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Computer Science Education Week 12/9/2012

Celebrate Computer Science Education Week - Now, it's here!
Since we know that an increase in computer science education creates opportunities to increase the diversity of people who pursue computing, NCWIT is a major fan of CSEd Week. As a fan of NCWIT, we hope you will become a fan of CSEdWeek, too. To help stoke your fandom, we're going to tell you a few things about CSEdWeek and computing education that you may not have known.

Admiral Grace HopperDid you know that CSEdWeek was born in 2010 when the 11th Congress passed House Resolution 1560, "Supporting the increased understanding of, and interest in, computer science and computing careers among the public and in schools, and to ensure an ample and diverse future technology workforce? Did you know that CSEdWeek takes place December 9-15, 2012, to coincide with the birthday of visionary computer scientist. Admiral Grace Hopper, who was born on December 9, 1906? Did you know that only 9 states allow computer science to count as a math or science graduation requirement, and did you know that the number of high schools offering AP computer science has fallen 35% since 2005?
Only 9 states allow computer science to count as a math or science graduation requirement. Did you know that the lack of computing education in schools especially impacts girls, because girls get fewer informal opportunities to experience computing outside of school? Jobs need qualified  employees.Did you know that computing education is a BIG DEAL, because the Department of Labor projects that there will be 1.4 million computing-related job openings by 202 but the U.S. is producing only enough computing graduates to fill 61% of these jobs? Did you know that pledging your support for CSEdWeek costs nothing, takes two minutes, and is easy as pie? Did you now that you can join CSEdWeek celebrations around the country (like cake to honor Grace Hopper's birthday, a Scratch Day in NYC, a Robotics Explosion, and an ITPalooza), or plan your own? Did you know that there's a CSEdWeek Twitter conversation on December 11 at 6 PM ET? Did you know that there's no excuse for doing nothing - when an all-ages activity like CSUnplugged is fun and free - and that there are loads more ideas at the CSEdWeek website?
Sign the PledgePledge and plan today. Get started at Follow CSEdWeek on Twitter. Visit CSEdWeek on Facebook.


Joe Burton, Sr. VP Engineering & Development & CTO, Plantronics The biggest challenge for business is to be ever more efficient
enclosure-voice 1327_ 12/10/12 - Here at Defrag/Blur Conference 2012, we are talking with Joe Burton, Sr. VP Engineering & Dev & CTO, Plantronics. Plantronics is the world leader in the manufacture of headsets. Everything from end user Bluetooth to business, to contact centers to every headset that's been on an astronaut and in his face, has come from Plantronics over the last 50 years. Larry asked Joe, "With everything we've been through, economically and globally, since you do business all over the world, what is the biggest challenge facing business today?" Joe feels that everyone really understands that the biggest challenge for business is to be ever more efficient while at the same time having a more intimate relationship with their business partners and their customers. When asked about the opportunities, Joe said, "I actually think the challenges and opportunities go hand-in-hand. So many of the things we're hearing about here at the Defrag/blur 2012 conference is the ability to actually use the cloud. To use business analytics, to use unified communication systems in such a way that you can get that leaner, faster business that has that superior relationship with your partners and with your customers, really at a fraction of the price in the past. And then further to actually change a challenge into an opportunity." And Joe has some advice for the aspiring entrepreneur. It's actually very similar to the opportunity and the challenge we've discussed. I tell entrepreneurs, people coming into our company, and that is to really identify a customer need. Find something that is driving people crazy. Something that is slowing down their business, slowing down their entertainment. Really understand it and then go solve that need. And they will indeed beat a path to your door."
RELATED LINKS: Plantronics || Defrag/blur Info || Blur Conference Photos || Defrag Conference Photos || Blog || KEYWORDS: Joe Burton, Plantronics, Headsets, Bluetooth, Entrepreneurs, Business, DefragCon 2012, blur, Software, Cloud, Bluetooth, Unified Communication Systems \, bytes=3372829
LISTEN TO: Joe Burton, Sr.VP Eng.&Dev & CTO, Plantronics

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Big Data Evolution and Social Business...
         Written by Kirsten Nelson

