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490_ Venture Capital Firm Targeting the Green Tech Industry
David Moll, Infield Capitalenclosure-voice Here's a person who went from 10 years in the manufacturing industry, to President and CEO of Webroot Software and David Moll is now founder and partner of Infield Capital, a Venture Capital firm targeting the Green Tech industry. "Our specific target market is focused on the transportation industry specifically, with a tight orientation around what I'm calling future power train. Those innovations between the key and the wheel that are going to reduce the amount of energy we consume in transportation and the amount of pollution we do generate when we consume. So there are just a number of areas that jump out. Between the key and the wheel, we've got the transmission. There's some really neat companies doing things with 'continuous variable transmission'. There's the internal combustion engine, and I am stunned, to see how many university engine labs are spitting out tech transfer programs. And there are some very very promising concepts that are early, and not all of them are going to work. But there are some new engine technologies that I think are extremely viable and is going to cut gas consumption even, if we continue to burn gas in the near term, by potentially 30-60%." David also works with and suports other startups in unrelated sectors including Boulder Non-Linear Systems, Newton Running, University Parents and remains on the Webroot BOD. See David at the Colorado Capital Conference on the Building a Winning Team panel.
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Larry Nelson, Jim Franklin & Michael Webb487_ Winning Teams, Relationships and the Connection Engine
enclosure-voice What keywords will produce relevant search results? Who are the innovators in a crowd and what are they saying? What new liabilities are emerging? Answering these difficult questions results in great rewards. However, with only search and unstructured text mining tools, people have limited success in capturing those rewards. Michael Webb, Aubice Co-Founder, Executive Vice President of Global Development was interviewed by Jim Franklin, President of the Rockies Venture Club and the former CEO of Decisioneering and now a VP with Oracle. Michael is also on the "Winning Team" panel at the 20th Annual Colorado Capital Conference, being moderated by Larry. Michael pointed out that all about relationships. They with the right people with the right values to basically grow Aubice. He points out that when it comes to search there is this deluge of information...too data, very little relevancy. Another challenge is Understanding how to connect unstructured data to drive totally unexpected high value insights leading to breakthrough discoveries. "Aubice is a connection engine and can operate on the long tail of information where n=1 for advanced sensing of change and trend foreshadowing. Michael has built successful teams over the years, and that's what it is all about.

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482_ Money, Music and More: Bringing Balance - Your Soul Patch (Part 1 Below)
Jason Mendelson, Foundry Group, Soul Patch enclosure-voice Ryan McIntyre, Foundry Group, Soul Patch Part one of the interview with Jason Mendelson and Ryan McIntyre, both Managing Directors with the Foundry Group was focused on intellectual property and the current 'copyright paradigm'. IP isuues are hot topics with their portfolio companies. Both men are dedicated to the success of the companies they work with. Larry had to ask, "How do you bring balance to your business and personal lives?" Jason's been playing the drums since he was 3, a percussionist, and actually supported himself playing music with big names like Aretha Franklin. Jason and Ryan met at Mobius in California. Ryan had built a recording studio in his home – 600 sq. ft of recording space, and had a band. Jason showed up one day, "..the idea was that I would be a consultant to the band." Things took off from there. Ryan said, "In general our lives are hectic with a thousand calls in the air, generally multi tasking, always thinking about the past, present and future, and the great thing about music... it’s then. When I’m playing music there’s no room in my head for anything other than the moment. That’s a liberating thing and it is great for bringing balance." BTW, the music at the beginning and end of this interview is a small part of the second album produced by Jason's and Ryan's band 'Soul Patch'. Enjoy!
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Ryan McIntyre, Foundry Group and Soul Patch Lead Guitarist

481_ Intellectual Property Can Save You or It Can Get Ugly
enclosure-voice Don't despair. The scary aspect, that a cheap patent lawsuit could cost $1 to $2 million to defend... Still, patents can make a difference when you are seeking an investor. Jason Mendelson, managing partner of the Foundry Group and Ryan McIntyre, also a managing partner of that Venture Capital firm go onto point out that a bigger patent case can cost $10 million and up. "Most are spurious with the intent to halt progress of a competitor, or put small startups out of business. The idea of a 7 or 8 figure legal bill, for a startup company toJason Mendelson, Foundry Group and Soul Patch Lead Drummerdefend your intellectual property will destroy most companies. Even venture backed startups do not have the resources to fight that. They typically end up settling and making some sort of agreement where they have to pay royalties to the plaintiff." They talked about 'patent trolls' and pointed out that prior to 2007, 92% of the cases that went to trial, the plaintiff won...ouch. They discussed other IP issues and Jason said “Trade Secrets" are the forgotten stepchild of IP. When you hear trade secrets you think of KFC recipes. You don’t find too much Trade Secret protection happening in the VC world – I think that’s a mistake.” We don’t like the ‘patent paradigm’ we’re in, but in order to have a defensive strategy you’ve got to have a shield. We do encourage our companies to get patents. If nothing else, as a bug spray to the patent world. BTW, the music at the beginning and end of this interview is a small part of a CD produced by Jason's and Ryan's 'Soul Patch' band. Enjoy!

