Nanotechnology There's Nothing Bigger in Colorado than Nanotechnology
Colorado invites you to share in its strategic vision. We are seeking additional partners who want tot collaborate, build and grow the most intelligent nanotech cluster on the planet.
Commercialization is the final frontier for nanotechnolgy.
Colorado is in the race and gaining altitude

"It's about best practices, economic strength, a stronger community. The verdict is in, but the race is not over. The winners might not be the biggest, but they will collaborate, integrate and communicate. Join in now. We have." -Larry Nelson, w3w3 Media Network - Radio@w3w3.com

187_ Colorado Supports Nanotechnology in a BIG Way
Brian Vogt, Director, OEDITDebbie Woodward, Colorado Nanotechnology Alliance CNA
Following the Governor's Tech Week Launch, Brian Vogt, Director of Colorado's Office of Economic Development and International Trade talked about the new era we are entering which includes growing international competition as well as the new kinds of networks, relationships and economic principles. Jobs of the future and wrapping it all together with a long term strategy is critical. After addressing other important issues, Brian introduced Debbie Woodward, Executive Director, Colorado Nanotechnology Alliance. She unvailed the Nano Roadmap. 10/02/06 LISTEN
Debbie Woodward, Exec. Director, Colorado Nanotechnology Alliance179_ Impossible Becomes Reality with a Little Manipulation
The strategic action plan for CNA, called the Colorado Nanotechnology Roadmap was released today. Debbie Woodward, Executive Director, Colorado Nanotechnology Alliance pointed out as an economic driver, nanotechnology is no 'small matter'. Global demand is expected to reach $28.7 billion by 2008 and a $1 trillion global market is forecasted by 2015 with an estimated 7 million new US jobs will be created with an average wage of $97,978. We need to pay attention to this emerging market and not let it get away.> LISTEN 9/18/06

Robert Rea, Sr. Executive, ANGLE Technology GroupBarry Stein, PhD, ANGLE Technology GroupBarry Stein & Bob Rea Unveil Nano Strategy
Robert Rea and Barry Stein, both of the ANGLE Technology Group in Virginia were in Colorado to address the Nanotech Business Group at their breakfast meeting at CSU. They are very successful in NanoTech commercialization and suggest that Colorado has a potentially viable cluster and collaboration is vital. 2/21/2005 LISTEN
Dr. Robert Brown, Director Nanotec Northern IrelandNanoTechnology Northern Ireland & CO Collaborate
Nanotechnology will impact the worldwide population. Dr. Robert Brown, director of Nanotec Northern Ireland along with Dr. Louis Hornyak, Ex. Director of the Colorado Nanotech Initiative talk about industrial regeneration, commercial exploitation for wealth creation. 12/6/04 Check out the LifePics Photo Album: NanoTech Breakfast University of Denver
Denise Brown, Executive Director, Colorado BioScience AssociationCOLORADO BioScience ASSOCIATION
Two of the most important associations in Life Sciences have merged to form the powerful and very progressive Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA). They are 225 members strong (and growing) and will be hosting 25 programs in 2004," says Denise Brown, CBSA's Exec. Director. Denise talks of challenges & predictions
Louis Hornyak, CNTINanoTech and (FUN)ding
How does Colorado compare to other states in the NanoTech arena? What is it going to take to develop a first-class biotech cluster? There are many pieces to those puzzles, but in any scenario, money is a major factor. Russ Farmer discusses SBIR & STTR Grant funding with Louis Hornyak and his NanoTech team.

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