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With the high-tech focus of w3w3 Talk Radio, we are always looking for stories that get the good news out as well as inform our audience. There are many good publications that have up-to-date news. We look for stories with a very strong human touch as well as support the vision of a w3w3 Learning Environment. We archive all our stories, whether they are audio or text articles. If you don't find the topic here, check out our other Channels including our "Archives

enclosure-voice393_ There is an Ever-Growing IT Shortage in Colorado
Rina Delmonico, Ren Consulting with Larry Nelson, w3w3.comChanging roles of CIOs has added new challenges and has opened doors to those who are 'people savvy' as well as technically competent. Larry talks with Rina Delmonico, a retired Corporate Fortune 500 CIO and since 1997 is CEO and Founder REN, Inc an IT consulting firm specializing in IT project and systems maintenance management. There is a growing shortage of IT professionals just when things are getting better. CIOs are now an important part of the management and leadership teams. New and changing skills are required which includes globalization requirements, organizational change expertise and an Agile approach to development. This new environment requires CIOs to become 'change agents' as well as 'turn around agents'. Multiple dimensions and security challenges are requiring many companies to employ a Chief Security Information Officer (CSIO) and it wasn't that many years ago that most business people didn't even know what a CIO was. Rina tells it the way it is explains what we will be facing down the road.
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10/15/07 Bytes: 12654866

enclosure-voice385_ Delivering High Performance - The Challenges and the Choices
American Society for Quality - Software Division - International Conference in Denver 10/15-20/2007David Walker (not pictured), Software Division President for the American Society for Quality (ASQ) along with Linda Westfall and Granville Jones, co-chairs of the International Conference on Software Quality (ICSQ) share some insights why users, developers and organizations of all sizes are feeling the software-pinch in our ever-changing environment with a focus on the sometimes elusive topic, software quality. On October 16 & 17 the 2007 conference is being held in Denver. It provides a forum for individuals and organizations seeking technologies, concepts, and techniques to improve the quality of their software products, processes, and services, and looking to enjoy networking and learning opportunities. Ken Schwaber, co-developer of Scrum and Dr. Richard Turner, Fellow, Systems and Software Consortium are keynote speakers. Introducing Agile Methods into Traditional Environments with a top-notch Agile panel is also part of the conference. There are other extras available during that week. LISTEN
Related Links:  ICSQ || Agile Panel || American Society for Quality || Associations || Keywords: Software Quality, ICSQ, ASQ, David Walker, Linda Westfall, Granville Jones, Scrum, Agile Channel: In the News > Bytes: 12196365 >
10/1/07 LISTEN

enclosure-voice385_ Colorado BioBusiness Ecosystem is Breaking New Ground
Rick Silva, FitzsimmonsRick Silva, acting Director of the Fitzsimons BioBusiness Partners (FBBp) says, "It takes broad and incredibly specialized skills to build a biomedical product. Ours is the most regulated industry on Earth, our products are among the most complex to develop, and the least likely to have a customer. Getting it right takes a village." Larry asked Rick, "How can entrepreneurs hedge their bets? "Build an experienced and capable team that has a record of getting things done. Ask for help! Find advisors (many willing to help a little for free) with relevant experience in your industry and product area. They will have the contacts and experience to help you with your commercial roadmap. If you have a credible plan, have talked to your customers and partners, you will be prepared to answer questions VCs will have. FBBp is central in this ecosystem and can bring domain advisors." 5. Is FBBp an incubator? "Not really, we are a venture development organization. Let me explain." LISTEN
Related Links:   Fitz BioBusiness Partners || Colorado Life Science Blog || BioScience Channel || Find It || Keywords: Fitzsimons BioBusiness Partners, FBBp, Rick Silva, Entrepreneurs, Venture Capital, CUTTO, BioScience > Channel: In the News > Bytes: 14716241 > 10/1/07 LISTEN

Mark Wilding, Director, Marpa Center for Business and Economics, Naropa University382_ Business and Economics: Integrating the Human Dimension
Mark Wilding is the Director at the Marpa Center for Business and Economics at Naropa University.  The Marpa Center was founded about 6 years ago at Naropa. Mark believes what is valuable and important in business is how our behavior in society impacts the community around us – things like ethics. Larry asked Mark if he had an example of a sustainable company that walks its talk. One of Mark’s favorites is White Wave and Steve Demos. One of the things Steve talks about is that they had a “founding purpose” when they started the company. Their founding purpose was to create food that was sustainable for the planet. That’s how they got into Tofu. They worked for many years as a very small company in Boulder – and then along came this notion of Silk, this incredible product that really launched their company into the stratosphere. But even after that they didn’t change their principles. They kept the basic foundations and purpose of creating a food that’s very sustainable for the planet. Mark offers some great advice. LISTEN
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Authentic Leadership || Money and Values Project || Find It || Keywords: Mark Wilding, Marpa Center, Business and Economics, Naropa University, Human Dimension Channel: In the News > Bytes: 13284313 > 9/24/07 LISTEN

361 Interactive Media - Bridging Saskatchewan and Colorado Deborah Black
enclosure-voiceDuring the week of October 9, 2007 Deborah Black, President of Saskatchwan Interactive Mediathe Saskatchewan Interactive Media Association will be joining a number of other Canadian organizations in a trade mission to Colorado. Deborah's organization is looking for partners on this two-way bridge between Canada and Colorado. They are looking for Colorado partner companies in addition to individuals who could be speakers at their events and developers in joint programs. Interactive communication, enabled by the application of new technologies and techniques is a rapidly evolving field. Saskatchewan Interactive started in 1995 and is in the leading edge of computer gaming in the traditional sense, moving into online games, advergaming, serious games, and games for health...education is also an important issue for them.

Related Links:  Deborah's email || Doing Biz with Canada || Canadian Channel on w3w3.com || David Smith: Denver Canadian Consulate || Building a Win/Win Bridge for Canada & the US || Keywords: Interactive Media, Saskatchewan, Deborah Black, Canada, Saskatchewan Interactive Media Association> Bytes: 7304780> 8/20/07 LISTEN

358Jon Went to Dinner with Friends and said, "I quit my job today" Jon Nordmark, CoFounder, eBags
"It was hard to attract someone because the Internet had gone into its dive; you know we’d entered into the ‘dot bomb’. Companies were failing every day, every business paper you picked up had on its front page 'this company went belly up, that one went belly up'..., We made it out of that;" reflects Jon Nordmark, co-founder and CEO of eBags. It was August 2001 and eBags came within $50K of making a profit that month and September we thought we were going to hit it – September 11 hit instead and it just blew the luggage market out of the water. The lessons we can learn by looking back can be invaluable. Starting in 1997, Jon was working at Samsonite, in charge of all the distribution channels there, from the marketing perspective, creating new products for them... And at the time Jon could see that the Internet could be what looked like, a major distribution channel. Most people didn't think it was possible to sell luggage to individual consumers on this thing called the Internet.   LISTEN  Part 1 of 2

Related Links:  eBags || Profile of a Leader || In the News || Entrepreneurs || Keywords: Jon Nordmark, eBags, Luggage, Hand Bags, Samsonite, Entrepreneur, Leader, Online, Dot Bomb, Transparency Management> Bytes: 6863833 >8/13/07

359eBags Expanding While Deleting Its 50% Brain Drain Jon Nordmark, CoFounder, eBags
When we started eBags our goal was to create a billion dollar company. It takes a lot of capital; we ended up raising $30 million dollars (prior to 9/11) – that ended up being a great thing for eBags explains Jon Nordmark, co-founder and CEO of eBags. When I was trying to do eBags, I knew, from all the research I’d done, that 10% of all bag sales came from catalog sales. I was confident that at least that many would purchase online as they’d already bought without seeing and touching. Then we got into the shoe business – we sold that recently. It was very successful, quadrupled the size of the site in 3 years. It grew rapidly, but it only grew to be 11% of eBags total sales, but it was taking 50% of our heads! So what we’ve done is refocused back on bags. Larry and Pat also got some great entrepreneurial and networking advice from Jon. LISTEN  Part 2 of 2 Bytes: 138326 >8/20/07

The Challenges of Running A Start-UP enclosure-voice
John Sifonis, Author and Business Strategist342_ John Sifonis is a noted author and strategist on the topics of Business and IT strategy formulation. John has 35 years of business and technology management consulting experience with Global 500 corporations in Europe, South America, Japan, and Africa. He was also a regular guest on Larry & Pat's terrestrial radio show on KTLK. John discusses the biggest challenges faced when running a start-up. He also gives some excellent solutions with his lessons learned. These are the challenges: the founders, the investors, funding and how they structured the company. John also gives some great advice about going public.
Related Links:  Nexiasoft Pressroom || Entrepreneur Channel || Find It || w3w3.com Blog || Keywords: John Sifonis, Entrepreneur, Cisco, Net Ready, Start-Up, IT, Founders, Investors > Channel: Entrepreneurs Bytes: 9763007 LISTEN 7/16/07

Brad Feld338_ iPhone - Hyperbole, Hoopla, Hooray or Horrific

Do you have your iPhone yet? Brad Feld, Managing Director of The Foundry Group writes in his Blog, “I’ve had an entertaining series of problems. I’m still amused, but getting closer to annoyed. I picked up my phone last night at the Flatiron Apple Store on the way home from the airport. It took me 45 seconds to purchase it (no line.) I tried to activate it when I got home. iTunes went through its upgrade cycle to 7.3 and then gave me errors that I didn’t have the right version to work with the iPhone so I had to deinstall / install iTunes 7.3. I did that and tried to activate. It got hung up trying to check my credit and told me I had to go to an AT&T store to get a pre-authorization code.”

Related Links: Brad's Blog || The Foundry Group || iBrick = iPhone || Apple iPhone  (in all fairness) || iLaunch ||
Keywords: Brad Feld, The Foundry Group, Mobius Venture Capital, iPhone, AT&T, Apple > Brad's Blog - Read More ||
enclosure-voice LISTEN to 2007 Predictions by Brad Feld and Jared Polis: Interview 1/8/07

enclosure-voice336_ See It - Link to It - Enjoy It - w3w3.com Chronicles

w3w3 Photo ChroniclesThe upgraded w3w3.com Photo Chronicles can help you find just about anyone who has attended a high-tech business event in the Front Range. On the Events page, In the left column, you'll see dozens of 'cover pages' for photo albums that are dated and titled and linked, according to the top events. You can then see the full range of photos and you can see them as a slideshow set up by our partners LifePics. BTW, you can also see albums from years gone by. In addition you can also find the heavy-hitters who have been interviewed on w3w3.com. You might be there too.

Related Links: Photo Albums || Find It || Web Community Calendar || 2003 Photos ||
Keywords:Event Photos, High-Tech, Business, Interviews, Photo Chronicles, Pat and Larry Nelson
See More 7/2/07

325_ enclosure-voice Open Source, a pathway to innovation and much, much more

Jason Haislmaier, HROImagine you buy a software company. The transaction is completed. There’s a knock on your door. A stranger is here to confirm that you are not in breach of his ‘open source software license’. You call your attorney for help. That’s where Jason Haislmaier, HRO, enters the scene. He is recognized by many as the “Open Source Legal Guru” in Colorado. When we asked how he got into this field? his reply was direct and to the point. "Simply put, I was driven by client need."

Having earned an engineering degree prior to law school, Jason has a natural affinity and appreciation for the technical issues he handles today.  "As a software vendor, it's not uncommon to have your software product comprised of software that you've developed in-house, that you would consider proprietary, perhaps third party software that you've licensed in, and from open source software, and it's all working together. It is that co mingling or interaction of the softwares that, from a legal standpoint, creates some of the stickier areas under the open source license. Even if you're not a vendor, if you're a data center, it's the same thing.

"Open source software, at its core, is licensed. Licenses can be breached and that can create liability; and in come the lawyers. And that’s where a lot of the legal aspects of open source come about. It’s very difficult to talk about open source software without talking about the legal aspects of open source software.

Related Links: Holme Roberts & Owen || GPLv3 || It's the Law Interviews || Find It || Keywords: Open Source Software, HRO, Holme Roberts & Owen, Jason Haislmaier, Lucky Vidmar> Channels: Software Bytes: 7984172 LISTEN 6/11/07

328_ enclosure-voice The Trend is Changing for Start-up Entrepreneurs Lucy Sanders, CEO, National Center for Women and IT (NCWIT)

Statistics show that better than 50% of new entrepreneurs are female. Many business people are surprised to hear that there is a growing number (contrary to popular belief) of women getting into and making a very productive and rewarding career in Information Technology (IT). As a result, many women of varying ages and interests are taking the entrepreneurial plunge. In walks Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), headquartered at CU Boulder. Lucy is a Bell Fellow and points out (proves) there are many female entrepreneur success stories or as she and her team states it, they are “NCWIT Heroes”. If you have any interest in this burgeoning growth phase of Women and IT, check out the first in this series of amazing true-life stories.

