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w3w3® Interviews LIST(ed) by Last Name

AccuCode, Platinum Sponsor RFID World 2004 in Denver
Advance Colorado, Lu Cordova & Brian Vogt
Agan, Mac, Intel Corporation
Ahmed, Vic - president, Parsec Group
LISTEN OutSourcing is Dicey & Misunderstood
LISTEN Analyzing Pros & Cons of Roll-Ups & M&As 7/18/05
LISTEN Innovation & Access to Capital in Colorado 7/11/05
Edward C. “Pete” Aldridge, Jr. Receives the Gen. James E. Hill Lifetime Space Achievement Award 4/06/05
Bill, History of Radio Frequency ID + Challenges & Choices

Allen, David, CU Technology Transfer – What’s Up What’s Not
Laurel Alpert, Division Director, International Trade at OEDIT says... 4-05
Angle Technologies,
Barry Stein and Robert Rea - Nanotechnology
Astor, Larry Celestica, a Billion Dollar Company is a US Secret 2/28/2005

Baker, Steve , author of “Pushing Water Uphill with a Rake” 3/7/05
Bardeen, John - Capitalizing on the Season Nets 100K the First Year 2/05
Berg, Erik of PriceWaterhouseCoopers with a CTEK audience.
The Best of the Best in 2003
Paul Berberian, Raindance
Beyond the Trends:
Nelson, Larry 5 Fundamental Characteristics of Achievers
Bohling, Wendy, a Director at AVAYA explains Future of VoIP
Bonk, Suzi - WorldWIT Radio
BroadbandVideo and w3w3® to reach a new level of effectiveness.
Denise Brown, Exec. Dir. CO Biosciences Assoc and Brian Vogt
   Squaring Off on Tabor - Is It Too Hot to Handle? 06-2005
Brown, Denise, CBSA Colorado BioScience Association 1/22/04
     Brown, Denise, CBA Hooks Up with CTA BioTechnology
Brown, Dr. Robert, director of Nanotec Northern Ireland
Tim Brown, NRC
Brownstein, Chad -f ITU Ventures funding innovation.
Buechner, Chris, 4/10/2003
Jack Burns, VP, Academic Affairs & Research says CU

Carr, John:, Eduss AUSTRALIA to the US Building alliances 1/5/2004
Celestica, a Billion Dollar Company is a US Secret - Larry Astor
Cox, Dr. Michael, Federal Reserve Looks at the Deficit 5/2004
Caruso, Robert , Caruso & Boyle - Aerospace Challenges April 2004
Cerf, Vinton, The Beginning of the Internet, Challenges & Dreams 4/2004
Clarke, Richard - what we must do to protect ourselves
Cody, John Paints a Picture of Economic Development, Longmont Area 10/4/04
Colorado FIRST recently hosted its Triple Play Reg. Competition 3/26/05
Cordova, Lu , CTEK "3 Challenges Entrepreneurs Face"
Cordova, Lu Forecast on the line
Craig Conway - President PeopleSoft

Cosan, Roy with VC Money for Colorado BioTechnology
CU Tech Transfer Ken Porter, Vivian Dullien and David Drake
Cyber Security - Time to Lock the Doors

Dakin, Karl, Seed Capital — Increasing Demand
Darnbrough, Dr. Monica, the Director of the UK Bioscience
Davenport, Tom co-author "What's the Big Idea"
Denver Post Ross Wehner Business Reporter on w3w3.com 2/14/2005
Dr James Davis, Dean of University College of the Denver University
Dean, Dr. Donna - $250,000,000 - NIBIB BioTechnology
Delmonico, Rina - Profile of a Leader
Dolgorukov, M.C. Andrey, of Russia shares little-known statistics. 3/14/05
Downs, Stephanie Teleport Yourself to Another State
Drake, David, CU Tech Transfer - IP Challenges & Choices 1/22/04
DU: Hamilton, Dr. Murray - Homeland Security Gap 1/8/2004
Dullien, Vivian, CU-Health Sciences Center Tech Transfer 1/22/04

Rwanda at DU - An Event to Remember - Photo Album

Dutkowsky, Bob, Profile of a Leader
   Dutkowsky, Bob, JDEdwards - Ethics
   Dutkowsky, Bob, Relates Community to the Bottom-line.
   Robert Dutkowsky, Interesting Times
   Bob Dutkowsky, Commitment


