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Biosciences Channel - Sponsored by LightSpeed Commercial Arts
Biotechnology conjures up various notions and opinions. It's amazing how many people have strong opinions about biotech and yet know little to nothing about it. It's quite the buzz in the high-tech community and predicted by many experts to be the biggest thing in the high-tech pipeline. Colorado is fortunate to have leading researchers supported by industry, government and all-important education.

Holli Riebel, CBSA, 
    President/CEO Challenges and solutions for the Bio and Life Sciences industry
enclosure-voice 1076_ 9/12/11 - The Bio and Life Sciences industry faces huge challenges raising venture capital in a difficult economy. Investing in an industry that takes ten to twelve years and over $1.3 Billion to bring a drug to market just might shift the action to some widget or a software program that can be flipped to realize a return in just six months. That's the challenge facing the Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA) and president/CEO, Holli Riebel. "Also", she said, "venture capitalists reside more on the coasts, and so we're always having a more difficult time attracting venture capital out here in the middle of the country." Coming up this month September 21st and 22nd we will witness the first "Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor and Partnering Conference" with the Opening Night Reception at the Governor's Mansion. It's really a venue to bring some of our top technologies and companies from Colorado and some of our surrounding states, to present their technologies to VC's and strategic partners. This is very different this year. Strategic partners are the pharmaceutical companies that are divesting themselves from their R&D departments. Now instead, looking at investing in many small biotech and device companies at earlier stages, in addition to research institutions. So we're seeing closer partnerships with companies at an earlier stage. Relevant right now, "The flu season is coming up" Holli said, "and there is a company that has actually developed a universal flu vaccine, making the annual, sometimes failed flu shot unnecessary. Another company has developed the first FDA Approved lymphoma drug for dogs. There's also a really interesting device company and they've developed a new heart valve for younger people." Listen for more...
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LISTN To: Holli Riebel, President/CEO, CBSA

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The Year 2020 and the Role of the Venture Capitalist
Mark Heesen, President, National Venture Capital Assoc.enclosure-voice 902_10/4/10- BioWEST 2010 Grand Finale Luncheon - The Year 2020 and the Role of the Venture Capitalist. Mark Heesen has advocated for the venture capital industry, entrepreneurship and innovation for nearly two decades, first as NVCA's head of public policy and since 1999 as the Association's president. Under Mark's leadership, the NVCA has grown in both scope and scale as it relates to its public policy agenda, research initiatives, and member programs. Mark is constantly engaged in legislative and regulatory issues surrounding information technology, life sciences and clean technology investing, providing strategic direction for the NVCA professional staff and managing a board of twenty-six venture capital practitioners. Mark's entire presentation was recorded. Here are a few notes. In the whole scheme of economics, the VC industry is a really tiny portion of what happens in the U.S. today; that small percentage of all transactions for the year involve venture capital. So it is a very small industry. There are only 7,000 venture capitalists in the country. We represent 410 venture capital firms. But it's also important to note that this is an extremely important industry. When we look at venture capital and what it has done to the U.S. economy as a whole, it's actually pretty dramatic. Eleven percent of all people who work in the private sector today, work for a company that was at one point or another, venture backed. One out of every ten Americans, that's pretty amazing, in the private sector. This is the sector that really creates jobs, that really keeps the economy humming. Mark talks about a number of industries, government legislation, Small Business Innovation Grants as well as the good news and the challenges. If you are considering getting venture capital investors, you must listen to this discussion...Thank you CBSA...
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Listen to: Mark Heesen, President, National Venture Capital Assoc.

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2/22/10 - 796_ First round of funding solicitation is March 1st
Kevin Smith & Richard Duke, CID4 is open and accepting applications. Submissions are due March 1, 2010 and commercialization is a key word.enclosure-voice CID4 is an acronym for the Colorado Institute for Drugs, Device and Diagnostic Development, (it was started about three months ago when they received funding from the State of Colorado). Larry interviewed Richard Duke, President and CEO of CID4 along with Kevin Smith, Exec VP and COO. Richard explained, "The mission of the CID4 which is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is to bridge the gap between the lab bench and the clinic. It's to provide funding for technologies we hope to move that have come out of research institutions or from private individuals who are actually trying to seek that first professional funding." Kevin added, "Back in late October when we last talked, we were poised to start operations, doing a lot of planning but we hadn't really started yet. The good news is since then we've finalized our grants with the State of Colorado and our grant with the Fitzsimmons Redevelopment Authority and we're ready to start operations. We've actually launched that first solicitation for technology. But in order to do that we've brought together a business and technical advisory committee consisting of some of the top leaders in the State of Colorado, both in the financing of early stage companies as well as folks with understanding of the medical drug technology development process and the medical device technology process." Larry asked, "Rick could you tell us about the solicitation process and what kind of investments you're actually looking for?" "We have a solicitation process that involves a very simple and straight forward application that's available on our web site and it's open for private companies as well as research institutions or even individual inventors to submit. The caveat is we are looking for technologies that are ready to enter clinical development." Submissions are due March 1, 2010 and commercialization is a key word. Listen for more details...
Related Links: CID4 Home Page || Application/Submission || CU TTO Channel and Archives || CU Technology Transfer Office || Keywords: Kevin Smith, Richard Duke, CID4, Funding, Fitzsimmons Redevelopment Authority, Grant, Colorado Institute for Drugs, Device and Diagnostic Development 2/22/10 bytes: 15179758 Chnl: CU TTO/Bi LISTEN to Richard Duke and Kevin Smith, CID4