Related Links: NCWIT Heroes || Nat. Academies Report || NCWIT Blog || CO Coalition for Gender and IT || NCWIT Practice|| Keywords: NCWIT, Lucy Sanders, Women in IT, National Center for Women & Information Technology NCWIT Heroes > Channels: NCWIT Bytes: 6525913 LISTEN 6/18/07

Garth Snyder, Evi Nemeth and Trent Hein, Authors Revolutionizing IT as We Know It

enclosure-voice329_ It sounds technical, but what isn’t today? Here’s a technical best-seller, written by 3 key experts: Evi Nemeth; Garth Snyder; Trent Hein along with 10 key contributors…all experts. This 1000-page book, "LINUX Administration Handbook" (Second Edition), Linux Administration Handbook, Second Editionhas a cartoon on the cover (and drawings throughout), easy to understand with readable information and a special section for non IT managers so they understand what is going on and how to be an effective manager in this arena. IT loves this second edition because of the critical contents that are easy to reference and are now getting support from management rather than pushback. It started in 1988. Setting the standard of excellence, translated into 20 languages, and is revolutionizing IT as we know it.   Related Links: Applied Trust || Book Press Release || Amazon || Blog || Channels: Software > Keywords: Evi Nemeth; Garth Snyder; Trent Hein, LINUX, IT managers, LINUX Administration Handbook  > Bytes: 6199696 LISTEN 6/18/07

enclosure-voice330_ Integration of Technology Impacting TV User Experience
John Suranyi, DirectTV
What would you like to ask a top-level executive in a large and growing company? Sue Wyman, Chairman of the Communication Technologies Professionals (CTP) and Larry Nelson went to John Suranyi's office to ask some very pointed questions about his development and where he is heading. John is the President of Sales and Services for Direct TV. Sue asked John to rewind a little and talk about the past and what he went through in his development, the challenges he faced, the turning point in his career as well as a number of other topic areas.   Related Links: CTP Channel || Communication Technology Professionals Home || Jivaro Group || Find It || Channels: CTP> Keywords: John Suranyi, Direct TV, Sue Wyman, Communication Technologies Professionals, CTP  > Bytes: 5910259 LISTEN 6/181/07

enclosure-voice319_ Your Business and the Internet’s Identifier SystemJohn Crain, CTO, ICANN

It started out with DARPA and the National Science Foundation and went through iterations and challenges that included a 1992 episode in Amsterdam, a major issue dealing with IP numbers and names was resolved in 1998 and the march goes on with ICANN serving a very important role with URLs.
      John Crain, Chief Technical Officer for ICANN, talks about the importance of this unique identifier system with Larry Nelson and reveals the history and includes comments about Vinton Cerf, current Chief Internet Evangelist for Google also recognized as one of the ‘Fathers of the Internet.’
Meet John Crain, May 30th - at the   IT Summit-Denver - Related Links: ICANN || IT Summit-enver Agenda || Podcast Directory || ICANN Blog || Vinton Cerf Interview || >Keywords: John Crain, ICANN, Internet Identifiers, IT Summit-Denver > Channels: News >> Bytes: 6280362 LISTEN 5/28/07

Jeff Akers, President, EMS for CH2M HillBetter, Faster, Cheaper Mantra Still in Place

315_ Worldwide, we are in the middle of a high-performance build out, points out Jeff Akers, President of EMS for CH2M HILL. When it comes to technical advances, it’s an endless list that includes Geospatial technology that is a major player the managed solutions space. Jeff reminisced with Larry about how the geeks once inhabited the basement in larger companies and now are in the ‘top’ floors dealing directly with the ‘top’ boss. Jeff came out of the telecommunications industry and now travels worldwide in his new leadership role. Jeff shares some lessons learned, possible opportunities, as well as some predictions. Meet Jeff Akers, May 30th - at the IT Summit-Denver, Keynote Address at 10:00am. Related Links: CH2M Hill || IT Summit-enver Agenda || Podcast Directory || Association Listing || >Keywords: CH2M HILL, Jeff Akers, Geospatial, Technology, IT Summit-Denver >> Channels: News >> Bytes: 6566455 LISTEN 5/21/07

Wes Sherman, Paramount World Group304_ Google, FBI, CH2M HILL, Tech Stars Talk
The IT Summit is a conference series for executives from the government, education, economic development and corporate communities. Wes Sherman of the Paramount World Group, producers of the Denver IT Summit says, the events are produced by and for senior leaders for the purposes of economic development, education, and the proliferation of information technology. This full-day Summit includes seminars, panel discussions and CIO Roundtables. If you want to personally meet and listen to industry experts in government, education, economic development and corporate communities, here's your chance. Related Links:
The IT Summit || Denver Agenda || Web Community Calendar || Blog || Keywords: IT Summit, Denver, CIO, CTO, Google, ICANN, FBI, Tech Stars, CH2M HILL, Wes Sherman Channels: In the News Bytes: 3269175  LISTEN 4/30/07
312_ It’s the Law: The New IP, Supreme Court and Patent Challenges
Blaine Benard & David Seeley, Partners, HROIs it obvious? On April 30, the Supreme Court set out additional guidelines regarding how to determine if technology is “obvious,” and hence non-patentable. How this ends up could take some time, but regardless, it will have a far-reaching impact on Intellectual Property and patents particularly those that are IT related. David Seeley and Blaine Benard, both partners at Holme Roberts and Owen discuss what is happening and the ramifications of the KRS v. Teleflex ruling by the Supreme Court that is not in sync with the position taken by the Appellate Court which was established in 1982 to handle such cases. The saga continuous and no matter how it ends up, it will impact both business and consumers. Related Links: HRO ||
KSR v. Teleflex || Intellectual Property || Web Community Calendar || Blog || Channel: News > Keywords:Intellectual Property, Supreme Court, KRS v. Teleflex, David Seeley, Blaine Benard, Holme Roberts and Owen, Patents >Bytes: 4107392 > LISTEN 5/14/07
313_ Profile of a Leader: Here's the Rest of the Story Part 2 of 2
Scott Binder, Sr. VP, Comcast-Colorado; Sue Wyman, Chairman, CTP; Larry Nelson, Director, w3w3.comWhen you are lucky enough to have talented, creative, hard-working people on your team, it's critical that they are all on the same page and heading in the same direction. Scott Binder, Senior Vice President for the Colorado Market at Comcast, talks with Sue Wyman, Chairman of the revitalized Communication Technology Professionals, CTP formerly DTP and Larry Nelson about the steps (personally and professionally) that he has gone through in his changing professional career. If you would like a FREE copy of Scott's favorite book, "As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen, simply click here. Related Links: CTP Channel || Denver Tele Pros || Jivaro Group || Podcast Directory || Channel: News > Keywords: Scott Binder, Comcast, Communication Technology Professionals, CTP, Sue Wyman, As a Man Thinketh, Leadership >Bytes: 6180470 > LISTEN. 5/14/07 If you missed Part 1 - LISTEN

Mike CoteColoradoBiz TodayOn Colorado
By Mike Cote

310_ Startups put stock in Colorado
Entrepreneurs plotting a new startup have plenty to wrestle with, from securing venture capital to ensuring they have the right team to transform their killer idea into a viable business.  Ryan Martens wants them to consider something else — giving part of the company away before it even makes a cent.  Four years ago, the founder and chief technology officer of Boulder-based Rally Software introduced a "1 percent" club to the local entrepreneurial community to encourage emerging companies to embrace philanthropy. Now the idea has gained wider exposure through the newly minted Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado. Related Links: Complete Story || Rally Software || Colorado BIZ Today || The Entrepreneurs Foundation || PodCast Directory || Channel: News > Keywords: Colorado Business Magazine, COBIZ, Mike Cote>> Read more... 5/7/07

Dr. Robert Schnabel, Vice Provost for Academic and Campus Technology - CIO & Director of the ATLAS Institute308_ ATLAS - Is It Technology, Art or a Coffee Shop
Dr. Robert Schnabel, Vice Provost for Academic and Campus Technology – CIO & Director of the ATLAS Institute clears up a campus mystery. ATLAS stands for “Alliance for Technology Learning and Society” and what’s embedded in those words is bridging all the way from technology and sciences to the arts. The building is in part a teaching and learning center – a place where you have classes and disciplines ranging all the way from writing to business to engineering to social science, and rooms that have fairly good technology.
Related Links: Atlas Building Home || National Center for Women & Information Technology || Web Community Calendar || Blog ||
Keywords: Atlas Building, University of Colorado, Boulder, Robert Schnabel, NCWIT >> Channels: In the News Bytes: 4107392>> LISTEN 5/7/07
enclosure-voice303_ Tracking the Life (and Contents) of a 3-Year Old Computer
Steve Fuelberth, President/CEO, Luminous Recycling
Look around your office. In the next one to three years, estimate how many electronic items, big and small, will be replaced; computers, printers, copiers, keyboards, mice, cell phones, monitors, PDAs, laptops, servers… Next, how will they be disposed of? It’s not just the physical components, it’s also the vital and confidential information stored on those devices. It’s not just pollution and doing your part, that is socially responsible. It’s also being responsible for customer data, intellectual property or other confidential information. Steve Fuelberth, President & CEO of Luminous Recycling has the solution that is leading edge, socially responsible and cost effective.. Related Links: || Luminous Recycling || Green Up Denver || Podcast Directory || Channels: Recycling, In the News Keywords: Luminous Recycling, Steve Fuelberth, computers, printers, cpiers, keyboards, mice, cell phones, monitors, PDAs, laptops, servers > Bytes: 5400976 LISTEN 4/30/07
Garth Jensen, Partner, HRO, LLP301_ Peer-to-Patent Project - A New Business Imperative
Lucky Vidmar, HRO, LLPPeer to Patent Project” or “Community Patent Review” It’s really a breakthrough project in the patent prosecution area. Because for the first time it allows people in the community to participate in the patent granting process. Which up until now has been a semi-secret process that very few of us understand. Now we get a glimpse into what really goes on and we can affect it. Garth Jensen, partner at the Denver HRO office discusses with associate, Lucky Vidmar also at Holme Roberts & Owen this exciting change of events.
Related Links: Holme Roberts & Owen || Community Patent Overview || Peer-to-Patent Project || Peer-to-Patent FAQs || Find It || Keywords: Peer to Patent Project, HRO, Holme Roberts & Owen, Garth Jensen, Lucky Vidmar, Community Patent Review > Channels: Software Bytes: 6493939 LISTEN 4/23/07
enclosure-voice297_ The Global Marketplace: Taking the Right Steps
Javier Lazardi and Troy Braegger, HROIt's the little things, let alone the small type that can get you. Regardless of the country you want to be doing business in, things are different...socially, politically economically. Troy Braegger, Senior Counsel at Holme Roberts & Owen focuses on U.S. and cross-border joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions discusses doing business with a top attorney from Mexico, Javier Lizardi. Among the many points made, the position and definition of 'Notary Public' can make a winning vs. a losing situation.
Related Links:  Holme Roberts & Owen || Von Wobeser y Sierra S.C. || International || Troy Braegger || Find It || Keywords: Javier Lizardi, Troy Braegger, Holme Roberts & Owen, Mexico, Notary Public, Global Marketplace > Channels:In the News > Bytes: 5824159 >> LISTEN 4/16/07
Lucinda Sanders, CEO and Cofounder, NCWIT288_ Golden Sauce That's Usable, Powerful & Motivating enclosure-voice
“I am really very relentless. I go over it and over it until I find what I want. I really look at every ‘no’ I get as the first step to a ‘yes’, says Lucy Sanders, CEO and CoFounder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology. Lucy works with enterprise size companies as well as new startups and focuses on getting women and girls into Information Technology in its broadest sense at NCWIT.org. Lucy sets high standards for her self first and later sets high standards for others. “And at the same time I have incredibly high forgiveness. So if the bar is high, then there should be a safety net. People should not be made to feel bad if they can’t quite climb over that high bar. It’s just that if you set it really high, there’s always going to be learning,” she points out. Lucy offers more sage advice. Related Links: About Lucy Sanders || NCWIT Blog || Find It || NCWIT Practice || Channels: Software || Keywords: Lucy Sanders, National Center for Women & Information Technology, NCWIT, Information Technology, Bell Fellow > Bytes: 6525913 LISTEN 4/2/07
258 Filling Huge Holes in the Traditional Hi-tech Startup Model enclosure-voice
David Cohen and David Brown, CoFounders TechStarsThere are common and critical things that are overlooked when starting a new business. The founders of TechStars suggest that stealth modes are out and stress tests are in. Brad Feld, investor in many innovative high-tech companies, is always interested in new investment ideas. Brad and Jared Polis have joined David Cohen and David Brown, co-founders of Zoll Data Systems in their newest venture,TechStars which will provide angel funding and mentoring to young entrepreneurs.

Related Links:
TechStars || TechStars Blog || Brad Feld Blog || w3w3.com Blog ||
: TechStars, Startup, David Cohen, David Brown, Zoll Data Systems, Brad Feld, Jared Polis
> Bytes 6779405 || LISTEN 2/12/07
242 Dick Notebaert's Take on Putting Network Neutrality in Perspective enclosure-voice
Richard Notebaert, QwestThe hottest debate in telecommunications policy circles is whether broadband network providers should be subject to a "network neutrality" mandate. This mandate, although often undefined, suggests that the traditional "best efforts" Internet provides an open platform for innovation that is threatened by the plans of broadband providers to begin offering quality of service arrangements for a fee. Richard Notebaert, Chairman and CEO, Qwest Communications International defines Network Neutrality says it's "nuts".
Related Links: Rocky Mountain News || Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program || Network Neutrality || Denver Telecom Pros || Center for the New West || Keywords: Dick Notebaert, Network Neutrality, Phil Weiser, Telecommunications, DTP, Telcos, Qwest || Bytes: 9584225 > LISTEN 1/15/07
238 Jared Polis and Brad Feld Square Off on the Future enclosure-voice LISTEN 1/8/07
Brad Feld, Mobius Venture CapitalJared Polis, Jared Polis FoundationBefore asking Brad Feld and Jared Polis to make some forecasts for 2007, Larry asked them, "What must the Colorado legislature and the new Governor focus on in order to best support the business and tech community?" Education at all levels was loudly expressed, but some other issues are going to be a challenge for us all. How do you attract and maintain a qualified workforce while maintaining our famous quality of life standard? They had some answers. In the middle of all this, aquaculture came up. Related Links: Mobius Venture Capital || Jared Polis Foundation || Brad Feld Blog || Venture Capital ||
Keywords: Brad Feld, Jared Polis, Aquaculture, Mobius Venture Capital, IPO, Investment Capital || Bytes: 9661025>
Feld and Polis Make Economic Predictions for 2007 enclosure-voice LISTEN 1/15/07
Jared Polis and Brad FeldIn Part 2 of 2, Brad and Jared went from giving our state politicians some business advice, to describing the lay-of-the-land for venture capital, economic growth and much more. Listen Now: Part 1of 2 and Part 2of 2 - Learn about Aquaculture, look for Jared at the Startup Junkie Underground 1/22/07- Check w3w3 Save-the-Dates Community Calendar for times and further details. Jared's Live Talk about Aquaculture ||
ColoradoBIZ Today241 Anatomy of a hijacking @ CoBizMag.com
E-gads! We've been hacked! Anatomy of a hijacking @CoBizMag.com - Two different attacks from a Chinese 'Sam Spade' and 'Nejad, Cyber Islamic Defender' taught us the down and dirty world of online warfare. Thousands of businesses are spending more time and money than they should be battling these geeks and so did we. As a confirming note of caution...read this article, as w3w3.com experienced a similar attack a few years ago.Related Links: CO BIZ Anatomy of Hijacking @ CoBizMag || PodCasting Directory || Find It || Colorado BIZ Today ||
Keywords: Colorado Business Magazine, COBIZ, Colorado, Hijacking @ CoBizMag.com, Hacking || 1/15/07 Read More
239 Connecting with the Right People the Right Way enclosure-voice LISTEN 1/15/07
Larry & Pat Nelson, w3w3.comPat & Larry Nelson of w3w3.com are seen everywhere. Many call them the Networker’s networkers. Larry says that the biggest and most common mistake in networking involves the omnipresent “Elevator Pitch”. That’s just what a busy executive wants to hear as they enjoy their liquid refreshments…”Get me out of here!” Pat and Larry offer some "Networking Solutions" (Identifying, Preparing & Personalizing) that are extremely effective in most every networking situation. In 4 minutes you'll know the answers. Related Links: Beyond the Trends || 3-Filters Compliant || Your Website
- Is it 3-Filters Compliant? || Entrepreneurs || Associations || Training Trends || Keywords: Networking, 3-Filters, Elevator Pitch, Beyond the Trends, Training Trends, Associations || Bytes: 267745
ColoradoBIZ Today237 Sneak Preview II: Who owns Colorado: Upward projection - Englewood plans residential towers on former seminary grounds. Englewood, the city of 32,000 people and about 2,000 businesses just south of Denver, faces the same problem encountered by thousands of suburbs: It has nowhere to grow but up. . Related Links: Sneak Preview II || PodCasting Directory || Find It || Colorado BIZ Today || Keywords: Colorado Business Magazine, COBIZ, Colorado, Who Owns Colorado, Upward projection || 1/8/07 Read More
233 Policy, Politics and Privilege; the IT Infrastructure Challengeenclosure-voice
The Linux Administration Handbook - Second Edition; Available at AmazonMost managers do not understand the difference between UNIX and LINUX, but they should. That knowledge could be the difference between a company horror story and success. Trent Hein and Ned McClain, co-founders of Applied Trust Engineering who also co-authored the, "LINUX Administration Handbook" (Second Edition) and include critical sections written especially for non IT managers who can gain an understanding what is going to happen when they turn over the keys to the systems administrator.
Bytes: 6930393 > LISTEN 1/1/07
235 Call a Spade a Spade or You'll Lose More than the Game enclosure-voice
Applied Trust Trent Hein and Ned McClain, co-founders of Applied Trust Engineering who also co-authored the, "LINUX Administration Handbook" (Second Edition) include critical sections written especially for non IT managers who can gain an understanding what is going to happen when they turn over the keys to the systems administrator. It's frustrating for the management team when they don't have a handle on what the IT department is doing. It's also frustrating for the IT folks when they do not get management support.
Related Links: Applied Trust || Book Press Release || Community Support || Book Details || Keywords: Applied Trust, Trent Hein, Ned McClain, LINUX Administration Handbook, Systems Administrator, IT Infrastructure|| Bytes: 6526644 > LISTEN 1/8/07 - Part 2 of 2

