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1/13 T AM
CTA C-Level @ Mile High Volunteer Kick-Off
1/14 W Nn
CTA 101 Luncheon
1/15 Th Aft
Silicon Flatirons Ctr: Future of Health Care Innovation:
Leading Frontiers of Change
1/15 Th PM
ACG Denver: Mile High Dealmaking at the Peaks Lounge
1/19 M
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
1/27 T AM
CTA Gov-in-Tech
1/28 W PM
Entrepreneurs Unplugged - Lucy Sanders, NCWIT
2/3 T Nn
ACG Denver Tom Atchison, National Corporate Housing
SFC Digital Broadband Migration : First Principles of Twenty First Century Innovation


Nicole Glaros, Managing Director, TechStars Boulder Helping entrepreneurs become more successful in their endeavors
enclosure-voice 1656_ 1/12/15 - Nicole Glaros, Managing Director, TechStars - Boulder, gives Larry an overview of the company, which is a seed accelerator. What that means is we take a little bit of capital and we fund early stage companies - and we put them through a 13 week intensive boot camp. In that boot camp, we surround them with mentors, and at the end of that boot camp we hope that the companies are much more successful. Turns out that the formula works, we're running about a 90% success rate since 2007. That means either they've been acquired or still in business, only 10% of them have shut down. TechStars has expanded all over the country with about 15 programs running in the U.S. as well as internationally. Nicole's personal focus is here in Boulder where she runs the local program. But when she's looking at investing in a company, she tells Larry, "I'm looking at anything across the board in the web and Internet software space. So we specialize in...Listen for more exciting details and 8 Weeks of Awesome...
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LISTEN TO: Nicole Glaros, Managing Director, TechStars Boulder

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Alan Beaulieu, President, ITR Economics Alan Beaulieu, President, ITR Economics details 2015 Financial Forecast [Part 1 of 3: Keynote Presentation]
enclosure-voice 1655_ 1/12/15 - Alan's presentation will cover a wide variety of topics including short- and long-term global economic forecasts, regional economic updates, an outlook on inflation, and the relationship of political events and economic growth. He will also detail what economic indicators executives should follow, and provide proven strategies for leveraging economic forecasts at the company level. bytes=19005756
View slides of various graphs referred to during this segment of the keynote address. Click through at your own pace, and enlarge slides by double clicking on them, Then X out [Top R corner] to continue viewing slides. Next week, we will post the balance of his presentation to ACG Denver on January 6, 2015.
LISTEN TO: Alan Beaulieu, President, ITR Economics

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Larry Nelson, Managing Change in the Midst of Chaos

Your Ultimate Win
The Ultimate Win - Your GoalThe Ultimate Win™ - Achieving Personal & Professional Satisfaction An in-depth strategic planning and goal setting system for achievers. Here's a win/win! You can enjoy the full benefits of this online program, including the entire audio and downloadable resource guide... totally free. All we ask in return is some honest feedback. Tens of thousands people around the world have heard the program either in a live seminar or on cassette tapes. We are launching this as a "for sale" program on the Web very soon. Any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated. If you have a friend or colleague that you think would enjoy and participate in our "beta" test, please feel free to pass along this link and invitation. There is no cost to them. All your information and input will be confidential.
Congratulations! You are a winner and w3w3® Talk Radio is giving you the Ultimate Win™. You should save this page in your browser's "Favorites" in case you are interrupted and want to come back to the links listed below. We encourage you to get a FREE evaluation copy of the Life Perspective Inventory (LPI). It was written and developed by Larry Nelson and has been utilized in a dozen countries with over 100,000 people. When you are planning your future, the LPI can be an invaluable tool. It only takes a few minutes.

