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ith the high-tech focus of w3w3 Talk Radio, we are always looking for stories that get the good news out as well as inform our audience. There are many good publications that have up-to-date news. We look for stories with a very strong human touch as well as support the vision of a w3w3 Learning Environment. We archive all our stories, whether they are audio or text articles. If you don't find the topic here, check out our other Channels including our "Archives

Dinesh Patel, PhD, vSpring Capital 583_ Some of the Greatest Successes Started During the Downturns
enclosure-voice At the October TiE Rockies meeting, the keynote speaker was Dinesh Patel, PhD, Managing Director, vSpring Capital. Dinesh said, "I believe personalized medicine has finally arrived and it’s going to revolutionize how we practice medicine and health care in this country.” vSpring Capital started in the year 2000, Dinesh is one of the founding partners. About 75% of their fund’s investments are in the technology sector and 25% in the life sciences sector, and they are early stage investors, generally the first institutional investor in a company. They are managing roughly $360 million today. They are always looking for deal flow, like to make investments in the $500K to $2 Mil investment range. "Times are very interesting now. I think times are more uncertain today than they were in 2000. Right now we are trying to figure out how to proceed in this climate. But every time there is a major problem of this kind you also find major opportunities, so we are very optimistic about this cycle. Startups happen all the time, you can never time that. In fact some of the greatest successes started during the down turns. Google is an example of that. So I think it is not the timing but the key today is to have enough money to take you 18 to 25 months, because you don’t know if you can raise the money in 6 months or 12 months. Cash is king, you’ve got to preserve the money, spend it wisely, stretch it out a little bit." Dinesh also talked about the Human Genome Project - fascinating....
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573_ The Second Annual Social Entrepreneur Day
Paul Bauer, Daniels College of Business, 
                University of Denverenclosure-voice The Second Annual – Social Entrepreneurship Day, on 11/18/08 begins with breakfast at the Phipps Mansion. The special guest speaker from New York, Chris Lowney, was a partner at JPMorgan for 18 years and is the author of Heroic Leadership. Dr. Paul Bauer, Clinical Professor, Daniels College of Business, Christopher Pelley, Managing Director, Capital Investment Management GroupDU and Chris Pelley, Managing Director, Capital Investment Management Group discuss this special social entrepreneurship day with Larry. Author Chris Lowney offers leadership lessons from a 450-year-old company that grappled successfully with the same challenges that test great companies today: forging seamless multinational teams, motivating inspired performance, remaining “change ready” and strategically adaptable. They were asked, "How can Colorado carve its place as a world leader in this new realm? We can accomplish this mission by building an alliance of business, political, and academic leaders in Colorado. Our top schools already recognize the strength of social entrepreneurship and its potential to make a global impact." There will be a number of other high-profile guests including First Lady Jeannie Ritter, Lisa Nitze, Vice President, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public. After the Phipps Mansion it is then followed an ACG lunch program at the DAC...Then a special event at DU in the afternoon. The evening will be at Regis University. So this is the early stage of a real coalition in Colorado as I’ve labeled it ABCs, Academics, Business and Community.
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570_ What is Social Entrepreneurship?”
Dr. Paul Bauer and Chris Pelley on Social Entrepreneurship enclosure-voice Dr. Paul Bauer, Clinical Professor, Daniels College of Business, DU and Chris Pelley, Managing Director, Capital Investment Management Group discuss this social entrepreneurship with Larry. Paul explained, "For me, it goes back to the Entrepreneur part of the equation. Like Einstein said, “We can’t solve the problems with the same thinking that we created them with.” Entrepreneurship is a mechanism that will allow us to address and make some real progress with the challenges we face today. The ‘social’ part for me says what we’re trying to do is create value wealth for the community, not just for the individual. I think business does that and I think business has a definite role to play in that. That’s why I think this is a topic that is very relevant to business today." Chris went on from there, "I come from the business entrepreneurship side of the equation, and yet we see a common path, a parallel direction, in terms of solving many of the world’s problems, whether it’s through business enterprise or social enterprise. My interpretation of their definition of social entrepreneurs is, 1.) It’s people who are going to use creative thinking in solving any problem. 2.) The notion of using real business principals and business drivers for the best results is also an important issue. 3.) Sustainability." There's much more...listen now...
