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John Mackey, Author, Conscious Capitalism, CEO and Cofounder, WholeFoods Market John Mackey Culture, Strategy and Conscious Capitalism enclosure-voice [1368_ 3.25.13] 8-18-2014
Larry and Patricia Nelson are here at the ACG Denver's 11th Annual, Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference 2013 speaking with John Mackey, CEO and Cofounder of WholeFoods and co-author of Conscious Capitalism. At this year's conference we heard a lot of speakers talking about strategy - we asked John Mackey to give us his take on strategy. He responded, "My theory is that you have to first find your purpose for the business, why you exist. After that you have to ask, How do I create value for our customers? Ultimately it is value creation for the customers that leads the business to flourish. Then we ask the strategy questions. What strategy do we implement that allows us to follow purpose and allow us to create value for our customers and other stakeholders?

RELATED LINKS: Conscious Capitalism || ACG Denver || RM Corporate Growth Conference || M&A Channel || Amazon || KEYWORDS: ACG Denver, Rocky Mtn Corporate Growth Conference, John Mackey, WholeFoods Market, Association for Corporate Growth, Keynote speaker, John Mackey, Conscious Capitalism, M&A, Entrepreneurs, RMCGC, BYTES=10372809
LISTEN TO: John Mackey CoFounder/CEO, WholeFoods Markets, Author, Conscious Capitalism

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User generated content is becoming more and more critical
Niniane Wang, CTO, Mintedenclosure-voice [1082_ 9/26/11] 8-11-14 - Niniane has a great track record at Google and Microsoft. She started with Minted about a year ago and leads the technology team including engineering and technical operations. Lucy Sanders, CEO for the National Center for Women and Information Technology or NCWIT along with Larry Nelson, Director of w3w3® Media Network conduct another interview as part of the NCWIT Entrepreneurial Heroes series, with great women entrepreneurs. People who have started companies in all types of technology sectors and have told us fabulous stories. Today we have Niniane Wang, CTO of Minted. Minted is a startup out of San Francisco and it uses technology to crowd source graphic designs from a global community. Minted holds monthly design challenges for stationery, invitations, calendars, and other categories and all graphic designers are invited to enter. The Minted community selects the best designs in a highly competitive process; winning designers earn cash prizes, a place in the Minted collection, and commissions on all sales of their designs. It is a great site - you can go there and discover the work of great designers from all over the world. Lucy asked, "How did you get into technology? And as you look out, which ones do you see that are particularly interesting?" Niniane pointed out - I got into technology by programming in basic when she was five... Her parents had immigrated to the US so that her dad could get a PhD in math. They didn't have a lot of time or money. They bought a game counsel from Radio Shack because they couldn't afford Nintendo. It had a basic interpreter on it - it came with a book of basic programs and Niniane started copying in the programs. She said it was very visual and she would amuse herself in this way. It was fun, rewarding and instantly satisfying. Niniane loves disruptive technologies like the Kindle and says she carries hers everywhere and buys 10 times as many books now. User generated content is becoming more and more critical. First we saw user generated web sites, now there is a proliferation of people creating art. Niniane offers many insights...listen for more...
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LISTEN TO: Niniane Wang, CTO, Minted

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When the chips are down, Michael Bristow says,
" Keep at it, eventually there will be a turn around."

Michael Bristow, M.D., CEO & CSMO, ARCAenclosure-voice 1599_ 8/11/14 - [archives/2011-01-13]
ARCA Biopharma, Inc. is a Colorado-based biopharmaceutical company developing genetically-targeted therapies for heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases. Larry interviewed Michael R. Bristow, MD, Ph.D. CEO & Chief Science and Medical Officer of ARCA, at the CU Technology Transfer Office Awards banquet. For years, Dr. Bristow has been a favorite interview for w3w3®. Larry asked, "Michael what are the biggest changes you've seen in this last year in your industry?" He replied, "It's been a couple of tough years, but I think things are starting to turn around and basically the atmospherics have gotten a lot better. Just coming off a JP Morgan meeting, it was, I thought, a completely different tone this year." Dr. Bristow had some interesting insights about funding. "Well, it's sort of like financing of real estate was back in the early 80s when interest rates were 20% - you've got to do creative financing. So, all kinds of vehicles have been used through this period. ARCA biopharma, for instance did a reverse merger, bought a company that was NASDAQ listed, that had a bunch of cash - that proved to be a good move. So people have gotten through this one way or another. But we need to get back to traditional sources of funding." Larry asked, "Is there any particular advice to people in your arena?" Spoken like a true leader he replied, "Yes, don't give up. I mean, tenacity! Keep at it, eventually there will be a turn around. Now, when things aren't going too well, may be the best opportunity there is in terms of acquiring assets. Think ahead. Think positive." Dr. Bristow joined ARCA as one of ARCA’s founders in September 2004, and has served as Chairman and Chief Science and Medical Officer of ARCA until he was appointed to his current position of Chief Executive Officer in July 2009. Dr. Bristow is a Professor of Medicine and the former Head of Cardiology at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, where he has been since October 1991. Dr. Bristow was one of the founders of Myogen, Inc.

