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Women in Information Technology Sponsored by Applied Trust Engineering, Boulder, Colorado

Terry Morreale, Women In IT 
           Producer, Sr. Engineer, 
           Applied Trust Engineering 761_ Big changes in the venture capital community
enclosure-voice Lisa Reeves, Vista Ventures, PartnerTerry Morreale, producer and director of the Women in IT Channel and also a senior engineer at Applied Trust Engineering, is back with another of her fabulous 'Women in Information Technology' interviews and her guest is, Lisa Reeves, General Partner with Vista Ventures. Lisa has two partners, Kirk Holland and Catharine Merigold and she's been with Vista for about two years. Prior to that she was in the software industry, specifically at SAP, AG, the largest German software company where she spent 9 years on the operational side and for five years she managed the venture fund worldwide. Prior to that she was in the automotive industry in Detroit. Terry asked, "The term VC seems to have a different flavor than it did maybe 5 or 10 years ago. How have things changed?" Lisa replied, "There have been changes. I've only been in the industry for two years. My observations are that maybe in the 'hey days' there were a lot of firms that had a number of general partners and funds that were established - and time will tell. I think there is a real focus on capital efficiency, capital constraints and insuring that you really pick the right partner to work with." That brought up another question, "What are some of the things an entrepreneur should consider when looking at a VC partner? Lisa strongly suggested, "Do your due diligence on the VC. There are a number of things you can find online.. you can look at the fund, do all kinds of research online. You can back channel individuals, you can look at their previous investments. You can also talk to corporate folks who might have worked with that VC in previous transactions. But I would do my research - it's a long term relationship, it's like a marriage." Listen for more...
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Bytes: 10760569 - 12/21/09 LISTEN to Terry Morreale & Lisa Reeves

716_ Technology in remote parts of the Globe: It starts with a boat
Evi Nemeth and Terry Morreale, 
           Women in IT brought to you by Applied Trust Engineering on w3w3.com enclosure-voice Have you ever wondered what technologies are being used in remote places around the world? Terry Morreale, producer and director of the Women in IT Channel and also a senior engineer at Applied Trust Engineering talked to Evi Nemeth about her passions. Evi is a retired university professor, author (currently working on the 6th edition of Unix/Linux System Administration Handbook, co-authored by Trent Hine) with interests in Networks, Data Structures, Unix Tools, C Programming, System Administration with her real world interests being Sailing, Skiing, Hiking. Evi is in Boulder working on finishing the book. Usually you would find her and her yacht (that sleeps six) in the San Blas Islands on the Caribbean side of Panama... if she is not sailing somewhere in another part of the world. Terry and Evi talked about Evi's experiences in these primitive parts of the world. Have you ever wondered what happens to those brilliant professors teaching our new leaders, writing books that are too technical to read, creating startup companies, did you think they just faded away? Not Evi Nemeth, her story is an enchanting tale of a renowned CU Computer Science Professor, retired and sailing the remote locations of our world.
Related Links: Women in IT Channel || Applied Trust Engineering || Girl Geeks || Evi Sailing || Keywords: Evi Nemeth, Terry Morreale, Technology, Unix/Linux System, Administration Handbook, Computer Science, Global Channel: WiIT >> Bytes= 11783421 > 9.14.09 LISTEN

Professor Elizabeth Jessup, Computer Sciences Department, 
           University of Colorado - Boulder Terry Morreale, Senior Engineer, Applied Trust 
           Engineering - and Producer of Women in IT 673_ Fabulous teachers, a keen interest in math and science lead to an IT career
enclosure-voice Terry Morreale introduces us to yet another Woman in IT. We're talking to Professor Elizabeth Jessup, Computer Sciences Department at CU. For some, their career path is pretty straightforward. Terry asked, "How did you get to Professor in the Computer Sciences Dept at CU?" "It was a long and convoluted route. In high school I became interested in math and science, I had fabulous teachers. I went on to college where I was a math major, but I also took a lot of physics." Today she teaches numerical computing. When asked what type of research she did, Liz explained that computers in general can't represent numbers exactly. Larry was very surprised. "The first main issue is how to get the right answer on a computer. There are standards in place so you don't have to worry... but scientists do. The second issue is how to get the right answer in a reasonable amount of time. We're always interested in speeding up the process." Terry asked if Liz noticed a difference in student enrollments for computer sciences. As suspected they're down but much worse for women. "It's cyclical, but at the high point women represented 35% down to single digits today." Liz thinks working on the curriculum can help - she's had success in the past. Listen now for more insights...
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  Applied Trust is a Unique Breed

The Barking Seal: applied Trust off-leash IT infrastructure, security and performance Terry Morreale - Sr. Engineer, Appllied Trust EngineeringInformation is critical to all types of businesses. Whether you have a business that has not traditionally worried about computers and networks, or if your business is steeped in technology, you know that businesses are enabled and improved by effective use of technology. But how do you select an IT infrastructure and security company?