, Gen. Ralph E., USAF - 19th Nat'll Space Symposium

  EDITORIAL - Entrepreneurial Cluster  Listen or READ

Eduss, Educational Software Systems AUSTRALIA to the US - John Carr & Rick McElhinney TV video about the Eduss Success Story 1-22-04
Eid, Troy - MNT-Colo, Part 1 1.13.03 and PART 21.20.03

Engstrom, Pat - What Your People Don't Know Could Hurt
Enriquez, Juan: Executive Forum
Etzler, Kay SBIR & NIH — Fast Track Options 4/5/04
Executive Forum - Leadership Series


Farmer, Russ: NanoTech and (FUN)ding
Farschman, Jill Leadership Coffee Klatch – Ala Farschman 10/4/04
           Reduce Overhead – Effective Models for Collaboration
Dr. Larry Farwell Brain Fingerprinting
Brad Feld Goes with his Gut but Uses His Brain 2/14/05
Feld, Brad, Mantra for Venture Capitalists Today March 2004
Feld, MD, Stanley; Critical Thinking
Stanley Feld, M.D. Consumer Driven Health Care + Technology 8/29/05
   Part 2 of 3
Feld ideas for the 45 million uninsured citizens
   Part 3 of 3 Customer Driven Healthcare. 9/12/05 LISTEN
Jane Fillion (age 7) and her father Roger (High-tech business reporter for the Rocky Mountain News)
Fillion, Roger-Rocky Mtn News Insider 1/22/04
Finch, Dudley - communicating with "cells" biotech talk 2.24.03
Finkelstein, Jeff: Privacy CustomerParadigm
     Jeff reports, Spam Legislation on Horizon

Fote, Charlie, CEO of First Data Corp,1/27/03
     Charlie Fote : Q and A
Franklin, Tom - Townsend and Townsend and Crew
Freelancers BootCamp: daVinci Institute
    Cameron,Bruce - Author "8 Simple Rules..."
    Forest, Carl - Patton Boggs - Patent Law
    Wilking,  Rick - White House Photographer
Frey, Tom Innovation, Next BIG Thing, (Read More) Top 10Trends

Gallow, Julian   (What Now?)
Gaddis, Gay - WordWIT Radio What Gets Measured Gets Done
Gary Gaessler (founder and past president of DTP) and Part 2 of 2 LISTEN
Gershen, Jay Allen: C U Health Sciences Center

Golightly, Robert, Chancellor, Colo. Technical Univ.
Dr. Arlen Meyers - Dr. Ellie Greenberg 6/9/03 -Health and the Internet
Greenman, Simon Simon Says He Wants Venture Back Into Capital
Ben Griffin, the RFID Solutions Architect at SUN.

Hamers, Mike: Lightspeed Commercial Arts
Hamilton, Dr. Murray - DU: Homeland Security Gap 1/8/2004
Hamilton, Dr Murray , Center for Homeland Defense Security
Hansen,John: Profile of An Industry Leader
    CIT,Knowledge Base
    Hansen, John , C T O, Colorado February 3, 2003
    Hansen, John, CTO for Colorado attacks Cyber Security.
    Hansen, John , CTO for Colorado Part 2 of Cyber Security in CO.
Hawk, Su Planning the Future vs. Dwelling in the Past
High-Tech Bricks Yield Water Conservation and More
Hart, Peter of Formpave High-Tech Bricks Yield Water Conservation 3/04
Herbold,Dr. Robert: Executive Forum
Herda, Larissa,Chairman, CEO and president of Time Warner Telecom
Telecom Professional of the Year Award by the Denver Telepros association…only the 5th to receive the award. TelePros - Photo Album
Hickenlooper, Denver Mayor, - DIA, Culture, Working Together
Mayor John Hickenlooper, Secret Sauce of Success (It’s not Luck)June 04
Hingston, Alan - Emerald Isle Holds Big Opportunities 12/18/03
Hoffman, Betsy: CU BIG-Time Tech Transfer Awards

