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OCT/NOV 2013 SUBMIT Your Event Dates – 2013-14 Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring
10/21 M PM Entreps Unplugged John Giacomoni & Manish Vachharajani, Line Rate
10/22 T PM CTA Gov in Tech: Google Apps - The Next Steps
10/23 W Nn TiE Entrepreneurial Roundtable, Total Health Program
10/23 W PM CTA, Women in Technology: Mentoring Event
10/24 Th PM Crash Course: Maker's Movement, Panel
10/25 F AM TiE Rockies Business for Breakfast Ashu Misra
10/28-29 Boulder Chamber 29th Annual Esprit Entrepreneur
10/31 Due NCWIT 2014 - Aspirations in Computing - Applications Deadline
11/4-6 M-W Defrag Conference 2013
11/4 M PM Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Heidi Ganahl, Founder, Camp Bow Wow
11/5 T Nn ACG Denver Dan Burns, CEO, Accuvant
11/6-7 W-Th RVC Colorado Capital Conference
11/7 Th PM CTP/TiE Tech Icon Award
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Thought leaders discuss raising capital for businesses Denver OED -
2nd Annual Capital Roundtable
Hosted by Hogan & Hart

Networking in the heart of Colorado - CTA
9th Annual Wine Tasting Event 10/16/2013

Huge asset to entrepreneurs here in Colorado
Chris Onan, Managing Director, Galvanizeenclosure-voice 1448_ 10/7/2013 - We are talking with Chris Onan, Managing Director of Galvanize, and he's been a venture capitalist and strategy consultant for years. There is so much happening in the marketplace, high tech and everything else, we asked Chris for an overview of what he sees happening. He said one of the exciting things for Colorado is that milennials are moving here in greater numbers than to any city in the country, and that's not per capita, that's aggregate. There are a number of reasons, it's a beautiful place to live, centrally located, we have a major airport. It's relatively cost effective to start a business here, the tax rates are lower and you've got a mid-western ethos where you can get a cup of coffee with just about anyone. Guys like David Cohen and Brad Feld and Steve Halstead will give you a cup of coffee. It doesn't happen in Silicon Valley or New York - and it's a huge asset to entrepreneurs that are here in Colorado. TechStars, literally taking over the world recently opening in London and beyond, headquartered here - all together, it's just drawn a ton of entrepreneurial activity and attention here. And Galvanize, we're kind of drafting on that and we fit right in to the broader trend in Colorado, becoming a very prominent place for entrepreneurial and tech activity. One of the challenges talked about for this area is getting a big company to headquarter here. Chris doesn't agree, saying...
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LISTEN TO: Chris Onan, Managing Director, Galvanize

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Search Engine Optimization continues to morph
Ray Hutchins, Denver SEO Services, President, TiE Rockies enclosure-voice 1453_ 10/14/2013 - Ray Hutchins, founder of Denver Web Services, goes onto say, "Now days, everyone is trying to get themselves ranked higher - everybody! It used to be just a small number of businesses but now, it's just crazy. Your choices are to get yourself ranked high in the search engines for certain key words in the organic or free search results - or you can play Google's game and buy ads which they are putting on the same page, in positions more prominent than the organic free results. So your options are you can pay money for Search Engine Optimization or you can pay money for pay-for-click ads. The advantage to pay-for-click ads [if you can figure that campaign out] is the results are instantaneous. You can put your ads up today and , conceivably get results today. Although it's pretty complicated and a lot of people don't want to take on the mental challenge, but it's doable. With Search Engine Optimization, it takes time to get ranked. Depending on the keywords and depending on the market you're after it takes, two months best case, to six months to get ranked up there. Search engine optimization is a cross between a science and an art. Ray finds it fascinating as a practitioner and he tries to transmit to his clients, how the web works when you're trying to manipulate the results." Listen for much more...
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LISTEN TO: Ray Hutchins, Denver Web Services