Paul Ray 1946-207Paul Leo Ray 1946 - 2007

Memorial Celebration of Life
Details -
Paul Ray Tribute

230 Telecommunications is Becoming as Outdated as the Rotary Telephone enclosure-voiceDigital Crossroads, CoAuthor Phillip WeiserPart 1 of 2 Internet, telephones, answering machines are some of the communication words that are being replaced with words like bundling, network neutrality, voice over IP, convergence, wireless and others we have not heard about as yet. All of these challenges and changes impact companies of all sizes, points out Phil Weiser founder of the Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program and professor at CU. The the Deming Center, CU Tech Transfer office and the Entrepreneurial Law Center at CU are stepping up to the plate to help entrepreneurs. Bytes: 7079291> LISTEN 1/1/07 - Part 1 of 2
Legal and Business Issues - Can the FCC Work in Internet Speed? enclosure-voice
Phil Weiser, Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program
Part 2 of 2_ Phil Weiser founder of the Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program and professor at CU shares his personal opinion with Larry and Pat that could have a tremendous impact on communications in the US. Phil's personal opinion is bold, but not easy to get through the "web" of the FCC. He feels that the FCC must move to a new orientation - one that looks at development after the fact, as opposed to the traditional 'before the fact'. Today, without the blessing of the FCC ahead of time, nothing gets done.
Related Links: Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program || Digital Crossroads || Network Neutrality || Denver Telecom Pros || The Next Wave of Innovation || Keywords: Phil Weiser, Telecommunications, Silicon Flatirons Program, CU, Network Neutrality, SFTP, FCC || Bytes: 7181795 > LISTEN
ColoradoBIZ Today232 The Number 1 Most Powerful Organization in Colorado
Power lines — Colorado's 25 most powerful businesses and organizations. Two years ago, ColoradoBiz ranked the 25 Most Powerful organizations, businesses and other institutions in the state, naming Colorado voters as the most powerful group with influence on state affairs. This year, we rank the Regional Transportation District, RTD, as the No. 1 Most Powerful organization in the state.
Related Links: CO BIZ Powerlines || PodCasting Directory || Find It || Colorado BIZ Today || Keywords: Colorado Business Magazine, COBIZ, Colorado, 25 Most Powerful Organizations, Powerlines|| 1/1/07 Read More
231 Is Someone Breaking Into and Breaching Your System?enclosure-voice
Terry Morreale, Sr. Engineer, Applied Trust EngineeringDefault setting has a nice ring to it for those that are not techies. Terry Morreale, a senior engineer at Applied Trust points out that people assume that default settings on their machines are safe and secure. For their convenience, vendors leave on lots of things you don't need. There are many examples and a common and dangerous one is having the system set up to allow someone to log into an account and it's not needed. That can be simply inviting trouble. Terry offers invaluable tips and a free link to the "Incident Handling Guide".
Related Links: Women in IT || Barking Seal Newsletter || Incident Handling Guide || Applied Trust || Keywords: Terry Morreale, IT, Applied Tust, Default Settings, Incident Handling || Bytes: 6186530 > LISTEN 1/1/07
230 Telecommunications is Becoming as Outdated as the Rotary Telephone enclosure-voiceInternet, telephones, answering machines are some of the communication words that are being replaced with words like bundling, network neutrality, voice over IP, convergence, wireless and others we have not heard about as yet. All of these challenges and changes impact companies of all sizes, points out Phil Weiser founder of the Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program and professor at CU. The the Deming Center, CU Tech Transfer office and the Entrepreneurial Law Center at CU are stepping up to the plate to help entrepreneurs. Bytes: 7079291> LISTEN 1/1/07 - Part 1 of 2
Legal and Business Issues - Can the FCC Work in Internet Speed? enclosure-voice
Phil Weiser, Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications ProgramPhil Weiser founder of the Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program and professor at CU shares his personal opinion with Larry and Pat that could have a tremendous impact on communications in the US. Phil's personal opinion is bold, but not easy to get through the "web" of the FCC. He feels that the FCC must move to a new orientation - one that looks at development after the fact, as opposed to the traditional 'before the fact'. Today, without the blessing of the FCC ahead of time, nothing gets done.
Related Links: Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program || Network Neutrality || Denver Telecom Pros || The Next Wave of Innovation || Keywords: Phil Weiser, Telecommunications, Silicon Flatirons Program, CU, Network Neutrality, SFTP, FCC
|| Bytes: 7181795 > LISTEN 1/8/07
- Part 2 of 2
224 Is it an Evolution or a Revolution Changing the Communication Sector?enclosure-voice
L to R: Jim Anderson, Gary Gaessler, Liz Weisiger, Kellly Zunker, Wendy Bohling & Larry Polman - Denver Telecom ProfessionalsSomething Larry has said in his management classes over the years is, "A ball can only bounce as high as it is dropped." The Telecom industry must be ready for a ride with the astronauts. There are many changes in store for the changes in the Communications industry. There are also challenges that accompany the broadening of the market. These experts state their predictions and you'll hear words like convergence, bundling, and other words you have heard in the past, but with a whole new emphasis.
Related Links: Denver Telecom Professionals || Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications || DTP Celebration Photos || PodCasting Directory || Keywords: Telecommunications, Wireless, Convergence, Communication, Bundling, Predictions, DTP || Bytes: 3682119 > LISTEN 12/11/06
Dr. Tom Frey, DaVinci Institute222 Predicting the Death of the Gatekeepers
Throughout history the gatekeepers kept us safe. They saved us from the bad people. But they also tried to save us from the boring and uninteresting, the radical and the off-balanced, the rumors and lies, and most importantly from the people who had a different opinion or heaven-forbid, a different agenda. Gatekeepers were the ones who said “No!” And they said “no” a lot points out Dr. Thomas Frey, futurist and founder of the DaVinci Institute in Colorado. Listen to Tom's on-the-edge predictions.
Related Links: Death to the Gatekeepers || DaVinci Institute || PodCasting Directory || w3w3 Blog || Keywords: DaVinci Institute, Tom Frey, Gatekeepers, Futurist, Long Tail || Bytes: 4676861 > LISTEN 12/11/06
221 When Change is in Order, You Need a Qualified Project Sponsor
Rina Delmonico, REN ConsultingWhen an IT project will create a value for the business and is truly worth investing in, a project sponsor is required, points out Rina Delmonico, CEO and Founder of REN Consulting. While the project sponsor is generally an internal executive from the appropriate business unit, at times an external consultant can be utilized. There are common mistakes made by project sponsors and Rina offers an invaluable list of tips that will save time, money, grief and aggravation. Here are clear steps leading to project success. Related Links: REN Consulting || Employment Panel Info || CU Business School: CITI || Find It || Keywords: IT, Project Sponsor, Rina Delmonico, REN Consulting, CU Business School, CITI Bytes: 6448590 > LISTEN 12/3/06
220 It's Time to Get a PR Checkup Before Your Credibility is Jeopardized
Greg Lynott, Lynott PRYvonne Lynott, Lynott PRThere’s nothing like Public Relations to build a company’s image, credibility and visibility. Some people call it “free advertising”. Many of the tried and true methods employed by PR such as press releases and contacting the media directly via phone and email are still important. But, newer technologies are helping companies to reach customers more directly. Yvonne and Greg Lynott of Lynott & Associates, a public relations company serving innovative technology companies for the past 20 years, including Intel, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Related Links: Lynott & Associates || w3w3 Blog || Find It || Free PR Assessment || Keywords: IT Professionals, RMIMA, Bill Hubbell, Microsoft, PR, Public Relations, Yvonne Lynott, Greg Lynott, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Intel, Lynott & Associates Bytes: 2779118 > LISTEN 12/3/06
Monica Heron, Senior Consul, Canada210_ Building a Win/Win Bridge for Canada & the US
Serial entrepreneurs have nothing over Monica Heron, Senior Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner for Canada in Denver for Consulate General of Canada. She is a serial foreign service career person and has held positions in numerous countries, from Hong Kong to Zimbabwe, from the Ivory Coast to Switzerland and beyond. Monica is pleased to be in Denver working with a great team of active and involved representatives. They are there ready to support efforts to do business with Canadian companies.> Related Links: Canada || Monica Heron || Toronto and Region || Greenbuild Expo || Keywords: Canada, Monica Heron, Senior Trade Commissioner, Energy, Technology, Life Sciences, Aerospace - 11/13/06 LISTEN - Bytes 4154412
202_ Business Simulation Industry Needs Talent and Money
Richard Liebowitz, President, Union GamingRay HutchinsColorado has a unique opportunity. The video gaming industry already exceeds the size of Hollywood. As a result of early military and government investments, video gaming technologies are can now be applied to countless business simulations and applications. Currently, there is little structure to the business simulations industry. Colorado can play a significant role in that effort. Richard Leibowitz, the President of Union Gaming in Los Angeles is the keynote speaker at this year's TiEcon and the track titled Video Gaming and Business Simulations.
Related Links
: TiEcon Home || Union Entertainment || TiE Rockies || Find It
Keywords: TiEcon, TiE Rockies, Video Gaming, Richard Leibowitz, Business Simulation, Ray Hutchins, Gaming Industry - > 10/30/06 LISTEN - Bytes 6591323
201_ Sustainability is Here to Stay, Maybe Forever
Monica HeronAndrew BowerbankThe Archetype Sustainable House Demonstration Project began with a National Competition to design a green home that could be adopted by Canadian production home builders. Construction is planned to begin in the spring of 2007 in Toronto, Canada. Andrew Bowerbank, Manager, Sustainable Development is a key speaker at the International Greenbuilt Expo being held in Denver. Monica Heron, Senior Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner for Canada in Denver Consulate General of Canada asked Andrew some probing questions. > 10/30/06 LISTEN - Bytes 4813952
Related Links: Toronto & Region || Canada || CORE || Greenbuild Expo || - Keywords: Canada, Toronto, Andrew Bowerbank, Monica Heron, Greenbuilt Expo, Denver, Colorado, Sustainable House
200_ Here's the best way and don't call the Dept. of Defense
Lee VanArsdale, CEO, Triple CanopyVic AhmedThe United States of America needs your help. The US needs new innovative ideas generated by entrepreneurial companies. This year, one of the focuses of TiEcon Demo Extravaganza is Homeland Security. The keynote speaker for that track is Lee VanArsdale is the CEO of Triple Canopy, Inc., and is responsible for setting the strategic direction of this integrated security solutions company. Vic Ahmed, Chairman of TiE Rockies and CEO of SecConOne gets some specific advice for entrepreneurs from Lee you can use immediately. Related Links: TiEcon Home || SecConOne || Cyber Security || TiE Rockies || Triple Canopy > 10/30/06 LISTEN -
Bytes 4415010
Keywords: TiEcon, TiE Rockies, Lee Van Arsdale, Vic Ahmed, Homeland Security, Triple Canopy, SecConOne
198_ Customers are Not Loyal and are Switchers by Nature
Curt Coffman, First Break All the Rules
Unleashing human potential expert and world renowned author, Curt Coffman stresses that, "Talent trumps intellect", every time. Curt wrote the best seller, "First, Break All the Rules." Melodie Reagan, chair of the upcoming TiEcon event recruited Curt to be the luncheon keynote speaker. By the way, it's an hour address filled with strategies that you can apply immediately. His current best-seller is, "Follow This Path" and it's loaded with goodies. Melodie and Larry probe Curt for the top three tactics that the best leaders are applying today. > 10/23/06 LISTEN

Related Links: Curt Coffman Home || TiEcon Home || Auromira Home || Beyond the Trends || Bytes 2540254 - Keywords: Curt Coffman, TiEcon, TiE Rockies, Melodie Reagan, Follow This Path, First, Break All the Rules, Customer Loyalty