Kirsten Nelson, Founder C3 Writing,          1321_ 12/3/12 - Defrag, a tech conference held each fall at the Omni Interlocken Resort in Broomfield, Colorado recently met for its sixth annual event. Bringing keynote speakers, CxOs, entrepreneurs and the tech minded, data driven together, what big ideas arose in 2012? Big Data and Social Business, of course.
        Far from surprising, given that Defrag organizers Eric Norlin, Brad Feld, and Phil Becker began Defrag from their collective desire to discuss the innovative software and technological tools needed to sift through and analyze the mounting avalanche of information. The very nature of data, as evidenced by the descriptions and discussions of notable keynote presenters such as Kevin Kelly and Paul Kedrosky, has evolved, and continues to evolve, at an exponential pace. In similar fashion, so has the imperative for businesses, from the gargantuan to small start up, to utilize that data.
        In the past, utilization prompted faint images or ideas of algorithms designed to sort, classify, and analyze data for application in finite areas such as product design and consumer relations – something the IT guys (and gals) could worry about. As evidenced by many of the keynote speakers, data utilization and our conception of it must undergo an evolution as well. An evolution that transforms not only how we think about data, but how we think about the role of data within business. True, meaningful utilization takes companies through the growing pains of becoming authentically social – not just in finite pockets of the infrastructure, but across all inter and intrapersonal relationships and interactions within the organization. READ More...
RELATED LINKS: C3 Writing || TechStars || Foundry Group || Defrag/blur Info || C3 Writing Channel || KEYWORDS: Defrag 2012, Big Data Evolution, big data, Brad Feld, Phil Becker, Eric Norlin, algorithms, analyze, Kirsten Nelson, Paul Kedrosky, Kevin Kelly, data utilization

Nick Brewer, MakerBot @ Defrag 2012 - 3 D Desktop Printer It is like taking a step into the future
enclosure-voice 1322_ 12/3/12 - We're at the Blur Conference speaking with Nick Brewer of MakerBot, and we're learning how to print a cup holder for our car . The existing cup holder just isn't big enough to hold the coffee mug I'm using - So Nick can print a new one for me, with his 3 dimensional MakerBot Printer. He'll print a larger holder that will extend the size of the existing cup holder to handle my mug. See, it is like taking a step into the future, with a reality feature that takes your breath away. Step back for some clarification, MakerBot is a company that makes 3-D printers, like the Replicator-2 which is a desktop 3-D printer. What that does? It takes a virtual file and actually creates a physical object out of it, using a plastic. Really, anything you can imagine, you can print! It is limited only by your imagination. Now when we say print, we're not talking about a piece of paper. The Replicator-2 takes a plastic filament, pulls it through an extruder - think of a hot glue gun - and it lays down, layer by layer, an object. So it prints / draws a picture, layer by layer. It actually builds up a 'thing'. So if you need an extended cup holder... or learning aids for school - or you want to prototype parts for a business... It is really mind boggling what people can do. Larry asked, "Nick, If we were talking just a few years back, we couldn't be talking about an affordable, desktop 3-D printer. What do you see for the future?" Nick replied, "It's kind of a 'wild west' out there. You have companies taking this technology and just running with it." Nick told us that their largest customer is NASA! He said, "It just blows my mind. The things we're doing in Brooklyn, my world is so small. But they're taking this technology and..." ...listen for more ...
RELATED LINKS: MakerBot || TechStars || Foundry Group || Defrag/blur Info || PodCast Directory || KEYWORDS: Nick Brewer, MakerBot, 3-D printer, 3 Dimensional, Replicator-2, DefragCon 2012, Software, Entrepreneurs, Foundry Group, TechStars, NASA, Emerging Tech > bytes=4116796
LISTEN TO: Nick Brewer, MakerBot...

