosure-voice
“I am really very relentless. I go over it and over it until I find what I want. I really look at every ‘no’ I get as the first step to a ‘yes’, says Lucy Sanders, CEO and CoFounder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology. Lucy works with enterprise size companies as well as new startups and focuses on getting women and girls into Information Technology in its broadest sense at Lucy sets high standards for her self first and later sets high standards for others. “And at the same time I have incredibly high forgiveness. So if the bar is high, then there should be a safety net. People should not be made to feel bad if they can’t quite climb over that high bar. It’s just that if you set it really high, there’s always going to be learning,” she points out. Lucy offers more sage advice. Related Links: About Lucy Sanders || NCWIT Blog || Find It || NCWIT Practice ||
Channels: Software || Keywords: Lucy Sanders, National Center for Women & Information Technology, NCWIT, Information Technology, Bell Fellow > Bytes: 6525913 LISTEN 4/2/07
Karl Friedman, Next Action - Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Winner 2006284_ Successful Serial Entrepreneur Offers 3 Key Points enclosure-voice
Lessons learned and bottom-line results are what the "Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year" Program is all about explains Jim Wilson of E&Y. Karl Friedman, CEO & President of NextAction, previous award winner was delighted that his company was nominated. He goes on to share three 'experienced based' thoughts for those pursuing the entrepreneuriall path. Karl says you need to have a long runway that includes lots of ideas as nothing happens as fast as you believe. Here's more. Related Links: Ernst & Young Call for Nominations || How To Participate || Next Action || Keywords: Entrepreneur, Ernst & Young, Jim Wilson, Karl Friedman, NextAction, Jim Wilson, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year || Channels: Entrepreneurs || Bytes: 6993400 > LISTEN
Jim Wilson, Ernst & Young - Entrepreneur of the Year Program 281_ And the Winner Is...Only if You Participate Now enclosure-voice
Investing in entrepreneurs and celebrating their successes is what the "Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year" Program is all about explains Jim Wilson of E&Y. These entrepreneurs fill such an important role in our society – such incredible contributions for our workforce and our society that we just relish the opportunity to celebrate them. Karl Friedman of NextAction, previous award winner was delighted that his company was nominated. Listen in, it's your turn now. Related Links: Ernst & Young || How Do I Participate? || Call for Nominations || Event Photos 2006 || Keywords: Entrepreneur, Ernst & Young, Jim Wilson, Karl Friedman, NextAction, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Program > Channels: Entrepreneurs || Bytes: 3816492 LISTEN 3/19/07
258 Filling Huge Holes in the Traditional Hi-tech Startup Model enclosure-voice
David Cohen and David Brown, CoFounders TechStarsThere are common and critical things that are overlooked when starting a new business. The founders of TechStars suggest that stealth modes are out and stress tests are in. Brad Feld, investor in many innovative high-tech companies, is always interested in new investment ideas. Brad and Jared Polis have joined David Cohen and David Brown, co-founders of Zoll Data Systems in their newest venture,TechStars which will provide angel funding and mentoring to young entrepreneurs.

