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BREAKING STORIES:   w3w3® AWARDS Top 3 in 2003 / 11 Categories
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The Best of the Best in 2003
w3w3® is committed to continue to deliver the “Best of the Best” in High-Tech & Business stories directly to your desktop in 2004, 24/7. Winners of the TOP 3 in the following eleven categories are linked.

Top 3 - INTERVIEWS for the Year, 2003 Listen

Marc Holtzman, Pat & Larry NelsonAppointed May 1st, this year to the office of president of Denver University, Marc Holtzman is listening, learning and making great strides. Chalk up a huge scholarship for honor students who are unfortunately undocumented aliens. Dan Ritchie knows how to pick a winner!

Jared PolisUsed technology is not what Jared Polis was thinking about when he was building a successful Internet business. On his way to being the Chairman of the State Board of Education he saw a need to help under-served individuals & organizations with "refurbished" computers. Jared's Foundation has a plan, but C 3 needs your help.

Robert Dutkowsky and Victor ChayetWe caught up with Robert Dutkowsky, of J.D. Edwards fame, along with Victor Chayet at the Denver Press Club. It was a riveting - straight talk - ask any thing on your mind - session with the past president and CEO of Colorado's largest tech company. Hear ideas about his future interests...

w3w3® TOP 3: Channels Visited in 2003
Looking for Money
Life Sciences


w3w3® TOP 3: Association Events in 2003
BioWest Annual BioTech Conference
CIK Kickoff Event – Jared Polis

CSIA - Prosperity & Growth

w3w3® TOP 3:Social Events in 2003
eBall - CTEK Year-End Gala Event
CBAC - Community Holiday Bash
CTCF - Boys & Girls Club Winner

w3w3® TOP 3: Awards Events in 2003
CSIA – Annual Apex Awards
CTEK – Annual Spring Awards
CU Tech Transfer - Annual Awards

w3w3® TOP 3:Vendor Events in 2003
AccuCode – Using Mobile Technology
CONDIT Exhibits – Trade Show Survival Guide
TippingPoint Tech– Richard Clark & Cyber Security

w3w3® TOP 3: Money Events in 2003
RVC – Fall Finance Expo
TiE Rockies – Next Great Idea
PBC – SBIR/STTR Federal Grants

w3w3® TOP 3: Public Events in 2003
Cyber Security Super Bowl
Future of Money Conference
Startup BaseCamp Conference

w3w3® TOP 3: Invitation-Only Events in 2003
Governor Owens Planning Retreat
CITI – Tech-Smart High-Profile Panel
Northern Ireland Ribbon Cutting

w3w3® TOP 3: Monthly Events in 2003
Denver Telecom Professionals
Internet Chamber of Commerce
Association of IT Professionals Denver

w3w3® TOP 3: Holiday Parties in 2003
British Consulate EOY Celebration
Hogan & Hartson Holiday Party
CTEK EOY Appreciation Party

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