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Looking at industry alliances and collaboration
Tom Smerdon, Interim Associate Vice President, Tech Transfer Office, University of Coloradoenclosure-voice 1324_ 12/10/12 - When we last spoke with Tom Smerdon he was manager/director of Licensing & New Business Development; today he is Interim Associate Vice President, University of Colorado Technology Transfer Office. In his humble way, Tom tells us, "In the wake of Dave Allen's departure, I inherited Dave's position here." Although they've not filled his former position, so Tom's a busy man, still doing a little bit of what he used to do. But mostly Tom is doing the AVP job and thoroughly enjoying it. We asked him to tell us about his new position... "Basically it's more of a management position. Tech Transfer Office is a system office. So we cover the Boulder Campus, Anschutz Medical Campus, Downtown Denver as well as the Colorado Springs Campus. and we have a satellite Tech Transfer Office in connection with Anschutz Medical campus as well as the main office here which includes the administrative staff. We have close to 20 full time employees. And in addition to the case managers, the professionals that work on evaluating technologies, working with perspective licensees and helping to do the deals as well as managing the padding process, we have a very top notch administrative staff that handles marketing and communication. Lindsay Lennox, Kathe Zaslow, working on a number of service agreements, materials transfer agreements, confidentiality agreements, different collaboration agreements. Last year we completed over 800 of those types of service and related agreements that are technically licensed to draw options." Tom talked about the great job other team members are doing. Larry asked, "What's going on now?" Tom replied, "Well, we're trying to maintain our performance of the past. Last year we received a little over 225 invention disclosures. So we're continuing to work on the challenges that are evaluating technologies that are disclosed to the office and then getting them licensed. Beyond that one of the initiatives we've been working on to work with the campuses to pursue ways of promotion industry alliances. There is a concern that the level of federal funding, which last year on a system basis, was $815 Million in total funding support, most..." There's more, listen now...
RELATED LINKS: CU Technology Transfer Office || CU TTO Channel || TTO Blog || CUTTO General Administrative Office || KEYWORDS: Tom Smerdon, Interim Associate Vice President, Tech Transfer Office, University of Colorado, Technology Transfer, Lindsay Lennox, Kathe Zaslow, Tara Dressler, Rick Silva, Kate Tallman, CU TTO > bytes=6271376
LISTEN TO: Tom Smerdon, Interim Associate Vice President, Tech Transfer Office, University of Colorado

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Jim Spadaccini, CEO, Gestureworks Multi Touch computing in real time
enclosure-voice 1326_ 12/10/12 - We've corralled the CEO of Gestureworks here at the Blur Conference, Jim Spadaccini. Gestureworks is a multi touch, authoring SDK or Software Development Kit. It processes up to 300 gestures, it works in a variety of different platforms. We've had a version that works with the Action Script language for a number of years and now we're branching out and we have new versions that are going to be across multiple programming platforms. With this software you can create new experiences that take advantage of some of the multi touch hardware and devices that are coming out. So everything from multi touch tables to tablets, all-in-ones, to ultra books, a lot of authoring possibilities with our very powerful multi touch sdk. Larry saw a demonstration at the Gestureworks booth and was fascinated. Jim said, "One of the things that got us excited about multi touch tables in particular, is there is a social dynamic that goes on, that there is more than one person interacting at the same time on these devices. So it's a shared experience and if you think about it, things like the personal computer and our own personal devices are just that, things that we use as individuals. So it is unusual that you have computing experiences where you're sharing those experiences with other people in real time. Larry then asked, "What are the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face today?" "Certainly when the crisis hit, capital is the biggest issue. Our company has gone through issues like that as well. It's a small company and self-funded. My best advice is to be lean and think lean and just be really focused and really tenacious. That's what we did, we're a very flexible organization. Along with our Gestureworks framework, our larger company which is Ideum, develops multi touch tables..." Jim goes onto talk about the biggest opportunities...listen for more ...
RELATED LINKS: gestureworks || Defrag/blur Info || Software Channel || Blur Conference Photos || Defrag Conference Photos || PodCast Directory || KEYWORDS: Jim Spadaccini, Gestureworks, DefragCon 2012, Software, Entrepreneurs, Emerging Tech, Software Development Kit, Action Script Language, Touch Tables, Tablets, Ideum > bytes=5114883
LISTEN TO: Jim Spadaccini, CEO, Gestureworks