197_ Internet Security Hazards are on the Increase
Mark Weatherford, State CISO, Colorado
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure or maybe your ID, or your hard drive or other vital aspects of your business. Once again the state of Colorado has become a leader in the high-tech areana. Mark Weatherford, Colorado Chief Information Security Officer, said, “The State of Colorado acts as a resource for gathering information from the federal government and other states on cyber threats and provides two way sharing of information between and among the states and, ultimately, with local governments and the business community.” > 10/23/06 LISTEN
Related Links: CO Cyber Security || NCSP || Cyber Security Toolkit || Cyber Security Channel || Attorney General || MS-ISAC || SANS Internet Storm Center|| Bytes 10206148 - Keywords: Mark Weatherford, Cyber Security, CISO, Colorado, Safe Surfing, Identity Theft, Colorado, Homeland Security
196_ Video Gaming, Homeland Security, Wireless
Melodie Reagan, CEO, Auromira
With entrepreneurs in mind and focused on three powerful tracks, the Second Annual TiEcon is working and planning closely with business and universities. In addition to a number of international experts sharing their wisdom, participants will have a chance for some head-on-head conversation with the pros. Melodie Reagan, chair of the event points out that the best-of-the-best in Video Gaming and Business Simulations, Homeland Security and Wireless Technology will be also shown during the Demo Extravaganza throughout the day. > 10/23/06 LISTEN
Related Links: TiEcon Home || Auromira Executive || TiE Rockies Home || Find It || Bytes 5047382 - Keywords: TiEcon, TiE Rockies, Video Gaming, Homeland Security, Wireless, Melodie Reagan, Innovators, Demo Extravaganza
183_ Are You Part of the Advancing Colorado Movement?
Larry & Pat Nelson and Governor Bill Owens
The "Rising Tide" philosophy is something Pat and Larry Nelson believe in. They have found a wonderful theme that is growing in popularity and prominence in Colorado. It's simple but powerful and more information can be found at AdvancingColorado.com. We are all Advancing Colorado and now we do it with intention. Governor Bill Owens surprised Pat and Larry by presenting them with the 2006 Advancing Colorado Excellence Award for Advancement of the Technology Community at the Colorado Tech Week Launch. Together we create the future. > LISTEN 9/25/06
Phil Weiser, Exec Dir., Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program192_ In Search of the True Fully Integrated Network
Old laws, pending legislation, innovative technology, redefining industries are both the good news and the challenges points out Phil Weiser, Executive Director, Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program. Increasingly, consumers will be able to communicate with one another and access information across networks (wired, wireless, broadband, satellite, etc.) in a seamless manner. Easy to use and policy changes are key drivers. When will this all happen? Probably in the next 3 to 5 years. > LISTEN 10/16/06

Related Links: Network Convergence || Silicon Flatirons || Wireless Revolution Photos (9/7/06) || Find It || Keywords: Cable, Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications, Phil Weiser, Network Convergence, Wireless, Broadband, IMS, SIP || Bytes: 5809949
191_ Safe Surfing and Online Predators Spawning New Fears
Aaron Kornblum, Jeanne Smith, John Suthers
There is a growing and historic partnership with the public and private sectors dealing with the epidemic affecting the youth. Yes this is an epidemic and many are closing their eyes and ears to this growing problem. Others are ignorant and don't have a clue as to what is happening. Thank goodness we are in a state that is proactively doing something about it. Colorado's Attorney General, John Suthers, Deputy AG, Jeanne Smith and Microsoft Attorney, Aaron Korn Blum kicked off a program with a couple hundred law enforcement officials to discussion the solutions. 10/09/06 LISTEN
Keywords: Online Predators, Cyber Crime, Safe Surfing, Law Enforcement, John Suthers, Colorado Attorney General, Jeanne Smith, Deputy Attorney General, Aaron Kornblum, Microsoft
Advance Technology Award to w3w3.com
Governor Bill Owens surprised Larry and Pat Nelson by giving them the 2006 Advancing Colorado Excellence Award for Advancement of the Technology Community at the Colorado Tech Week Launch. Together we create the future.
Kevin Ward, PC Conferencing178_ Building Your Business While Beating Travel Prices
According to Kevin Ward, President of PC Conferencing there are three main challenges that entrepreneurs face. The first is money. Many start out with their own, and credit cards and then there's the challenge of raising money from Angel investors or if your company has big potential, VC investors. The second is people. As Kevin says, "you know you need good people, but can you get along with them?" The third is balancing your personal time, your work and your family.> LISTEN 9/18/06

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In the News Channel || Call Kevin

Tech Focus for the Gov175_ The High-Tech Sector is back..
Soon you will be electing our state's new leader. The Question is, "What do the technology leaders think the governor should focus on in support of the Technology community? Here are the thoughts of 18 people we talked to at the recent Gubernatorial Technology Forum/Debate held at the Brown Palace Hotel >

Related Links: LISTEN - 18 Opinions
w3w3 Photo Album available at LifePics and Check out the Video Podcast at Add to ClickCaster ClickCaster - Video of the entire debate.
Professor Michael Lightner, Global President, IEEE177_ Hungry for Tech Success vs. Complacent Success
Getting in our own way is the biggest challenge for the US points out Michael Lightner, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering at CU in Boulder. We cannot afford to let regulatory issues, tax issues, workforce retraining get in the way along with other challenges such as innovation, new business, new areas of technology where the US is falling behind. Michael is also the Global 'president' of IEEE and as he visits other countries he experiences the challenge firsthand. > LISTEN 9/18/06

Michael Lightner, Chair & Professor, Elec & Computer Engineering, CU - Pres. IEEE181_
Can Colorado Bring Leadership to the Technology Table?
Parents are a key, points out Michael Lightner, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering at CU in Boulder and president of the global organization IEEE. There are worldwide challenges that can only be solved by technology. There are nations in different parts of the globe that are unstable and others are on a road that is very scary. The US is currently on a path of instability in a very unique way. Science and math are not in the minds of most youth today and the US could be on its way to becoming a third-world nation. Part 2 of 2 .> LISTEN 9/25/06

Tech Focus for the Gov175_ The High-Tech Sector is back..
Soon you will be electing our state's new leader. The Question is, "What do the technology leaders think the governor should focus on in support of the Technology community? Here are the thoughts of 18 people we talked to at the recent Gubernatorial Technology Forum/Debate held at the Brown Palace Hotel >

Related Links: LISTEN - 18 Opinions
w3w3 Photo Album available at LifePics and Check out the Video Podcast at Add to ClickCaster ClickCaster - Video of the entire debate.
Phil Weiser, Professor, CU Law School166_ The Business of Technology in Colorado is Up for Debate-
As a state, Colorado has the highest number of technology workers per capita. As a result, the health of the Colorado technology industry is an important issue to consider in the 2006 election for Governor, says CU Professor, Phil Weiser. Brad Feld, Mobius Venture Capital with the Blue hat and Jack Tankersley, Meritage Funds with the Red hat will moderate a frank and open discussion with Bill Ritter and Bob Beauprez about Technology's future and their promise. > LISTEN 8/21/06

172_ The ATE Employee Canon has Redefined the Big Bang Ned McClain & Trent Hein, Applied Trust
Trent Hein and Ned McClain, co-founders of Applied Trust Engineering (ATE) were surprised when Pat and Larry Nelson unexpectedly wanted to interview them about the Famous ATE Employee Canon. The ATE Canon was developed in an effort to support ATE employees, ATE clients, and the profession in general. It outlines their organizational culture, which fosters a creative, rewarding, and balanced work environment that empowers employees and clients. Here are 10 rules to build by. > 8/28/06 .> LISTEN
Professor Phil Weiser, CU and Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program173_ The Wireless Revolution has just Begun its Wild Ride
Phil Weiser, Executive Director, Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program points out that the wireless spectrum is a vital natural resource. Over the next several years, telecommunications policy will almost certainty move away from the existing command-and-control framework. In charting a new course, regulators must appreciate the changing technologies that can operate effectively using commons access spectrum and propertized spectrum. New regulations will impact all businesses. > LISTEN 8/28/06

Ned McClain, CTO - Applied Trust EngineeringTrent Hein, CEO - Applied Trust Engineering169_ East and West Coast Duke it Out
While Colorado Has Fun

"In Colorado a handshake is a deal," claims Trent Hein and Ned McClain cofounders of Applied Trust. Quality of life, passion and the great outdoors are Colorado descriptors but Applied Trust has taken that to a whole new level. These techies extraordinaire, have incorporated a 'Culture of Giving' throughout the company along with many other attributes seldom found in companies today, big or small. They have also written 'best sellers' Unix and Linux Administration Handbooks.> LISTEN 8/21/06

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In the News Channel
Phil Weiser, Professor, CU Law School166_ The Business of Technology in Colorado is Up for Debate-
As a state, Colorado has the highest number of technology workers per capita. As a result, the health of the Colorado technology industry is an important issue to consider in the 2006 election for Governor, says CU Professor, Phil Weiser. Brad Feld, Mobius Venture Capital with the Blue hat and Jack Tankersley, Meritage Funds with the Red hat will moderate a frank and open discussion with Bill Ritter and Bob Beauprez about Technology's future and their promise. > LISTEN 8/21/06

Om Malik, GigaOM.com165_ Web 2.0 is Changing the Internet Universe - 8/14/06
What does Web 2.0 mean? With more than 9.5 million citations in Google the term "Web 2.0" has clearly taken hold, but there's still a huge amount of disagreement about just what Web 2.0 means. That's why DTP brought Om Malik, Contributing Editor for Business 2.0 and Founder/Editor of GigaOM.com, to Denver to speak on the topic. Many in the audience were surprised and that's an understatement. Different behavior coupled with new technology could make this Internet 2.0. > LISTEN

Dr. Don McCubbrey, Daniels College of Business at DU157_ Global Text Project Tries the Impossible
The cost of everything is rising, but the rising cost of textbooks is unbelievable. Ask the parents of any college student. But imagine a family in Uganda that is earning $1000 a year and their student needs to pay the bargain price of $60. That's half the price US students pay. Don McCubbrey, of Daniels College of Business at DU, is one of four international professors trying to make a big change with that challenge. They have a plan to make these texts free of charge and would have the text be in their native language as well as in English. Don points out that one of the promises of the Internet is developing community and that no one is as smart as everyone.> LISTEN 7/31/06

Ruth McCartney, CEO, McCartney Multimedia, Inc.154_ Ruth McCartney with British Ties Loves the US
Many experiences led Ruth McCartney to devising "iFanz" a sophisticated data management and reporting software which allows users to manage their customer or fan base directly online. Ruth's step-brother Sir Paul and her mother's entrepreneurial activities laid some groundwork for her successful ventures. Formerly, Ruth was a singer, songwriter and recording artist on BMG/Jupiter Records. Her successes are worldwide and she will be a keynote at the DaVinci My Space Boot Camp.> LISTEN 7/24/06
- Photos provided by: AndrewOrth.com
Brian Vogt, Director, Colorado Ofc of Economic Development & International Trade151_ Advancing Colorado with Incredible Speed
Hundreds of people from business, education and government celebrated Governor Bill Owens signing numerous bills into law that will have a tremendous impact on the economy; from tourism to biosciences and beyond. Brian Vogt, Director of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade was proud of the OEDIT team that helped make it all happen. Brian also applauded the fact that this was a bipartisan effort along with Colorado community support.> LISTEN 7/17/06

145_ Lucy Sanders - Is There a Significant Place for Women in IT? 6/5/06 LISTEN
Lucy Sanders, CEO & Founder, National Center for Women in ITThe name of this 'innovation group' is the "National Center for Women & Information Technology" or 'NCWIT' points out Co-Founder and CEO Lucy Sanders. Housed at CU Boulder, the NCWIT mission is to ensure that women are fully represented in the influential world of information technology and computing. Brad Feld of Mobius is on the board with a host of other notables that are all passionate about the about diverse thought in innovation and this collaborative creation process. >

146_ Challenges and Choices for Women in IT - Part 2 of 2 > 612/06 LISTEN
Lucy Sanders, CoFounder, NCWITWomen make up about 25% of the IT workforce today and about 50% of the overall workforce. With declining of female enrollments for bachelor degrees in computing and IT, coupled with the declining number of high school girls interested in technology as well as the retirement numbers, it's easy to see the work-shortage problem explains Lucy Sanders, Co-Founder and CEO of the "National Center for Women & Information Technology" or 'NCWIT'. Lucy explains some innovative solutions.

Bill Hubbell, Business Productivity Advisor, Micrososft Corporation139_ Economic Summit Could be Adding Development to Its Name
The 4th Annual Economic Summit held in Denver was opened by Bill Hubbell of Microsoft. The high-profile panel included Joe Blake, Jeff Potter, Kevin Grieve, John Suthers, Robert Coombe, and Kenneth Tuchman and was moderated by Robert McDowell. Bill Hubbell reviewed the key points of the 4th Summit which was the biggest and the best, suggested that next year it will be further expanded. Global competition, technology and security were among the hot topics discussed.
> LISTEN 5/22/06
136_ Building a Community for All in Changing Times
Larry Nelson, w3w3.com and Craig McMurtry, PhD, Microsoft Driving down the cost of software over its entire lifecycle yields a higher ROI and the satisfaction of the software goes up, explains Craig McMurtry, Technical Evangelist for Microsoft. A pre-launch early-bird view of WinFX showed an excited group in Denver that this is a comprehensive set of tools and instruments that will build sophisticated management models that help in understanding the health of your application while correcting what might go wrong. >LISTEN 5/15/06
Stephen Meer, Intrado - Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year - Telecom135_ Intelligent Emergency Network, Next Generation 9-1-1
Developed 30 years ago, we have outgrown the current 911 technology. Intrado, a global provider of emergency communications infrastructure and services is now building the next generation of 9-1-1. Cofounder and CTO of Longmont based Intrado, Stephen Meer's history includes being a first responder. In addition to his career, Stephen has a great deal of interest in our youth as it relates to science and math interests. Here's a Colorado success story.> LISTEN 5/15/06
137_ Delivering Solutions While Avoiding Info Overload a Key to Success
Stephen Meer, Co-Founder, Intrado
Meaningful solutions is an Intrado mantra. Years ago Intrado introduced the concept of using the incident command system in public safety. Stephen Meer points out that the challenge is inner operability. Whether it's the tragedies at Columbine, Katrina or the World Trade Center, Stephen says it is much more than just the communication. It's about getting the right information, to the right people in the right time. Using the tools on a daily basis and distilling down to meaningful solutions are the keys.> LISTEN 5/22/06