743_ Colorado State Government Talks about the BioScience Pillar
enclosure-voice The BioWest Conference and Expo has earned the reputation of being the BioWest 2009, Colorado Pilar of  Economic DevelopmentRocky Mountain region’s preferred venue for visiting with researchers discussing their newest discoveries and meeting founders of the area’s most innovative and promising bioscience start-up companies. The conference included a panel on Investor Relations For Life science Companies (panel included Charles Duncan, Managing Director, Senior Biotechnology Analyst for JMP Securities; Joe Turner, former CFO, Myogen; Derek Cole, Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications, ARCA Biopharma); The Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor Conference with three company presentations; The State Of Colorado - Inside Look at the Economy and Economic Development with Don Elliman, Chief Operating Officer, State of Colorado Don Marostica, Director, Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade and moderated by Richard Duke, President and CEO of CID4; Tech Transfer Posters; and the Annual Awards Dinner (winners included: Lifetime Achievement - Thomas Cech, a Nobel Laureate and director of the University of Colorado at Boulder's Colorado Initiative in Molecular Biotechnology; Lifetime Achievement - Leslie Leinwand, a CU professor and chief scientific officer of CU' Boulder's Colorado Initiative in Molecular Biotechnology, co-founded Myogen; Company of the Year - Accera Inc., a Broomfield-based drug development company, launched a prescription drug that fights Alzheimer's disease; Rising Star - MiRagen Therapeutics Inc., founded in 2007, develops microRNA-based drugs to treat cardiovascular and muscle disease; Volunteer of the Year - Dan Mitchell, a Boulder-based Sequel Venture Partners partner, serves on the Colorado BioScience Association board; Partner of the Year, Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade; Educator of the Year, Corinne Carlson; Erin Silver was named the Chairman's Award Recipient ...listen for more...
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Jay Gershen, Vice Chancellor External Affairs, CU Denver 623_ Anschutz Medical Campus and the Fitzsimons Life Sciences District Challenges
enclosure-voice Previously Larry interviewed Jay Gershen, Vice Chancellor for External Affairs, University of Colorado Denver to get an update on the Anschutz Medical Campus and the Fitzsimons Life Sciences District. In this interview Dr. Gershen shead some light on the challenges them. The good news is the 60,000 projected jobs over the next 15 years. Jay went onto explain, "One of the challenges we’re having is access to the campus. Today as we talk there are 22,500 people a day that come on the site, 17,000 are employees. We have some challenges because that is going to grow over the next 15 years or so to about 60,000 people on the site. One of the challenges is access to the freeway and second is light rail. With regard to the freeway, the ramp at Colfax and I-225 was built to hold 4,000 cars a day. So, you can see even without full expansion we have only 1/5th of what we need today and traffic is pretty challenging." With the projected positive economic development and job creation he said, "We like to say medical research is good for your health and it’s also good for the health of the economy.” There's more... Related Links: Health Sciences Programs || CU Denver || Colorado BioScience Association || BioScience Channel || Keywords: Jay Gershen, Fitzsimons Life Science District, Anschutz Medical Campus, CU Denver, Health Sciences, BioScience Channel:Bio Bytes=6242119 - 2/16/09 LISTEN

Dr. Jay Gershen, Vice Chancello External Affairs, CU-Dnver 611_ Fitzsimons Life Science District and the Anschutz Medical Campus
enclosure-voice The Fitzsimons Life Science District and the Anschutz Medical Campus, formerly the Fitzsimons Army Medical Center, began its transformation in the mid-1990s. Larry followed up with Jay Gershen, Vice Chancellor for External Affairs, University of Colorado Denver to get an update on the Anschutz Medical Campus and the Fitzsimons Life Sciences District. The first time Larry interviewed Dr. Gershen, Jay was based out of the CU Health Sciences Center on 9th and Colorado the year was 2004. At that time Jay referred to Fitzsimons as, "Colorado's Crown Jewel". With all the challenging times, we thought it was time for a status report. "There was a base closure and that was Fitzsimons Medical Army Garrison, and the base was conveyed to the University of Colorado and to the City of Aurora in two parcels. One was a public benefit conveyance that went to the University, and the other was an economic benefit conveyance sold to the City of Aurora." Jay went onto explain, "The public benefit conveyance allowed all the land, buildings which were Army barracks and other medical facilities, to be given to the University with the understanding that CU would utilize that for research, education, and patient care and non-profit activities. The portion that was sold to the City of Aurora (was sold for $1.8 Million, with the first payment being due in 2012 (a real bargain). This is the largest medical development project in the country and contains the first comprehensive academic health center that is physically adjacent to a bio science research park, west of the Mississippi. Through the great generosity of the Phil Anschutz Foundation, we have received about $107 M from the foundation, for various projects on the site. The primary goal is to create a 21st Century Academic Health Center and one in which there would be a new design for the health center." Listen, there's more including challenges...
Related Links: Health Sciences Programs || CU Denver || Colorado BioScience Association || BioScience Channel || Keywords: Jay Gershen, Fitzsimons Life Science District, Anschutz Medical Campus, CU Denver, Health Sciences, BioScience Channels:Bio Bytes=10100718 > - 1/26/09 LISTEN

610_ Fitzsimons Life Science District where inspiration becomes cure
Jill Farnham, Executie Director, Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authorityenclosure-voice Jill Farnham is currently the Executive Director for the Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority (FRA), after serving for six years as the Authority’s Director of Finance and Business Operations. The FRA is a partnership of the City of Aurora and the University of Colorado and is responsible for overseeing the creation of the Fitzsimons Life Science District as a world class environment for life science companies. The FRA directs the commercial developments in the District, including the Colorado Science + Technology Park at Fitzsimons, along with its partner, Forest City Enterprises. It is an 184-acre business park dedicated to life science focused companies with 6 million square feet of proposed development in a sustainable urban environment. By 2013 the projected total jobs created throughout Colorado will be 44,505 long-term economic contributions o $1.4 billion in annual income and an annual economic output of $4.5 billion. Jill went onto say, "Despite challenging economic times we do have four projects that we expect to be moving forward in the next year. A hotel and conference center, a retail banking facility, a large office facility and of course our next bioscience building. we run a program called Fitzsimons Bio Business Partners. That’s or business development program, we have a seasoned bioscience business entrepreneur on staff, Dr. Michael Artinger, and he works with our tenants and prospective tenants to help advise them on how to get to the next stage of their evolution. Of that includes financing, and it includes introducing them to sources of management talent, and working together with a company to put together a presentation which will be presented before an advisory committee that includes venture capitalists and serial entrepreneurs, and experts in the field that the company may be in. Venture capital sources are very tight in this climate, we are recommending SBIR grants program as one of the best sources for funding and...
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Dr. Richard Duke283_ It’s not Just Human Capital: It’s Excitement Capital enclosure-voice
Universities, professors, tech transfer and a need for improved health are bringing in an extra $1 billion into Colorado. Dr. Richard Duke, is the chair of the CBSA’s Public Policy and Government Relations Committee, "We support life sciences legislation at the local level as well as the national level . In order for us to build the bio tech industry in Colorado, we really have to start at the grass roots. We have to start from the bottom and build those companies from start ups and help them all the way through", said Richard Duke. He is also past President and CEO of GlobeImmune as well as President and CEO of Apoplogic. He was recently named the “Business Advisor of the Year" by the University of Colorado Technology Transfer Office (CUTTO). Dr. Duke is passionate about House Bill 1060 passing.
Related Links: || CUTTO Winners || SBIR Colorado || CU Tech Transfer Office || GlobeImmune || CU Tech Transfer Series ||Channels: CU Tech Transfer || Keywords: Richard Duke, Apoplogic, GlobeImmune, Business Advisor of the Year, Technology Transfer, CU, University of Colorado > Bytes: 9418608 LISTEN 3/26/07