You're going to find North America is the place to be
Alan Beaulieu, President, ITR Economicsenclosure-voice 1655_ 1/12/15 - One of the country's most informed economists, Alan Beaulieu has been providing workshops and economic analysis seminars across the world to literally thousands of business owners and executives for the last 25 years. He is co-author of Prosperity in the Age of Decline, a powerful look at how to make the most of the US and global trends over the next 20 years. Larry interviewed Alan , President, ITR Economics at the ACG Denver 2015 kick-off luncheon. Alan said, "It's kind of a mixed bag right now with oil prices falling. It's good for consumers but tough on a segment of industrial production. So far the oil and gas industry is showing pretty normal numbers at the end of the year and no major signs of pull-back. But obviously the stock market is nervous . Europe is nervous about Greece, there's a mad man in Russia - there's all kinds of strange things going on in the world. But the bottom line is the U.S. is a strong economy in good shape"...Listen for much more and photos too...
RELATED LINKS: ITR Economics || ACG Denver || RM Corporate Growth Conference || Event Photos || M&A Channel || KEYWORDS: Alan Beaulieu, ITR Economics, Institute for Trend Research, Financial Trends, ACG Denver, Association for Corporate Growth, Trends, Economic Recovery, M&A, Entrepreneurs, Europe, China, Canada, Latin America. > bytes=6038154
LISTEN TO: Alan Beaulieu, President, ITR Economics

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Economic Forecast for 2015 at ACG Denver Photos 1655_ 1/12/15 -

Creating and operating large-scale web applications
Kate Matsudaira, Founder, popformsenclosure-voice 1651_ 1/05/15 - Lucy Sanders, the CEO for the National Center for Women and Information Technology or NCWIT, is back with another in the series of interviews with fabulous entrepreneurs. Lucy is joined be Larry Nelson, co-founder of Talk Radio. They are interviewing Kate Matsudaira, Founder of popforms. Kate has spent her entire career working on amazing products with brilliant people. Now, she wants to transform the way we think about career development and is on a mission to create tools that help superstars shine at work. Before popforms, Kate managed teams at big companies like Amazon & Microsoft, and small startups including Moz, Delve Networks (acquired by Limelight), & Decide (acquired by eBay). She has extensive experience building and managing high-performance teams, and considers herself a fan of agile development practices and the lean startup movement. She is currently founding her own startup, popforms, but has held roles as developer, project manager, product manager, and people manager at great companies including Amazon and Microsoft...Listen for much more...
RELATED LINKS: Kate Matsudaira Website || Popforms || NCWIT Home || NCWIT Blog || Heroes Channel || Podcast Directory || KEYWORDS: Kate Matsudaira, popforms, Lucy Sanders, National Center for Women in Technology, NCWIT, Entrepreneurs, Amazon, Microsoft, Moz, Delve Networks, Limelight, Decide, eBay, > bytes=17169661
LISTEN TO: Kate Matsudaira, Founder, Popforms

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Women in IT: The FACTS Women in IT: The Facts
1653_ 1/05/15 - Check this out... a coherent study about women in technology, one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S. You will find data and tools to identify barriers to women's participation plus promising practices to support your company's efforts to improve conditions for women in technology. Women in IT: The Facts, sponsored by NCWIT's Workforce Alliance, brings together the latest findings from recent research on technical women. This report gives you: The best available data about the current state of affairs for technical women, in a single, easy-to-access resource A summary of the key barriers to women's participation in technology AND promising practices for addressing these barriers Data and tools to support your organization's change efforts.
RELATED LINKS: Hero's Channel || Women in IT || KEYWORDS: National Center for Women in Technology, NCWIT, NCWIT's Workforce Alliance, Lucy Sanders, Women and IT,

David Barnes, Program Director, Emerging Internet Technology, IBM Software Group Strategy Ethics, a personal and a professional passion
enclosure-voice 1651_ 1/05/15 - Returning with keynote speaker for Defrag 2014 - David Barnes, program director for Emerging Internet Technology, IBM Software Group Strategy. David talks about ethics, for him, a personal and a professional passion... "We talk about the Internet of Things where everything from your baby carriage to your car will be connected and data will be gathered. But what about the ethical use of the data? It comes down to 'they'. People say 'they' made a decision to do this or that. But in all my years calling on the biggest companies, there is no secret illuminati in some room that makes these big decisions. It's every individual in our data stations - software developers, business managers... somehow all of us are in some way involved in making these decisions, making ethical choices. What are we going to do with this data?" Larry asked David, how would he define ethics? David says,...listen to this challenging discussion...
RELATED LINKS: Bluemix || Defrag 2014 || Podcast Directory || Software Chnl || KEYWORDS: David Barnes, Emerging Internet Technology, IBM Software Group Strategy, Ethics, HIPPA, iOS Apps with Bluemix, DefragCon 2014, Emerging Internet Technology, Innovate, Cloud, > BYTES=9978256
LISTEN TO: David L. Barnes, IBM U.S.

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