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476_ Learn what Actually Goes Through a Venture Capitalist’s Head
Jason Mendelson, Managing Partner, The Foundry Groupenclosure-voice Have you ever wanted to learn firsthand what actually goes through a venture capitalist’s head while doing deals. Jason Mendelson, Managing Partner of the Foundry Group levels with Larry as he is asked some probing questions about how Venture capitalists think. Larry wanted to know answers (and opinions) about: Whether it be the initial funding, later rounds, time of acquisition or IPO, what are the incentives that drive a VC’s behavior? How are valuations arrived at? Why do some companies get “better deals” than others? What exactly makes up a “good” deal? Join Jason Mendelson, who has over 10 years experience in the venture world and has structured more than 500 deals in excess of $8 billion dollars. Check this out: Assume a VC decides to invest in a company. What do they REALLY care about when negotiating a deal? There are so many terms to keep track of? How on earth do VCs value private companies? Why do some companies get higher valuations and some lower? What are the terms that can really matter? To the point that I lose control of my company? (Hint: Control and Return). Jason also shares the three key issues when VCs consider investing in a startup.
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enclosure-voice 362_ Heidi Roizen : Living in the Heidi RoizenEntrepreneurial Ecosystem
Heidi Roizen has spent her entire life in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Silicon Valley, first as an entrepreneur and ultimately as a venture capitalist helping other entrepreneurs build the great companies of tomorrow. She is currently a Managing Director of Mobius Venture Capital, a venture fund with over $2 billion under management. Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT board member, Lee Kennedy with Larry Nelson, co-founder of explore the 'legend behind the lady entrepreneur'. They got some great advice for all who want to build a substantial company. Heidi's father continues to be influential in her thoughts and actions. Heidi's definition of common sense networking is an understanding of what to give in return and to ask for help when it is appropriate. Her long-time friendship with Bill and Melinda Gates is very inspiring and explains why she considers passion, tenacity and learning new things key to building the future. A day before this interview, Heidi funded a new company...there will be news here. LISTEN

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469_ Brad Feld, The Foundry Group - Why am I Passing?
enclosure-voice"Over the years - I've come up with a set of filters to quickly turn Larry Nelson & Brad Feld, Foundry Groupdown deals. This is an important process as I want to limit the time I spent investigating companies that I don't investment in. Rather - I want to maximize my time working with my existing portfolio companies and quickly / deeply evaluating new companies that have a high chance of us funding them. Every day I tell at least one entrepreneur that I am passing on investment in their company. Sometimes I tell 10. I don't know what the most in one day is, but it's probably more than 25. I try to respond to all emails so a lot of these are in the 'never were appropriate to pursue' category, but at least one each day is someone that I've actually engaged with beyond a cold email that was randomly sent to me. My first pass filter has three parts to it. The top level filter is 'Is this in a theme that I'm currently interested in?' If yes, then I try to determine whether or not I think the people involved can create a huge company. If yes, then I often at least spend some time going deeper." Larry asks Brad to expand on this and more. Brad also explains what it takes to stay on the positive road to funding. Listen in his own words.
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  Kevin Johansen, RVC Capital Conference470_ RVC Capital Conference - Lessons from the Start !!!
enclosure-voiceAre you looking for investors? Sharpen the old proverbial pencil; Check in with RVC and do it now! Times-a-wasting! The application process is amazing. Take a 'benchmark survey' and you'll get an executive report that is a 'gap analysis' for entrepreneurs, says Kevin Johansen, one of the folks putting this thing together. He reminded us, "last November at the RVC Angel Capital Summit, they had 40 'deal screeners' working in four US time zones and Europe." Kevin encourages every entrepreneur listening to apply simply because of the learning that comes with it. And the 'deal screeners' - it's a web based, collaborative environment. They're all over the map, their primary focus is financial and most are conduits to capital, or have capital. The progarm appears to be phenomenal. Larry Nelson will be moderating a panel on building an effective team for an entrepreneurial organization. With 3 VC's on that panel you'll definitely get a feel for what you need. And Kevin plans to 'rock the house' with a Marketing 2.0 conversation. It'll be fun, informative and you'll get to learn a little 'VC speak'.
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Jim Franklin, Crystal Ball 430_ Keys to Growth: Balance of Being Honest, Hungry, Humble, Happy
enclosure-voice Learn the lessons that Jim Franklin has learned the hard way about growing technology businesses in Colorado. As the former CEO of Decisioneering and now a VP with Oracle, with Jim it is always about People First. Learn the ‘secret sauce’ of his 4H formula that makes his teams effective. Also, learn how Focus is the key to growth and learn about the Paradox of Focus. He stresses we should always be learning. Jim expands on his 4H Formula and also shares some interviewing tips around the 4Hs. For example how do you interview for Honesty? Watch the behavior. Ask Questions like: Tell me of a time where you’ve bent the rules… if the reply is, ‘I never bend the rules’, I think they’re not being very honest here. You know the key is to trust first and we like to see people who trust first, even in that interview process. When the interview is focused on Hunger, we look for what you do with your free time, we like to see them...listen now...
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443_ Venture Capital, Angel Investors and Getting Involved Jim Franklin, President, RVCenclosure-voice The Rockies Venture Club annual meeting has been the place to connect with others creating Colorado success stories. For nearly twenty years, through many market cycles, the CCC has been a great place to connect with others starting and growing Colorado-based technology businesses. Jim Franklin started with RVC in 1992 with no contacts and is now the President of RVC and has a robust Colorado technology network. Hear Jim Franklin tell his story of how the contacts he made at RVC -- and the CCC in particular -- have resulted in 100x return to shareholders, 100+ jobs in Colorado and an economic impact of over $100M to the state of Colorado. Jim feels the key is to get involved. When I first showed up and didn’t know anyone, I just raised my hand and said, ‘how can I help?’. I started off on the government affairs committee where I met Eric Weissmann, who is the founder of Decisioneering. About two years later, I became the CFO of Decisioneering and that was the company that I ultimately became CEO of and we sold to Oracle with a very successful exit. RVC has the Colorado Capital Conference coming up on May 22, 2008 – a true showcase event. Jim shares some great networking advice... 2/18/08  LISTEN