276 Dr. Michael Bristow, CoFounder MyogenMyogen: The $2.5 Billion Colorado Success Story enclosure-voice
– but there is more to it.
Myogen which recently merged with Gilead was built by a team that understands a key strategy of ‘spreading the risk’ while capitalizing on its assets. Dr. Michael Bristow, cofounder of Myogen shares the details. This is also a University of Colorado Tech Transfer ( CUTTO) success story and now Dr. Bristow and CUTTO have teamed up for another venture, ARCA Discovery, Inc. Get the details here.
Related Links: Myogen and Gilead || CUTTO Winners || CU Tech Transfer Office || Award Photos|| Keywords: Michael Bristow, Myogen, Gilead, ARCA Discovery, Technology Transfer, CU, University of Colorado > Bytes: 6586099 LISTEN 3/12/07

579_ Tribute to a Bioscience. Medical Device Serial Entrepreneur
Paul Ray The Closing

Help us all pay tribute a wonderful man, loving husband and father and a serial entrepreneur. This painting, 'The Closing' hung in Paul Ray’s office at Surgenetics and just about any other office he had before that. For anyone that’s experienced “The Closing”, this picture likely brings about memories, as it did for Paul. Paula Ray has asked the Colorado BioScience Association and w3w3to host a silent auction of the painting with proceeds going to benefit the Association’s annual activities. To get involved, please send bids directly to agiles@cobioscience.com by Wednesday, November 12th. Bidding thereafter will take place at the 2008 BioWest Conference (www.biowestconference.com) on November 13th. The winner will be announced at CBSA’s Annual Awards Dinner the evening of the 13th.

Related Links: Tribute to Paul Ray || Heroes Walk Among Us || 2008 Biowest Conference || CBSA Home || Link for Placing Your Bid || Keywords: Paul Ray, Paula Ray, Colorado BioScience Association, BioWest Conference, Surgenetics, Bioscience. Medical Device, Serial Entrepreneur - Channels: Bio - 11/3/08


271 Nanotechnology, Optics and Collaboration - Big Deal at CUTTO enclosure-voice
Dr. Zbigniew Celinski, Inventor of the Year and Dr. Tolya Glushchenko, New Inventor of the Year, CU Colorado SpringsKate Tallman, assistant director of both the Boulder and Colorado Springs Tech Transfer Office was proud to introduce two winners from the University of Colorado at the Colorado Springs Campus. "We have recognized two winners who collaborated on a technology that has to do with optics. Anatoliy Glushchenko was named New Inventor of the Year and Zbigniew Celinski, Inventor of the Year for CU at Colorado Springs." Related Links:
CUTTO Winners || CU Tech Transfer Office || BioScience Channel || Award Presentations Photo Album || Find It || Keywords: University of Colorado - Colorado Springs, Technology Transfer, Optics, Nanotechnology > Bytes 3420058 || LISTEN 3/5/07
Dr. Jeff Holt, University of Colorado Denver Health Sciences Center264 CUTTO Winner Helps Us Beat the Cancer Odds enclosure-voice
David Allen, Tech Transfer Office, University of Colorado SystemDr. Jeffrey Holt is the Vice Chair of Research and a Todd Professor of Experimental Pathology at University of Colorado Denver Health Sciences Center. His work is in the “BRCA1, BRCA2 genes” which plays a role in Ovarian, Prostate and Breast Cancers. David Allen of the Tech Transfer Office at CU acknowledged Jeff as the “New Inventor of the Year”. He is also recent recipient of the “Proof of Concept Grant” in conjunction with the State. Related Links: CUTTO Winners || CU Tech Transfer Office || BioScience Channel || Award Presentations Photo Album || Keywords: Technology Transfer, CU, University of Colorado, Dr. Jim Holt, UCDHSC, Pulmonary Hypertention, NIH || Channels: Bioscience >Bytes: 3181403 || LISTEN 2/26/07
259 Inventors of the Year, CUTTO Award Winners enclosure-voice
Rob Kuchta & Kathy Rowlen, CU TTO's Inventors of the Year 2006Dr. Kathy Rowlen & Dr. Rob Kuchta from CU Boulder worked on project for several years generally known as 'Flu Chip'. The extension of this technology will really help world health officials and others be at the front line to figure out what those strains are. Getting a flu shot that targets the right strain is necessary for the shot to work. Their efforts are very timely and may provide an early window into the pandemic of potential flu. David Allen of the Tech Transfer Office at the University of Colorado knows they are winners. Related Links:
CUTTO Winners || CU Tech Transfer Office || BioScience Channel || PodCasting Directory || Keywords: Technology Transfer, CU, University of Colorado, Dr. Robin Shandas, UCDHSC, Pulmonary Hypertention, NIH >Bytes: 3049119 || LISTEN 2/19/07
Dr. Robin Shandas255 CUTTO Awards UCDHSC Inventor of the Year enclosure-voice
Dr. Robin Shandas was presented with the Inventor of the Year David Allen, Tech Transfer Office, University of ColoradoAward for the CU at Denver and Health Sciences Center. The University of Colorado Technology Transfer Office held its 5th Annual Awards event on January 24. Dr. Shandas also recently awarded a multi-million dollar grant from the National Institutes Health. He will lead the development of 200 patient-specific computer models that will be used to help refine diagnosis and improvement treatment of pulmonary hypertension in children. Listen in his own words.