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584_ Murphy Beds Came First, Then Wall Beds, and Now Flying Beds
Ronald G. McKey, the Pilot at FlyingBeds.com enclosure-voice To date, Ron McKey, President and Founder, FlyingBeds, has done 204 trade shows and is known as 'The' Murphy Bed Manufacturer in the world. He started in 1981 and there weren’t many choices for companies to reach customers if they weren’t using newspaper advertising. Ron went onto say, "I had to convince people of my validity and they also had to see how the operation worked. The best testimonial is visual." About nine years ago somebody challenged Ron, 'Put up a website'. Ah sure, and you know about two years later somebody called me. So, maybe this website is something. As you know it’s been very effective. I took that visualization from my trade show, where people could actually see the bed going up and down – I put it on the web site – now I don’t do trade shows anymore. I’ve gone international with my sales, we’re selling in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, to England and you know, it’s all over the place. I manufacture unique Murphy beds right here in Denver, CO. Those are the beds that fold up into the wall. Hollywood loves those beds, they make lots of jokes about them. We have different designers. They aren’t hired or on staff. They are our clients. We take their desire for functional change and design theme, and come up with a rendering and cost of manufacture that makes their Flyingbed a signature system. By signature, I don’t mean ‘expensive’, I mean we make the bed ‘fit’ the room perfectly instead of plugging in some cabinet that is made at a workbench by unskilled labors and finished in a tinted lacquer. Flying Beds has gone from attending trade shows, to doing it all on the Web...and he's selling worldwide. They will make your bed disappear. There's more, listen now...
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Larry Nelson at DaVinci Institute - 
                "Matering Change" 561_ Photo Albums of Some of the Best September Business Meetings
Larry and Pat of w3w3.com attended a number of Colorado's top business events and captured photos of hundreds of attendees. If you were there, odds are, your picture is on the photo events page. Check these out: Epicenter of Organics Boulder; Sam Pitroda at TiE Rockies; Entrepreneurs Unplugged; Real Estate Investor Forum; DU/ACG Leadership 20; RMIMA Leadership; CPIA Posse; RVC Early Stage Investing; ACG Business Luncheon; Boulder/Denver New Tech Meetup; TiE Charter Meeting: daVinci, Mastering Change. Check out the photos now and see who you recognize. You'll find a Photo Album cover for each event, click on that to see all the photos from that event. For example, above you see the photo album cover for the presentation Larry gave to the DaVinci Institue "Mastering Change" - Hope you enjoy! BTW, we've got some interesting contests coming up - make sure you know your way around the w3w3® website!
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541_ Colorful Leadership: Skill Set for All Leaders, All the Time
Larry Nelson, Steve Wille & Bill Kuehn, Colorful Leadershipenclosure-voice We now live and operate at Web speed. The five year plan is out. If you can plan ahead for five quarters, you're doing well. We must produce more with less. Steve Wille and Bill Kuehn, partners of Tough Teams are also co-authors of Colorful Leadership along with Larry Nelson. When it comes to Leaders, Managers and Entrepreneurs Steve always asks, "Are you looking at the world through rose colored glasses?" Listen to their discussion as it will give specific how-to ideas that can be used right away. Past frustrations will be understood and then dissipated. You will be able to win with any boss, sell more ideas, and get results that exceed expectations. Simply stated, we all see the world through three filters - future, people, and security. We prefer to communicate with one filter. This means, if we communicate through the future filter only people with the exact same filter will receive our message with clarity. To attain total clarity, we must communicate through all three filters all of the time. This also explains why we don't understand other people the way we really want to. If they don’t communicate in our preferred filter we will be confused. Every communication needs to be 3-Filters™ compliant, and there are three simple questions to ask in any situation. 1- What do you think? 2- How do you feel about it? 3- Where can this go? Listen for some great ideas fo all Leaders.