Hoffman, William - Job Candidate Shortage for Aerospace

Holtzman, Marc, University of Denver - More Surprises (Part 2) - (Part 1)
Holtzman, Marc
DU + Lessons Learned = Leading Edge March 2004
Holtzman, Marc: Profile of an Industry Leader
      The First Four Years
      The Next Four Years

      OIT, Market Expectations
Hornyack, Louis: Colorado nanoTechnology Initiative
NanoTech and (FUN)ding 1/8/2004
     $3.7 Billion for NanoTechnology 1/4/2004
Huffine, Terry
- CTA Prez, says "Web Calendar and RSVP
Huffine, Terry - Biotech Council - BIG News

IronWare Technologies:
Mark Mynatt, Solutions - Raising $ & Protecting..
"You had better think like a hacker."

Issues @ Work - New Channel - Liz Ryan
HR Challenges for Companies Today and
     Employee & Job Seeker Issues & Answers

ISSUES: Liz Ryan and Mary Banks Leeds School of Business



Kagame, H.E. Paul President, The Republic of Rwanda @ DU 4/14/04
Kaplan, Rich Microsoft’s Solution to Weapons of Mass Annoyance
KAWASAKI, Guy , Apple Fellow and founder of Garage.com
Guy Kawasak - The Art of the Start – Kawasaki Style Oct. 2004
Guy Kawasaki Motivation for Entrepreneurs Part 1of 3
Guy Kawasaki, Polarizing People vs. Finding a Soul Mate - Part 2 of 3
Guy Kawasaki, 11/1/04 Higher Education or Hire Infected People? 3 of 3
KELLER, Senator Moe: CAPCO: Nanotechnology State Bill 72 1/22/04
Kester, Steve, Offshoring — Crisis or Opportunity - AeA
Ray Kolibaba Colorado Space Coalition, Working on the Piipeline 04/2005
Kuhn, Derrick
, Pres GT Alliance 3 Keys Needed by Entrepreneurs

Richard, Part 1 of 2 Gov. Lamm "Brave New World of Heath Care"
Part 2of 2, Q & A about the future of health care
Gov Lamm is Outspoken About Ethics
Lamm, Richard in the Profiles of a Leader Series
Lamm, Richard, Dir. Ctr for Public Policy & Contemp. Issues at DU 5/04
Jonita LeRoy International Observers & Colorado Tech Week? 7/11/05
Taylor LockerTaking a Close Look at Colorado Aerospace 7/11/05
Longmont Economic Development, John Cody
Lutte, Sheldon Director of Emerging Technologies of Crate & Barrel


m62 Chas Williams, Death by PowerPoint vs. Killer Presentations
Maguire, John, UK Consul “Profile of a Leader” 5/2004
Kelly Manning
Small Business Development Center Wins 3/28/05
May, Ron, State Senator and Gregg Rippy - Portal Authority 3/28/05
McElhiney, Rick: Eduss
AUSTRALIA to the US Building alliances 1/5/2004
McNees, Pat: WorldWIT Radio New Workforce Formulas
McNevin, Valerie CO's Information Security / Privacy Director Has A    Lot On Her Mind! -1.13.03 Part 1 and Part 2 1.20.03
McNevin, Valerie, Director, Homeland Security, CTI
Merigold, Catharine
- Bullish on Colorado Companies
Mencer, Sue Homeland Security – What Must Be Done 1 0f 2 April 2, 2004
Sue Mencer, Part 2 Dir, Office for Domestic Preparedness
Metzger, John : Metzger Associates
Meyers, Dr. Arlen: Colorado BioCLUSTER 1/15/04
     Meyers, Dr. on TeleHealth
Microsoft’s Solution to Weapons of Mass Annoyance Kaplan, Rich
Miller, Andrew
- UK Thinks Globally SBRI
Mitnick,Kevin The world's Number 1 Hacker 3/3/03
     Kevin Mitnick's Dark Side continues..3/10/03
     Mitnick, Kevin - The Hacker's Next Steps, Watch Out
     Mitnick, Kevin - King of the hackers has a target on his back
Mirow, Jock - ItsActive.com
Moll, David: Webroot "SpySweeper" Technology sweeps the world 3/14/05
David Moll - Part 2 of 2 Some Wondering if Spyware was Really Needed 3/21/05 -
Moltz, Barry, Author: "You Have to be a Little Crazy..."
Multi-Use Network-Colo , Part 1 1.13.03 and PART 2 1.20.03
     Read More - Rocky Mountain News
Mark Mynatt, IronWare Technologies: Solutions - Raising $