134_ Baxa, Past Mistakes and Facing Challenges Lead to Winning
Brian Baldwin, Baxa Corp - Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year- BioscienceLearning from past mistakes and overcoming the biggest of challenges helped make Brian Baldwin, Vice Chairman and Founder of Baxa a success. His college roommate and fraternity brother Bill Cook started with a dumb business model, hypodermic needles. This was followed by other challenges including making it through Chapter 11. Today, Baxa is a successful award winning company built on the foundation of getting the right people in the right place and time. Brian enjoys having a good time, ask Dame Edna.
> LISTEN 5/15/06
138_ The Rocky Road of Building a Successful Medical Device Company
Brian Baldwin, Co-Founder, BaxaIn 1979 Baxa became part of the Cook Company out of the state organization. In 1987 Brian Baldwin and some cohorts engineered a buy-back from Bill Cook. From there on it was a rollercoaster ride. Winning a patent litigation suit cost Baxa $1 million in legal fees. Not that long ago, Baxa experienced a major recall and at that time had a 20% marketshare. Today they have better than an 85% share. Brian predicts wellness preventative care is the new growth area. There's more.> LISTEN 5/22/06

Melodie Reagan, JudgeMark Siegel, Partner, Ernst & Young Denver132_ How to Be an Ernst & Young
Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner

It started out as a lunch program in Milwaukee 20 years ago, and has evolved, today it is a premeir gala, awarding and honoring entrepreneurs globally says, Mark Siegel, partner of Ernst & Young, Denver office. Melodie Reagan, one of the illustrious judges for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Colorado discusses with Mark what it takes to be chosen as one of the winners. The finals are awarded June 22, 2006.>
LISTEN 5/08/06
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2005 Mark Siegel Interview
Melodie Reagan, Larry Nelson, Rina Delmonico131_ Benefits and Pitfalls of
Working Virtually are Changing

Colorado's employment rate is healthier than the national average ponts out Melodie Reagan, founder of Auromira Executive Advantage. Terminal Service Projects are impacting working virtually especially with the well educated and high-tech workforce in Colorado points out Rina Delmonico, founder of REN Consulting. They also shared the practices to use in order to avoid the pitfalls for hiring as well as the pitfalls when applying for a job.. >
LISTEN 5/08/06
Gary Thuerk, 128_ "Father of Spam" Speaks Out, Tells All on Anniversary
The LA Times said it was akin to 'Opening Pandora's In-Box'. In 1978, Gary Thuerk, now dubbed the Father of Spam, set out to about 600 ARPAnet members (predecessor to today's Internet) an unsolicited eMail selling a product. BTW, every name on this single mailing was listed above the offer as it wasn't a blind copy. Today, there are about 60 Billion emails sent out daily, with more than half SPAM> LISTEN 54/01/06
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Robert McDowell, Microsoft126_ More Peaks than Valleys in the Economic Outlook
There are unknowns and challenges, but the Economic Summit sponsored by Microsoft and promoted by w3w3.com was quite upbeat. Each of the panelists brought up some challenges. Robert McDowell, Microsoft’s VP of Information Worker Business Value moderated and highlighted key points - Competition, Technology, Education, Globalization, Fuel, Customer Engagement and Internet Security. LISTEN. 5/01/06
Bill Hubbell, Microsoft - Rocky Mountain Economic Summit 4-26-06125_Blake, Potter, Suthers, Coombe, Grieve, Tuchman
We got the inside scoop and FREE attendance offer from Bill Hubbell, Microsoft Business Productivity Advisor. A star-studded panel will engage in a dynamic dialog by sharing their perspectives on business issues affecting our region. They include Joe Blake, Jeff Potter, Kevin Grieve, John Suthers, Robert Coombe, and Kenneth Tuchman. LISTEN
Lisa Niederman & Deb Miller127_ The Inside vs. Outside Approach to Time
There are time management systems galore. Whether you use a hard copy calendar, electronic version or mostly in the head with a few 'to-do' notes, odds are you are still swamped and some things just simply go undone. Lisa Niederman and Deb Miller of Performance Velocity share a real golden nugget that can make a world of difference in productivity without pressure. LISTEN.
Related Links: Peak Performance Details || Time Seminar Details || Performance Velocity Home Page
Kari Nelson, MarketBuzz.biz124_ "Buyers, Meet the Sellers on Your Terms," Says Kari
Buyers, whether they 'need it now' or are 'comparison shopping', are often forced to spend and inordinate amount of time checking out leads. In May 2006, MarketBuzz.biz is being launched. This powerful and continually updated Resource Guide has categories from Bioscience to Cyber Security, from IT Consultants to Software Specialists, from Telecom to Venture Capital. Ask Kari.> LISTEN 4/24/06
Charlie Clement, FIRST117_High-Tech Workforce is Shrinking: Solution on the Way?
Some call it 'sport for the mind'. It is a fantastic tool for exciting the minds of our youth and releasing their technical genius. It teaches teamwork, it inspires, it brings out the best and is summed up as encouraging 'co-opetition' at the highest level. What is it? It's almost impossible to describe, but it started with a dream Dean Kamen called USFIRST.org and is now intrenched in our backyard, ColoradoFIRST.org. Pat and Larry were proud watching the youth take their dreams to new heights. Charlie Clement describes the event, its beginings and how business, government, education and the community are making a difference, changing lives while celebrating our youth. > LISTEN
Jenny Golder, ColoradoFIRST Lego League Partner116_Challenges for High-Tech: Is Our Youth Even Interested? 4/10/06
Numerous business leaders have shared their concern with w3w3.com about the lack of interest in high-tech by youth in the age range of 9-14. Their concern grows as they look at the demographics concerning minorities and females. Jenny Golder, ColoradoFIRST Lego League Partner shared that there 70,000 Lego Teams internationally with 80 here in Colorado. For the competition each team receives a Lego Mind Storm micro computer, 2 light sensors, 2 touch and a rotation sensors along with gooey based software. Pat and Larry's eyes swelled when they witnessed what these young people built and accomplished. Business will benefit from this fine organization and hopefully learn something too. > LISTEN 4/10/06
Melodie Reagan114_Executive Candidates -
The Market Change and Hiring Challenges
> LISTEN 4/3/06
By the year 2010 there will be a labor shortage points out Melodie Reagan, Founder Auromira Executive Advantage. She reveals the most important threee hiring mistakes made by organizations as well as the three most common mistakes made by candidates when applying for a job regardless of field. Statistically, people have ten different jobs in their lifetime Melodie points out.  
Scott Converse, Founder, ClickCaster.com113_PodCasting - The Title Wave Hitting Traditional Media
Business, industry, government and education will all feel the impact of PodCasting says Scott Converse, Founder of ClickCaster. Hundreds of thousands of shows are making their way to the Web, all made easy to download on your portable mp3 player. Every topic imaginable can be heard on a PodCast and ClickCaster is making it easier and more convenient for all of us. > LISTEN 4/3/06

Sanjay Parthasarathy, Microsoft CorpAre Leaders Born, Chosen or Made? - 6/20/05
What makes a leader? Some say hard work, others say luck and timing. Some say it’s how many times you win, others say it’s how they have overcame challenges. How do they live with the challenges they didn’t overcome? Sanjay Parthasarathy, Microsoft corporate vice president of the Developer & Platform Evangelism Group shares his story and how he has adjusted along the way. LISTEN

Richard Pankoski, Exec. Director, ColoradoFIRSTBuilding Colorado's 21st Century Technology Workforce Today -
Dick Pankoski, Founder of ColoradoFIRST is happy to have such companies as Lockheed, Ball, CH2M Hill, Hewlett Packard and others supporting another ColoradoFIRST Regional Robotics Competition. Imagine getting a box with about $16,000 worth of hardware and software, without any directions other than letting you know you and your team are to assemble the parts and compete in a tournament..
LISTEN 3/20/2006 Looking for a "Family" event? Fun - Exciting - Competitive - 50 Colorado Teams! Children welcome - No Admission - DU, Ritchie Center, Magness Arena. Finals Saturday 4/1/06 - 9:00am to 3:00pm. It's quite a show! 3/20/06

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Photos 2005 || Checkout the Fun - Video
Larry & Pat Nelson, w3w3.com

You Would be Smart to Use This Planning Calendar 2/20/2006  Finally there is a mechanism to help plan, track a view coming events and conferences. Pat and Larry Nelson announce a new “Save the Dates” Planning Calendar. This will work in concert with the Web Community Calendar and support the quick-to-look-at-dates on both the w3w3.com home page as well as the Weekly Newsletter. Now you can avoid double booking and missing events.  LISTEN
Related Links: Web Community Calendar - Save the Dates Planning Calendar
- Beyond the Trends Channel
Mark Endry, Partner, Arrow Invest

You Would be Grateful to Receive Mentoring Like This
Partner at Arrow Investments, Mark Endry believes in the mentoring process. His high-profile tenure at various “large” companies helped him understand the value of mentoring. Mark shares both sides, mentor and mentee. There are specific guidelines and rules for being a super mentor and Mark shares those tips as well being the best mentee. He heads up the TiE Rockies mentor program.  LISTEN 2/20/06
Related Links: Arrow Investments - w3w3.com Entrepreneurs Channel
TiE Rockies
Rahmat Shoureshi, Dean, School of Engineering and Computer Sciences at DUThe State of the US Economy and Our Universities 2/13/2006
New degrees, new concerns, new ways of dealing successfully with new challenges are top of mind at the University of Denver . Rahmat Shoureshi, Dean of the School of Engineering and Computer Sciences at DU points out that India and China are graduating 500,000 engineers in the same timeframe that all of the universities in the US are graduating 60,000. Rahmat has an interesting solution. LISTEN
Related Links: University of Denver - Computer Sciences Home page
Feb 9, 2004 Interview Shoureshi, Rahmat DU + Rahmat + Tech Transfer

David Allen, Assoc. VP, Technology Transfer, CU System

Technology Transfer – New University Paradigm  - 2/6/2006
The CU Technology Transfer Office 4th Annual Awards program was a success. There are multiple other ways to measure success at the CU TTO. David Allen, Assoc VP for Technology Transfer has been part of a success story starting in 2002. Many will be surprised how CU stacks up with other universities as well as the percentage of professors on the bench who are involved. LISTEN - Part 1 of 2
David Allen, Assoc. Vice President, Technology Transfer, CU SystemFrom the Bench to Testing to the Marketplace  2/13/2006
Off-the-bench technology isn’t market ready. “It’s early, embryonic and not complete. Human therapeutics go through clinical development, toxicology, pharmacology and trials, which can cost 100s of millions of dollars before you have a product that can be introduced to the market place, points out David Allen, Assoc VP for Technology Transfer at CU. About $630 million and SBIR federal grants help out in the process. Part 2 of 2 LISTEN
Related Links: Tech Transfer Website - 2005 Annual Report - SBIR Website -
BioWest 2006 - Photos, Tech Transfer Awards

Deb Miller and Lisa Niederman, Performance VelocityCapitalizing on the Thought Economy Today
Collapsing the time it takes to complete a project in this fast-moving era is no longer a concept, it’s a reality. Lisa Niederman, CEO and founder of Performance Velocity and COO, Deb Miller share the challenges and competencies needed to make this applicable, immediately. Their analogy of using wired vs. wireless strategies really makes sense. Learn it before your competition does.
1.23.2006 LISTEN

Related Links: Performance Velocity Home Page - How to Worshop Registration - Peak Moments Interview (12/12/05)
Carolyn McIntosh & Bud McGrath, CORESustainable Means Big Bucks Today and Tomorrow 1/9/2006
Big or small, CORE is not about what your company does, but how your company does business points out President of CORE, Carolyn McIntosh. Sustainability practices are not just for BIG companies it is good sense for companies of all sizes and for their bottom line claims Bud McGrath, Executive Director of CORE. Creating quite a buzz they are attracting heavy hitters.LISTEN


Here are some related links to check out: CORE (formerly CEBA/P3) home page - Renewable Energy Channel - Sustainable Opportunities Summit Feb 22-24
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Tom Frey, Futurist, DaVinci InstituteFuture Challenges: Hyper-Individuality, Wires
The Top Ten Trends for 2006 might surprise you. Thomas Frey, futurist and Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute puts on his visionary hat and talks about the Death of Wires. Among some of his other predictions he hits on such topics as; Simple and Smart Products; Confluence of Influence; The Empire of One (entrepreneurs will love this one); The Age of Hyper-Individuality and more.
LISTEN 1.2.2006

Here are some related links to check out: Night with a Futurist - DaVinci Institute
Blogger BootCamp Photos
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Nolin Renfrow, Director of Prisons, RetiredRFID Tags, Real Time and Prison Management 10/21/05 LISTEN
During Colorado Tech Week, the Colorado RFID Alliance hosted a special breakfast program that showcased four successful business cases related to the applications and the ROI. Nolin Renfrow, recently retired Director of Prisons pointed out that the RFID bracelets not only keep a count on inmates in real-time with no blind spots, they also know exactly where every prisoner is.
Dave Taylor, President, Intuitive SystemsUnderstanding Blogging with Guru Dave Taylor 10/24/05
Many know Dave Taylor, President of Intuitive Systems as a Blogging Guru. He lead an important segment during the recent Blogging Party, sponsored by TiE-Rockies and w3w3.com. Dave is also an author of 20 books, and most recently The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Growing Your Business with Google which offers every entrepreneur hundreds of great ideas on how to increase your presence online. - LISTEN
Madam Ambassador, Claudia FritscheAmbassador of Liechtenstein Checks Out Colorado 10/24/05
...Surrounded by mountains, nurturing a positive entrepreneurial spirit as well as having shared values and principles. That’s how Ambassador of the Principality of Liechtenstein to the US, Claudia Fritsche, described both her country and Colorado. She was in Colorado conducting a preliminary assessment of potential business cooperation between Liechtenstein and Colorado. Read the report in Rocky Mountain News, by Roger Fillion. - LISTEN
Larry & Pat Nelson, w3w3® Media NetworkIt's Blogging Party Time for Beginners and Pros 10/3/05 - MORE There are about 20 million blogs, with over 1.5 billion links.All blogs are websites, however few websites are blogs. With this information overload, Larry & Pat Nelson share a few tips that can be invaluable to all Web servers. There's great advice AND an invitation to a Blogging Party hosted by TiE Rockies and w3w3.com on 10/21/05. It's Free, Fun and Fabulous. Blog Links to get you started: Technorati - Feld Thoughts - Newsgator - TypePad
Dave Taylor, President, Intuitive SystemsUnderstanding Blogging with Guru Dave Taylor 10/10/05
Fortune 1000 companies, national publications and businesses of all sizes are getting into Blogging. It’s relatively new, and as a result, there is an element of anxiety points out Dave Taylor, President of Intuitive Systems. Dave has authored 20 books, a workshop leader and consultant to business. He explains some important facets and he will be at the Blogging Party.
Media Stars, from The Republic of Georgia with State Department Interpreter Ia Meurmishvili: Nana Lezhava, Irakli Imnaishvili and David GersamiaGeorgia Republic Media Stars Visit w3w3.com 10/3/05
Ia Meurmishvili, of the State Department escorted three TV celebrities from the Georgia Republic to the w3w3® Media Network Studios. Nana Lezhava, Correspondent and Ancor, Irakli Imnaishvili, Producer and Ancor; and David Gersamia, Chief Director at Public Broadcasting of Georgia were checking out the "new media" at w3w3.com. These pros might see w3w3.com in Georgia. MORE