Related Links:
CUTTO Winners || CU Tech Transfer Office || BioScience Channel || Podcasting Directory || Keywords: Technology Transfer, CU, University of Colorado, Dr. Robin Shandas, UCDHSC, Pulmonary Hypertension, NIH > Bytes 3654742 || LISTEN 2/12/07
David Allen, Tech Transfer Office, University of Colorado251 New Inventor of the Year Awarded by CUTTO enclosure-voice
Dr. James Goodrich, CU at BoulderDr. James Goodrich was presented with the New Inventor of the Year Award for the CU Boulder campus. The University of Colorado Technology Transfer Office held its 5th Annual Awards event on January 24. It was attended by over 200 local business leaders and faculty inventors. After a presentation from Myogen founders Dr. Michael Bristow and Dr. J. William Freytag, awards were presented to inventors, companies, and others who demonstrate best practices in technology transfer. Dr. Goodrich's work is leading-edge and will save lives. Related Links: CUTTO Winners || CU Tech Transfer Office || BioScience Channel || PodCasting Directory ||
Keywords: Technology Transfer, CU, University of Colorado, Dr. James Goodrich, Gene Expression, RNA > Bytes 2321034 LISTEN 2/5/2007
Larry Nelson & Paul Ray161_ You Can't Keep a Serial Entrepreneur Down
Over 30 years ago Paul Ray decided to get out of corporate America and go on his own. Paul, the epitome of a serial entrepreneur is currently president and CEO of Surginetics. Larry Nelson set up an appointment to get an entrepreneurial update with Paul. As entrepreneurial luck would have it, it turned-out to be a day that Paul was going to start another round of chemotherapy at the Fitzsimons Anschutz Infusion Cancer Center. You can't keep this good man down.
Paul Ray, SurgineticsPaul said, "Let's do it on schedule." Wow, what an inspiring story.> LISTEN 8/07/06

Five Rocky Stages of a Venture Capital Startup -
Paul Ray, president and CEO of Surginetics as well as super-serial entrepreneur points out that a good executive summary is the hook. There is a tremendous amount of give and take as the company and the investors start the building process. Paul shares his Five Stages of a VC Startup:(1) Excitement and Euphoria (2) Disenchantment (3) Search for the Guilty (4) Punish the innocent (5) Reward the undeserving. His advice to avoid this swamp is to get advice from attorneys, accountants and seasoned experts. Part 2 of 2. > LISTEN 8/14/06

David Allen, University of Colorado Tech Transfer Office, Associate Vice President 156_CUTTO Metrics of Success and Challenges
In the past five years, we have seen some amazing results flow through from the University of Colorado Tech Transfer Office (CUTTO). David Allen shared the successes and challenges with his third-year check-up with Larry Nelson at w3w3.com. David pointed out that the high success rate included many factors including great researchers, setting a high bar and working with both the tech community and the business community. In addition close relationships with organizations like FBBi (Fitzsimmons BioBusiness Incubator) as well as a great advisory board with top-notch legal advice makes a big difference. This has led to 34 new company start-ups in the past four years. > Part 1 of 2
LISTEN 7/31/06 - Part 2 of 2 LISTEN 8/07/06
CUTTO 2005-06 Report Shows Strength for Colorado
David Allen, Associate Vice President for Technology Transfer (CUTTO), University of Colorado System suggests we should all ask ourselves the question, "How is our business changing?" David Allen shared the successes and challenges with his third-year check-up with Larry Nelson about CUTTO. David points out that there always are challenges and opportunities. HB 1360, now a signed act by Governor Bill Owens has been more than a breadth of fresh air for the Colorado community. The CUTTO team efforts have led to 34 new company start-ups in the past four years
. > LISTEN 8/07/06 2 of 2

David Drake, Director, Fitzsimmons Bio Business Incubator150_Building a BioBusiness Incubator at Fitzsimons
Helping develop a bullet-proof case in order to commercialize a scientific breakthrough and then secure an appropriate investment is what the Fitzsimons BioBusiness Incubator (FBBi) is all about. David Drake, director points out that in that value-added food chain at one end is the science discovery and at the other end the financial community. Bio discoveries generally require a great deal more capital to bring to market. The FBBi steering committee, advisors and catalyst team make it all happen. > LISTEN 7/17/06 You Are the Star Catch David's response on today's w3w3 Blog
You Are the Star

David Drake, Director, FBBi152_ Expanding the Reach of the BioScience Cluster (part 2 of 2)
The Fitzsimmons BioBusiness Incubator (FBBi) doors open September 1, 2005. David Drake the Director reports since then, they have looked at 50 "deals", have 9 clients, 11 advisors, a governing body steering committee and 15 catalysts that serve as advisors. David has surrounded himself with top-flight experts. The next challenge is looking at ways to expand their bandwidth. FBBi is looking into the possibility of engaging in a new capital campaign.> LISTEN 7/24/06

134_ Baxa, Past Mistakes and Facing Challenges Lead to Winning
Brian Baldwin, Baxa Corp - Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year- BioscienceLearning from past mistakes and overcoming the biggest of challenges helped make Brian Baldwin, Vice Chairman and Founder of Baxa a success. His college roommate and fraternity brother Bill Cook started with a dumb business model, hypodermic needles. This was followed by other challenges including making it through Chapter 11. Today, Baxa is a successful award winning company built on the foundation of getting the right people in the right place and time. Brian enjoys having a good time, ask Dame Edna. > LISTEN 5/15/06 - Part 1 of 2

138_ The Rocky Road of Building a Successful Medical Device Company
Brian Baldwin, Co-Founder, BaxaIn 1979 Baxa became part of the Cook Company out of the state organization. In 1987 Brian Baldwin and some cohorts engineered a buy-back from Bill Cook. From there on it was a rollercoaster ride. Winning a patent litigation suit cost Baxa $1 million in legal fees. Not that long ago, Baxa experienced a major recall and at that time had a 20% marketshare. Today they have better than an 85% share. Brian predicts wellness preventative care is the new growth area. There's more.>
LISTEN 5/22/06
Part 2 of 2

Denise Brown, Executive Director, Colorado Bioscience AssociationCollaborative Expansion is on the Horizon for CBSA
After merging medical devices and biosciences in Colorado about two years ago, CBSA has become a strong voice for Colorado industries. Executive Director, Denise Brown says the 35 programs held by CBSA along with BioWest 2005 are signs of the future. Collaboration is their mantra and will partner with CSIA, SBIR Colorado, Longmont Economic Development Council among others.
LISTEN 1.23.2006