RELATED LINKS: ARCA biopharma || CU Technology Transfer Office || CU TTO Channel || TTO Blog || KEYWORDS: Michael Bristow, ARCA biopharma, CU Technology Transfer Office, Biotech, Cardiology at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, University of Colorado Cardiovascular Institute bytes=2927702
LISTEN TO: Michael R. Bristow, MD, Ph.D. CEO & Chief Science and Medical Officer of ARCA

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Guy Kawaski, Author, Enchantment Guy Kawasaki: The art of changing hearts, minds and actions
Enchantment, by Guy Kawasakienclosure-voice 1601_ [archives 2011-09-12] - Three years ago when I last interviewed our guest, Guy Kawasaki, managing partner of Garage Technology Ventures and founder of, we were going through some tougher times, I asked Guy, how do you think this will play out? Guy replied, "I'm not a visionary or an oracle, but I'll tell you what I'd tell an entrepreneur, which is... "Plug your ears and keep going!" Guy's latest and tenth book is, 'ENCHANTMENT, The art of changing hearts, minds and actions.' Guy's unique style, he replied, "The word is purely a marketing thing. You know, I wanted to own a word, like Tom Peters owns excellence... and I wanted my word to be enchantment. And I wanted the image [from the book cover], the butterfly to be recognizable as enchantment. So that's why the particular word, in a marketing sense. In a philosophical sense, I think people can aspire to a higher relationship than simply closing sales. So this would be enchanting people, getting people to believe in your dream as much as you do." Larry asked what motivated Guy to get on this topic. Well, he's been enchanting and evangelizing people for the about two-and-a-half decades now. It was time to collect all his lessons and put it out there so people could achieve more success with their new products, new services, new companies, new ideas. "I think if you enchant your customers you'll have a much better relationship with them, you'll have a longer relationship with them, probably a more profitable relationship and they too will be happier. I think it will help people have better relationships with their customers, and their prospective customers, which will in turn, lead to success. It's very difficult to foster this kind of relationship, particularly in a time when people are so skeptical about others and pessimistic. If you wait for the turnaround to occur and everybody is all happy and things are going honky-dory again, it may be too late." ...listen for much more...
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LISTEN To: Guy Kawasaki, Author, Enchantment

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Mastering Change in the Midst of Chaos™
Mastering Change in the 
        Midst of Chaos, Larry L. Nelson, Author
Here’s what you’ll learn in this 200 page book!
     - Apply the Principles of A-to-Z Planning to
        Build a Winning Team
     - Tap into Your Team’s Mental DNA to
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        History, Trends & Ground Swell

Regardless of the economy, application of these 3 initiatives will help you achieve your goals, meet your bottom-line metrics and accomplish incredible results. These 3 initiatives are Powerful, Proven and People-Oriented. Larry predicts there will be more significant changes in 2013 than in the last 10 years combined…across all sectors. Read More at Mastering Change .

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Larry Nelson, Managing Change in the Midst of ChaosLooking back, Living Business Lessons -
Archives revisited...

Hind sight is a beautiful thing! As we work to achieve our goals, the past may be holding the key to your success. The following stories are from 2013 and are archived on the website.

Economic predictions for 2013, 2014 and beyond
Alan Beaulieu, Economist, Institute Trend Researchenclosure-voice [1337_ 1/14/13] 8-11-14 - This is the fourth year running here as ACG Denver starts the new year out with a look into the future featuring keynote speaker Alan Beaulieu, economist with Institute Trend Research. This is a very popular program at ACG, everyone makes it a point to be here in January. Check back in the Archives and you can listen to Alan's past previews into the coming year. Today Alan points out a lot has happened since we last spoke - "the fiscal cliff, we've got Europe going on... I mean there is no lack of things to ponder." Today Alan is talking about what the semi-resolution of the fiscal cliff means for the economy in 2013. Whether Europe is going to implode or not? The answer is not. Whether the Chinese economy is going to sink or expand? It's going to expand. Whether the U.S. economy is going to see more opportunities for businesses in 13? The answer is yes. And the reason for all of that is what we're going to be discussing here at ACG Denver today. But the reality is, this economy is in a real recovery. It's a sustainable recovery and, it's not going to end for another three maybe three-and-a-half quarters." LN: What are some of the other things you'd like to highlight? Alan: "Well there's a recession coming in 2014. And, we need to start thinking now about how we're going to get ready for that. And I think more importantly, Larry, because that's pretty short cycle, we should realize that 15, 16, 17 - they're really good years coming! - And business leaders should ask themselves, What do I need to do now to get ready to be busy again? Because, we've had a hunker-down, no-spend, watch-the-cash mentality for so long that we're going to walk right into a great recovery and we're going to be ill prepared for it. Being ill prepared for a recovery is as bad as being ill prepared for a recession." Larry recaps for clarity: Fourteen is going to be a little tough and challenging. But then 15, 16 and 17 they're going to be coming back. "Right" said Alan, "You're absolutely right Larry! We're going to be happy! We're not going to be retiring but it'll be a good time in the country." ...listen for more ...
RELATED LINKS: ITR Economics || ACG Denver || Event Photos || M&A Channel || KEYWORDS: Alan Beaulieu, ITR Economics, Institute for Trend Research, Financial Trends, ACG Denver, Association for Corporate Growth, Trends, Economic Recovery, M&A, Entrepreneurs, Europe, China, Canada, Latin America, BYTES=2926448
LISTEN TO: Alan Beaulieu, Economist, Institute Trend Research