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: TechStars, Startup, David Cohen, David Brown, Zoll Data Systems, Brad Feld, Jared Polis
> Bytes 6779405 || LISTEN 2/12/07
239 Connecting with the Right People the Right Way enclosure-voice LISTEN 1/15/07
Larry & Pat Nelson, w3w3.comPat & Larry Nelson of are seen everywhere. Many call them the Networker’s networkers. Larry says that the biggest and most common mistake in networking involves the omnipresent “Elevator Pitch”. That’s just what a busy executive wants to hear as they enjoy their liquid refreshments…”Get me out of here!” Pat and Larry offer some "Networking Solutions" (Identifying, Preparing & Personalizing) that are extremely effective in most every networking situation. In 4 minutes you'll know the answers. Related Links: Beyond the Trends || 3-Filters Compliant || Your Website
- Is it 3-Filters Compliant? || Entrepreneurs || Associations || Training Trends || Keywords: Networking, 3-Filters, Elevator Pitch, Beyond the Trends, Training Trends, Associations || Bytes: 267745
Monica Heron, Senior Consul, Canada210_ Building a Win/Win Bridge for Canada & the US
Serial entrepreneurs have nothing over Monica Heron, Senior Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner for Canada in Denver for Consulate General of Canada. She is a serial foreign service career person and has held positions in numerous countries, from Hong Kong to Zimbabwe, from the Ivory Coast to Switzerland and beyond. Monica is pleased to be in Denver working with a great team of active and involved representatives. They are there ready to support efforts to do business with Canadian companies.> Related Links: Canada || Monica Heron || Toronto and Region || Greenbuild Expo |
| Keywords: Canada, Monica Heron, Senior Trade Commissioner, Energy, Technology, Life Sciences, Aerospace - 11/13/06 LISTEN - Bytes 4154412
Ned McClain, Applied Trust208_ Three Focused Recommendations for Entrepreneurs
Trent Hein, Applied TrustIn the middle of high-tech chaos, Applied Trust opened its doors in 2001. Trent Hein and Ned McClain cofounders of Applied Trust shared with Pat and Larry Nelson three of their golden nuggets that every organization should apply. Applied Trust is extremely successful and growing. They have incorporated a Culture of Giving throughout the company. One size doesn't fit all, word of mouth and adapting are three keys. Three additional and unusual pieces of advice will make the difference.
*** Thanks to Applied Trust for sponsoring our Safe Surfing Channel...we couldn't do it without them.> Related Links: Applied Trust Home || ATE Philanthropy || Event Photos || Safe Surfing ||
Keywords: Applied Trust, Engineering, Trent Hein, Ned McClain, IT, Entrepreneurs, UNIX, Linux, Community - 11/13/06 LISTEN - Bytes 4880408
Applied Trust CoFounders, Ned McClain and Trent Hein213_ The Secret of Success is to Not Have Any Secrets
Co-founders of Applied Trust Engineering (ATE) Trent Hein and Ned McClain, were surprised when Pat and Larry Nelson unexpectedly wanted to interview them about the Famous ATE Employee Canon. The ATE Canon was developed in an effort to support ATE employees, ATE clients, and the profession in general. It outlines their organizational culture, which fosters a creative, rewarding, and balanced work environment that empowers employees and clients. Here are 10 rules to build by. *** Thanks to Applied Trust for sponsoring our Safe Surfing Channel...we couldn't do it without them.> Related Links: Applied Trust || The Famous ATE Employee Canon || Event Photos || Safe Surfing ||
Keywords: Applied Trust, Engineering, Trent Hein, Ned McClain, IT, Entrepreneurs, UNIX, Linux, Community - 11/20/06 LISTEN - Bytes 5163993
Kevin Ward, PC Conferencing178_ Building Your Business While Beating Travel Prices
According to Kevin Ward, President of PC Conferencing there are three main challenges that entrepreneurs face. The first is money. Many start out with their own, and credit cards and then there's the challenge of raising money from Angel investors or if your company has big potential, VC investors. The second is people. As Kevin says, "you know you need good people, but can you get along with them?" The third is balancing your personal time, your work and your family.> LISTEN 9/18/06

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In the News Channel || Call Kevin
Larry Nelson & Paul Ray161_ You Can't Keep a Serial Entrepreneur Down
Over 30 years ago Paul Ray decided to get out of corporate America and go on his own. Paul, the epitome of a serial entrepreneur is currently president and CEO of Surginetics. Larry Nelson set up an appointment to get an entrepreneurial update with Paul. As entrepreneurial luck would have it, it turned-out to be a day that Paul was going to start another round of chemotherapy at the Fitzsimons Anschutz Infusion Cancer Center. You can't keep this good man down. Paul said, "Let's do it on schedule." Wow, what an inspiring story.> LISTEN 8/07/06
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Paul Ray, Surginetics162_ Five Rocky Stages of a Venture Capital Startup -
Paul Ray, president and CEO of Surginetics as well as super-serial entrepreneur points out that a good executive summary is the hook. There is a tremendous amount of give and take as the company and the investors start the building process. Paul shares his Five Stages of a VC Startup:(1) Excitement and Euphoria (2) Disenchantment (3) Search for the Guilty (4) Punish the innocent (5) Reward the undeserving. His advice to avoid this swamp is to get advice from attorneys, accountants and seasoned experts. Part 2 of 2. > LISTEN 8/14/06