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Your favorite online business radio show Heidi Roisen, Russ Farmer, Jeff Akers 
                and Dr. Michael Bristow, w3w3.com
has been archiving interviews for years. After checking out the four below, you can easily find any business and high-tech interviews on our famous 'Find It' page. If you are just visiting, sign up for our FREE weekly Newsletter
Story Links: Michael Bristow - Myogen: The $2.5 Billion Colorado Success || Heidi Roizen - Living in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem || Russ Farmer - Maturing of the SBIR Program Means Big Changes || Jeff Akers - Geospatial Challenges and Choices for California and Colorado || 8//25/08

525_ The Denver Botanic Gardens Goes High Tech in a Big Way
Brian Vogt, CEO, Denver  Botanic Gardens Michael Vaughn, Tek Systemsenclosure-voice When you do a Google search for 'botanic garden' or 'botanical gardens' the number one web site is the Denver Botanic Gardens ...beating out New York, Atlanta, Fort Worth, Chicago, Brooklyn...yes all of them including The United States Botanic Garden. But it does not stop there. The visitor experience at the Denver Botanic Gardens is enhanced many ways because of new technology, both hardware and software, that has been installed by a partnership of high tech companies that are part of the CSIA membership. Larry talked with Brian Vogt, Chief Executive Officer of the Denver Botanic Gardens along with volunteer extraordinaire, Michael Vaughn, Director of Customer Relations at TEK Systems. About 20 organizations have been involved with this leading-edge makeover. They have a fully enabled Wi-Fi across the Gardens, re-designed Web site with blogging and video capabilities, HD video conferencing, and much more... The project was started about a year ago and they are going to celebrate by holding a Technology Day event on July 31, 2008. This full-day event includes panel discussions and product demo and information booths..
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Telluride Tech Festival, 
                    August 1-2, 2008 - Early Bird Tickets End 7/1/08
Technology and Democracy Evolved to " Universal Access to Knowledge"
enclosure-voice "The year we had the program 'To the Stars' (which Scott Brown's wife Karen designed), and we decided to focus in on the technology that was going to take us to the stars, which is where we all believe human beings need to go...." Scott Brown and Sarah McClain discuss both the beginning of the Telluride Tech Festival as well as what we can expect at the premier event August 1 & 2. Scott reflecting back said, "Our honorees that year included Arthur Clark, Jill Tarter and Lewis Branscomb, Charlie Towns, Freeman Dyson. And at one point during the program, we had on stage all these people - Nobel Prize winners, the leading physicist in the world , Willis Branscomb was the science advisor to three presidents, Jill Tarter heads up SETI. We got everyone up on stage and then for our surprise guest, Neil Armstrong! What we had done with this was to close this whole circle of putting Neil on the moon, in that Arthur Clark was giving the commentary on TV while Neil was setting foot on the moon and Lewis Branscomb was sitting with and explaining to President Lyndon Johnson, what was happening... and it was just a thrill that still sends chills up my spine." Sarah highlighted some aspects of Tech Fest 2008, "This year's broad theme of technology and democracy, evolved to "Universal Access to Knowledge". We've got three confirmed honorees this year, Kirstie L. Bellman, Ph.D., is a Principal Scientist in the Computer Systems Division and head of the Aerospace Integration Sciences Center (AISC) and we also have Brewster Kahle who is director and cofounder of Archive-dot-org, which is one of the largest digital archives in the world. We also have Ted Selker who is associate professor, MIT, for the last 10 years. He's done a lot of research ranging from notebook computers to operating systems and a lot of people may know the red trackball mouse on a laptop computer is something he created."
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480_ How are Women Changing the Landscape of Business?