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A Worldwide Reach Focused on Colorado Business & Technology channel examples1455_ 10/14/2013 - w3w3® Talk Radio is a blend of Internet talk radio, an online business magazine and an aggregator of business development strategies. Although it has a worldwide reach, w3w3® is community focused, in Colorado. Here are some valuable link examples:
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Paul Washington, Executive Director, Denver Office of Economic Development Future plans for a privately funded Angel Capital Fund
enclosure-voice 1458_ 10/21/2013 - Larry joined Paul Washington, Executive Director of the Denver Office of Economic Development following the 2nd Annual Capital Roundtable hosted by Betty Arkel, and Scott Berdan, Holland and Hart, with the purpose of gathering executive thought leaders in venture capital, private equity and angel capital to discuss and provide suggestions to the Mayor on Denver’s business capital raising environment. Paul mentioned this was a follow-up from the first annual Venture Roundtable held just about a year ago. A great success with more attendees, more discussions and a broader representation of the city's finest. Paul tells us, "as a result, a few things will happen. First and foremost, there were scribes at each of the breakout sessions and the scribes will compile the notes from each session."From that, a report will published and shared with the attendees as well as the public." Basically there were five table topics, of those Paul's office will look at what initiatives they can spearhead. Paul is very interested in exploring a crowd sourcing model, whereby the city and perhaps the large corporate community does a request for proposal or RFP where we basically say we've got x-hundred thousand dollars to the winner of a competition. The entrepreneurial community will respond to a big problem that the either the city or the private sector needs solved. The winner will then get the financing to come up with a business model to solve that problem. Listen for near future plans... a privately funded Angel Capital Fund...
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LISTEN TO: Paul Washington, Executive Director, Denver Office of Economic Development

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Steve Dine, Founder & Managing Partner, Datasource Consulting The relationship between Business Intelligence and Big Data
enclosure-voice 1459_ 10/21/2013 - Larry had a number of questions about Big Data and Business Intelligence so he corralled Steve Dine, founder and managing partner, of Datasource Consulting. They help companies large and small to identify their data, and help integrate their data across multiple systems. In large companies that data may go into 2 to 300 systems providing information necessary to making the business process decisions. It is vital to identify the valuable data and then have the capabilities to analyze and that turn that data into information. Steve tells us that Business Intelligence, aside from being an oxymoron, is really an umbrella term that identifies different aspects to data analysis. It involves the collection of data, the modeling of data as well as the architecture of how you actually capture data and where you store it, and then accessing your data for analytic tools. So it's really an umbrella term used in the business intelligence industry for all those different areas. Really it's all about helping companies turn data into information. Larry asked Steve if he could define Big Data. Steve said, "I wish I could. One of the things the industry hasn't done a good job at is defining the term of big data. The way it's defined today is through three different areas. One is the velocity of data, that means how often that data changes and how often you actually need to process that data... Listen, there is much more...
RELATED LINKS: Datasource Consulting || Communication Technology Professionals || Communication Technologies || Software || KEYWORDS: Steve Dine, Datasource, Datasolutions, Consulting, Big Data, Integrate, Scalable Maintainable Data-Integration, Business-Intelligence Solutions. bytes=5722595
LISTEN TO: Steve Dine, Founder/Managing Partner, Datasource Consulting

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Please join CTP, TiE Rockies & The Innovation Pavilion in recognizing Larry and Pat Nelson as our 2013 CTP Tech Icon Award recipients!
Sherry Law, Evergreen Communications - 1452_ 10/14/2013

Pat & Larry Nelson, Co-Founders, w3w3® Media Network, aka  w3w3.comIf you attend business events in Colorado, you’ve undoubtedly seen Larry and Pat Nelson, Larry with camera in hand. As founders of w3w3® Media Network, they have attended more than 1,000 events, taken more than 40,000 photos, and interviewed 2,000-plus tech leaders since 1998. Communications Technology Professionals (CTP) is turning the lens on Larry and Pat on November 7th to present them with the Tech Icon Award as part of the Annual Ascent Awards. It is the very first award of its kind. The Annual Ascent Awards celebrate Colorado entrepreneurial technology companies, recognizing excellence in a variety of categories. The event is presented by CTP and TiE® Rockies and held each year at the Innovation Pavilion. CTP holds two other keynote events each year, The Future of Technology (FOT), and the Technology Executive of the Year. "Larry and Pat are ever-present and constant supporters of Colorado tech companies," says Debora Langer, CTP president. "The board wanted a way to express how much Larry and Pat have meant to us over the past 15 years—and the Tech Icon Award was born in an immediate and unanimous decision. We are thrilled to be making the inaugural award to Larry and Pat, who are Colorado’s true tech icons. We invite everyone who knows Larry and Pat to join us in celebrating them on November 7th." The Nelson’s have supported technology companies and companies in diverse industries since co-founding w3w3®Media Network in 1998. The w3w3 all-business radio show website consists of blogs, podcasts, articles, recorded and archived audio and video interviews, business photos and a business calendar of events. Larry also conducts in-house seminars and offers keynote addresses on various business topics, including "Mastering Change in the Midst of Chaos," also the title of his latest book. Larry and Pat have been entrepreneurs in other realms as well, having lived in and owned businesses in five foreign countries that ranged from retail stores to high tech; warehouses to direct mail; and manufacturing to consulting and training. Register for the Annual Ascent Awards:

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Mastering Change in the 
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