Paul Ray, Serial Entrepreneur153_ Entrepreneurs Rocky Road to Gold - LISTEN 7/24/06
Paul Ray and Larry Nelson are working on a project together focused on entrepreneurial lessons. Paul and Larry have both hit the wall numerous times. If you have worked with Paul, you might want to share an insight or story with Larry ( If you don't know Paul well, listen to Larry's interview with him in May 2004. Paul is a well-known serial entrepreneur and he shares this success story that started with BTI (Boulder Tech Incubator…now CTEK) in 1992. This story about Image Guided Technologies is not an overnight success story, but one that was fraught with challenges while going public and then being acquired, no simple feat.

149_ Winners of Mercury 100 Awards Share Secrets
Kimberly Lucas, Sr. VP, Spitfire GroupMark Richtermeyer,President & CEO Starting from scratch in 2004, co-founders of the Spitfire Group, Mark Richtermeyer and Kimberly Lucas share their strategies acheiving 900% growth over last year. Kimberly and Mark have complimentary strengths and philosophies. Both feel strongly about supporting a techies-team based environment where smart people can deliver very large technical projects in a short period of time. Their technical equipment along with their whiteboard room, set the stage. They have some great advice for entrepreneurs. > LISTEN 6/12/06

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Frank Day, Restauranteur142_ From Part-time Pitchman and Harvard to Old Chicago Pizza
Yes there was an IPO, but you have to hear Frank Day share the rest of the story. Frank's parents, his experience as a 'pitch man' and his Harvard degrees all had a tremendous influence on the founder of Old Chicago Pizza, Rock Bottom Brewery, ChopHouse as well as owner of the Boulderado Hotel in Boulder. You might be surprised what else Frank has his hands in. This Colorado native claims the key to building any successful business is people. > 5/29/06 LISTEN
Part 1 of 2

144_ Deal Inked - Is There More Than Food in Frank Day's Life? Part 2 of 2
Frank Day, Entrepreneur, Restraunteur and more....Frank Day shares the rest of the story and points out lesson number one with IPOs. When you tell people you are going to slow down they desert you, points out Frank as he shares his wounds (learning lessons). The stock tanked and then he took it private in 1999. This addicted entrepreneur is proud to point out that by the end of 2006 there will be a total of 135+ restarants including franchises. This Colorado native claims the key to building any successful business is people. Part 2 of 2>> 6 /5/06 LISTEN
Stephen Meer, Intrado - Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year - Telecom135_ Intelligent Emergency Network, Next Generation 9-1-1
Developed 30 years ago, we have outgrown the current 911 technology. Intrado, a global provider of emergency communications infrastructure and services is now building the next generation of 9-1-1. Cofounder and CTO of Longmont based Intrado, Stephen Meer's history includes being a first responder. In addition to his career, Stephen has a great deal of interest in our youth as it relates to science and math interests. Here's a Colorado success story.> LISTEN 5/15/06
137_ Delivering Solutions While Avoiding Info Overload a Key to Success
Stephen Meer, Co-Founder, Intrado
Meaningful solutions is an Intrado mantra. Years ago Intrado introduced the concept of using the incident command system in public safety. Stephen Meer points out that the challenge is inner operability. Whether it's the tragedies at Columbine, Katrina or the World Trade Center, Stephen says it is much more than just the communication. It's about getting the right information, to the right people in the right time. Using the tools on a daily basis and distilling down to meaningful solutions are the keys.> LISTEN 5/22/06

134_ Baxa, Past Mistakes and Facing Challenges Lead to Winning
Brian Baldwin, Baxa Corp - Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year- BioscienceLearning from past mistakes and overcoming the biggest of challenges helped make Brian Baldwin, Vice Chairman and Founder of Baxa a success. His college roommate and fraternity brother Bill Cook started with a dumb business model, hypodermic needles. This was followed by other challenges including making it through Chapter 11. Today, Baxa is a successful award winning company built on the foundation of getting the right people in the right place and time. Brian enjoys having a good time, ask Dame Edna.
> LISTEN 5/15/06
138_ The Rocky Road of Building a Successful Medical Device Company
Brian Baldwin, Co-Founder, BaxaIn 1979 Baxa became part of the Cook Company out of the state organization. In 1987 Brian Baldwin and some cohorts engineered a buy-back from Bill Cook. From there on it was a rollercoaster ride. Winning a patent litigation suit cost Baxa $1 million in legal fees. Not that long ago, Baxa experienced a major recall and at that time had a 20% marketshare. Today they have better than an 85% share. Brian predicts wellness preventative care is the new growth area. There's more.> LISTEN 5/22/06
Melodie Reagan, JudgeMark Siegel, Partner, Ernst & Young Denver132_ How to Be an Ernst & Young
Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner

It started out as a lunch program in Milwaukee 20 years ago, and has evolved, today it is a premeir gala, awarding and honoring entrepreneurs globally says, Mark Siegel, partner of Ernst & Young, Denver office. Melodie Reagan, one of the illustrious judges for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Colorado discusses with Mark what it takes to be chosen as one of the winners. The finals are awarded June 22, 2006.>
LISTEN 5/08/06
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2005 Mark Siegel Interview
Paul Ray, Serial Entrepreneur130_ IPO, Going from $5.00 per Share to $0.13 per Share
Here is a little IPO history. In May 2003, we interviewed Paul Ray, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, venture capitalist and all-around bioscence enthusiast about an IPO experience he had that was filled with extreme peaks and valleys. In addition to intellectual property concerns the other key that got in the way was management. Remember, those that don't learn from the past are doomed to relive it. With all the twists and turns, Paul is still chugging on. . >
LISTEN 5/08/06
Vipang Patel, Managing Partner, iSherpa Capital121_Wireless - Could be the Remote Control of Your Life > 4/17/06
Wow, there are some industries that are really the talk of the town. That would be wireless and all the new things coming down the pipe. Vipanj Patel, Managing Partner of iSherpa Capital just returned from CTIA, a huge wireless trade show and had lots to talk about. There was a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm as Vipanj shared some trends that are already upon us. > LISTEN
Melodie Reagan114_Executive Candidates -
The Market Change and Hiring Challenges
> LISTEN 4/3/06
By the year 2010 there will be a labor shortage points out Melodie Reagan, Founder Auromira Executive Advantage. She reveals the most important threee hiring mistakes made by organizations as well as the three most common mistakes made by candidates when applying for a job regardless of field. Statistically, people have ten different jobs in their lifetime Melodie points out.  
Deb Miller, COO, Performance VelocityMental Agility: Secret Sauce Behind Successful Companies
Many things in life and in business come naturally. Many things we apply and actions we take are second nature and when we want to excel we work harder at it and put in more hours. Deb Miller, COO of Performance Velocity just qualified for the Boston Marathon. Mental agility, learning a second business language are keys to success - It's a winner.
 3/27/06. LISTEN
Larry Nelson, President, w3w3.comMastering Mystery of Motivation: Your Sneak Preview
Building a business is not a cakewalk. Although some thought in the late 1990s that if they had an idea, they could raise big bucks and build a successful company. Pat and Larry Nelson might not have seen it all, but they feel that people are the cause of all problems and people are the solutions for all problems. Check out the Book ‘n Blog and see what you think.MORE 3/27/06 3/27/06
Paul RayChaos is Fun: Life of a Serial Entrepreneur 3/27/2006
Paul Ray, is known as an experienced (that means the good, the bad and the depressing) venture capitalist. But Paul, in any event is a serial entrepreneur. He says that delegation leads to organized chaos and that some think abdication equals delegation…4 to 5 things must be in parallel. Paul has lead a number of companies into successful venture funding. LISTEN 3.27.06
Brian Vogt, Director, Office of Economic Development, ColoradoHumbling Experience Leads to Success and Challenges
As keynote speaker at the Colorado SBIR Conferance, Brian Vogt, Director of
the Office of Econmic Development and International Trade shared his experiences that lead him to his position. However Brian focused on the future, from the serious threat of complacency to the competition of outside forces to the exciting potential of the Colorado center for emerging technologies.  3/13/06. LISTEN
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Jere Glover, Small Business Technology CouncilMark Henry, PBC, Inc.Funding Innovative Technology Ideas for Commercialization - Jere Glover, Small Business Technolgy Council and Mark Henry, PBC, Inc., keynote speakers at the Colorado SBIR Conferance, discuss the successes of the $85 million in SBIR funding brought to Colorado, some of the exciting new commercialization programs as well as the challenges with the research and development funds SBIR will be facing in the next two years.  3/20/06. LISTEN
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Jim Crowe, CEO, Level 3 CommunicationsComponents of IT are Process, Storage, Moving and Crowe
Never short on ideas and information, Jim Crowe, CEO of Level3 Communications was the keynote luncheon speaker at the Silicon Flatirons conference. Jim shared many interesting facts and pointed out the US (the country that invented the Internet) ranks 20th in the world in providing high-speed Internet access to its citizens. He talks about a process that is messy, risky but fast. 3/13/06. LISTEN part 1 of 2
Innovation, Communication & the Increasing Pace of Change
Jim Crowe
CEO of Level 3 Communications, keynote luncheon speaker at a Silicon Flatirons conference, touts the benefits of "market based competition." While he acknowledges it can be messy and unpredictable, it must be recognized by policy makers. He further explains challenges that come from competition and the fast pace of change require more entrepreneurs.
LISTEN Part 2 of 2 3/20/2006