Margaret Heffernan, Author, Keynote TiE Women's Forum 5/5/08enclosure-voice Margaret Heffernan is an entrepreneur, Chief Executive and author. She was born in Texas, raised in Holland and educated at Cambridge University. She worked in BBC Radio for five years where she wrote, directed, produced and commissioned dozens of documentaries and dramas. In Magaret's first book, The Naked Truth: A Working Woman’s Manifesto on Business and What Really Matters, she brings up almost every important issue for women trying to climb the traditional corporate ladder. In some cases she offers solutions, either from her own experience and research, or through the shared stories of women she interviewed for the book. Melodie Reagan (in Denver) talked to Margaret (in England) about the changing tide in entrepreneurship and her new book, How She Does It: Redefining power and the nature of success for the 21st Century. The information is timely, useful and very eye-opening. Between 1997 and 2007, privately held businesses owned by women grew at three times the rate of all American privately held firms. Listen to the interview and then attend a program hosted by TiE Women's Forum where you can have a chance to interact with Margaret directly. Larry and Pat will be there.
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What is ColoradoFIRST? What was all the excitement about?
5th ColoradoFIRST Regional Competition at DU's Ritchie Center, Magness Arena The FIRST Robotics Competition stages short games played by autonomous and remote controlled robots. It is a unique varsity sport of the mind designed to help high school students discover how interesting and rewarding the life of engineers and scientists can be. FIRST was founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway Human Transporter and President of DEKA Research Development Corporation based in Manchester, New Hampshire. In Colorado we have 30 active teams. The excitement and enthusiasm rivals any sports event. The teamwork and commoradere can't be matched. Take a look at our judges, you'll see high ranking representatives from the Colorado Technology community, including w3w3® ! w3w3® captured the two day event in photo albums - It's an experience that will live on and change your future. Come take a look at our future inventors, engineers, scientists and great kids!
Photo Albums Found Here

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Dean Kamen, Demonstrating the "stair climbing wheelchair" 464_ This Could Be the FIRST Step to Bringing Out Innovation in Our Youth
In September 2002, CSIA invited Dean Kamen, founder of FIRST and President of DEKA Research and Development to talk about innovation. While Dean is too humble to claim this, many call him the the father of innovation spirit. At the event, Dean Kamen entered the Seawell Ballroom in what looked like a motorized wheelchair. The wheelchair proceeded to 'walk' up the stairs of the stage, over to the podium and then the wheelchair proceeded to lift Dean at a level that would be comparable to a 6' 6" person. The audience was amazed and listened to his humorous and insightful talk. After a little discussion, one of Dean's teammates brought up on stage what is now widely known as the Segway. The first few seconds of this unedited recording you'll hear Dean on his high-tech wheelchair climbing the stairs of the stage onto the podium. Dean goes onto point out that, "Many youth are are inspired to be a Michael Jordan, but it's more likely they will end up flipping hamburgers." That's a tough sentence for parents and grandparents to hear, but unless there is a change, you know the rest of the story. Dean Kamen and FIRST offer an exciting alternative...and now we have Colorado FIRST. Larry and Pat along with grandchildren (and hundreds of others) recently attended the Colorado FIRST Regional Competition held at DU. It was the most exciting and uplifting event they have attended in decades. Listen to Dean Kamen's talk, take a look at the photos and visit their site...if you don't know what to do next, give us a call. VIEW Photo Album from Dean Kamen's Visit

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459_ Software as a Service (SaaS) Meets Software for Security (SfS)
Gerhard Eschelbeck, CTO & Sr. VP, Engineering, 