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enclosure-voice385_ Colorado BioBusiness Ecosystem is Breaking New Ground
Rick Silva, FitzsimmonsRick Silva, acting Director of the Fitzsimons BioBusiness Partners (FBBp) says, "It takes broad and incredibly specialized skills to build a biomedical product. Ours is the most regulated industry on Earth, our products are among the most complex to develop, and the least likely to have a customer. Getting it right takes a village." Larry asked Rick, "How can entrepreneurs hedge their bets? "Build an experienced and capable team that has a record of getting things done. Ask for help! Find advisors (many willing to help a little for free) with relevant experience in your industry and product area. They will have the contacts and experience to help you with your commercial roadmap. If you have a credible plan, have talked to your customers and partners, you will be prepared to answer questions VCs will have. FBBp is central in this ecosystem and can bring domain advisors." 5. Is FBBp an incubator? "Not really, we are a venture development organization. Let me explain." LISTEN
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Ryan Boykin, US Capital Investment Management375_ Successful IPO in 2007 Just 14 Months After Investing
With $8 million under management, US Capital is a newly formed private equity investment company, founded and based in Cherry Creek, Colorado. The two founders, Craig Harrison and Ryan Boykin are Colorado natives and have structured their business around strategic relationships with the most successful venture capital firms in the country. Over the past one and a half years, US Capital has focused on identifying late stage venture capital investment opportunities, typically between 1 and 3 years out Craig Harrison, US Capital Investment Managementfrom potential exit (IPO or Acquisition). US Capital realized its first portfolio investment exit in June of 2007, 14 months after US Capital made the investment. Returns far exceeded expectations. In addition to late stage private equity opportunities, US Capital has begun to identify promising investment opportunities with water in Colorado. Craig and Ryan discuss with Larry the various types of investors and their differences. They shared some insights that we could all learn from.  LISTEN

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364 Gary Held, President, CTEKSophisticated Angel Investors Take It Up a Notch
enclosure-voiceSecuring angel investment today has changed a great deal in the last 2, 4 and 6 years. Gary Held, president of CTEK (C = Capital - T = Technology - E = Entrepreneurship - K = Knowledge) reflects back on his own angel investment he made in the 1980s. He and many others like him wish there was a CTEK back when he made some of his first investments. Back then, it was common for an angel investor to make an investment based on if this was someone they knew, were they liked and if it sounded like a good idea. Today, you need more than that just to get an appointment. In short, angel investors have become more sophisticated, knowledgeable, and there are angel support mechanisms that help the entire process. Gary points out the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs when trying to get angel funding. He also feels this is a great time for entrepreneurs to get started. CTEK has a couple of very powerful programs coming up that both angel investors and entrepreneurs should check out.

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enclosure-voice 357_Mark Weakley, Partner, HRO Boulder What are Angel Investors Looking for in Return?
Mark Weakley , Partner, Holme Roberts & Owen, Boulder has helped a number of entrepreneurs raise angel funding...the right way, and that's the key. If the company is going to go on a rapid or an accelerated growth path, it will likely need some amount of institutional financing. Angel investing can get you on that trajectory, allow you to hire employees, develop your business model, finalize prototypes, and establish that what you are doing has validation in the marketplace. And then be in a better position to seek venture financing money. Another reason is a trend over the last 4 or 5 years where the venture funds are doing a lot less early stage investing. So you’re seeing the Angel Investors filling in that gap. Mark also talks with Larry about the 4 things angels are looking for and business plan strategies.

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Mark Weakley, Partner, HRO Boulder358Angel Investors, Term Sheets, Valuation and Control
enclosure-voiceA good target audience, vetting system, for your business plan or executive summary would be your corporate or business or finance lawyer. Because if they are not getting it after the first two sentences, it’s likely the angel investor isn’t going to do any better points out Mark Weakley , Partner, Holme Roberts & Owen, Boulder as he addressed questions about getting healthy financing from angel investors. Mark brought up some poignant thoughts about term sheets and evaluation. Valuation is often looked at by the entrepreneur only in terms of ‘how much of the company am I going to have to give up?’ They’re not thinking about the return that the angle wants to have. The entrepreneur is thinking if my valuation of the company is $4 mil and I have to raise $2 mil, then I have to give up ½ of the company. There you see the entrepreneur’s interest is control, management, other issues; and they’re not really thinking ‘What makes sense for the angel?’

enclosure-voice 350_ Brad Feld: Venture Capitalist; New Name, New Office, New Outlook

Larry Nelson talks with Brad Feld, The Foundry GroupGetting the latest scoop about venture backed companies in Colorado from Brad Feld, was more fun for Pat and Larry than going to an over-the-top Sci-Fi movie…in fact, some of what they heard sounded over-the-top and with a Sci-Fi flavor but steeped in exciting reality. Brad talked about the Web resurgence the past 24 months and cited a number of companies. Those Colorado companies included FeedBurner, Postini, PhotoBucket, Me.dium, NewsGator, Dogster, and more (none of which are liked in spell-check).