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Prof. Phil Weiser and Jim Crowe, CEO, Level 3 CommunicationsInnovation, Communication and the Increasing Pace of Change     
Phil Weiser, Silicon Flatirons drills Jim Crowe, Level3 CEO after his luncheon keynote address. The audience also asked some tough questions. Jim had a great deal to say about regulation in the Internet space. He feels that the entrepreneurs are the backbone of innovation. As in the past, regulation tends to entrench the current - not encourage alternatives and is not a friend of innovation.
3/27/2006. LISTEN
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Alex SammouryJohn CodyChallenges and Profitability for Entrepreneurs
The track-record at CTEK in Longmont has been quite extraordinary. Over 16 companies have been helped, 8 of those have raised $18 million and 4 ended this past year in the black. Alex Summoury, Executive Director of CTEK Longmont and John Cody, CEO of Longmont Area Economic Council (LAEC) point out the value of working together for the benefit of new entrepreneurs and the community as a whole.2/27/2006 LISTEN
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Mark Endry, Partner, Arrow Invest

You Would be Grateful to Receive Mentoring Like This
Partner at Arrow Investments, Mark Endry believes in the mentoring process. His high-profile tenure at various “large” companies helped him understand the value of mentoring. Mark shares both sides, mentor and mentee. There are specific guidelines and rules for being a super mentor and Mark shares those tips as well being the best mentee. He heads up the TiE Rockies mentor program.  LISTEN 2/20/06
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TiE Rockies

Jim ArkebauerAccess to Capital – Be Prepared the Right Way 1.16.2006
Things are picking up. For some, the exciting news is that access to venture capital and angel investors is very positive right now. The challenging news for some is they're not ready to talk or to make a presentation for money. Jim Arkebauer, co-founder of the Rockies Venture Club, prolific author of business books and founder of Venture Associates reveals what it takes. LISTEN

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David Moll, Webroot and Phil Weiser, Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program - CUMeeting the Challenge – New and Old Entrepreneurs 1.16.2006
We seldom publish question and answer periods from a conference. This time it makes sense as both the questions and the answers are valuable and insightful. Phil Weiser, Esq. Founder and Executive Director, Silicon Flatirons Telecom Program, University of Colorado and his team organized an event for budding entrepreneurs and pros. David Moll, CEO of Webroot Software was the keynote..
Part 3 - 3 LISTEN
Part 1 of 3 - LISTEN 1.2.2006Part 2 of 3 - LISTEN 1/9/2006Part 3 of- 3 LISTEN