        Webroot enclosure-voice Gerhardt Eschelbeck is the CTO and Senior Vice President of Engineering, at Webroot. Gerhardt is one of the first in the country, maybe the world, to deal with the SaaS model. That’s Software as a Service. This has been a significant transition which has been driven largely by the threat landscape. Today’s threat is fairly stealth and designed to stay undetected for as long a time as possible. The purpose of the thieves is financially motivated. Today’s threats are fundamentally designed to steal information from the user’s computer, the banking information, financial, health information and what not. Therefore, we clearly have to look at this from a protection standpoint. I think the technologies that we developed 10 and 15 years ago which were very effective when applied to the virus threat, are not as applicable for today’s threat. What the industry requires is an approach that is much more sophisticated. We have moved from a purely desktop approach to a multi tiered defense model. I think the goal here is that you need to use a leverage similar to what the bad guys are using to actually detect those spyware technologies. This is where Webroot has been pioneering and working as an organization over the past four years. We have been able to protect, prevent and detect infections for our customers; this is certainly our top priority. Steps that an organization can do to stay clean and healthy from a computer hygiene perspective are; First make sure you update your systems whenever patches become available. “Microsoft Tuesday”. Missing patches are very frequently used within the first 24 – 48 hours by hackers to take advantage of those security holes. Not just the Microsoft programs, but all of the other programs and systems that you use, be it iTunes or Adobe, etc. The Second Recommendation: Make sure that your malware protection is the latest, state-of-the-art, and is updated to the minute. Thirdly, there are typically areas of very sensitive data that you have on your computer. Take a look at that from an encryption perspective, to make sure it is protected properly. 3/24/08 Bytes: 21176636
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Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu 582_ Archbishop Desmond Tutu, World Renowned Human Rights Activist
enclosure-voice Archbishop Desmond Tutu is a world renowned human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Beginning with his opposition to apartheid in South Africa, Tutu has worked tirelessly to spread peace, justice, and democracy, and to end racial divisions throughout the world. Tutu was the keynote speaker at the October 2008 Insight Speaker Series. The day before the event, Larry and Pat attended a press conference along with some other reporters. He was introduced by the Founder and President of the Insight Speaker Series, Elizabeth Weiland. A reporter from the Denver Post, Mike Cote Elizabeth Weiland, Insight Speaker Seriesof the Colorado Biz magazine, Larry and Pat along with others asked Tutu some deep questions. Talking about the generosity of the American people, Desmond Tutu recalls, as a child, picking up a tattered copy of Ebony Magazine and reading an article about Jackie Robinson’s triumphant baseball career. Being inspired by things like Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address – Desmond Tutu said, "It energizes us, it makes us believe we can have a better world – a world where people are more friendly with one another, people are more caring and compassionate". Inevitably, Tutu became heavily embroiled in controversy as he spoke out against the injustices of the apartheid system. For several years he was denied a passport to travel abroad. In recent years, Tutu has turned his attention to a different cause: the campaign against HIV/AIDS. We had a chance to chat with Lloyd Lewan who has often shared the podium with Tutu..listen now...
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Kevin Johansen, Chair 2nd Annual RVC Angel Capital Summit 563_ The 2nd Annual Angel Capital Summit is Heading Our Way
enclosure-voice This year they’re scripting it to be twice the size because it sold out last year. They have room for at least 1000 people; and billions of dollars in investments made, represented on the executive committee at the Rockies Venture Club 2nd Annual Angel Capital Summit. This is a state wide networking event, pulling together on the platform each group providing deals to the event. Kevin Johansen said, “Our groupware has a deal flow management system embedded in it. By example Grand Junction Incubator is recruiting advisors to their group to help them screen their deals and submit the best of the best up to the Angel Capital Summit executive committee. That's the semi finals.” From there the executive committee (representing lots of money actively seeking deals) will screen and select the top 40 to be presented on November 21st – all day. At the end of the day we’re pulling together a ‘town hall meeting’ with thought leaders from up and down the front range, to basically sit down and talk about how to make sense of what’s happening in the economy. We’re trying to open up the conversation and address these problems. It’s a scary thing to be out there all by yourself, we don’t want anybody to think they’re all by themselves. Everybody in the room wants everybody else in the room to be successful. The focus isn’t only on raising money but also getting help, mentorship and so on.