R. M. "Merc" Mercure, CEO, CDM OpticsPhotonics Innovator of the Year + "Merc" 8/29/05
CDM Optics, a 10-year old company with a technology invented in CU is recognized at a Colorado Photonics Industry Association meeting in Boulder. Specifically, CEO and one of three founders, R.M. “Merc” Mercure was given this special award. The company now has 24 employees and started out on the 3rd floor of what was the Boulder Technology Incubator. LISTEN

Dr. Robert Brown, Director Nanotec Northern IrelandNanoTechnology – Northern Ireland & CO Collaborate
Nanotechnology will impact the worldwide population. Dr. Robert Brown, director of Nanotec Northern Ireland along with Dr. Louis Hornyak, Ex. Director of the Colorado Nanotech Initiative talk about industrial regeneration, commercial exploitation for wealth creation. 12/6/04 Check out the LifePics Photo Album: NanoTech Breakfast University of Denver
Larry L. Nelson, President, w3w3.comThree Critical Steps for Capitalizing on the Future 9/19/05
The steps for building a successful company may vary from one industry to another. However there are not exceptions to the fundamental pieces. It’s not always easy, but Larry Nelson shares the three big keys. Strategies coupled with quarterly tactics are critical. Larry announces the launch of both PodCasting and Blogs on w3w3.com. Put a placeholder on Oct. 17-21, 2005. LISTEN
Dr. Donald McCubbrey, University of DenverThe Start of Electronic Commerce Still Impacting 9/19/05 LISTEN
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) started during the Berlin Airlift. Before the Internet, companies started to exchange business information and B2B transactions. Donald McCubbrey, Clinical Professor at the Daniels College of Business at DU points out as companies like General Motors demanded that all orders come to them electronically, Gates Rubber and others followed.

Electronic Commerce History and Slovenia
9/226/05 - Have you ever wondered why countries like Slovenia, Singapore and others are so far ahead in their use of B2B Commerce? The history goes back to a time when Paul Rarey of EDI convened a conference in the 1970s about Electronic Data Interchange that was held in Slovenia. Donald McCubbrey shares this history prior to the World Wide Web and the Internet, as we know it. LISTEN Part 2 of 2
Colorado Heroes in the Face of Katrina!- Nigel Thompson, Kevin Price, Kirsten Nelson and your host, Larry NelsonColorado Heroes:
In the Face of Katrina
When things are tough, the best step forward. Stories about the Katrina tragedy range from hundreds of bodies to missing people, from chaos and fear in community to an eerie sense of isolation, and transporting 50,000 refugees from New Orleans to Houston. As our own Nurse Kirsten Nelson walks into the thick of it, up steps Kevin Price, President of AccuCode and Nigel Thompson, President of Soft 360, three Colorado heroes. .LISTEN
Consumer Driven Health Care + Technology 8/29/05 Stanley Feld, MDPart 1 of 3
The statistics are staggering and getting worse. Our nation’s health care system, plagued by failing HMOs, out-of-control costs (with all the stakeholders into survival tactics) and everyone is being squeezed. Dr. Stanley Feld points out there are many stakeholders including the untrained patient, providers, doctors and the government. Contact Dr. Feld - He believes the patients can drive “them” into utilization of technology. LISTEN
Healthcare: Can We Fix What is Broken? 9/6/05 Part 2 of 3
Giving patients and other stakeholders incentives for using medication and other medical services judiciously, is a major step to fixing the broken healthcare system in the US. Dr. Stanley Feld suggests that the system that works is the system that makes everyone responsible for how the system works. In this Part 2 of 3, Dr. Feld has some ideas for the 45 million uninsured citizens.LISTEN

Dr. Stanley Feld - USB Key to Medical Records45 Million Uninsured Problems – Dr. Stanley Feld
Is it possible that the patient, physician, insurance industry, government, hospitals and employers could all benefit from a Healthcare overhaul? Dr. Stanley Feld feels strongly it could be with the “power of the patients”. A medical savings account would create a new paradigm of behavior and savings that could benefit all of the stakeholders. This is Part 3 of 3 of Customer Driven Healthcare. 9/12/05 Part 3 of 3 LISTEN
In Memory of Charlie Oriez, 1952-2005In Memory of an IT Pioneer - Charles A. Oriez 9.12.05
His friends called him Charlie. He was never lacking in strong opinions, and was always happy to share them. Charlie is one of those rare people who have gone from good to great. AITP, spam, privacy were only a few of his passions. Charlie is a true IT pioneer and will be missed by all (10/3/52 – 9/7/05). Listen to Charlie Oriez debate with friend and opponent Howard Flomberg about spam.
Phil Weiser, Silicon FlatironsThe Political System is Changing + Internet 8/29/05
Unless one has lived in a vacuum this past year, you cannot help but notice how the Internet has impacted politics. It is a major transforming force explains Phil Weiser, Exec. Director, Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program. Everyone is concerned about the delivery of information with many issues on the horizon including
Telco regulations, 3rd broadband pipe, wireless, etc. LISTEN

Chris Johnson, Consulting Engineer, CISCOGetting Buy-in for VoIP + User Education 8/29/05 DTP Lunch & Learn
TDM and PBX systems have come to terms with flipping over to IP. Chris Johnson,
Consulting Systems Engineer for Cisco confirms that initially the migration was due to cost savings and points out that now increased productivity is becoming an important part of the decision mix. User mobility, plug-in call centers and unified messaging are some of the requirements asked for today. LISTEN

Allison Taylor: Next Seminar Allison Taylor -

Allison and Bud McGrath, CEBA/P3Sustainability and Surviving are Partners 8/22/05
Have you ever asked someone what he or she meant by sustainability? Allison McGrath (age 12) asked her father Bud McGrath (more than 12) that question while she was interviewing him at the w3w3.com Studios. Bud is the Exec. Director of CEBA/P3, a trade association promoting “business profitability and social responsibility, which are equal and inseparably connected”. LISTEN
Cindy Rayfield, Larry Nelson and Allison TaylorYour Core Conversation + Profitability 8/15/05
"Start" building your credibility and "Stop" annoying people with your elevator pitch. How do you do that? People typically start talking about everything they do, but what they should do is to develop their "core conversation" to bring clarity around their business and focus on what they really can do. Cindy Rayfield and Allison Taylor, producer of w3w3.com Training Trends discuss how
David Allen, Assoc. VP, Technology Transfer, CU SystemColorado Economy + CU Tech Transfer 8/15/05
With over $600,000,000 in federal research funding, CU had a very good year. David Allen, Assoc. VP for Technology Transfer (TTO) at CU, points out it's more than the money. Colorado has one of the most intelligent and entrepreneurial clusters in the country. The Proof of Concept program at CU has helped a great deal with this growth. Patents filed per year have doubled since 2001.
David Allen, Assoc. VP, Technology Transfer, CU SystemManaging Expectations at CU Tech Transfer 8/22/05
CU had a very good 2004 and is expecting a better 2005. David Allen, Assoc. VP for Technology Transfer (TTO) at CU, cites that patents filed by CU have doubled per year since 2001. David discusses managing expectations, relationships, building the pipeline and the broad impact on all. David is proud of his team as well as the extraordinary researchers on the benches of CU.
Part 2.
Matt Goad, Graduate, DU Paul Bauer, Professor, Teens for Teens Could Be the Answer 8/08/05
“Teens have a great deal to say, but nobody listens,” says Matt Goad a recent graduate of the University of Denver. Paul Bauer, clinical professor, department of IT and Electronic Commerce introduced Matt to Larry and Pat Nelson when he heard w3w3.com wants to launch a “Teens for Teens” Channel, built for Teens and built by Teens. Teens will learn the entire process. LISTEN
Register Now - Larry Nelson & Allison Taylor: 3-Filters and Persuasion Skills
Verbal + Virtual + Written = Persuasion Skills
(FREE Seminar 7/14/05 – Sponsored by w3w3® Passport Develop easy to use communications skills in only 90 minutes that will help you to achieve your goals. This powerful, proven and people-oriented technology was written and developed by Larry Nelson. Act now, as space is limited. Facilitated by Larry Nelson and Allison Taylor 6/27/05
Mike Hamers, President/Founder, LightSpeed Commercial ArtsTry Branding Your Business Without a Logo - 6/13/05
Mike & Kate Hamers
of LightSpeed Commercial Arts, designs and puts up the great photos taken by Larry & Pat Nelson for the Events Photos page. Mike has designed a number of logos for Larry & Pat over the past 15 years. A "highly decorated" commercial artist, Mike has some tips that will help you get the most out of your logo design. These tips will make a marketing differences. - LISTEN
Sue Wyman & Gary Gaessler, Denver Telecom ProfessionalsDoes the Telecom Industry Have Legs - 6/20/05
The challenges of the last five years are now being met with convergence and consolidation. Some wonder how others can be so passionate about telecom after the “bursting of the bubble”. Gary Gaessler (founder and past president of DTP) and Sue Wyman (current president of DTP and this is her 3rd stint as prez) talk about what’s hot and what to expect in the next 18 months.
Rod Underhill, COO, RideOnTime.comTry Raising Money Without a Business Plan - 6/13/05
Rod Underhill is a lawyer, author, law professor and a cofounder of the original MP3.com, a
Web-based company that within two years became worth more than $2 billion. Rod was a recent keynote speaker at the Rockies Venture Club Annual Colorado Capital Conference. As a co-founder of mp3.com he got to play many roles, including receptionist. He’s now with RideOnTime.com.

After the Event Photos at w3w3.com Caught by the w3w3 Paparazzi (You, too?) 5/30/05
Larry Nelson and his omnipresent camera are at the top events.
Mike & Kate Hamers
at LightSpeed Commercial Arts, do a terrific job getting them up at Event Photos and if you want to buy a print you can get 50% off by using discount code - w3w3radio - at checkout from LifePics at w3w3.com/LifePics-Albums.htm

Larry and Pat Nelson, w3w3.comNetworking Solutions (Identifying, Preparing & Personalizing) - Larry & Pat Nelson are seen everywhere...the Networker's networkers. Larry says that the most common mistake in netowrking involves the omnipresent "Elevator Pitch". That's just what a busy executie wants to hear as they're enjoying their liquid refreshment... "Get me out of here!" 5/30/05

Jack Burns, VP, Academic Affairs & Research, CUHere’s a Twist – CU is a Colorado Profit Center 5/23/05
The University of Colorado contributed over $4 Billion to the state's economy. Jack Burns, VP, Academic Affairs & Research says CU is a world-class institution and researches in many high-tech areas including biosciences, aerospace, nanotech and a full range of
emerging technologies, all aimed at developing the workforce.

Mark Richtermeyer, the Spitfire GroupUsing Consultants Wisely – 3 Biggest Challenges 5/09/05
Deriving a higher value from your consulting project investments can be quite elusive. Mark Richtermeyer, Founder and Managing Partner, The Spitfire Group says keys to consider are scope, expectation,executive involvement and engagement with the consultant will makeor break the project. Great tips….

Jane Fillion, Daughter of Roger Fillion, Business Reporter, Rocky Mountain News Reporting on Dad’s Work – Have a Question? 5/16/05
At w3w3.com we want young people to get interested in high-tech careers. We lucked out and corralled Jane Fillion (age 7) and her father Roger (High-tech business reporter for the Rocky Mountain News) and recruited Jane to interview her father. She was a great talk show host and she pulled some unknown facts out of Roger. LISTEN

Larry Nelson, Founder and President, w3w3 Media Network LISTEN Now: The Magic of Robots, Teens and Tons of Creativity — Colorado FIRST recently hosted its Triple Play competition hosted by the University of Denver. Dozens of teams from Colorado and other parts of the country competed with their robots…each built within six weeks. The audience excitement could be compared to a Nuggets game. Dave Lavery chief at NASA's Mars Exploration program keynotes. 4/4/05 LISTEN Now

Jock Mirow, Co-Founder, BroadbandVideoStreaming Video Evolution Becomes a Revolution 2/28/2005
VIDEO: Jock Mirow, co-founder of BroadbandVideo announces a revolutionary new technology that allows users to publish their own video automatically. Larry Nelson interviewed Jock. Moments later, via a FireWire connection to the computer it was uploaded, then encoded and voila, it's on the Web. Thanks to ItsActive.com.