Brad also talked about the successes and challenges of TechStars. We reflected on the 2003 investor perspective where words like "cautiously optimistic" were commonly voiced, and Brad joked about that oxymoron. That's not him, he says he prefers, "encouragingly pessimistic". Brad is managing partner of the Foundry Group which has opened a new office in the middle of Boulder. Brad had Larry sit next to a 1980s Donkey Kong game. There is a bunch of valuable information packed in with the humor..

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enclosure-voice351_ Brad Talks About the Future and Gives Some Great Funding Advice
Brad Feld, The Foundry Group
Part 2: Dramatic innovation is here. More is coming our way and will transform many things in our personal and business lives. Brad Feld, managing partner of the Foundry Group is very open about predictions for the next few to twenty-years, and lays it on the line for a range of different topics: Why he supports NCWIT? Why he and Jason Mendelson started the 'Ask the VC' Blog? Why Colorado must invest more in education? he weaves in other hot topics. Larry and Pat asked, "What are the 3 most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs when asking for money?" You have to hear it in Brad's words but here is a hint: Wrong amount of money; A disconnect between what's needed and reality; and the team that is talking today and going forward with the plan. Brad points out he has never met a company whose revenue plan was accurate. He shares some ideas.

Bytes: 6784630 LISTEN Part 2 of 2 8/6/07

Stephanie Smeltzer McCoy, Managing Director, Meritage Funds Venture Capitalist, Stephanie Smeltzer McCoy Looks at the Future - Part 2
343_ In part 1 of 2 Stephanie addresses "The three deadly sins (most common mistakes) made by entrepreneurs seeking venture capital". It relates to introductions, timing, and the ability to change on a dime along with some hard-hitting advice for entrepreneurs seeking venture capital. I

Today, in part 2 Stephanie makes some predictions, as she looks at the coming year. Some later stage deals can get in the way, but she feels it is a healthy market and the solid firms will get funding.  Stephaie identifies some hot markets, some of the trends as well as some exit strategies
Part 2 of 2: Bytes
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Stephanie McCoy, Venture Capitalist Addresses Entrepreneur’s Capital Challenges with Answers
341_The three deadly sins (most common mistakes) made by entrepreneurs seeking venture capital relate to introductions, timing, and the ability to change on a dime. Stephanie Smeltzer McCoy, managing partner at Meritage Funds lays it on the line when giving advice to entrepreneurs seeking money. Some of her ideas sound like common sense, however others are hard-hitting and can seem hard to gulp…but she is right on track. The “rules” have changed post 2004 and today 2-way due diligence will often make the difference. Stephanie has an interesting take on ‘commitment to your idea’. Listen carefully; this can help make the difference how a VC looks at the possibility of investing in your company.
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Brad Feld338_ iPhone - Hyperbole, Hoopla, Hooray or Horrific

Do you have your iPhone yet? Brad Feld, Managing Director of The Foundry Group writes in his Blog, “I’ve had an entertaining series of problems. I’m still amused, but getting closer to annoyed. I picked up my phone last night at the Flatiron Apple Store on the way home from the airport. It took me 45 seconds to purchase it (no line.) I tried to activate it when I got home. iTunes went through its upgrade cycle to 7.3 and then gave me errors that I didn’t have the right version to work with the iPhone so I had to deinstall / install iTunes 7.3. I did that and tried to activate. It got hung up trying to check my credit and told me I had to go to an AT&T store to get a pre-authorization code.”

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enclosure-voice LISTEN to 2007 Predictions by Brad Feld and Jared Polis: Interview 1/8/07

Bill Reichert, Garage Technology Venturesenclosure-voice323_ Big Money for Photovoltaics, Solar Cells, Clean Tech decided it was important to invest in emerging technologies that could have a lot of potential for investment. Bill Reichert, Managing Partner at Garage Technology Ventures said, "We saw lots of activity, in universities and government labs, around a wide variety of ‘materials science’ that had applicability across business and the economy that struck Bill as having significant global implications. Many had an orientation toward energy technology, subsequently called ‘clean technologies’. Here's more...
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Bill Reichert, Garage Technology Venturesenclosure-voice326_ ‘Clean Tech Community’ on the Good Side and the Bad
It’s interesting to see what’s going on in the ‘clean tech community’ on the good side and the bad. There has been a bit of a bubble in the area. A lot of us in the community and the popular press have gotten a little over excited about the pace of technological innovation. The venture community in the US hasn’t jumped heavily into ‘wind power’ and that ironically has one of the best economics in terms of its efficiency and cost per watts produced. There has been huge public market investment and private equity investment in that area. Bill Reichert, Managing Partner at Garage Technology Ventures shares his insights. Related Links: Garage Technology Ventures || Colorado Capital Conference || Event Photos || Venture Capital Channel ||
>Channels:  > Venture Capital; CORE > Keywords: Venture Capital, Bill Reichert, Garage Technology Ventures, Rockies Venture Club, Clean Tech> Bytes: 5398154 LISTEN 6/11/07

John Pope, The Blue Sky Groupenclosure-voice324_ The Joys and the Perils of Entrepreneurship
John Pope, President and CEO of The Blue Sky Group (an active investor in a broad range of startups as well as those organizations need an extra boost) shares their 'dashboard' that includes the other side of the story. Three key metrics chosen were 1) active projects 2) employees 3) revenues. On the personal dashboard John chose and tracked 1) Salary (that he was paid) 2) Credit Card Debt and 3) Body Weight (looking for something that summarized the sacrifice in terms of your day-to-day activities, health, friends, etc. life). Get the scoop here...   Related Links: The Blue Sky Group || Colorado Capital Conference || Event Photos || Venture Capital Channel ||   >Channels: Venture Capital  > Keywords: Keywords: The Blue Sky Group, John Pope, Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship, RVC, > Bytes: 4924711   > LISTEN 6/4/07