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Stuart  Schoenmann, CEO, CVI Melles Griot - Keynote Speaker CPIA Conference 559_ Photonics Experiencing Expansive Growth in the Bioscience Sector
enclosure-voice During the recent Photonics Conference (POSSE - CPIA), Stuart Schoenmann, CEO of CVI Melles Griot and Lynore Abbott, Lynore Abbott, Marketing Director, CVI Melles GriotDirector of Marketing talked about the changes in the photonics sector and their one-stop-shop approach to their business. Stuart was a keynote speaker at conference and pointed out, "Some of the changes in the business particularly around the year 2000 related to telecom business. There was a huge amount of money being spent on infrastructure related to telecom, and that kind of bottomed out in late 2000, 2001 which really hurt the photonics business. Since then, there has been large growth now in using that infrastructure for new applications. These were first and foremost, biomedical and now they’re moving more and more toward solar type applications. Lynore said, "Different markets, different languages, we have to be dynamic, we have to employ people working in those fields. For example, there’s a tendency to talk your own speak in manufacturing. So do we talk in ‘optics talk’ or are we able to bridge the gap in terms of what a biologist needs, versus what we need to know to manufacture the product. As new markets are developed, we have to be sensible in our lexicon." Listen for more exciting details...
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Dr. Tom Frey, Futurist, DaVinci Institute 560_ The Coming Demise of the Retail Storefront
enclosure-voice Recently, Thomas Frey and his wife Deb were relaxing at a new shopping center in the Denver area. Along the sidewalks a series of speakers cast a rather pleasant musical backdrop to the shopping experience. Thomas Frey, Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute went onto talk about what he called, 'The coming demise of the retail storefront.' He described what happened next, " At one point an interesting song began playing. I reached for my iPhone, and used a program called Shazam to “listen” to the music, revealing the name of the song and the artist. I was then able to purchase the song on my iPhone and download it directly to the phone for later use. The nature of this transaction is quite revealing in that it gives us clues as to what our shopping experiences will be like in the future." Tom is a well-known futurist and he makes his point, "Imagine yourself walking through a shop, wanting to know more information on a particular product. You pull out your phone, point it at the product and click a button, instantly revealing a page with product information, links to product reviews, and places to purchase it online. Pressing another button you are given options for purchasing it online and having it delivered to your home. Since you are already in a retail store, you could purchase it there if the price differential isn’t too great. But the shopping experience isn’t necessarily confined to a store." Listen, there's more...
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Dr. Tom Frey & Larry Nelson 556_ Virtual Offices and Telepresence Now Joining the US Government
enclosure-voice A recent article written by Thomas Frey addresses Bringing the US Patent & Trademark Office to Colorado - Understanding the new realities of economic development. Tom is an internationally known futurist and founder of the daVinci Institute in Colorado. He goes onto explain, “The future is defined by the technologies that are being created and that all ties in with what’s happening at the Patent Office. The Patent Office is doing a lot of hiring. They’re hiring 1200 new patent examiners every year, and they’re having a hard time keeping up with the demand. The number of new patent filings keeps increasing every single year. These are real good paying jobs. Once you’ve been a patent examiner for three or four years, you’re making over $100K a year. Their new ‘hoteling program’ that they have at the Patent Office allows trained examiners to live anywhere in the country. They are running out of room in Washington D.C., to put people, and we are welcoming them to Colorado. A teleprsence room eliminates the need to travel around the world, when you can walk into a room, and it feels like you are with the person you’re talking to but they’re actually on the other side of the world." Listen for more details...
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552_ The Cost of 'Presentism' in the Corporate Work Environment
Hiran Perera, 
                CEO/Founder, WalkingSpreeenclosure-voice The cost of 'Presentism' in the corporate work environment is nothing to laugh over. This new buzz word is likely affecting your bottom line. The idea- employees are present, but not able to work efficiently due to physical and mental health challenges. The answer, is an effective corporate wellness program that gets people moving more frequently and much more often. Kari Nelson, interviewed Hiran Perera from WalkingSpree.com and he talked about the effects of corporate wellness programs, keeping people motivated and your ROI. Obesity is growing out of control. And so is weight related diseases – diabetes, heart problems and the like. And that translates into dollars – many dollars – for your company. WalkingSpree is focused on delivering a best-of-breed online wellness program by incorporating the valuable features from online pedometer based programs, online social networking programs and online weight-loss programs. Listen to this interview and for more information, follow the link and think about letting your legs do some walking.