Many times Web sites and brochures offer services that appeart to be the same or similar. How do you choose the right one? The answer is trust. When you are looking to secure your information and your network, you need to trust the partner you select. So why should you trust Applied Trust more than our competitors? There are many reasons, all of which are based in the tenet that we provide the best security, infrastructure, performance and availability services for your networks and systems. Learn more…

The Linux Administration Handbook - Second Edition; Available at Amazon 233 Policy, Politics and Privilege; the IT Infrastructure Challenge
enclosure-voice Most managers do not understand the difference between UNIX and LINUX, but they should. That knowledge could be the difference between a company horror story and success. Trent Hein and Ned McClain, co-founders of Applied Trust Engineering who also co-authored the, " LINUX Administration Handbook" (Second Edition) and include critical sections written especially for non IT managers who can gain an understanding what is going to happen when they turn over the keys to the systems administrator. Related Links: Applied Trust || Book Press Release || Community Support || Book Details || Keywords: Applied Trust, Trent Hein, Ned McClain, LINUX Administration Handbook, Systems Administrator, IT Infrastructure|| Bytes: 6930393 > LISTEN 1/1/07

208_ Three Focused Recommendations Trent Hein, Applied Trust for Entrepreneurs.. Adapting your business model to what the client really wants can be tricky. One sure way to become a broken company is to not be aware of client needs.
More... Applied Trust

Ned McClain, Applied Trust172_ The ATE Employee Canon has Redefined the Big Bang .. You don`t need a secret password to find out what is happening at Applied Trust. Their canon was designed entirely by techies but we can all understand it.

169_ East and West Coast Duke it Out While Colorado Has Fun .. Applied Trust Engineering has given `Green Backs` a whole new meaning. Building your own company requires 24/7/365 passion.

Trent Hein, Applied Trust Engineeringenclosure-voice354This is More Than a High-Level Alert for Your Computer

Trent Hein and
Ned McClain, co-founders of Applied Trust discuss one of the scariest Internet subjects we have ever heard. They talk about the topic in a way that business people can understand and gives your IT staff some geart security ideas. Ned McClain, Applied Trust Engineering

Their number one suggestion is to
check the Open Web Application Security Project or OWASP. "These guys publish a lot of interesting information about what’s going on with application security on the web. They publish a Top 10 Vulnerability list. The 2007 list is out and anyone who has a web site, large or small, should be aware of what’s on this list. There's also a wonderful guide that talks through how to mitigate and address the top ten vulnerabilities in your environment.

In 2007, Cross site scripting aka XSS, has risen to the number one spot of the top ten web security vulnerabilites. Sites that allow users to post content to the site might mean that a bad guy could post malicious code to the site.

No. 2 Threat: Injection Flaws. A lot of web sites have a data base behind them and any of those servers speak a language that you can use to say, “Hey, I would like to get information from the data base, or I’d like to put information into the data base.” This has been used for a whole variety of exploits.

No. 3 Malicious File Execution, really means having good website hygiene. Demo files that came with your computer, or a sample application should be cleaned up so that a ‘bad guy’ can’t take advantage of that file and take control of your computer.

Trent and Ned give a whole new meaning to TRUST.