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Chris ChristoffersenBright Skies or Dark Clouds for BioScience? - 11/01/04
What is on the horizon for BioSciences in Colorado? At BioWest 2004, we asked some candid questions from a very diverse group of professionals about the future of the industry. Hear what Chris Christoffersen, Brian Vogt, Rick Jory, Vicki Jenings, David Allen and others have to say…you might be surprised. 11/1/04
Denise Brown, Executive Director, Colorado BioScience AssociationChristine Shapard, State Director of BiosciencesCalifornia’s Big Bio Bash (Colorado is on the Radar)
Denise Brown
(Executive Director of the CO Bioscience Assoc.) and Christine Shapard (State of CO, Director of Biosciences) returned from a week at Bio 2004 Conference in CA. The CO booth, staffed by many Coloradoans as the little mountain state shined - many eyes were upon us. Here’s a report. JUN '04

Alan Hingston, Invest Northern Ireland, Director of TradeNorthern Ireland BioTech
Denver is the second city in the nation to be chosen as a Northern Ireland Technology and Development Center. Peggy McMahon, the Director introduced Alan Hingston to w3w3® in 2002. A great deal has happened in this past year, with much more on the horizon…a major BioTech mission is set for June 2004. LISTEN

Denise Brown, Executive Director, Colorado BioScience AssociationCOLORADO BioScience ASSOCIATION
Two of the most important associations in Life Sciences have merged to form the powerful and very progressive Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA). They are 225 members strong (and growing) and will be hosting 25 programs in 2004," says Denise Brown, CBSA's Exec. Director. Denise talks of challenges & predictions
Louis Hornyak, CNTINanoTech and (FUN)ding
How does Colorado compare to other states in the NanoTech arena? What is it going to take to develop a first-class biotech cluster? There are many pieces to those puzzles, but in any scenario, money is a major factor. Russ Farmer discusses SBIR & STTR Grant funding with Louis Hornyak and his NanoTech team.
Colorado’s business climate and macroeconomics are indicators and important issues to bioscience firms. Dr. Arlen Meyers, professor at UCHSC and executive director of the Colorado Alliance of Bioengineering gives a look at the Batelle BioTech Plan and its progress and prognosis. Collaborative partnerships between industry and academic researchers are essential in building a world-class biocluster
Dr. Monica DarnbroughDr. Monica Darnbrough, the Director of the UK Bioscience Unit has Colorado under microscope. There's a great deal riding on this potential collaboration between the US & the UK. There's a method to her plan that precedes a trip by Governor Bill Owens and other business people to England and Scotland. Bio Cluster here we come. LISTEN
Paul RayLife sciences in the trenches along with a 30,000-foot view of Colorado's "bio cluster" are part of Paul Ray's past. An infusion of money, government support, continued upgrading of education's participation and a strong Tech Transfer program are the keys to growth and economic success in the life sciences sector. So Paul Ray, what are you going to do now? 10/2003
David Allen, Associate Vice President, Technology Transfer, CUMillions of dollars are pumped into the Colorado economy as a result of CU's Technology Transfer program. David Allen, Associate Vice President of the program says that the CU Tech Transfer Office hasn't arrived yet but is on track to be recognized as the best among public universities by 2010. Listen to this in-depth interview and get a complete Annual Report here.
Chris Christopherson: BioWEST Conference The BioWEST Conference in Denver this October 22nd brought experts and high powered, savvy parties together. The future looks bright. Chris Christoffersen, chairman of this years event has some observations for you. LISTEN NOWArlen Meyers, MD, Colorado Alliance for Bioengineering - more about
Paul Ray, Director, Office of Life Sciences and Biotechnology in the Governor's Office of Innovation and TecnologyProfile of a Leader - Paul Ray, Director of the Office of Life
Sciences and Biotechnology in the Governor's Office of Innovation and Technology. What makes a man a leader? Is it just good fortune? Who influenced the development of strength and courage?
"No one goes his way alone. All that we send into the life of another comes back into our own."
For every question there are as many answers as there are leaders. But, there are common qualities - we just don't know the formula. w3w3® Network asks Paul to share his story. Listen
: Paul Ray, Profile of a Leader and Part 2 Profile of a Leader JUN 2003
w3w3 TV & BioTalk Watch five Life Sciences & BioTech experts explain Colorado's Biotech future with the Batelle Plan.
The Batelle Action Plan
Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA, Exec. Dir. CAB
Arlen Meyers, MD

Watch w3w3 TV
for the entire Panel Discussion or catch:

Jay Gershen, UCHSC
Denise Brown, Exec. Dir CBA
Clay Anselmo, CO Medical Device
Paul Ray, Ofc Life Science & Bio Tec
Dr. Arlen Meyers, CAB and Moderator

Arlen Meyers, M.D., MBADr. Ellie Greenberg6/9/03 Health and the Internet
Dr. Arlen Meyers
and his guest Dr. Ellie Greenberg, co-chairs of the Governor's Council for TeleHealth outline how online TeleHealth will improve access to health care while lowering costs and improving its quality.

Arlen Meyers, MD Dr. Arlen Meyers in a Relentless Biotech Pursuit - Talk about being in the right place at the right time...BioTech is hot. But remember, those that are there today, were there when the industry was in a funk. Dr. Meyers, Dr. Rahmat Shoureshi and the rest of the CAB board have some extraordinary plans for 2003. Many in the know say, this is "the" industry of the decade DEC 2002

Dr. Donna Dean, Deputy Director NIBIB Dr. Donna Dean and $250,000,000
is only 2 years old and under the NIH umbrella. Dr. Dean and her dream team work in 3 primary areas - sensor technology, materials sciences and cellular level images. There are millions of dollars in grants available if you can help.

Roy Cosan , Johnson & Johnson Roy Cosan with VC Money for Colorado
Johnson & Johnson Development Corp
is the oldest VC firm in the US. J&J has millions to invest in Colorado, but Roy claims there is not place to go. They're not just talkers, J&J makes over 100 investments per year.

Betsy Hoffman, President - CUListen InterviewBIG-Time Tech Transfer Awards
Betsy Hoffman, president of the University of Colorado was on hand for the Award Ceremony and Dinner held at Colorado's "Crown Jewel", Fitzsimons. Hat's off to the finalists and the four winners... you make Colorado proud.

Jay Gershen, Exec. Vice Chancellor , UCHSCListen Interview Part1 Fitzsimons Part 2
The "Crown Jewel" of the BioTech Community. Listen to Jay Alan Gershen, D.D.S., PhD., Executive Vice Chancellor for the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center as he gives us an insider's view. It's important and timely. (If you missed part 1, we've got both linked for your convenience.)