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Sam Pitroda, Chairman, WorldTel Ltd. 554_ India is the first country to setup a National Knowledge Commission
enclosure-voice While Sam Pitroda, Chairman of WorldTel Ltd., has an illustrious technical background including patents and founder of multiple high-tech and digital startups in the United States and Europe, Sam spoke about his lifetime passion during his interview. Larry contacted him at his Chicago, IL. office and focused on 'education' and leadership'. This might seem like quite a leap from high-tech background which included founding Wescom which was one of the first digital switching companies in the world. "I spend most of my time these days as chairman of India’s National Knowledge Commission. We set up a commission to look at various aspects of knowledge institutions and infrastructure that India will need in the 21st Century. The commission is made up of 8 people coming from all walks of life; academicians, businessmen, professors, economists, mathematicians. Technology has played a very important role in all our development. Life expectancy has gone up, infant mortality has gone down, and communications have substantially improved the world over. We are well connected. But at the same time we are going through turmoil. I believe a lot of this has to do with the fact that technology changed too fast. And the organizations, government, policies, mindset, hasn’t kept pace with it. We have the mindset of the 19th and 20th centuries and we have technology of the 21st century." Sam a has new take on 'leadership'...listen now.
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Paul Bergman, Director, Export Assistance Center-Denver, 
                U.S. Dept. of Commerce 551_ Helping Companies Sell their Products and Services Overseas 9/15/08
enclosure-voice Paul Bergman is the director for the United States Export Assistance Center based in Denver. His duty is helping companies sell their products and services from Colorado and Wyoming. At the Photonics conference (POSSE - CPIA) he was speaking and moderating a panel Opportunities for selling products and services overseas. Paul went onto explain, "Our main function is to help companies, especially small companies in the industry like Photonics get on the right track and sell their products overseas. Today on the panel we had three men, Nick Traggis, Precision Photonics, Dave Rzasa, ASD Inc. and Greg Meese from Avantes – and all of these companies are heavily involved in exporting – somewhere between 40-60% of their products from Colorado. So, small companies in a land-locked state like Colorado can sell their products around the world. The Internet has opened up the whole world to Middle America." Paul also addressed the challenges companies have and what can be done to overcome them. "There are a lot of people here, like the U.S. Dept. of Commerce here, we work closely with the World Trade Center, with the State of Colorado International Trade Office, we all work together to try to help these new exporters find markets overseas. When they do get the inquiry, we help them through the paperwork, the financing, shipping of the products overseas and to get paid." There's more, listen now...
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533_ Ninth Annual IQ Awards, Honoring the “Innovation Quotient”
Chris Wood, Publisher, Boulder County Business Report< img src="/Graphics/icon_enclosure_voice.gif" alt="enclosure-voice" width="16" height="16" border="0"> The IQ Awards are presented by the Boulder County Business Report to recognize innovative products and services developed by companies in Boulder and Broomfield counties. Winners in 10 categories will be announced during an awards ceremony beginning at 5:30 p.m., Thursday, Aug.14 at the Stadium Club at Folsom Field in Boulder. Five judges are assigned to the 10 categories. 2008 IQ judges included Frances Draper, executive director of the Boulder Economic Council; Paul Jerde, executive director of the Robert H. and Beverly A. Deming Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business; David Herring, former chief technical officer for Storage Technology Corp.,; Theresa Szczurek, chief executive of her Boulder-based consulting firm, Technology and Management Solutions; Jerry Lewis, former publisher of the Boulder County Business Report and current Business Report contributor. Larry discusses the exciting details with Chris Wood, publisher of the Boulder County Business Report.