Related Links:  Applied Trust Engineering || OWASP Home || OWASP Top 10 || Cross Site Scripting || Channels: Safe Surfing, Software, Cyber Security >> Keywords: Applied Trust, Trent Hein, Ned McClain, OWASP, Open Web Application Security Project, Cross Site Scripting, XSS, Malicious Content> Bytes: 13761204 >8/6/07

Terry Morreale, Sr. Engineer, Applied Trust477_ Challenges and Choices in Building a Virtual Company
enclosure - voiceTerry Morreale has interviewed a number of 'Women in IT' with all types of backgrounds, with a diverse group of job responsibilities and all with different goals and challenges. Terry is a Senior Engineer at Applied Trust Engineering and Director of the Women in IT Channel. She interviewed Beth Just, President and CEO of Just Associates at Beth Just, Just Associatesher home office. They have 44 employees and they all work virtually with most in Colorado, but others spread across the country. Beth is very proud about how her current team is working, but she points out some of the difficulties in building a virtual team. "Initially we found that it is recruitment because there are some people who can work out of the home and some that just can’t. Some people just can’t ever turn their work off, and some can’t seem to get to it.. So, the quality of the work they’re doing is constantly interrupted by their kids or dogs or that next load of laundry. We found that we had to structure our interview questions to solicit responses that would help us know whether they had a ‘responsibility character’, whether or not they could stay focused...
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Bytes: 20433505 - 4/21/08

431_ There's Quite a Buzz About Healthcare...Here's More
Terry Morreale - Women in IT with Margo Karsten, Exempla enclosure-voice Just recently a patient was dying – making 'end of life' decisions and wanted to speak with her family. One daughter lived in Seattle. Our IT department with our Nursing Staff connected her daughter in Seattle through TeleVideo. The mom and daughter had their time together, said their goodbyes and within 24 hours the mom passed away. We could not have done that even two years ago explains Margo Karsten, R.N., PhD, Chief Operating Officer, Administration and Chief Nursing Officer at Saint Joseph Hospital, Exempla. Terry Morreale, Senior Engineer, Applied Trust and producer of the Women in IT Channel, brings another fascinating account from the realm of women in information technology. Margo shared many IT advances including tapping into Children's Hospital expertise by sending heart echoes over and have them read in almost real time. At a high illness level, we can quickly get an expert in to tell us what is going on. Another point is Exempla spent $100 million dollars just to get the health records up. There are some great leaning lessons here, LISTEN 1/28/08

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Applied Trust Engineering says, JOIN OUR TEAM
Like to work hard... and PLAY hard? We're looking for individuals to fill these roles:
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • BENEFITS: bullet pointCompetitive salary bullet pointOver 4 weeks of annual paid time off to start, plus additional paid holidays bullet point401(k) program with employer matching bullet pointHealth (PPO), Dental, and Life/AD&D/LTD insurance with 100% of employee premiums paid for by Applied Trust bullet pointHealth Reimbursment Arrangement (HRA) program bullet pointAnnual ski pass and gym membership benefit bullet pointFree downtown parking and RTD Eco Pass

Learn more at www.appliedtrust.com/jobs - 303.245.4545 - 9/14/09

betty Pierce, President, Secure Network Systems terry Morreale, Producer Women In IT on w3w3, 
                  Senior Engineer, Applied Trust Engineering 648_ Overarching concerns over privacy and how to maintain data records
enclosure-voice Internationally there is the whole problem with harmony and privacy laws - how do we share that information properly while maintaining privacy. And when you outsource a function to another country, what impact does that have on the data they're working with? And of course, ethics is the grey area between legality and morality. But, amazingly, there are some common grounds of harmonization and we focus on the grounds of commonality and go from there. Terry Morreale, producer and director of the Women in IT Channel and senior engineer at Applied Trust talked with Betty Pierce, President, Secure Network Systems about this important issue and other concerns and solutions. "Secure Network Systems was formed here in Colorado, and it's actually been making a lot of inroads nationally with regard to certifications by different federal agencies for what's called "Phipps 201" or the convergence area. We've also worked for the transportation worker identification credential system, Maritime Port - basically the convergence of logical and physical security with identity. Then the overarching concerns over privacy and how to maintain data records so they aren't used for nefarious or incorrect purposes." Listen for more...
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599_ " My volunteer work helps me be a better consultant", says Lucy Vento
Lucy Vento, Computer Sciences Corp. and Volunter to Colorado Youth at RiskTerry Morreale, Sr. Engineer, Applied Trust, 
                Producer, Women in Information Technology Channel on w3w3.comenclosure-voice Terry Morreale, senior engineer at Applied Trust and producer and director of the Women in IT Channel interviewed Lucy Vento about her two passions: her career at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and her work at Colorado Youth at Risk (CYAR). Lucy has 20 years of experience in the information technology industries. She is a Principal for CSC Consulting in the Supply Chain Management practice where she specializes in global logistics, inventory management and wireless enablement applications at a variety of client sites. Lucy has been involved with CYAR for five years. Lucy went onto explain, " It is a mentoring organization for teens at risk of dropping out of high school. We teach the adults, mentors and teens in the program a variety of listening and personal transformation tools that they can use to make better choices for their lives. I have been a mentor for 2 years, a group leader for 2 years and now I am a certified facilitator. I use the CYAR tools frequently in my consulting practice work. It’s been very cool how both seemingly different environments I have been so involved in have come together so elegantly for me especially in the last year. My work at Colorado Youth at Risk has taught me to become a better consultant." Lucy has always been very involved with the community. Lucy is the founding president of the Colorado RFID Alliance and was the 2001 President of the Denver Telecom Professionals (renamed to Communications Technology Professionals). She was an adjunct faculty member for four years at the University of Denver. Listen for some win/win ideas that will help you in your career as well as benefit the community.
Related Links: Computer Sciences Corporation || Colorado Youth at Risk || Applied Trust || Women in IT || Keywords: Lucy Vento, Computer Sciences Corporation, CSC, Colorado Youth at Risk, CYAR, Terry Morreale, Applied Trust, Women in IT, Consulting
Channels: WiIT Bytes: 10572176 > 1.5.09 LISTEN