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Robert White, Consultant, Exec. Coach, Founder, An Extraordinary 
    People and author of "Living an Extraordinary Life" Pay attention to your own personal and leadership growth
enclosure-voice 1320_ 12/3/12 - We have quite a history with our guest today. We're talking with Robert White, founder of Extraordinary People, LLC. and author of the popular book, Living An Extraordinary Life, now in its fifth printing. Robert has also founded a number of companies, best known for the experiential training company LifeSpring, here in the U.S. and then internationally for ARC International which was the largest training company in Asia. Heavily involved with the Innovation Pavilion, we asked Robert what was going on there and why he was so involved. Robert explained, "As you know, the Innovation Pavilion is an incubator primarily for startups, or early stage companies, and I just love what they're doing out there. I love supporting innovation and job growth." It is a challenge for startups and they have a program called the Executives in Residence, which is an opportunity to give back and support these startups, and to do so without a fee on the front end. Recently the Innovation Pavilion hosted a leadership program that Robert normally does in-house with intact teams, corporations and non-profits. It was great fun, lots of learning and the feedback was excellent. Larry asked, "With all the entrepreneurs out there, and of course the economic challenges - why is executive coaching and team development so important for these entrepreneurs?" Robert replied, "Well most entrepreneurs are excited about a product. It's the latest, the greatest, they're passionate about it. Many of them have a technical or service background as opposed to a leadership and management background. So, the reason that companies fail, most often, is the people they choose. Are the people focused, are they aligned and is their commitment level equivalent? The absence or weakness in any one of those three, the people issues, can sabotage what otherwise might be a very successful company." They talked about how Robert has always been a 'giver' and involved with the community as well as offering some excellent advice for entrepreneurs. ..Listen for much more...
RELATED LINKS: Extraordinary People || TiE Rockies Colorado || Charter Members || Economy Builders || KEYWORDS: Robert White, Extraordinary Life, Personal Growth, Leadership Growth, Innovation Pavilion, Executives in Residence Program, ARC International, LifeSpring, Living An Extraordinary Life, bytes=6166050
LISTEN TO: Robert White, Extraordinary Life

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Brace yourself for the HCI Revolution...
John Filwalk, Director, IDIA Lab, Ball State Universityenclosure-voice 1323_ 12/3/12 - Here at Defrag/Blur Conference 2012, we are talking with the director of the IDIA Lab, aka, the Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts at Ball State University, and keynote speaker here at the Blur Conference, John Filwalk. We asked for an overview of what the IDIA Lab does. "IDIA is an interdisciplinary lab at the University. We work with architects and computer scientists, artists and designers - basically on 3D simulation of virtual reality projects." They do a combination of working with screen based technologies - something you would work with on computer. But also we are working with some technologies where you actually wear a headset and some more immersive virtual reality, like you've seen in the movies - that sort of thing. John says one of the things they're investigating is making it more scalable and accessible. "So, we're working with a couple of game engines, mainly the ones that we're most excited by are the ones that actually work with standard Internet browsers / web browsers. So that way the accessibility and being able to be immersed in the virtual worlds is much easier." John said, "We live in a 3D world and we find it makes more sense to be able to take information when you're teaching/learning, training, things like that, and have them happen in a three dimensional space as well. We're used to working in two dimensional space but even though we're used to it, it is more abstract to us then something like this where we are sitting at a table right now. We understand that spatially and that's a very different type of engagement. The truth is that we stand on the verge of a major revolution in the models of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). A revolution that will fly right past academic and into a world of retail, medical, gaming, military, public event, sporting, personal and marketing applications. From multi-touch to motion capture to spatial operating environments, over the next 10 years, everything we know about HCI will change." There's more...
RELATED LINKS: IDIA Lab || Defrag/blur Info || In the News || Blog || KEYWORDS: John Filwalk, Ball State University IDIA Lab, Defrag, blur, Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts, Interdisciplinary Lab, Human Computer Interaction, 3-D World > bytes=3502814
LISTEN TO: John Filwalk, Director IDIA Lab, Ball State University

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