316_ If You Want Venture Capital, Listen Up and Be Careful
Scott Binder, Sr. VP, Comcast-Colorado; Sue Wyman, Chairman, CTP; Larry Nelson, Director, w3w3.comEverything has changed and there is no exception when it come to raising capital for a new venture. Entrepreneurs know the routine. Credit cards, second mortgages and then onto friends, family and fools. Here's some advice from a top VC, Bill Reichert, Managing Partner at Garage Technology Ventures that might have you wondering. Here are few musts from Bill: Small is beautiful; Lean & scrappy; Focus on customers; Don't follow the conventional business plan. Related Links: Garage Technology Ventures ||
Colorado Capital Conference || Colorado BIZ - VC Article ||
Venture Capital Channel ||
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Terry Bibbens, Homeland Venture Partnersenclosure-voice311_ Small Businesses are BIG when it comes to New Jobs

Keynote speaker at the SBIR regional conference in Denver, Terry Bibbens, Managing Director of Homeland Venture Partners, laid out the facts facing ‘small businesses’ this coming year. Small businesses created over 92% of the net new jobs in the US based on data collected starting in 1989. Businesses with fewer than 20 employees created 85% of all new net jobs during the 14 –year period. The developments of small businesses along with SBIR grant funding have a tremendous impact on ‘Economic Development’ in Colorado. Then enters the federal congressional leaders: Most don’t even have a clue about SBIR grants for small businesses and as a result could likely be dropping the SBIR program. We need to let them know so they do the right thing.
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Best way to Secure a Federal Grant!
- Looking for Money Video Clip

Bytes: 8257518 LISTEN 5/14/07

Cody Farmer, SBIR Coloradoenclosure-voice296_ Economic Driver – Bigger than Wal-Mart - Get the Facts and a Piece of the Action
Ann Eskesen, President of Innovation Development InstituteThere are a number of “urban myths” about the $2.2 Billion federal SBIR grant and contract programs. The fact is these grants and contracts are for innovative research that goes primarily to small companies and is non-dilutive to owners and investors are a BIG economic driver to the states that are home to the recipients. There are over 4000 Phase 1 awards given out each year and primarily to first-time recipients (over 20%). There have been 60,000+ patents issued to SBIR funded companies. Nationwide, SBIR companies employ more people than Wal-Mart and the SBIR company employees are compensated significantly higher than W-M employees. Ann Eskesen a nationally known expert on all the numbers in SBIR programs and Cody Farmer of SBIR Colorado lay out the facts in black & white. The economic impact continues.
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Catharine Merigold, General Partner, Vista Venturesenclosure-voice293_Entrepreneurial Advice from a Venture Capitalist
We asked Catharine Merigold, General Partner of Vista Ventures, "What are the three biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs?" Catharine offered some poignant advice which explains why she is a returning judge of the upcoming Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year program. The entrepreneur's first challenge is the need to be focused. Then as time moves along, the next challenge is that they are too focused and they lose sight of their stakeholders and that includes shareholders, employees and customers. Here's more. Related Links:  Vista Ventures || Ernst & Young Perspectives || How Do I Participate? || Entrepreneurs || Keywords: Entrepreneur, Catharine Merigold, Vista Ventures, Venture Capital, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year>> Channels: Entrepreneurse || Channels: Security, || Bytes: 4906948 LISTEN 4/9/07
258 Filling Huge Holes in the Traditional Hi-tech Startup Model enclosure-voice
David Cohen and David Brown, CoFounders TechStarsThere are common and critical things that are overlooked when starting a new business. The founders of TechStars suggest that stealth modes are out and stress tests are in. Brad Feld, investor in many innovative high-tech companies, is always interested in new investment ideas. Brad and Jared Polis have joined David Cohen and David Brown, co-founders of Zoll Data Systems in their newest venture,TechStars which will provide angel funding and mentoring to young entrepreneurs.

Related Links:
TechStars || TechStars Blog || Brad Feld Blog || Blog ||
: TechStars, Startup, David Cohen, David Brown, Zoll Data Systems, Brad Feld, Jared Polis
> Bytes 6779405 || LISTEN 2/12/07
248 Access to Capital – Be Prepared the Right Way enclosure-voice
Jim Arkebauer, Rockies Venture Club, CoFounderThings are picking up. For some, the exciting news is that access to venture capital and angel investors is very positive right now. The challenging news for some is they're not ready to talk or to make a presentation for money. Jim Arkebauer, co-founder of the Rockies Venture Club, prolific author of business books and founder of Venture Associates reveals what it takes. Jim gives some sage advice for the future, takes an experts view of 2005 and before. This interview was conducted 1.16.2006.
Related Links: Venture Capital Channel || Venture Associates || Books written by Arkebauer ||
Rockies Venture Club ||
: SVenture Capital, Jim Arkebauer, Angel Investors, Business Plan, Rockies Venture Club || > LISTEN 1/29/07
240 Feld and Polis Make Economic Predictions for 2007 enclosure-voice LISTEN 1/15/07
Jared Polis and Brad FeldIn Part 2 of 2, Brad and Jared went from giving our state politicians some business advice, to describing the lay-of-the-land for venture capital, economic growth and much more. Listen Now: Part 1of 2 and Part 2of 2 - Learn about Aquaculture, look for Jared at the Startup Junkie Underground 1/22/07- Check w3w3 Save-the-Dates Community Calendar for times and further details. Jared's Live Talk about Aquaculture ||