David Allen, Technology Transfer - CU
Listen- Interview David Allen
the CU tech transfer guru, shares some inside information that could change the way we do many things as well as have a tremendous economic impact in Colorado. Don't be left out.

Michael D. Llaufer, M.D. - Medical Device Inventor James Brogan, Esq. IP Attorney, Partner, Cooley Godward LLPSLIDE SHOWColorado Alliance Bioengineering seminar series continues:Listen to: Larry Nelson with Dr. Michael Laufer and James Brogan, Esq - Cooley Godward "Commercializing Your Medical Device" with Jim Brogan, Cooley Godward and Mike Laufer, M.D. Menlo Ventures. Don't miss November 7 Biobusiness seminar- More about CAB

Dr. Arlen Meyers, M.D., MBA, Professor of Otolaryngology, CU Health Sciences CenterListen NowLISTEN, Your CAB is Waiting.
Dr. Arlen Meyers, executive director of the Colorado Alliance for Bioengineering announces what is being touted as Colorado's Biotech event of the year CAB EXPO 2002. If you want to tap into the industry experts, you need to be there.    

Robert Scwab, Editor, Colorado Biz MagazineRobert Schwab (Right) , editor of the Colorado Biz Magazine joined Dr. Meyers, Exec. Director of the CAB Larry Nelson, Producer (Above-Left) and Larry Nelson, w3w3 Talk Radio (Left) to discuss the business of a future for bioengineering in Colorado. You will hear an important, recurring theme, and the responsibility falls in your lap and my own, as an individual, a parent or a student. Dean Kamen recently said, "...you can be a Michael Jordan but it's more likely that you will end up flipping hamburgers". It's time to find our passion, encourage our students to work hard and discover their own drive - and throw star worshiping Listen Nowto the wind. LISTEN NOW
Visit Colorado Biz Magazine for more from Bob Schwab.

Biotech Boom 7/18/02
Dr Arlen Meyers, Professor of Otolaryngology at the University of Colo. Exec Director of the Colorado Alliance of Bioengineering and Commissioner on the Governor's Commission on Science and Technology.

Heart valve therapy has been around for over 40 years
Larry Blankeship, CEO, ValveXchange, Inc.Ivan Vesely, Founder/CSO, ValveXchange _ 10/31/11 - enclosure-voice 1100 We're talking with Larry Blankenship, Chairman of the Board and CEO of ValveXchange and Ivan Vesely, Founder and Chief Science Officer. Dr. Vesely is a PhD. Bio Physicist who founded the company and invented this heart valve technology. Heart valve therapy has been around for over 40 years. The ValveXchange research has been supported by $2.5 Million in grants from the National Institutes of Health and others. They have a top-tier management team and a Medical Advisory Board that rivals that of established heart valve companies. Both Larry and Ivan realized that from a patient's perspective there is a serious dilemma regarding what therapy to use. A typical adult patient has a choice between a mechanical heart valve that will last the rest of his/her life or a tissue heart valve that has a limited life span and would have to be replaced later. The mechanical heart valve however, requires extremely high doses of an anti coagulant called Warfarin which has some serious side effects requiring the patient to lead a sedentary lifestyle or risk internal hemorrhage, the side effects are serious. The tissue valve, on the other hand, operates like a normal human valve and the patient has a full and active lifestyle. Depending on the patient's age, these tissue valves wear out and the patient would have to undergo another serious open heart surgery in 10 to 15 years. So those tissue valves that allow a full and active lifestyle, have traditionally been recommended to patients 65 years of age and older because of their life span matching that of the valve. Whereas younger patients who are at the prime of their life get a mechanical valve that leads them to a problematic, sedentary lifestyle. Larry recognized that problem and Dr. Vesely provided the solution. We wanted to know how ValveXchange is meeting that need. Nobody wants additional surgery, everyone is working on making the tissue valve last longer but the reality is we really can't have tissue valves that last longer than 18 years or so. So Ivan explained, "Let's turn the problem around. If it's the surgery we want to avoid, how about we make the surgery more benign. So the idea I came up with is a valve that..." Listen for much more...
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LISTEN to Larry Blankenship & Ivan Vesely, ValveXchange

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Raising capital in this challenging environment
Roy Davis, President, Johnson & Johnson Development Corpenclosure-voice 1088_ 10/3/11 - The Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA), hosted its first "Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor and Partnering Conference". With the majestic Rockies always on the horizon, our region continues to lure, nurture and inspire incredible talent in all fields related to life science. The second Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor & Partnering Conference is nothing less than a preview of our industry’s future. Presenting companies spanned a range of sectors within this industry including, biologics, medical devices, drug delivery and diagnostics. The luncheon keynote speaker was Roy Davis, President, Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation (JJDC) and Vice President, Corporate Development, Johnson & Johnson, was named to these positions in January of 2008. He is responsible for the management and efforts of both JJDC and the internal Johnson & Johnson ventures group. Mr. Davis also serves as a member of the Industrial Advisory Board of the Cleveland Clinic. He is based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. From 2003 until 2007, Mr. Davis held the positions of Company Group Chairman, Johnson & Johnson and Worldwide Franchise Chairman, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics with responsibilities for Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Inc., Veridex LLC, and Therakos, Inc. He was also a member of the Medical Devices & Diagnostics Group Operating Committee during this time. In June 2003, Mr. Davis was named Group President, Therakos, Inc., Virco BVBA, Veridex, LLC, and Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Inc., Advanced Research, New Technology, and New Market Development. We recorded his entire presentation and we are publishing it because it contains helpful and valuable information about raising money fro different sources...Listen now...
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Listen to: Ray Davis, Johnson & Johnson Development