Nanotechnology - Barry Stein and Robert Rea - Angle Technologies
Nelson, Larry, achieve Your "Ultimate Win"…
Nelson, Larry helps launch the Ethics Channel!
Nelson, Larry 5 Fundamental Characteristics of Achievers
Larry Nelson Try Reaching Others Without a Subject Line 6/13/05
Nelson, Larry L. - Checklist for Change
         Entrepreneurial Cluster in Colorado Larry Nelson
         Leadership & Management Larry Nelson
         Networking Solutions Larry Nelson
Larry Nelson 2-minute video blog - hot topic of offshoring. 3/21/05
Larry & Pat Nelson Networking Solutions (Identifying, Preparing & Personalizing)
Nokia / Innovent..Money for your new business
Nordmark,Jon: Pain of Winning is Not so Bad
Nordmark, Jon , Goals, Drive, Teamwork, UK
Nyagahene Eugene, Rwanda Radio 10 Years After Genocide 4/14/04


OEDIT Jonita LeRoy International Observers & Colorado Tech Week? 7/11/05
OEDIT leaders, Drew Bolin, Kelly Manning and Alice Kotrlik
Governor Bill Owens, Dream Destination vs. Budget Challenges 10/25/04
Governor Bill Owens Good, the bad & the options - Tech Summit 2004
    -Notebaert, Dick talks about major Qwest changes including VoIP
    -Governor & Notebaert field a variety of dicey questions

Governor Bill Owens,
May 2004 Commission on Science & Technology

     Cox, Dr. Michael, Federal Reserve Looks at the Deficit 5/2004
Governor's Technology Summit 2003 - ListenSumming It Up

Owens, Gov. Bill: Technology Summit 2002
     *Gov. Owens corrals his people to get high-tech input
     Governor's Comm on Science & Technology
     2003 Winter Retreat!  See More

Palmieri, Deborah, Executive Director, Russian American Chamber
Rick Patch
A Winner Stresses, It’s the Bumps in the Road 5/02/05
Sanjay Parthasarathy, Microsoft VP, Developer & Platform Evangelism Group
Pearson, Todd- Safe technology
PayPal's drive to be biggest and best
Perrin, Esq., Pat of Hogan & Hartson Copyrights & Trademarks (IP Mistakes to Avoid) - Complete slide presentation with audio
Perrin, Patrick - Intellectual Property Questions
Betty: Secure Network Systems
     Pierce, Betty of SNS gets a "cyber security question attack"
     ISSA "You had better think like a hacker."
Polis, Jared Chairman of the State Board of Education in Colorado 4/2004
Polis, Jared's Foundation has a plan, but C 3 needs your help
Polis, Jared
Ethics direct no-nonsense - righting the balance
Polis, Jared Careers Not Invented Yet (Part 1 of 2) DaVinci-Futurist Feb 2004
Jared Careers Not Invented Yet (Part 2 of 2) DaVinci-Futurist Feb 2004
Polis, Jared
on Profile of a Leader 2/10/03
, Mark, FBI security guru
, Kim Access to Cash – Pope and the RVC 10/2004
Porter, Ken,
Tech Transfer CU-Boulder: IP: Challenges/ Choices
Prep Planner (9News) with John Sable and Tom Murphy and facilitated by Cindy Kerr of ckarma, Inc.
Price, Kevin
, RFID - The Myths and Best Practices
, Kevin AccuCode Mobile technology/wireless infrastructure 12/06/2003
, Kevin, Pres. AccuCode RFID + Biometrics = Best Practices 4/5/04
Scott: CIK
Price, Scott : Colorado Internet Kieretsu

Quezaire, Tamara as Rosie
with "Mr. Talk"