Jared Polis and Brad Feld Square Off on the Future enclosure-voice LISTEN 1/8/07
Brad Feld, Mobius Venture CapitalJared Polis, Jared Polis FoundationBefore asking Brad Feld and Jared Polis to make some forecasts for 2007, Larry asked them, "What must the Colorado legislature and the new Governor focus on in order to best support the business and tech community?" Education at all levels was loudly expressed, but some other issues are going to be a challenge for us all. How do you attract and maintain a qualified workforce while maintaining our famous quality of life standard? They had some answers. In the middle of all this, aquaculture came up. Related Links: Mobius Venture Capital || Jared Polis Foundation || Brad Feld Blog || Venture Capital ||
Keywords: Brad Feld, Jared Polis, Aquaculture, Mobius Venture Capital, IPO, Investment Capital || Bytes: 9661025>
225 Brad Feld, Mobius Venture Capital - Predictions in December 2005enclosure-voice
Brad Feld, Mobius VCHere's some candid straight talk about access to VC capital in Colorado. Brad Feld, Managing Partner of Mobius Venture Capital didn't have much good news to talk about when interviewed him two and three years ago. Brad gives some specific examples and offers some interesting advice for the coming year. For some, it is going to be a very good year and for others will struggle. Reviewing Access to Capital- Past, Present and Future - 12/12/05 and a few years prior.
Related Links: Mobius VC || Brad Feld Blog ||
Venture Capital Channel || Find It ||
: Venture Capital, Brad Feld, Mobius Venture Capital, Access to Capital|| Bytes: 6096042 > LISTEN 12/11/06
195_ In Search of the Angel Investment Capital in Colorado
CTEK Gary Held, Christina James, Nicole Glaros
Making a pitch to an angel investor vs. a venture capitalist for funding has some similarities and some significant differences. Gary Held, president of CTEK, Nicole Glaros, VP Programs & Services and Christina James, Program Director of the CTEK Angels detail the nine absolutes that any entrepreneur must adhere to in order to get an angel's attention and eventually get an investment. In 2005 angel investments reached $24,000,000,000, the average investment round is $266,000, and about 0.5% - 1.0% of the hopefuls get the funding.> 10/23/06 LISTEN
Related Links: CTEK Angels || CTEK Home || CTEK Angel Photos || Venture Capital Home || Bytes 11765658 - Keywords: CTEK, Angel Investors, Investment Capital, Venture Funding, Startups, Gary Held, Nicole Glaros, Christina James
Chis Wand, Mobius Veture Capital182_ Three Buckets of Money - Which One do You Want?
There are three distinct stages that startups go through suggests Chris Wand, Principle at Mobius Venture Capital. There are some tough decisions that must be made if there is to be a successful third stage, coined "Revenue Ramp". Of course in the development stage, everyone tends to wear many hats. It's not uncommon that a "hero worship" culture develops which can be very difficult to deal with when a "change out" of personnel is required. Chris spells out when consistency is the focus and out weighs accuracy. > LISTEN 9/25/06

Gary Held and Nicole Glaros, CTEK160_ Closer Look at the Renewed CTEK - Part 1 of 2
Many people in Colorado have wondered what does the acronym CTEK stand for? Gary Held, president and Nicole Glaros, VP Programs & Services spell it all out. C = Capital - T = Technology - E = Entrepreneurship - K = Knowledge. Building off a strong heritage, CTEK has listened to experts around the state, researched entrepreneurial needs and has identified gaps where they can work with and support various organizations around the state. CTEK is forming a venture fund that will help fill the 500K to $3 million gap in the funding stream. There's more. > >
LISTEN Part 1 of 2 - 8/07/06
Gary Held, Pres. CTEK and Nicole Glaros, VP, CTEK163_ Can CTEK Change the Rate of Startup Failures?
It's more than just funding. But it is not a surprise what doesn't happen without money. That's one of the few essential dilemmas that CTEK wants to help solve for the entrepreneur. Gary Held, president and Nicole Glaros share a few of the resources investing in the CTEK Venture Fund such as high-networth individuals and banking institutions. New relationships with tech transfer organizations are helping establish the Center for Applied Entrepreneurship. Part 2 of 2. > LISTEN 8/14/06