Terry Morreale, Producer & Director, 
                  Women in IT; and Senior Engineer, Applied Trust Engineering 479_ Parents Have a Great Influence on Their Children's Success
enclosure-voice Terry Morreale, producer and director of the Women in IT Channel, is passionate in her drive to bring the stories of “Women in IT” out, for many reasons. Terry says she loves interviewing these amazing women and learning about their experiences, their motivations, what makes them get up in the morning. But, another reason the Women in IT channel is so special to her is, she sees it as an avenue to inspire women to think about technology as a choice for them. Terry, a senior engineer at Applied Trust Engineering has for a long time been passionate about the concept of 'economic independence' for women. "Economic independence provides the opportunity for any person, man or woman, to be able to make life decisions in the best way possible." Being economically independent is not having to worry about decision making based on ‘I’m not going to be able to pay my rent’. I think it is extremely powerful. I want women, everyone to have that opportunity, to do whatever they want to do with that economic independence in their back pocket. "I hope that the Women in IT Channel is a resource for women who are at this inflection point in their life. Whether they are a middle school girl trying to decide if they want to take that computer class that’s offered, or a high school girl thinking about what they want to go to college to learn about." There's more...

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Terry Morreale and Carol Ross - 
                  Women in IT 585_ Helping Wisdom Entrepreneurs Create Stunning Results and Sustainability
enclosure-voice Listen and learn the power and feasibility of using a bottom-up approach to create change in the world, by attracting a community of like-minded souls. Here's a model for transforming an idea into a movement, including critical factors in engaging others at a more meaningful level. Terry Morreale, producer and director of the Women in IT Channel talked with Carol Ross, Founder of A Bigger Voice. Terry asked Carol a number of fascinating questions. What is a wisdom entrepreneur? What do you mean by stunning results and sustainability? What was the catalyst for starting this work? How does this work take advantage of trends in demographics, technology, and culture? What advice would you give to someone who wants to have a bigger voice? She had some interesting insights to digital immigrants vs. digital natives and that has a great impact on all of us...both ways. Carol points out, "Imagine where want your bigger voice project to go. Imagine your community 5 years from now: What types of people are there? What are they doing? What kind of impact is your community making? What will be the stunning result? Will you make money? How? How much? How big will your work and your impact be? Dream! Dream Big! Dream so big that it scares you and thrills you all at once. There's more great advice...
Related Links: A Bigger Voice || Carol Ross Home Page || Women in IT || Applied Trust || w3w3.com Blog || Keywords: Carol Ross, A Bigger Voice, Wisdom Entrepreneurs, Blog, Terry Morreale, Women in IT, Applied Trust Engineering, Digital Immigrants, Entrepreneurs, Channels: WiIT Bytes: 11848623 - 11/10/08 LISTEN
550_ I Went from Ready to Give up to Winning in IT
enclosure-voice BBC reported, “…reQall is the site that offers to be your Terry Morreale and Deb Millerconstant companion and memory jogger, so you need never forget anything ever again…” Terry Morreale, producer and director of the Women in IT Channel talked to Deb Miller about her extraordinary journey that led to another turning point in her life. Deb said, "I went from ready to give up to winning." Terry (also a winner), is a senior engineer at Applied Trust Engineering and is very interested in the entire journey that young girls go through that eventually lead to a successful IT career. Deb Miller, Vice President, Products for QTech has been reinventing herself for most of her 30 year career. She’s worked in companies ranging from large to small, from high-tech to high-touch, from publicly traded to venture-backed to self-funded. Her previous positions include Global Development Manager for Educational Systems at IBM, Director of Development at Sybase, Vice President of Development at a venture-funded startup, and COO of Performance Velocity, an executive training firm. She was the founder and CEO of Pensieve Software, which developed a voice recognition application that she recently sold to reQall. Ded says that, "It's all about people."Deb and Terry share the same passions and this is an interview you'll want to share with others.
Related Links: reQall || Women in IT || Tech Radar News || Applied Trust || Keywords: Deb Miller, reQall, Terry Morreale, Women in IT, Applied Trust Engineering, Memory Jogger > Bytes: 10130393 > LISTEN 9/8/08