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Russ Farmer, SBIR Colorado, Executive DirectorMillions More Coming to Colorado via SBIR
Over $85 million dollars came to Colorado from the SRIB/STTR federal program in 2005. Russ Farmer
, Executive Director of SBIR Colorado points out that SBIR grants and contracts are for very leading-edge and high-risk innovative research projects. Russ shares some of examples how very small companies can tap into relationships with BIG companies, face-to-face. LISTEN - 1/9/2006
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  David Moll, CEO, WebrootLooking for Frustrated Mature Business Talent
Tomorrow’s entrepreneurs are probably working for some of Colorado’s largest companies claims David Moll, CEO of Webroot Software. David goes on to point out that those people are often frustrated and are an answer to our void of mature business talent. He also has some interesting thoughts for associations. There is a BIG need for more cooperation and support for entrepreneurs. Part 2 of 3 - LISTEN 1/9/2006  
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Gary Held, President, CTEKCTEK Angles Getting a New Perk of Their Own
Whether you are a startup looking for money or an angel investor, here’s some great news. Gary Held, President of CTEK announces that CTEK is putting together a “private equity fund” that will be professionally managed. That’s great news for angel investors as it opens up some top-flight investment opportunities while lowering their risk and at the same time making it better for entrepreneurs.
LISTEN - 1/9/2006
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David Moll, CEO, WebrootStart-Up Challenge: Down to the Last Dollar
The entrepreneur’s nightmare is the “Down to the Last Dollar” Syndrome. If you are thinking of getting a HUGE new client to buy your product or service be aware of how this “angelic customer” can turn into a King Kong. At one time AOL represented a third of all of Webroot's income. That came to a complete and an abrupt halt. David Moll, CEO of Webroot shares all with entrepreneurs at CU in Boulder
. LISTEN 1.2.2006

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David Allen, Assoc. VP, Technology Transfer, CU SystemColorado Economy + CU Tech Transfer 8/15/05
With over $600,000,000 in federal research funding, CU had a very good year. David Allen, Assoc. VP for Technology Transfer (TTO) at CU, points out it's more than the money. Colorado has one of the most intelligent and entrepreneurial clusters in the country. The Proof of Concept program at CU has helped a great deal with this growth. Patents filed per year have doubled since 2001.
Paul Ray, Serial Entrepreneur & VC Bringing Technology Business to Colorado 7/11/05
Serial entrepreneur, Paul Ray shares some insight about the differences between a product that leads to building a company or a product to be sold to a larger company. Paul has been a VC, angel investor as well serving as Colorado’s bioscience chief. Listen to him describe how he engineered a move of an out-of-state company to Colorado and tapped into virtual techniques.
Pat & Larry Nelson - Happy Clients; 3-Filters & Your Goals3-Filters + Your Goals = Very Happy Clients 6/27/05
Using the power of the 3-Filters Technology™ will help you reach more people, avoid the costly mistakes in promotional campaigns and help ensure successful results. You'll enjoy and benefit from this lively interview with Pat & Larry Nelson on w3w3® Talk Radio. LISTEN
The Stage is set: Ernst and Young Present Winning Entrepreneurs

Persistence + Sacrifice = EoY Winners 6/27/05
“Entrepreneur Of The Year award recipients embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and determination necessary to achieve success,” said Mark Siegel, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year program director for the Rocky Mountain Region. “This year’s nominees and winners are all fantastic entrepreneurs,” said Jon Nordmark, president and CEO of eBags. Press Release See the Event Photos Here.

Ron Bills, Formerly, President and CEO, Segway, LLCTry Building a Company Without a Board - 6/13/05
Ron Bills spoke at the Startup Junkie Underground. Ron was most recently President and Chief Executive Officer of Segway LLC, and was responsible for leading the company on its mission to develop and market fun, smart transportation solutions. As president and CEO he also served as a member of the Segway Board of Directors. He believes strongly in a good board of advisors. - LISTEN

Mark Siegel, Partner, Earnst & Young Here’s a Switch – The Entrepreneurial Landscape 5/23/05
Starting with the ‘Gold Rush’ of 1858, Denver has attracted adventurous, free-spirited entrepreneurs who are willing to take a risk to make it big in the Rockies. Entrepreneurial growth has also been high in the Denver area since it is not a large headquarters town, points out Mark Siegel, partner at Ernst & Young LISTEN.- Read More