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Telluride Tech Festival 521_ Celebration of the Past, Present and Future of Technology
enclosure-voice Not too many people know that the world’s first commercial grade, alternating current power plant was built in Telluride, Colorado, in 1891, which was in fact, the launch of the technological revolution. Sarah McClain and Larry got an interesting history lesson from Scott Brown who has lived in Telluride for many years. Scott said, "One of the great historical characters in Telluride was a man by the name of L L Nunn. Nunn was very inventive and well read and had heard, back in Pittsburgh, George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla had run some experiments using alternating electrical power. So, L L Nunn took the train from Telluride to Pittsburgh with $100,000." Scott shares many fascinating facts during the interview, and went onto point out, "So these young guys in their teens and early 20's built the 'World’s First Alternating Current Commercial Grade Power Plant', just outside of Telluride. They pushed the button and it worked. It powered the mills, saved the mines and saved Telluride." He also talks about Thomas Edison and JP Morgan. Now the bridge to the future. The Telluride Technology Festival is a Celebration of the Past, Present and Future of Technology. The Tech Fest is based on the historical fact that in 1891, Nikola Tesla, George Westinghouse and Telluride’s own L.L. Nunn built the world’s first commercial grade AC power plant in Telluride. The intimate mountain environment of Telluride, Colorado continues to be an ideal environment for discussion and reflection. The 8th annual Telluride Technology Festival is August 1st-2nd, 2008!
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Larry Nelson, Jim Franklin & Michael Webb 487_ Winning Teams, Relationships and the Connection Engine
enclosure-voice What keywords will produce relevant search results? Who are the innovators in a crowd and what are they saying? What new liabilities are emerging? Answering these difficult questions results in great rewards. However, with only search and unstructured text mining tools, people have limited success in capturing those rewards. Michael Webb, Aubice Co-Founder, Executive Vice President of Global Development was interviewed by Jim Franklin, President of the Rockies Venture Club and the former CEO of Decisioneering and now a VP with Oracle. Michael is also on the "Winning Team" panel at the 20th Annual Colorado Capital Conference, being moderated by Larry. Michael pointed out that all about relationships. They with the right people with the right values to basically grow Aubice. He points out that when it comes to search there is this deluge of information...too data, very little relevancy. Another challenge is Understanding how to connect unstructured data to drive totally unexpected high value insights leading to breakthrough discoveries. "Aubice is a connection engine and can operate on the long tail of information where n=1 for advanced sensing of change and trend foreshadowing. Michael has built successful teams over the years, and that's what it is all about.

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BYTES: 20583970 - 5/12/08 > Keywords: Michael Webb, Aubice, Jim Franklin, Decisioneering, Oracle, Rockies Venture Club, Colorado Capital Conference, Teams

493_ Ad Words: How Would You Like to 'Slap Google Back'?
Larry Nelson and Simon Lejung, Google Guru enclosure-voice Larry asked Simon Leung, "What are the common misconceptions about Google Ad Words?" 'Simon Says', "A lot of people don't understand the difference between "Ad Word" and "Ad Sense". People often think they're the same thing, but they're not. Ad Words is the advertising program from Google and Ad Sense is for publishers who want to display ads on their website. So first of all we want to make sure people understand 'Ad Words' and 'Ad Sense'. Another misconception when it comes to the advertising standpoint, is a lot of people don't want to drive traffic to their website from using 'Ad Words' from Google, because it is a pay for click program. That means you don't pay until someone clicks on your site, but at the same time there are also strategies that people are calling "free" and so they don't want to pay for traffic. But that is a major misconception because for a lot of the free strategies you're paying either to learn that information or you're paying a lot of money to hire somebody to do it." Larry and Simon went unto discussing the common mistakes made...listen for more. *Check out Event Photos!
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Keywords: Simon Leung, Google, Ad Words, Ad Sense, Rockies Venture Club, Colorado Capital Conference, Capital - Bytes: 7069260 - 5/26/08

Brad Feld, Foundry Group Brad Feld - TechStars Closing Applications Today!
Brad Feld talks about the mentoring that the TechStars receive. It fills the experience gap by bringing together the best and the brightest in one place and surrounding them with incredible proven mentors for the summer. With this much talent in one place you’ll get great advice on your product and strategy, thereby ensuring the best possible start for your new business. Did we mention funding? Seed funding? TechStars fills the startup funding gap by providing just enough capital to get your idea off the ground. Your new company receives up to $15,000 in seed funding. Application Due Date: March 31, 2008.

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