Hon. Michael Powell, Chairman, FCCFCC Chairman Powell Lets it All Hang Out 2/21/2005
Leroy Williams, former OIT secretary and now department of Labor in CO, introduces FCC Chairman, Michael Powell and then Phil Weiser, executive director of the Silicon Flatirons TeleCom program, quizzes Powell. He went head on about the past & future of telecom…the good, bad and uncomfortable.
LISTEN Part 1 2/28/05
Phil Weiser, Silicon Flatirons Telecom

Phil Weiser Gets Answers from Chairman Powell
FCC Chairman, Michael Powell addresses a number of dicey issues with Phil Weiser, executive director of the Silicon Flatirons TeleCom. "Is it being done for the right reasons or for the right constituencies approval?" 2/28/2005
>>LISTEN Part 2 of 2

Rob Reuteman, Business Editor, Rocky Mtn NewsRob Reuteman Reveals the Real Hard Facts 2/21/2005
Rob Reuteman,
business editor for the Rocky Mountain News talks about the current economy and what happened leading up to it over the past number of years. He reveals the signs of the past that were ignored as well as hard facts and details of where Colorado is headed…positive, but with cautious optimism. 2/21/2005 LISTEN
Larry Nelson, President, w3w3.com with an Ethics Model Beyond the TrendsNelson Tackles the Ethics Swamp with a Model - LISTEN
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Section 404 have brought a great deal of attention to the subject of ethics. The point Larry Nelsonmakes - it's not just a BIG company issue. Small companies and individuals face ethical challenges. We all make mistakes, make promises that don't work out... Here's a model that helps
. 6/6/05

LISTEN TO: Larissa Herda, Chairman, CEO and President, Time Warner Telecom, Inc.Here's What it Will Take to Make it in Telecom - LISTEN
If you are wondering, “Does focusing on the fundamentals work,” wonder no more . Larissa Herda , CEO of  Time Warner Telecom since 1998, has experienced the telecom roller coaster, and has stayed the coarse. She shares thoughts on the fundamentals, disruptive technology and listening to your customers. 2/7/2005

PHOTOS: TiEcon Opening VIP Reception Feb 2 2005
listen to: Desh Deshpande, Chairman, Sycamore Networks, Inc.Here's What it Will Take to Make it in High-Tech - LISTEN
People always underestimate how long it takes people to change. So states Desh Deshpande , who was recently ranked as the most successful VC in the world. People and companies (especially companies with a big market share) often resist change. Building a business means pain and it takes perseverance . 2/7/2005

LISTEN TO: Sridar Iyengar, President, TiE Global Board of TrusteesHere's What it Will Take to Make it as an Entrepreneur -
Mentoring is one of the many areas that the TiE organization excels in. Sridar Iyengar , president of the TiE Global Board of Trustees, states the TiE was formed as a local (Silicon Valley) organization supporting about 30 individuals in the Indus community. Little did they know there would be 42 global chapters with 100 as a goal. 2/7/2005

Ben Wright, ccintellectWhat Does Your Crystal Ball Say About IT in CO?
You have the answers and your input is needed. You invest 10 minutes, help create a valuable tool and we can all reap the benefits. Ben Wright, principal at ccintellect along with other supporting organizations invite you to participate in an anonymous state-wide scientific survey. This week only. . 1/31/2005

The Extraordinary Admiral Truly Retires from NRELAdmiral Richard Truly
How does he think? What makes him tick? Why did he become and achieve so many things that most only dream of? Admiral Richard Truly, fighter pilot, former astronaut, Georgia Tech student (then leader), and recently retired Director of NREL shares his story in this “Profile of a Leader” with Larry & Pat. This was recorded at his NREL office about 2 years ago. 1/24/2005

Barbara Drazga, Serial EntrepreneurBarbara Drazga Puts on the BunnySlipper Bootcamp
Serial entrepreneur, Barbara Drazga ,
identifies the key drivers to becoming an entrepreneur. They want freedom, self-determination and quality of life. One of the biggest difficulties Barbara points out is, “Cabin fever.” She has many suggestions for entrepreneurs and offers, webinars, teleclasses & seminars. 2/14/2005

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Jim Benemann, CBS Channel 4 News AnchorJim Benemann Talks About the Future of News
CBS Channel 4 News Anchor in Denver, Jim Benemann, cites the differences of entertainment viewing versus the trust loyalty viewing of news shows. All this was discussed the same day CBS admitted the problems they had nationally with the unfortunate reporting of the President’s military records. You’ll hear why Jim is a pro.1/17/2005

Anu Ramaswami, Director Urban Sustainable Infrastructure - CU DenverCU Students & the Spirit of Social Entrepreneurism
Supporting 1900 people in a village in India is a CU student project lead by Anu Ramaswami, Director, Urban Sustainable Infrastructure and Associate Professor, Civil Engineering at CU Denver. It’s an incredible effort by a team of highly motivated students and is supported by TiE Rockies. Here’s the challenge.

Kari Nelson, Founder, LifeMaintenanceWhat Does Transforming Stress Mean to Us in CO?
Not all stress is bad. Don't try to tell that to someone ready to throw his or her computer through the window. Kari Nelson , founder of LifeMaintenance shares some valuable tips for not just coping with stress, but how to actually transform that stress into a productive mode. Listen, Learn, Life in Style. 1/31/2005

Linda Strine, Colorado Space Business Roundtable - CSBR Strine Linda Says Aerospace is More than Mars +
Colorado is the place for space,” says Linda Strine of the Colorado Space Business Roundtable and president of Infinite Links. Aerospace is responsible for more than Velcro and Tang. There are many spin-offs from space exploration that have a major impact everyday life. They need people also.

Vinton Cerf,  SVP, Technology Strategy, MCIThe Beginning of the Internet + Challenges & Dreams
Vinton Cerf,
widely known as one of the “Fathers of the Internet” was the keynote speaker for the annual CITI CIO Award program. Cerf is a techie with a personality…and a whole bunch of spot-on information. At a press Q&A, he addressed the future challenges and greatest hopes for the Internet.

John Cody, President/CEO, Longmont Area Economic Council "As we emerge from this recession, advanced technology is going to lead the way,” says John Cody President & CEO of the Longmont Area Economic Council.10/4/04

Here's What it Will Take to Make it with the Press
The CTEK panel included: Bob Mook - DBJ; Matt Branaugh - Bolder Camera; Larry Nelson - w3w3.com; Doug McPherson - Word Pub; Jerry Lewis - BCBR; Ross Wehner - Denver Post; & Wayne Herman - Ch 4 News News gets their attention... not announcements. Larry Nelson recently moderated a panel for CTEK that included, Channel 4, Boulder Daily Camera, Boulder Co Business Report, McPherson's Word Pub, Denver Biz Journal & The Denver Post 2/7/2005
Larry Nelson talks with the Prep Planners First Focus Group at w3w3® Studio & Center - 11/15/04
Be in control of ‘what they get and when they get it’ were two of the important messages from two groups of teens in two focus group sessions at the w3w3® Media Studio & Center. They were sponsored by Prep Planner (9News) with John Sable and Tom Murphy and facilitated by Cindy Kerr of ckarma, Inc. 11/15/04

John Zagula, Author: "The Marketing Playbook"Stealth Play or Drag Race for Marketing Team? - 11/01/04
Marketing tactics are one thing. A holistic approach grounded in fundamentals that are truly battle-tested is what will make the difference for your ROI. John Zagula, once with Microsoft, now a successful venture capitalist, pulls out some golden nuggets from his book, "the Marketing Playbook"…with Bruce Daley. 11/1/04

Charlie Oriez, AITP National  - Colorado RepUnique 2004 Election Analysis for Business - 11/08/04
How can Proposition 71 in California (it was passed) impact Colorado business? What do you know about the Con-gressional Internet Caucus in the House of Representatives? Is “spam” going to be a continuing and growing annoyance?
Charlie Oriez (Democrat) and Howard Flomberg (Repub-
Parts 1: Internet Caucus; 2: CA Prop 71; 3: SPAM )
Read Spam Court Case

Boulder Theater Hosts Boulder Phil's Brad & Kyle ShowHaute Couture & Tuxedoes in Boulder?
(For a Cause) Brad Feld, Kyle Lefkoff
and a number of heavy-hitters dressed to the hilt, helped the Boulder Philharmonic raise $50,000+ in this extraordinary fundraising event. While Brad tells the story look at the special photo album of the event. Thanks to LifePics, "If" you decide to order a glossy, a percentage of the sale goes to the Boulder Philharmonic.
A Tribute to Our 40th President, Ronald Reagan
Let's put politics aside... let's play one more for the Gipper! 1911-2004

Katherine RobinsonHigh-Tech Bricks Yield Water Conservation and More
Peter Hart, FormpaveKatie Robinson and Peter Hart of Formpave an award-winning British company, introduce Colorado to an engineered brick and a unique system that aids in water conservation. Recycling rain, filtering runoff while reducing spread of the West-Nile virus - technology is amazing!

Eugene Nyagahene, CEO, Radio 10 - RwandaRwanda Radio 10 Years After Genocide + Challenges
Eugene Nyagahene,
founder and CEO of Rwanda’s first radio station since 1994 and the genocide that the world turned its head away. When the 1,000,000 plus people were brutally murdered in a 100-day period, the radio station in Rwanda was used as a tool to help the killing. Presidential Visit to DU 4/14/04

Steve Kester, VP State Policy for AeAOffshoring — Crisis or Opportunity
Steve Kester,
Vice President State Policy for AeA and Greg Jenik, Mountain States Council Executive Director outline the key points of a recent AeA program. It’s a hot topic and not understood by many. There are more than two sides to this controversy and they share various views of this dicey issue
Vinton Cerf,  SVP, Technology Strategy, MCI
The Beginning of the Internet + Challenges & Dreams
Vinton Cerf,
widely known as one of the “Fathers of the Internet” was the keynote speaker for the annual CITI CIO Award program. Cerf is a techie with a personality…and a whole bunch of spot-on information. At a press Q&A, he addressed the future challenges and greatest hopes for the Internet.
Bill Allen, Texas Instruments - RFid  Systems History of Radio Frequency ID + Challenges & Choices
Bill Allen,
Marketing Communications Manager for Texas Instruments RFID Systems surprised many when he talked about the time TI invested in RFID technology. RFID offers a tremendous future of opportunity but has a few more years of development. The early adopters will be on top. Kevin Price of AccuCode says this is a must listen.

Dr. Michael Cox, Chief Economist, Sr. VP, Federal Reserve of DallasGovernor Bill Owens, Q & A SessionFederal Reserve Looks at the Deficit + New Insights
Dr. Michael Cox, senior vice president & chief economist of the Federal Reserve of Dallas shed some new if not controversial light on the growing national deficit and outlined what we need for a proper recovery. Governor Bill Owens joined Dr. Cox, for a lively and surprising Q & A session.
Governor Richard Lamm, Author "The Brave New World of Health Care"Gov. Lamm and the Brave New World of Heath Care
Richard Lamm
, Director, Center for Public Policy and Contemporary Issues at DU and former 3-term Governor of Colorado is not known for avoiding the issues. Governor Lamm goes outside of the box to explain his views on our health care crisis. He talks about the challenges and the choices.
Rocky Scott, President, Greater Colorado Springer Economic Development Corp.Caruso and Boyle Talk About Aerospace Challenges
Robert Caruso
and David Boyle, part of the CU and Texas A&M booth at the Space Symposium discuss a looming crisis in the US Aerospace industry. The average age of an aerospace employee is 55 years old and there are not enough students in the pipeline to support Mars exploration & more.

Marc Holtzman, President, DU - Part 2 Keynote Address - SBIR Conference - DenverUniversity of Denver - More Surprises
Marc Holtzman
, Marc Holtzman, always on the go President of the University of Denver kicked off the exciting and inform-ative SBIR Colorado Conference with a realistic look at the Colorado business and educational landscape. Check Denver Post article, “Controversial Holtzman Retooling DU”… (Part 2) - (Part 1)

Rocky Scott, President, Greater Colorado Springer Economic Development Corp.Aerospace Challenge - Employee Shortage
Rocky Scott,
president of the Greater Colorado Springs Economical Development Corp. is an involved “pro” in many growth areas including Aerospace. Rocky, like many others are hoping that the Space Symposium’s theme, “Back to the Moon & On To Mars” will get kids interested in the industry.

Carol Van Wyk, Program manager, NAVAIR SBIRIDIQ + SBIR = $25 Million
Carol Van Wyk,
program manager, NAVAIR SBIR (DoD) details what the Navy requires of its potential vendors when submitting a SBIR proposal to them. You don’t need a PhD, but you do need to solve problems and minimize risk. Carol also outlines the attributes of a successful small business.
Rocky Scott, President, Greater Colorado Springer Economic Development Corp.Caruso and Boyle Talk About Aerospace Challenges... Robert Caruso and David Boyle, part of the CU and Texas A&M booth at the Space Symposium discuss a looming crisis in the US Aerospace industry. The average age of an aerospace employee is 55 years old and there are not enough students in the pipeline to support Mars exploration & more.
Mark Dyer, CEO, Dyer Partnership - United KingdomDoing Business in the UK + Tips on the Tricks & Traps
Mark Dyer,
responded to the concern of cultural challenges of a US company expanding into Europe. The first stop for most companies is the United Kingdom. Whilst there are fewer cultural differences with the UK than other “Euro” countries, there is some handholding necessary…even with market research. New Channel - International

Eugene Nyagahene, CEO, Radio 10 - RwandaRwanda Radio 10 Years After Genocide + Challenges
Eugene Nyagahene,
founder and CEO of Rwanda’s first radio station since 1994 and the genocide that the world turned its head away. When the 1,000,000 plus people were brutally murdered in a 100-day period, the radio station in Rwanda was used as a tool to help the killing.

Governor Richard Lamm, Author "The Brave New World of Health Care" Creative Look at Heath Care + Moral & Ethical Issues
Richard Lamm,
Director, Center for Public Policy and Contemporary Issues at DU and former 3-term Governor of Colorado tackles a series of questions about the future of health care. His new book, “The Brave New World of Health Care” brings out some critics, but he makes it hard to argue.
Governor Bill Owens Addresses the Commission on Science and TechnologyGov. Owens Commission on Science & Technology
Governor Bill Owens, introduced by Marc Holtzman spoke about the lay of the land for Colorado. Leroy Williams, Secretary of Technology hosted this year’s first Commission session and had other heavy-hitters address the high-profile group. The Governor has some high-impact plans.

Rwanda at DU - An Event to Remember - Photo Album

Sue Mencer and Buzz Aldrin, AstronautHomeland Security – Common Sense - Part 2
Sue Mencer, Director, Office for Domestic Preparedness, Dept. of Homeland Security has about a $100 million budget and answers directly to Tom Ridge Secretary of Homeland Security. Listen to Part 2, she offers some practical “at home” advice.. Sue Mencer, Director, Office of Domestic Preparedness - Dept. Homeland SecurityHomeland Security – What Must Be Done
Sue Mencer, Director, Office for Domestic Preparedness, Dept. of Homeland Security has about a $100,000,000.00 budget and answers directly to Governor Tom Ridge (also Secretary of Homeland Security). Sue explains that training is a major component in the distribution of funds…be prepared.
Kay Etzler, NIH - SBIR Program AnalystSBIR & NIH — Fast Track Options
Kay Etzler
is a program analyst in the National Institutes of Health Office of Extramural Programs where she assists with the implementing of SBIR and STTR programs. Kay talks about the impor-tance of the little things…like detail, a directive cover letter, measurable milestones and more.
Marc Holtzman, President, University of DenverDU + Lessons Learned = Leading Edge
Marc Holtzman, President, University of Denver kicked off the exciting and informative SBIR Colorado Conference with a positive but realistic look at the Colorado business and educational landscape…including shortfalls, highlights and some bold steps being taken by DU.


Derrick Kuhn, GT Alliance, President3 Keys Needed by Entrepreneurs
Derrick Kuhn
, President of GT Alliance shares the secrets behind 10% per month growth. Derrick and his team are not newcomers to the Web. They are known for their training expertise but that only represents a portion of their business. Learn how you can crack the code.

