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10/12-13 M-T
RVC Colorado Capital Conference
10/13 T PM
TiE Rockies Catalyzing Innovation
10/15 Th PM
CTP Technology Executive of the Year
10/15 Th PM
AITP Mile High Dinner Meeting
CTA Colorado Tech Summit
10/21 W AM
ACG Denver Corporate Executive Breakfast
10/23 F PM
SFC Risk Assessment in Spectrum Policy
10/27 T AM
CTA What We're Making at Intel
10/29 Th PM
SFC: Crash Course: The Federal Labs Story

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Take your influence to the next level enclosure-voice 1772_ 10/12/15 -

NCWIT Research and Resources: Mentoring

The daily routine might have replaced that initial #BackToSchool excitement, but there are still plenty of ways to stay driven for moving the needle for women in tech throughout the rest of the school season. As a change leader, you make a profound positive impact on women’s decisions to continue their educational and professional pursuits in computing. But, have you considered how active mentoring can amplify your influence?

Mentoring can have positive effects for both mentees and mentors. Mentees experience increased confidence and skill set development while mentors experience personal satisfaction and career enhancement. Whether you currently participate in a mentoring program or are interested in joining one, this newsletter features resources and programs for next steps in making the most out of a mentoring experience.

In the spirit of #BackToSchool, we look forward to equipping you with more NCWIT programs and resources to help you achieve your goals as a change leader.

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Outstanding track record - Gaining coverage for clients
enclosure-voice 1767_ 9/28/15 - Doyle Albee, President of Metzger Albee Public Relations was interviewed by Larry with a focus on how businesses can get good press and quality inbound links by contributing content. Doyle explained the benefits of and how to write contributed articles and blog posts. This is an area overlooked by many businesses. Another area that is great to tap into is tapping into the interesting angles on ongoing story cycles in the news. Also tap into your area of interest and expertise. Provide expert commentary for breaking news…There’s more, listen now…
RELATED LINKS: Metzger Albee Public Relations || PR is Dead || 2014 PodCast Directory || KEYWORDS: Doyle Albee, Metzger Albee Public Relations, Press Releases, Good Press, Quality Inbound Links, Ongoing Story Cycles, Breaking News, Articles, Blog Posts
LISTEN TO: Doyle Albee, President, Metzger Albee PR

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Simplifying email testing and analytics
enclosure-voice 1770_ 9/28/15 - Larry welcomes John Thies, co-founder of Email on Acid a Colorado company that does business around the world and focuses on developing tools that simplify email testing and analytics. "When we started this company, email development was anything but easy. The Internet was full of resources for web developers, but we could hardly find anything to help email developers. So we set out to create a service that would make it easy to find and fix email problems, and give developers and marketers a place to talk about email. We love email (obviously), and are dedicated to making email testing and marketing as simple as possible. Email design and development can be difficult, but we've developed an entire body of content to help you hone your skills and improve your efforts."
RELATED LINKS: Email on Acid home || Metzger Albee Public Relations || Entrepreneurs || KEYWORDS: John Thies, Email on Acid, Gmail, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Outlook, iPhone, Android, Email Development
LISTEN TO: John Thies, Co Founder, Email on Acid

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Larry Nelson, Managing Change in the Midst of Chaos Your Ultimate Win
The Ultimate Win - Your GoalThe Ultimate Win™ - Achieving Personal & Professional Satisfaction An in-depth strategic planning and goal setting system for achievers. Here's a win/win! You can enjoy the full benefits of this online program, including the entire audio and downloadable resource guide... totally free. All we ask in return is some honest feedback. Tens of thousands people around the world have heard the program either in a live seminar or on cassette tapes. We are launching this as a "for sale" program on the Web very soon. Any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated. If you have a friend or colleague that you think would enjoy and participate in our "beta" test, please feel free to pass along this link and invitation. There is no cost to them. All your information and input will be confidential.

ACG Denver Annual Leadership Development Event 1774_ 10/12/15 -

There's More to this Prescription (Part 2 of 2)
Doc Stanley's prescription (Part 1 of 2)

enclosure-voice 1766_ 9/21/15 - Stanley Feld M.D., FACP,MACE has some very fascinating insights on the challenging U.S. healthcare system. Larry asked Stan about that issue. Dr. Feld had a lot to tell us. The insurance industry announced that insurance premiums in both the federal and state health insurance exchanges are going up 50% in 2016. The group private markets will increase by the same percentages. Insurance rates for 2015 were unaffordable for small businesses, and large corporations. One church that buys insurance in the private healthcare insurance market had its rates increased 37%. Instead of dropping insurance for their employees and paying the penalty, the church agreed to the pay the increased premiums. The church compensated for this increase in expenses by increasing church membership dues. Some members had to quit the church. Eighty-five percent of members in Obamacare are receiving a government subsidy. A high percentage of that 85% are receiving higher subsidies than they are entitled to receive because of government lack of verification. Eventually, when healthcare.gov website connects with the IRS, the government will find out that people received higher subsidies than they are entitled to. The recipients will get a bill they cannot afford. Obamacare’s reinsurance subsidies for the health insurance industries are expiring in 2016. The insurance industry is raising insurance premiums to cover the revenue lost by not receiving the Obamacare insurance company subsidies in 2016. Listen for more details…
RELATED LINKS: Dr. Stanley Feld Blog || 2005 History || Foundry Group || Entrepreneurs || The New York Times... || KEYWORDS: Stanley Feld M.D., FACP,MACE, Healthcare System, Health Insurance Exchanges, Obamacare, IRS, Insurance Industry, The New York Times
LISTEN TO: Stanley Feld, M.D., FACP, MACE Part 1 of 2
There's More to this Prescription (Part 2 of 2)

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2015 Drive|Lead|Succeed! EDCC Conference 1773_ 10/12/15 -

The Advantages of Coworking
enclosure-voice 1769_ 9/28/15 - Larry interviewed Charlie Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Thrive Workplace. Thrive understands that coworking should reflect the needs of entrepreneurs and small business owners and knows that long-term commitments and contracts are a little intimidating. That's why they operate on a month-to-month lease. They encourage flexibility in office space, and have designed our offices to be versatile and adjustable. Their tenants can redesign their space, incorporate custom furniture builds, and remove or add walls when necessary. Flexibility, Location, Community…
RELATED LINKS: Thrive Workplace || Cherry Creek Location || Ballpark Location || KEYWORDS: Thrive Workplace, Charlie Johnson, Coworking, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Secure Mailing Address, Social Media Channels
LISTEN TO: Charlie Johnson, Co Founder, Thrive Workplace

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