519_ Women in Engineering are Growing in Numbers, But More Are Needed
Terry Morreale, Producer, Women In IT enclosure-voice In the past 10 to 20 years, everything has changed. "Engineering in general has changed a great deal. We are a lot more aware of how students learn and we realize a lot of learning takes place collaboratively – implementing team based learning. We’re trying to reflect what is happening out in Dr. Beverly Louie, Director, WIEP, CU, College of Engineeringindustry", unlike when Bev Louie did her senior design project in isolation… "Women really excel in the team environment," said Dr. Beverly Louie, Director, Women in Engineering Program at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Bev was interviewed by Terry Morreale, producer and director of the Women in IT Channel. Terry is a senior engineer at Applied Trust Engineering and graduated from the CU College of Engineering in 1994. Bev went on to point out, "Everyone needs to know that engineering is broader than just technology. We have all sorts of medical technology developed by engineers from the chemicals used in drugs all the way to the equipment used in diagnoses and surgeries. All that stuff was designed from an engineer’s creative passion to find a better way to do something. We have engineers that are working on tissue engineering, so.. tissue regeneration. We have a group working on growing brain cells that will help address Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. We have folks interested in regenerating cartilage – we know it doesn’t work to just throw cartilage into a joint. It doesn’t work because it doesn’t grow there. So how do you grow it?" Terry is passionate about young people involved and interested in technology and she explored with Bev ways to cultivate that interest. Listen for more stimulating ideas...
Related Links: Women in Engineering || Women in IT || Applied Trust || Engineer Your Life || Keywords: Beverly Louie, Terry Morreale, Applied Trust, Women in IT, Economic Independence, IT, College of Engineering & Applied Science, CU > Bytes: 10435503 LISTEN 7/7/08

488_ Loving Her Career and Financial Security Made the Difference
Terry Morreale, Producer & Director, Women in IT; and Senior Engineer, Applied Trust EngineeringSarah Kiefhaber, AVAYAenclosure-voice A move from the food industry, (29 years ago) to IT was an easy leap for Sarah Kiefhaber, who is now with AVAYA. Terry Morreale, producer and director of the Women in IT Channel talked to Sarah about her amazing journey in IT. Terry, a senior engineer at Applied Trust Engineering has for a long time been passionate about the concept of 'economic independence' for women. Sarah is a perfect example. "I started working at Bell Laboratories in 1979, having completed undergraduate degrees in mathematics and German plus one year of graduate work in physical anthropology. I spent a number of years working in the computer center at Bell Labs, first as the 'help desk' for all of the Denver Bell Labs technical population, then as primary technical support for all output services, before moving into integration testing of an adjunct processor for a communications system. "In addition to spending a year in England, Sarah is involved in pretty much every phase of product development from inception through requirements, design, development, testing, manufacturing, ordering, field support, sales support and end of life. I have helped to debug field problems in labs, on the phone and at customer locations. Share this interview with your daughters.
Related Links: AVAYA || Women in IT || Applied Trust Engineering || Find It || BYTES: 25455702 - 5/12/08 > Keywords: Sarah Kiefhaber, AVAYA, Terry Morreale, Applied Trust, Women in IT, Economic Independence, IT

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