Frank Day, Entrepreneur, Restraunteur and more....142_ From Part-time Pitchman and Harvard to Old Chicago Pizza
Yes there was an IPO, but you have to hear Frank Day share the rest of the story. Frank's parents, his experience as a 'pitch man' and his Harvard degrees all had a tremendous influence on the founder of Old Chicago Pizza, Rock Bottom Brewery, ChopHouse as well as owner of the Boulderado Hotel in Boulder. You might be surprised what else Frank has his hands in. This Colorado native claims the key to building any successful business is people. > 5/29/06 LISTEN
 Part 1 of 2 -
Part 2 of 2
> 6/5/06 LISTEN
144_ Deal Inked - Is There More Than Food in Frank Day's Life?
Frank Day shares the rest of the story and points out lesson number one with IPOs. When you tell people you are going to slow down they desert you, points out Frank as he shares his wounds (learning lessons). The stock tanked and then he took it private in 1999. This addicted entrepreneur is proud to point out that by the end of 2006 there will be a total of 135+ restarants including franchises. This Colorado native claims the key to building any successful business is people. Part 2 of 2> 6 /5/06 LISTEN
Larry Fenster, Angel Investor141_ Going from an Engineer to Sales Engineer to Angel Investor
While going to college, Larry Fenster was infected by the 'entrepreneurial bug'. Larry wanted to get an engineering degree but after his business experience he decided that sales and engineering was the best combination. He worked for Johnson Controls for seven years learning and helping them roll out the use of mini computers for systems controls and monitoring. With the OPEC oil crisis on its way, Larry along with partners 'recruited' a strategic partner with connections and 300K.> .
LISTEN 5/29/06 spacer
Part 2 of 2 follows:
143_ Mistakes - Larry Fenster, Are they Learning Tools for Winners?
Larry Fenster, Angel InvestorFrom experience Larry Fenster knows that there is a moment in business when things are not going well, and how useful it is to have someone guide you through the tough spots. Larry feels that this is part of the mentoring that 'angel investors' need to provide. Larry talks about his 2-2-2 rule. The first '2' is that business plans tend to project twice as much revenue as actually occurs. The second '2' is the combo of actually needing twice as much capital and it takes twice as long. Listen for the third '2' and more. Part 2 of 2
> 6/5/06 LISTEN
Jim Franklin, President, RVC - CEO Decisioneering140_ Networking at Rockies Venture Club Nets Cash and Contacts
New president of the Rockies Venture Club and CEO of Decisioneering, Jim Franklin has found memories of his experiences at RVC events. In the late 90s, Jim met a contact that led to raising $5 million and co-founding a Sequel backed company called, Web Family. The RVC 2000 Colorado Capital Conference opened the door for Jim and Vericept and they raised $20 million from Sequel Venture Partners, Signal Partners and William Blair and created 65 high-paying jobs in Colorado. >LISTEN 5/22/06
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121_Wireless - Could be the Remote Control of Your Life
Wow, there are some industries that are really the talk of the town. That would be wireless and all the new things coming down the pipe. Vipanj Patel, Managing Partner of iSherpa Capital just returned from CTIA, a huge wireless trade show and had lots to talk about. There was a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm as Vipanj shared some trends that are already upon us. > LISTEN
Vipanj Patel, Managing Partner, iSherpa Capital122_
Colorado Portfolio Companies, a Look to the Future
Vipanj Patel,
Managing Partner of iSherpa Capital sees that the size of new deals increasing and it's not just in continuing investments in current portfolio companies. Vipanj is very excited about a couple iSherpa portfolio companies in Colorado. He sees the venture capital market as very healthy and growing. Other 'biggies' are making moves in the wireless arena. Part 2 of 2. >
LISTEN 4/17/06
Russ Farmer, Executive Director, SBIR ColoradoThere is $2.2 Billion Available for Startups - 2/13/2006
Small innovative companies, large companies, SBIR Colorado and the offices of economic development makeup the “quadruple win” claims Russ Farmer, Executive Director of SBIR Colorado and nationally known speaker on access to capital for entrepreneurs. Russ shares secrets that are extremely exciting and helpful to innovative researchers and entrepreneurs.  LISTEN
Related Links: SBIR Colorado - 2005 Photos - PBC, Inc - Biosciences Channel 
Mark Endry, Partner, Arrow Invest JD Edwards to Hyperspace to Arrow Investments 2/13/2006
In his tenure as CIO at JD Edwards Mark Endry worked with three CEOs all with different leadership styles. Then it was his turn to be President of Hyperspace. Mark helped it go public and went through unbelievable challenges. It was successful and Mark shares the process. Then it became his turn to wear an entrepreneurial hat and start a new life using his old skill. LISTEN
Related Links: Arrow Investments - Hyperspace - Entrepreneurs Channel -

Paul Ray, Nervonix Venture Capital - New Demographics Paradigm - 2/6/2006
Valuations for early-stage companies are very low, points out serial entrepreneur and President of Nervonix, Paul Ray. When building a company and raising capital a lot of things can happen and things can go wrong. Paul’s expertise is in biosciences and medical devices but his sage advice is excellent for any entrepreneur. He weaves in some humor as he takes us through the process.  LISTEN
Related Links: Nervonix Home Page - Venture Capital Channel - Entrepreneurs Channel - Biosciences Channel

David Moll, Webroot and Phil Weiser, Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program - CUMeeting the Challenge – New and Old Entrepreneurs 1.16.2006
We seldom publish question and answer periods from a conference. This time it makes sense as both the questions and the answers are valuable and insightful. Phil Weiser, Esq. Founder and Executive Director, Silicon Flatirons Telecom Program, University of Colorado and his team organized an event for budding entrepreneurs and pros. David Moll, CEO of Webroot Software was the keynote..
Part 3 - 3 LISTEN
Part 1 of 3 - LISTEN 1.2.2006Part 2 of 3 - LISTEN 1/9/2006Part 3 of- 3 LISTEN

Here are some related links to check out: Webroot Home Page Venture Capital Channel; Entrepreneur of the Year Ernst & Young Award Photos
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Russ Farmer, SBIR Colorado, Executive DirectorMillions More Coming to Colorado via SBIR
Over $85 million dollars came to Colorado from the SRIB/STTR federal program in 2005. Russ Farmer
, Executive Director of SBIR Colorado points out that SBIR grants and contracts are for very leading-edge and high-risk innovative research projects. Russ shares some of examples how very small companies can tap into relationships with BIG companies, face-to-face. LISTEN - 1/9/2006
Here are some related links to check out: SBIR Colorado Home Page
Looking for Money Channel - PBC Home Page - ADA Tech (SBIR Winner) -
SBIR Award Photos and Press Conference at - SBIR 2005 Interviews