Rod Underhill, COO, RideOnTime.comTry Raising Money Without a Business Plan - 6/13/05
Rod Underhill is a lawyer, author, law professor and a cofounder of the original, a
Web-based company that within two years became worth more than $2 billion. Rod was a recent keynote speaker at the Rockies Venture Club Annual Colorado Capital Conference. As co-founder of he got to play many roles, including receptionist. He’s now with - LISTEN 
David Ehrlich, EVP, Bonham GroupKroenke Sports Building Year-Around Profits Building a 20,000 seat soccer specific stadium (28,000 capacity for concerts) in Commerce City seems to some quite a stretch. David Ehrlich, former Exec. VP and COO at giant Kroenke Sports shares some tips for getting the most out of your assets. David, a partner at Bonham Group shares some great ideas for all sizes. 6/06/05 - LISTEN
David Ehrlich, Bonham GroupIs Going from Very Big to Small Wise? - 6/20/05 - Part 2 of 2
In April 2005, David Ehrlich left his executive VP and COO position with Kroenke, the sports enterprise giant, to join the Bonham Group is a consulting firm that handles contract negotiations on a wide array of sponsorship and concession issues. Why did he leave? “I will be a partner and everything that goes into it will come back to me…the good and the bad. He offers great ideas in part 2 of 2.

Rod Underhill & Ryan SabgaHere’s a Thought – Dreaming About 5/23/05
Rod Underhill was one of the team that helped grow and become one of the most successful IPOs in history. Rod shares details about the journey, the challenges and how entrepreneurs can learn from that trek. Ryan Sabga, CEO of asks Rod what he can learn that will help his company grow. - LISTEN

Rick Patch, LifePicsA Winner Stresses, It’s the Bumps in the Road 5/02/05
The Rockies Venture Club turned 20 years old, and on the same evening Rick Patch, CEO of LifePics was presented with the 2004Duane Pearsall Entrepreneurial Award. Rick touches on some “learning moments” from his past, but then lays it on the line with the challenges and triumphs of today.
Youth IT Challenge Judges - Scott Johnson, Microsoft; John Caldwell, John-Phillips Printing; Andre Pettigrew, Denver Public School SystemMaking the Business – Youth IT Challenge
Talk about a tough job. Scott Johnson (Microsoft), John Caldwell (John-Phillips Printing) and Andre Pettigrew (Denver Public School System) were on the judging panel at the Youth IT Challenge in Denver. Five teams of high school students presented business plans they had 10 weeks to prepare for. Unbelievable…
5/09/05. LISTEN Regional team winners go to New York City for national competition.

Mike Wehrs, Microsoft Windows - Art Rancis, TiE Rockies Skunk Works and the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Microsoft - Two different models of entrepreneur-ship are being driven within Microsoft. The “culture of fast-follower” doesn't foster the “culture of innovation” points out Mike Wehrs, Dir., Biz Dev.- Windows Graphics & Gaming Technologies at Microsoft. Art Rancis, TiE Rockies board discuss the entrepreneurial spirit in business. 3/281/05
Characteristics and Rewards of the Entre/Intrapreneur Incubation is more than a term at Microsoft. For the entrepreneurs, it's a lifestyle points out Mike Wehrs, Dir., Biz Dev.- Windows Graphics & Gaming Technologies at Microsoft. Art Rancis, of the TiE Rockies board discusses the signs of an entre/intrapreneur. 4/4/2005 LISTEN Now

Steve Baker, Author: Pushing Water Uphill with a RakeIt's Tough Out There When You Have Lost Control 3/07/2005
Meet a Denver local who was one of the victims of a $1.4 Billion frivolous lawsuit and has survived to talk and write about it. Steve Baker, author of “Pushing Water Uphill with a Rake” talks about how you can do everything right and still fail. He also shares a four-point plan for new businesses. Listen and Read.

John Bardeen, EntrepreneurCapitalizing on the Season Nets 100K the First Year
Starting a business as a tribute to his father with a seasonal product that gave it a 1 in 100 chance of making it, made many wonder. John Bardeen, founder of Pumpkin Masters points out that there is a risk as well as a potential tremendous reward if you can create a new product category. He still looks for a unique niche. 4/4/2005

Art Rancis, Amidex, CEO
Building a Business & Lessons Learned

Art Rancis,
CEO of Amedex is experienced in understanding the key components of building a successful business. Art identifies the 3 lessons learned as an entrepreneur…Keep focused…Stay focused but get ready to spin off…Structure the company properly.