Rancis, Art,
CEO of Amidex 3 Keys + Work = Strong Association
Rancis, Art
, CEO of Amedex Building a Business & Lessons Learned
Ray, Paul Bringing Technology Business to Colorado
Ray, Paul
, Chaos is Fun Serial Entrepreneur March 2004
Ray, Paul, Image Guided Tech + Twist & Turns on Way to IPO
Rea, Robert, Nanotechnology - Angle Technologies
Reagan,Melodie Auromira Executive Advantage: 2004 More Changes
Reagan, Melodie , 9/20/04 New Workforce, Aging Population
Reagan, Michael, Vericept
Reis, Jim, Offshoring is a Hot Topic Here, There and in Russia 3/21/05

, Rob , business editor for the Rocky Mtn. News
Reuteman, Rob, Knowledge factor is the value add many miss
Rhoades, Glenn: Colorado nanoTechnology Initiative
NanoTech and (FUN)ding 1/8/2004
     $3.7 Billion for NanoTechnology 1/4/200
Mark Richtermeyer, Founder and Managing Partner, The Spitfire Group
Rizzuto, Dean Disappoint Customers or Make Them Friends?
with "Mr. Talk"

Rwanda at DU - An Event to Remember - Photo Album

Ryan, Liz - Issues @ Work - New Channel
Liz Ryan points to the 'Trust Gap'
Ryan Janet: Principle, Ryan-Whiteman

, Robert: Colorado BIZ Magazine - BioTech

Scott, Rocky, Aerospace Challenge - Employee Shortage April 2004
Shoureshi, Rahmat DU + Rahmat + Tech Transfer
Mark Siegel, partner at Ernst & Young - Entrepreneur of the Year Awards
Sikander, Javed , Microsoft Keeps Track of RFID World 3/25/04
Simpson, Harry, Roving Planet
, Dale from San Francisco. "The British are Coming"
Stein, Barry - Nanotechnology - Angle Technologies
Strine, Linda Says Aerospace is More than Mars April 2004

Timms, Stephen , MP and Minister of Energy for the UK
Truax, Jeff - Frontier Airlines"We're Flying High
Turner, Lynn: SEC Sr. Advisor-
RVC Fall Finance Forum
Truly, Admiral Richard,
Director National Renewable Energy Lab
        LISTEN part-1part-2 LISTEN

Rod Underhill Dreaming About MP3.com 5/23/05
Rod Underhill Lawyer, author, law professor - cofounder of MP3.com

Van Wyk,Carol program manager, NAVAIR SBIR (DoD) 3/25/04
Brian Vogt, Secretary of Technolgy and Denise Brown, Exec. Dir. CO Biosciences Assoc
   Squaring Off on Tabor - Is It Too Hot to Handle? 06-2005
Vogt, Brian Intentional vs. Reactive the Hidden Economic Challenge

Walker Robert: space Symposium April 2003
Wehner, Ross Business Reporter Denver Post - on w3w3.com 2/14/2005
Wehrs, Mike, Microsoft - Skunk Works in Microsoft 3/28/2005
Part 1
Mike Wehrs, Art Rancis, of TiE Rockies entre/intrapreneur. 4/4/2005
Wessner, Charles (Chuck), Director at National Academy of Sciences
White, Robert; BPI
3 Keys Personal & Professional Growth
It's amazing how many people choose the alternative to success. Robert White
Williams, Chas of m62 Death by PowerPoint vs. Killer Presentations
Williams, Leroy, Secretary of TechnologyColorado, Portal Authority

Watch w3w3 TV for the entire Panel Discussion or catch:
Jay Gershen, UCHSC
Denise Brown, Exec. Dir CBA
Clay Anselmo, CO Medical Device
Paul Ray, Ofc Life Science & Bio Tec
Dr. Arlen Meyers, CAB and Moderator

Williams, Chas of m62- Good vs. Powerful Presentation Secrets - 11/15/04
Werner, Wally, cofounder, BroadbandVideo
Wyatt, Les of J.D.Edwards talks of challenges in building a career
     Les Wyatt of JD Edwards, Part 2
     Wyatt, Les - Ethical behavior is deep-rooted (good & bad)
Sue Wyman
President of DTP) and Gary Gaessler and Part 2 of 2 LISTEN


Yates, Rachel: Space Law Specialist- In the News
Yeros, John: CEO, HyperSpace

John Zagula Stealth Play or Drag Race for Marketing Team? - 11/01/04

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