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Gary Held, President, CTEKCTEK Angles Getting a New Perk of Their Own
Whether you are a startup looking for money or an angel investor, here’s some great news. Gary Held, President of CTEK announces that CTEK is putting together a “private equity fund” that will be professionally managed. That’s great news for angel investors as it opens up some top-flight investment opportunities while lowering their risk and at the same time making it better for entrepreneurs.
LISTEN - 1/9/2006
Here are some related links to check out:
home page - Entrepreneurs Channel - State of Capital Photos

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Gary Held, President, CTEKCTEK Challenges: Tripod, Collaboration, 90 Days 1.2.2006
Listening in any instance can be tough. Gary Held, spent his first 30 days as President of CTEK meeting with and listening to business, educational, government and association leaders. As CTEK was about to chart new waters, Gary felt he had to get the pulse of the community throughout Colorado and employ “Collaboration” as he says that is what the “C” is in CTEK. LISTEN

Here are some related links to check out: CTEK home page - Entrepreneurs Channel - State of Capital Photos
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Gary Held, CTEK and David Moll, WebrootGoing from Black-Hat to White-Hat Hacker 11/7/05
We have all heard that Webroot raised $108 million in venture capital this year. Now it's time to hear the rest of the story. David Moll, CEO of Webroot Software and keynote speaker at CTEK's State of Capital Conference shares some little known info about founders Steve Thomas and Kristen Tally. Steve was a chess champion, black-hat then white-hat hacker and so much more.- LISTEN

Paul Ray, Serial Entrepreneur & VC Bringing Technology Business to Colorado 7/11/05
Serial entrepreneur, Paul Ray shares some insight about the differences between a product that leads to building a company or a product to be sold to a larger company. Paul has been a VC, angel investor as well serving as Colorado’s bioscience chief. Listen to him describe how he engineered a move of an out-of-state company to Colorado and tapped into virtual techniques.
Sanjay Parthasarathy, Microsoft CorpAre Leaders Born, Chosen or Made? - 6/20/05 - What makes a leader? Some say hard work, others say luck and timing. Some say it’s how many times you win, others say it’s how they have overcame challenges. How do they live with the challenges they didn’t overcome? Sanjay Parthasarathy, Microsoft corporate vice president of the Developer & Platform Evangelism Group shares his story and how he has adjusted along the way.
Brad Feld, Managing Partner, Mobius VCBrad Feld Goes With His Gut, but Uses His Brain
You might be surprised to hear what was the turning point in Brad Feld's life, managing partner of Mobius VC,. He went to MIT, and at pre-orientation they were told that 50% of the students would be at the bottom half of the class. In this Profile of a Leader interview Brad offers personal advice to entrepreneurs. 2/14/2005

PHOTOS: TiEcon Opening VIP Reception Feb 2 2005
listen to: Desh Deshpande, Chairman, Sycamore Networks, Inc.Here's What it Will Take to Make it in High-Tech - LISTEN
People always underestimate how long it takes people to change.
So states Desh Deshpande , who was recently ranked as the most successful VC in the world. People and companies (especially companies with a big market share) often resist change. Building a business means pain and it takes perseverance . 2/7/2005

Mark Mynatt, Partner Engagement Manager, IronWare TechnologiesRadio Inerview: To Listen CLICK IronWare’s Solution to Raising Money & Protecting Investors - Entrepreneurs, whether start-ups or looking to expand, often go empty-handed after talking with a potential investor. Mark Mynatt, Partner Engagement Manager at IronWare Technologies shares some steps that can be taken to both raise the money while protecting the investors. It’s a must listen if you’re in the money food-chain. 12/13/04

Brad Feld, Managing Director, Mobius VCMantra for Venture Capitalists Today + Mobius VC Tips
Brad Feld,
managing director of Mobius Venture Capital identifies what VCs are looking at today…including exit strategies, hot markets, checklist of the VC’s mantra, what Mobius VC is focused on today as well as essentials for the first-time entrepreneur who is building a new company.

Rocky Scott, President, Greater Colorado Springer Economic Development Corp.Seed Capital — Increasing Demand
Karl Dakin,
a licensed attorney and professional technology manager suggests that in addition to SBIR grants, small entrepreneurial companies need to be able to tap into a seed capital fund. He has an idea to create a pool of money that would bring $50,000 to $250,000 to the table for startups.

3/18/03 Catharine Merigold - Bullish on Colorado Companies. $60 Million giveaway. Vista Ventures has that much new money to invest in Colorado companies, now! ALL NEW, Copyrights & Trademarks (IP Mistakes to Avoid) - Complete slide presentation with audio (28K Modem OK) with Pat Perrin, Esq. of Hogan & Hartson. Erik Berg of PriceWaterhouseCoopers reveals the high-tech financial forecast with a CTEK audience. John Hansen, CTO for Colorado attacks Cyber Security.

Rick PatchRick Patch is a founding partner of Sequel Partners, a Boulder-based venture capital firm specializing in early-stage funding for emerging technology firms. The firm manages more than $425 million in capital.

Brad FeldBrad Feld
Everything is changing. All the rules are changing…or are they? Brad Feld, general partner in Mobius Venture capital, is one of the best-known and most colorful VCS in the Rocky Mountain region.

Daniel FeldDaniel Feld
Director of Colorado Operations, Mobius Venture Capital. What does an 18th century scientist and philosopher have in common with a high-tech VC?

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