Lu Cordova, President - CTEK
3 Challenges Entrepreneurs Face
Lu Cordova, President of CTEK and Chairman of CTEK Angels identifies the 3 biggest challenges entrepreneurs face. They are showstoppers for many. Lu and her crew are continually examining business models and evaluating what works and doesn't work... need-to-know info. 3/2004

Sandy Bracken, Executive Director, BARD Center for EntrepreneurshipIs Colorado's Entrepreneurial Cluster Growing? 5/15/04 (Depends) Sandy Bracken , Executive Director at the BARD Center for Entrepreneurship shares his view. Entrepreneurial spirit and what else is alive & well. He also sites that there is not enough critical mass and we are somewhat fragmented. Sandy has some ideas, but will the powers buy into them? 5/2004

Paul Ray,  McKim Venture capitalImage Guided Tech + Twist & Turns on Way to IPO
Paul Ray,
the well-known serial entrepreneur about a success story that started with BTI (Boulder Tech Incubator…now CTEK) in 1992. This story about Image Guided Technologies is not an overnight success story, but one that was fraught with challenges while going public and then being acquired, no simple feat. 5/2004

Brad Feld, Managing Director, Mobius VCMantra for Venture Capitalists Today + Mobius VC Tips
Brad Feld,
managing director of Mobius Venture Capital identifies what VCs are looking at today…including exit strategies, hot markets, checklist of the VC's mantra, what Mobius VC is focused on today as well as essentials for the first-time entrepreneur who is building a new company.

Paul Ray, Serial Entrepreneur Chaos is Fun Serial Entrepreneur
Paul Ray
, is known as an experienced (that means the good, the bad and the depressing) venture capitalist. But Paul, in any event is a serial entrepreneur. He says that delegation leads to organized chaos and that some think abdication equals delegation…4 to 5 things must be in parallel. April 2004

Rocky Scott, President, Greater Colorado Springer Economic Development Corp.Seed Capital — Increasing Demand
Karl Dakin,
a licensed attorney and professional technology manager suggests that in addition to SBIR grants, small entrepreneurial companies need to be able to tap into a seed capital fund. He has an idea to create a pool of money that would bring $50,000 to $250,000 to the table for startups.

3 Keys + Work = Strong Association
Art Rancis,
CEO of Amidex is also very involved with a premier association, TiE Rockies. Art walks us through the 3 Key Components of a strong association as well as identifying the critical support pieces. TiE Rockies has grown even during the “tough times”…great advice to all.

  EDITORIAL - Entrepreneurial Cluster  Listen or READ

"A Penny for Your Thoughts" is taking on a whole new meaning. Chad Brownstein, managing partner of  ITU Ventures says his organization is investing millions of dollars funding innovation. ITU focuses on high-tech intellectual property, taps into SBIR funding and works with tech-transfer offices in universities & research organizations.

Rina Delmonico, CEO/Founder, REN, Inc.Have you ever noticed that many in high-tech seek out and chase the fads? Rina Delmonico, founder of REN Consulting (a high-tech veteran who is extremely well connected) says we should be cautious about the latest "tech trend". She's excited about the signs of the economic recovery but over exuberance is another trap. Listen to Rina talk about the traps and the solutions. LISTEN

Mike Hamers, LightSpeed Commercial Arts LightSpeed Commercial Arts - Now that's a novel idea. But that is Michael Hamer's perspective on the work and the needs of his clients. When it's finally determined that a logo is needed, we usually realize the need retrospectively and want it done yesterday. Mike knows the drill. A "highly decorated" commercial artist, (that would be many award winning designs) Mike has some tips that will help you get the most out of your logo design which has a dramatic effect on your marketing efforts. LISTEN

Vic Ahmed, Nobel CapitalWhere have you seen this man? Nearly everywhere? That's Vic Ahmed, chairman, CSIA; co-founder, TiE Rockies; board member Colorado Technology Community Foundation; and day job at Parsec Group. In his spare time he recommends a "rocket propulsion success" organization for Colorado's big companies and entrepreneurs - working together to win, like CISCO and all the other giants do! It's Win/Win - Success - Jobs - Prosperity - Problem Solving... LISTEN


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