Present their technologies to VC's and strategic partners
Holli Reibel, President & CEO, Colorado Bio Science Associationenclosure-voice 10XX_ 9/19/11 - To whet your appetite, Holli Reibel, president and CEO of the Colorado Bio Sciences Association (CBSA), tells us about a few of the companies presenting at the first "Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor and Partnering Conference" coming up this week. And, it's very exciting. Here's a sampling of new and exciting technologies, devices and bio firsts ("native technologies coming out of our research institutions"), you can expect to see there. How about a universal flu vaccine that responds to all strains rather than each year's particular strain. A company that is interesting (having received a grant from the Defense Department) is Flashback Technologies. They developed a proprietary program/device that can actually quickly determine internal injuries, think internal bleeding with critical risk of death, but aren't readily apparent in the turbulence and confusion of the field triage environment. Another interesting company has developed a device that has actually improved memory in Alzheimer patients, using light therapy through the carotid artery. Last week we looked at the grave challenges facing the bio and life sciences industry and we talked about this new and interesting program CBSA has coming up September 21st and 22nd - the Life Science Investor and Partnering Conference. Opening Night Reception at the Governor's Mansion is all about networking. It's really a venue to bring some of our top technologies and companies from Colorado and some of our surrounding states, to present their technologies to VC's and strategic partners. Listen for more...
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LISTEN TO: Holli Riebel, President/CEO, CBSA

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Holli Baumunk, President & CEO, Colorado BioScience Association Bringing the entire community together
enclosure-voice 892_ 9/7/10- Larry is back with Holli Baumunk to get the details on the Colorado BioScience Association's annual conference, BioWEST, coming up on September 29 and 30th. Holli is the newly appointed President and CEO of Colorado BioScience Association or CBSA. Holli pointed out, "The BioWEST 2010 Conference is an opportunity to bring the entire community together. We have some very interesting panels, for instance the Venture's Showcase where companies will present their products or drugs - That's really fascinating, to see what products they're bringing to commercialization. What's wonderful about this is they get to practice their pitch, the VC's provide feedback which is very important because when they go to ask for money it's usually quite substantial. So it's a great opportunity for them to practice their pitch, for the venture capitalists to see if these products are ready for commercialization, and they can actually help them get funding. In fact, one of Dr. Richard Duke's companies raised money in this forum." Holli went onto say, "More and more bioscience companies are partnering with international organizations and other companies. So we have an international panel, doing business internationally. We also have a panel on working with some of the industry giants and how do you partner with companies like Johnson & Johnson, Amgen or Pfizer. Then we also have a group of medical device companies that are here locally, and on the pharmaceutical side that will talk about what are the trends going on in pharma and the medical device industry. It's kind of a who's who and it's an opportunity to network, and get some business done. There are over 300 people that attend this conference."
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Major impact on the Colorado economy Holli Baumunk, President and CEO, Colorado BioScience Assoc
enclosure-voice 889_ 8/30/10- Larry interviewed Holli Baumunk the newly appointed President and CEO of Colorado BioScience Association or CBSA. We've followed Holli's career over the years and, "I've seen you in everything from aerospace to all different types of areas, but you're always helping organizations and businesses flourish and grow." Holli's been in economic growth for over 22 years, and "Really believes in working with these industries. It helps the economy, grows jobs, wealth in the community - can't get any better than that.", she said. Larry asked Holli, "What are some of the challenges the bioscience industry is facing today?" Holli replied, "CBSA works with pharma, biotechnology, medical device companies and bio companies primarily. A majority of these companies are small and growing. What's different between bioscience and other industry sectors is the time it takes to get to market and commercialize. On average to bring a drug to market takes approximately 10 to 12 years and almost one billion dollars, and they make no money during that time period. Then a patent on that drug only lasts about 12 years. So they really have a very small window of time to be able to get their money back and then it goes generic. Now it's interesting medical devices is a shorter period of time, it takes about eight years on average to bring that medical device to market, those are things like pace makers, and that takes anywhere from five to $50 million. Again it's high capital investments. In Colorado there is approximately 17,000 people that are employed in the bioscience industry, with average salaries around $80,000. But for every job created in bioscience, it creates another five jobs and what a lot of people don't realize is that a lot of money that comes into the economy is from research institutions. When you look at CU, CSU, National Jewish, etc., all of these research institutions, for every dollar that's invested into research - another $32 comes back into the economy. That's a huge multiplier, so we're talking very big money, and Colorado happens to be one of the top areas for receiving public monies for our institutions." ...There's more......
Related Links: Colorado BioScience Association || BioWEST 2010 Conference || BioSciences Channel || PodCast Directory || Keywords: Holli Baumunk, Colorado Bioscience Association, BioWEST 2010, Pharma, Biotechnology, Medical Device, CBSA, Personalized Medicine, FDA 8/30/10 bytes: 5011960 Listen to: Holli Baumunk, President and CEO, CBSA

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Guy Kawasaki at the BioWest 2008 Conference
BioWest 2008 - Guy Kawasaki Talks About Innovation, Change and Entrepreneurs
enclosure-voice Larry cornered Guy Kawasaki at the BioWest conference after his keynote address. Guy, author of the best selling book, The Art of the Start and Reality Check is also cofounder Alltop.com as well as Garage.com. Larry asked, "We are going through some tougher times, how do you see this playing out?" Guy, a champion for entrepreneurs replied, "Well, I’m not a visionary or an oracle, I’ll tell you what I would tell an entrepreneur, which is, ‘plug your ears and keep going!’ Of all the tech startups one out of 5000 go public so what difference does it make what the DOW Jones Industrial Average, especially tomorrows DJIA, maybe 5 years from now it’ll matter, but not tomorrow. If you just try to build a great business, hopefully that great business will make a ton of money. If you make a ton of money, maybe you’ll go public – still unlikely, but you might; and you might get acquired, also unlikely but we go from one out of 5000 to one out 500, something like that, so that helps. But even if none of those sort of dream things happen, you have a good business! If you only start businesses in good times, you may have to wait a few years – I really don’t see why it truly matters. You either believe or you don’t believe. If you’re an entrepreneur who says, ‘well, I’m not going to start a company because the stock market is too low and unemployment is too high’, I’ve got to tell you I would put those two items right at the bottom. You have to develop a good product, you have to make it, you have to sell it, collect the money and service your customers, pretty much the fundamentals." Listen for more insights...
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385_ Colorado BioBusiness Ecosystem is Breaking New Ground
Rick Silva, FitzsimmonsRick Silva, acting Director of the Fitzsimons BioBusiness Partners (FBBp) says, "It takes broad and incredibly specialized skills to build a biomedical product. Ours is the most regulated industry on Earth, our products are among the most complex to develop, and the least likely to have a customer. Getting it right takes a village." Larry asked Rick, "How can entrepreneurs hedge their bets? "Build an experienced and capable team that has a record of getting things done. Ask for help! Find advisors (many willing to help a little for free) with relevant experience in your industry and product area. They will have the contacts and experience to help you with your commercial roadmap. If you have a credible plan, have talked to your customers and partners, you will be prepared to answer questions VCs will have. FBBp is central in this ecosystem and can bring domain advisors." 5. Is FBBp an incubator? "Not really, we are a venture development organization. Let me explain." LISTEN
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Start-Up Challenges:
Colorado BioScience Entrepreneurs
Have a Source for Solutions
Chris Shapard & Vicki Jenings