Stephanie Downs, Founder, ConferZoneTeleport Yourself to Another State
Stephanie Downs
, founder of ConferZone sheds some new light on e-conferencing. Many of us remember the days when it rarely worked…things have changed, prices have dropped, and “ease of use” is the descriptor. Stephanie is a state-of-the-art multi-tasking entrepreneur.

Kevin Price, President, AccuCodeBIG DEAL - AccuCode, a Platinum Sponsor and Exhibitor at the upcoming RFID World 2004 in Denver, April 21st and 22nd, would like to extend w3w3 subscribers a special registration pricing of $295 (normally $795) to attend the full 2-day Conference and Exhibition. That's $500 off - limited number of registrations at this pricing.Get Details and **Use this Registration Code ASP1 Register Now

Jared Polis, Chairman, Colorado Board of EducationCareers Not Invented Yet (Part 2 of 2)
Jared Polis, Chairman of the State Board of Education in Colorado was the keynote speaker at the DaVinci Institute’s “Night with a Futurist”. Jared talks about the choices and the challenges in Colorado education. In the past, we were all expected to learn the same way.
Marc Holtzman, President, University of DenverTEAM BUILDING
Is building a team in business different than building a team in government or in education? Marc Holtzman, president of the University of Denver (DU) has had his hand in all three. There are core "rules" to follow that any reasonable person couldn't disagree with, however there is one key trait that most people tend to overlook.
Jeff Weaver, SMEVIRUS to the COMPUTER
Anti-Virus protection right out the box into your computer can mean trouble. Jeff Weaver works with two companies, Orion Networks and Secure Network Systems to set up systems and foil viruses, worms and other unknown invasive problems. You don't have to know what "heuristics" & "firewall" mean, but you had better be properly applying your protection.

Ask the HackerQUESTIONS to the HACKER
In about a week (this is kind of stealthy) the w3w3® Media Network will be interviewing a Hacker…luckily this Hacker wears a White Hat. If you would like to Ask the Hacker a Question, email it to radio@w3w3.com and we'll try to make sure it gets answered. As always, we do not give out email addresses to anyone. Ask Now!
Is the end of the year a time to celebrate the end of a choppy year? Some were celebrating and others were giving deserved recognition while others were laying their groundwork for the coming year. Jessica, Pat & Larry covered many different events in the past 90 days. In addition to the theme of each, w3w3® might have captured a photo of you!
Kevin Price, CEO and President, AccuCode, Inc."Lost & Found" is taking on a whole new meaning. Kevin Price, president of Denver's AccuCode talks about the transformation his company and others (including the US Post Office) are going through. Their leading-edge technology focuses on giving utilizing mobile technology and wireless infrastructure to outmaneuver their competitors.

Sheldon Lutte, Crate and BarrelRadio Inerview: To Listen CLICK Wireless technology is not what you think of when you hear retail stores. Sheldon Lutte, Director of Emerging Technologies of Crate & Barrel says, " Our wireless technology has enabled us to have wireless kiosks, real-time gift registry and inventory system second to none." They tapped into Denver's own, AccuCode to make it happen.
"The British are Coming" is taking on a whole new meaning. Denver is fortunate to have the best British Consulate in the US lead by John Maguire. It turns out that there is a network of professionals seeking partnerships with US companies. Barrett Stillings, Vice Consul (Trade & Investment) invited w3w3® to meet with Dale Smith from San Francisco.
"We're Flying High" is taking on a whole new meaning. Jeff Truax, Director of Information Systems, Frontier Airlines says it's more than talking animals that has taken Frontier to new heights. Their partner company, AccuCode has enabled them to utilize wireless handheld computers that take them to a new level.

Todd Pearson, Managing Director, PayPalRadio Inerview: To Listen CLICK Safe technology is not what many people think of when ordering online. This was a necessary ingredient for PayPal's drive to be the biggest and the best claims Todd Pearson, Managing Director of Merchant Services. PayPal has come out of the ashes and is making its mark with along with its parent company, eBay.
Kevin Hartz, CEO, XOOMClick Microphone - Listen to InterviewA flash in the pan, or a success story? CEO of XOOM, Kevin Hartz says there is BIG money in money…money transfer that is. They have some BIG overseas contracts and are taking on the biggest…Western Union. Kevin claims they can do it cheaper, but is cheaper better?
Avivah Litan, Gartner Research, Vice PresidentIn the past 12 months, 7,000,000 people have reported they have been victimized by "identity theft" reports Avivah Litan of Gartner/G2. No one is taking responsibility; the banks are off the hook while merchants "pay the price" and consumers battle with credit ratings. ID Theft will get worse for a few more years before it will get better. LISTEN
james Conboy, Wolf Ventures takes the podium with Mayor Hickenlooper "Energizing Coloraod's Economy" - RVC 10th Annual Finance ExpoMayor John HickenlooperMayor John Hickenlooper gets corralled by two VCs
(Jim Conboy of Wolf Ventures & Jack Tankersley of Meritage) and a free-flowing entrepreneur (Art Zeile of Inflow) at the Rockies Venture Club's event of the year, the 10th Annual Fall Finance Expo. REGISTRATION
mic listen
Jim Conboy gives us the scoop.
Boys & Girls Club the Big Winner or is Denver the BIG Winner ?A "ton of fun" and a BIG bunch of cash was raised for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver. The Colorado Technology Community Foundation (CTCF) held their annual Gala Fund Raising event…Check out the w3w3® Review and see how you can get involved.
Charlie Oriez Who's capturing your website visitors and reading your email? Verisign has added "wild cards" to their DNS servers for the .net & .com top-level domains. Charlie Oriez, well known IT pro says we can and better do something about it. Voice your opinion at http://denveraitp.org/legislative/ and listen here for more. Breaking NEWS: Friday 10/3/03 ICANN (responsible for Insuring stability of the Internet) ordered Verisign (manages root servers for the Internet) to withdraw "wild carding" not later than 6:00 pm Saturday. Versign has not reacted!

Marc Holtzman, President, Denver University with Pat & Larry Nelson, Producers, w3w3 Media NetworkListen Appointed May 1st, this year to the office of president of Denver University, Marc Holtzman is listening, learning and making great strides. Chalk up a huge scholarship for honor students who are unfortunately undocumented aliens. Dan Ritchie knows how to pick a winner!

Dr. Murray Hamilton,Dir.

Rocky Mountain Center for
Homeland Defense & Security

Listen Meet Dr. Murray Hamilton, director of the Rocky Mountain Center for Homeland Defense and Security. Croatia, Canada, Denver University - what in the world do they have to do with our Homeland Security? If the future means anything, this man's mission is important to you!Listen Now
Su Hawk, President, CSIA Just back from the Governor/Mayor's trip to California, Su Hawk's first stop is with a "big Colorado winner". Things are looking up, the moaning and groaning can be stilled. Take advice from those who have done it. We're looking for action from your sector...
Check this out!
Roy Dimoff, Via West

Julian Gallow, Past Exec Director, CTEK AngelsJulian Gallow Talks CTEK Angels
here's the money? Many are looking at one of the largest "Angel Groups" in the country. Julian Gallow, past executive director of the CTEK Angels offers a close look. 7/28/03 LISTEN NOW!

Harry Simpson, Roving Planet
Mac Agan, Intel Corporation
Tim Brown, NRC
Julian Gallow
Harry Simpson
Roving Planet
Mac Agan
Intel Corporation
  Julian Gallow
  (What Now?)
802.11 Wireless Networks in the Enterprise, 8/14/03- Check out the Denver Telecom Professionals Conference with Harry Simpson, Roving Planet and Mac Agan, Intel Corporation. Then NRC, Tim Brown, CEO, is taking over the Colorado mountain air waves - locally owned and operated, NRC is growing! And what in the world is Julian Gallow doing now?

Rachel Yates, Attorney, Holland & HartListen InterviewRachel Yates, (Nov. 2002) attorney with Holland & Hart specializes in space law. So who cares about it? Anyone who understands how it will impact everyone on the planet... not just the big aerospace companies.

Mark Foster, President, CONDIT Exhibits  Mark Foster Hypes Fiscal Responsibility
Money is tight. Now that the money that was responsible for making so many fiscally irresponsible decisions is gone, smart marketing is on the high-road. Mark Foster says, "My attention is placed on the metrics." LISTEN NOW ! 7/28/03

Get details and reservation information - Mark your calendar, Tuesday, July 29"Challenges: Maker of Winners and Losers"
Mark Foster
- has the Answers and an Invitation for you... "Smart Marketing Questions" July 29th 9:00 - 5:00pm- w3w3® producer, Larry Nelson Talks with Mark Foster - Streamed for 28k Modem
- LISTEN NOW! 7/28/03

Jerry Comer, President, Rockies Venture Club   Art Harrison  Jim Arkebauer, Founder, RVC  Keynote Speaker: Jim Crowe, CEO, Level 3 Communications
Jerry Comer, president of the Rockies Venture Club, Art Harrison,
and Jim Arkebauer, at the 15th Annual Capital Conference with Keynote Speaker, Mr. Jim Crowe, CEO, Level 3 Communications.
Check out the RVC Organization's w3w3 Network Portal for more.
Listen to Jim Crowe -
LISTEN Part 1 - LISTEN Part 2

Troy Eid, Exec Dir. Personnel, State of ColoradoMicrophone Indicates Audio Multi-Use Network Wires the State, Opens Doors to Progress and Saves Big Bucks Part 1 1.13.03 and PART 2
Troy Eid
is the Executive Director of the Dept. of Personnel and Administration is touting his team (including Guy Mellor) and the MNT. The Muti-Use Network (MNT) is a high-speed fiber-optic network for the State of Colorado. Colorado has a wonderful opportunity to capitalize on a public and private sector project...

Alan Hingston, Invest Northern Ireland Audio LinkEmerald Isle Holds Big Opportunities for Colorado - Alan Hingston is checking out the possibility of "Invest Northern Ireland" opening a location in Denver. Could Ireland be marching our way? This move could be an extra boost to the Colorado BioTech industry. Biotech is making new waves and Colorado is a wise destination for companies looking for the best people.


Kim Culhane, Math Teacher, Aurora Central High Timothy Campagna, president of DeVry Univ. presents Kim Culhane award winning teacher Converts Math Skills Into TV Magic - Kim is a math teacher at Aurora Central High, but with a twist. Typically her students didn't voluntarily spend extra "hours" in class, but now she and her TV production partner, Brent Gilbertson have to ask the students to leave. Kim got a scholarship to DeVry University and it was all magical history after that.

Jon Nordmark, CEO, eBagsListen InterviewThe Pain of Winning is Not so Bad
Jon Nordmark, CEO and co-founder of Colorado's "showcase" eTailer, lets it all hang out. Embarking on its third consecutive "in the black" earning quarter, Jon takes a few minutes to reflect on the past, but charges quickly into the future.


Betsy Hoffman, President - CUListen InterviewBIG-Time Tech Transfer Awards
Betsy Hoffman, president of the University of Colorado was on hand for the Award Ceremony and Dinner held at Colorado's "Crown Jewel", Fitzsimons. Hat's off to the finalists and the four winners... you make Colorado proud.

Lynn Turner, CSU Professor and former SEC ChiefListen InterviewLost Confidence - Can It Be Regained? RVC Fall Finance Forum Keynote presenter, Lynn Turner, former SEC head and now CSU professor explains that "ethics" is not an "80% Thing". He's helped draft some tough legislation so more of us can avoid the ENRON oil spill... and warns of the "slippery slope".


Al Switzler, Author: "Crucial Conversations"Listen InterviewOpposing Opinions, Strong Emotions & High Stakes - Al Switzler's descriptors for "Crucial Conversations" (his best selling book) hits home, personally and professionally. The Executive Forum brought in another winning presentation - another step in "LEADERSHIP".
Al gives us 7 steps to the power of dialogue.

Wm. Hoffman, Professor - Webster UniversityListen Interview
Job Candidate Shortage for Aerospace
- William Hoffman, professor at Webster University gave us a space-age tour of the on-the-ground training facility in Denver. His interview highlights the impact of (and solutions for) 100,000+ jobs in Colorado aerospace.

David Moll, CEO - Webroot SoftwareListen InterviewDavid Moll, CEO of Webroot Software tells us how we can all be part of a virtual team that can thwart abductions of our children. It's time to fight back... it's scary out there with all the weirdos roaming the streets. Learn More AmberAlertNet
Download Free Program NOW


David Dibble, Author: "The New Agreements In The Workplace"David Dibble, author of "The New Agreements in the Workplace" challenged typical business practices in business today... and he offered five alternatives. Listen to why Metzger Associates is adapting the 'five practices' in their Boulder-based business.


Carl Forest, Patton BoggsThomas Franklin, Attorney, Townsend and Townsend and CrewListen InterviewAre these two attorneys "duking" it out? Carl Forest of Patton Boggs and Thomas Franklin of Townsend and Townsend and Crew, share with the DaVinci Institute recent Inventors Bootcamp, the tricky in's and out's of the   intellectual property game.

Listen to Part 1 of 2 - John Metzger Talk about transitions...John Metzger, the magazine editor, decided to become one of the nation's first technology PR firms. That was a real stretch at the time. Today Metzger Associates is the region's largest public and investor relations firms.

Rick Wilking, White House Photographer - FreelancerYou'll never guess who we met at the daVinci Institute's Freelancer's Bootcamp...
Mic: Listen to Rick Wilking InterviewRick Wilking, accomplished photographer and high tech "freelancer". He worked for Reuters, was the official White House photographer and freelancer. His advice is "...Go for it!" He's got quite a story and like all those who made it big - it took more than 24 hours - it didn't happen overnight. We talked... LISTEN NOW

Bruce Cameron, Author, ScriptwriterListen to Bruce Cameron InterviewAnd then there was Bruce Cameron, author of "8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter" TV Series, book (with movie pending). Great guys with great messages. Bruce is a former Denver resident - started out in Detroit with GM - a witty, techi, writer and very funny, successful guy. We talked... LISTEN
And we have to say, Congratulations daVinci Institute this was one great bootcamp. Check the September EVENTS for More

Technology Summit 2002 - Governor Owens hosts 4000+ Including E.C."Pete"Aldridge one time Astronaut, now the man with the biggest "checkbook" and Larry Ellison, Chairman and CEO, Oracle. It was fun, enlightening and despite the "market" it was exciting!


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