enclosure-voice 346_ Colorado is fortunate to have a number of researchers and scientists in the Bioscience arena. Like many entrepreneurs they are the best in their field, but lack some of the other skills needed to commercialize their idea and build a successful company. Chris Shapard, Deputy Director of the Colorado BioScience Association and Vicki Jennings, from the Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority talk about the Biobootcamp where attendees learn valuable information from experienced practitioners about how to build a company designed to commercialize bioscience technologies while avoiding dangerous pitfalls that are typically encountered along the way.

At 578 acres, the Fitzsimons Life Science District is currently the nation's largest scientific and medical development project. By mid-2008, the District will offer more than 6 million square feet of clinical and lab space, and be home to more than 16,000 life science professionals. LEARN MORE

Related Links:  Bio Bootcamp || Fitzsimons || Colorado BioScience Assoc || BioSciences Channel || Keywords:Bioscience, Biobootcamp, CBSA, Chris Shapard, Vicki Jennings, Fitzsimons, Entrepreneurs> Bytes: 8004234 > LISTEN 7/2307

Jack Wheeler, MicroPhage420_ Bio Startup with $7.2 Million in Angel Investments
SUPER Bug beware. MicroPhage is focused on improving health worldwide through leadership in rapid bacterial detection says Jack Wheeler, Founder and VP Business Development of MicroPhage (and Chairman of the Board, Colorado BioScience Association). They have raised over $7 M in angel capital to date. The Company develops and markets diagnostics for use in the clinical marketplace through the use of its bacteriophage enabling technology. The company has chosen to focus its initial efforts to help solve medical crises involving such problems as over use of antibiotics and antibiotic resistant bacteria. Its first products expected in late 2008 are anticipated to set a new standard for clinicians and hospital staff in methicillin-resitant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) identification and antibiotic testing. MicroPhage’s mission is to be a worldwide leader in rapid bacterial diagnostics, both identification and antibiotic susceptibility / resistance testing, through its bacteriophage-based amplification platform for immunoassay diagnostics. The company will develop, manufacture, and market these tests into the clinical market. Phage Enabled diagnostics allow for: More precise detection: More direct detection; More affordable detection; More rapid detection with results in a little as 45 minutes instead of 72 hours.
Related Links: MicroPhage ||  BioWest 2007 || BioScience Channel || w3w3.com Blog || Keywords: Jack Wheeler, Life Sciences, MicroPhage, Super Bug, MRSA, MSSA ID, Susceptibility, BioWEST 2007 > 12/10/07 Bytes: 16323294 > LISTEN

Christine Shapard, Interim Director, CBSA 580_ 700 BioScence Executives from Around the Rocky Mtn Region
enclosure-voice Larry discussed lifesciences sector (bioscience and medical devices) with Christine Shapard, the interim director for the Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA). She addressed the challenging financial times and how it is impacting growth and stability. There are some mixed messages along with some very good news. Chris was very excited about the 2008 Biowest Conference. "This is the 5th year of BioWest so we are celebrating the anniversary of BioWest and CBSA (and w3w3® has been here from the beginning). We have a wonderful line up of speakers. I’m BioWest 2008excited about the companies that are presenting at the Venture Showcase, that’s six startup companies from around the region. They are very cutting-edge vetted companies that should be really interesting to watch. The companies that are presenting at the Venture Showcase are the cream of the crop. And then we have more than 50 exhibitors at the showcase that provide services and products to the bioscience industry. And this is the first year we are doing a Job Fair – We’re doing a Career Fair for the bioscience industry and we have over 20 companies who are looking for employees. A great Innovation Expert, Guy Kawasaki is speaking at lunch 'The Art of Innovation.' The Dorsey & Whitney $10,000 Venture Showcase Award will be presented at dinner. Paul Ray’s, 'The Closing' (Boardroom Scrimmage) will be auctioned at BioWEST. He received the BioWest Lifetime Achievement award last year. Governor Bill Ritter is joining us for dinner Thursday night, the first evening, the annual awards dinner. Grand Finale Lunch: T.R. Reid in 'Sick Around the World' – The FrontLine teams up with Washington Post foreign correspondent to find out how five other capitalist democracies; UK, Japan, Germany, Taiwan and Switzerland – deliver health care, and what the US might learn from their successes and their failures." There's more, listen now...
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417_ LifeSciences - A Colorado Economic Powerhouse Jack Wheeler, Chairman of the Board, CBSA
The 5th Annual BioWest Conference and Expo attracts more than 900 of the Rocky Mountain region’s bioscience executives for networking, presentations, services, new technologies and business strategies. Jack Wheeler, Chairman of the Board, Colorado BioScience Assoc. and Founder, VP Bus. Dev. MicroPhage, discusses with Larry the high-lights of this two-day conference. It's loaded with Stimulating and Informative Keynote Presentations: Jim Collins noted management guru and author of "From Good to Great…Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t"; Stephen Ubl, President and CEO of AdvaMed (the Advanced Medical Technology Association); Chris Nolet, Ernst & Young, Partner and Leader Life Sciences Industry Group; Karen Bernstein, Editor-in-Chief of BioCentury; Governor Bill Ritter. There are also some top-notch Company Presentations: Companies presenting at the Mature Company forum include Array Biopharma, Baxa, Blue Sun Biodiesel, Cochlear Americas and Heska,. Start up companies chosen to present at the Venture Showcase include MBioSystems, Nanodisc, Sierra Puente, Solix Biofuels, ValveXchange and Ventrus Biosciences. In addition attendees will find Industry Support Resources and see some new research discoveries.
Related Links:  BioWest 2007 Details || Photos BioWest 2006 || BioScience Channel || Find It || Keywords:BioWEST 2007, Jack Wheeler, Life Sciences, Jim Collins, Governor Bill Ritter 12/3/07 Bytes: 8933128 LISTEN

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