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Michael Hamers, branding Fresh A.I.R.
Michael Hamers, Lightspeed Design & Branding Groupenclosure-voice [1370_ 4/1/13] 8-11-14 - We're talking with Michael Hamers, a long time associate in the Colorado business community and founder of Lightspeed Design & Branding Group. Larry asked, "How did you get your start?" Mike replied, "I Went to commercial arts school and was hired by Harley Davidson based on the strength of my line art. They taught me how to read blueprints. I spent many years as a technical illustrator doing cutaways and exploded views of engines and transmissions. When I moved to Colorado I went to work at Ball Aerospace and moved up to laser communication devices and infrared telescopes and the space station. After working there for about six years, I started my own company, LightSpeed Commercial Arts." Larry said, "It's an interesting name why did you pick that name and what was your business like back then?" Besides thinking it was a cool name, Mike said, "people kept telling me how fast I was compared to the other illustrators and designers working whatever projects I was working on. Back then I was still primarily an illustrator doing work for Xerox, Metronics, working on cold laser and heart catheters, a lot of technical manuals for Mobil Oil, their emergency management plan - how to deal with a terrorist attack or helicopter safety... so very technical back then." Larry asked, "When did you start creating logos and branding?" Mike replied, "Pretty much from the start. My first logo was for a company Calling All Cars, some of the first cell phones for the car - it was about the size of a shoe, had a little antenna on the back window." Then Mike did a logo for Larry - the Institute for Change Research and Mike received his first 'award for excellence', he's been hooked ever since. "What do like most about logo design and branding?" "I just love the story telling aspect. I just love bridging the company name and tag line and the mark [the logo] into a homogenous whole - giving it a stable base. People love stories. So if you're able to get the branding story out, you're more apt to be remembered." So Mike really enjoys helping to do the telling and the selling of the branding message for these companies. Mike also produces a wonderful newsletter - extremely informational, easy to read and it can help you to build your business - the name of it is 'Good Design is Good Business: The business builder update'. Mike said, "It's just a great way for me to express myself, share my opinions about design and marketing." Topics covered in Mike's newsletter to this point, and available on his website newsletter archives are ...listen for more great ideas...
RELATED LINKS: Lightspeed || NCAR Gallery-Boulder "The Fresh A.I.R. Show" || Economy Builders || Mastering Change || Institute for Change Research || KEYWORDS: Michael Hamers, Branding, Design, Commercial Arts, Logos, 'Good Design is Good Business, Harley Davidson, Ball Aerospace, Xerox, Metronics, Calling All Cars, Institute for Change Research, bytes=6461965
LISTEN TO: Michael Hamers, Lightspeed Design & Branding Group

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Digital Broadband Migration: Internet Ecosystem

201- Digital Broadband Migration  Panel Discussion; Wolf Law Building, CU-Boulderenclosure-voice 1598_ 8/11/14 - [archives/2010-02-15] Each panelist had their own take at The Digital Broadband Migration 2010 Conference: Examining the Internet's Ecosystem. Read a few excerpts and then listen to the panel discussion. Phil Weiser, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Antitrust Division, Department of Justice moderates the panel ("What frightens me, makes me nervous - from the U.S. perspective losing our engineering talent, the Internet no longer being U.S. centric, patent litigation, a lack of cooperation among key players"); Meredith Baker, Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission ("We have a pretty good broadband environment out there - it needs to be better, it needs to cover all of America, but we have an adoption problem and we need to figure out..."); Brad Feld, Managing Director, Foundry Group ("It's nice to hear that Microsoft has adopted a term that is popular, and constructs that have been around for about 15 years...") ; Dale Hatfield, Exec. Dir., Silicon Flatirons Center, Former Chief Engineer, Federal Communications Commission ("So I get a little suspicious of re centralization and I get suspicious of cloud computing if it infringes on my freedom in terms of this is what I need to do to turn a job around."); Larissa Herda, Chairman, President and CEO, tw telecom, inc. ("We are affected by all of these things and the growth of the Internet Ecosystem has been quite staggering...") ; Michael Powell Former Chairman, Federal Communications Commission, Sr. Advisor, Providence Equity ("Why is it not done, because I don't know if it will ever be done. When you say what is driving it, absolutely technology first and foremost. Biggest concern is security and privacy.") ; Lisa Tania, VP and Deputy General Counsel for the Business Division, Microsoft Corporation ("Many people are referring to Cloud computing as the next frontier in technology and I think it's going to play an increasing important role over time"). Much more to listen to...
RELATED LINKS: Silicon Flatirons Program || Silicon Flatirons Center || Communication Technologies Channel || Communication Technologies || Change || KEYWORDS: Dale Hatfield, Phil Weiser, Brad Feld, Lisa Tanzi, Michael Powell, Larissa Herda, Meredith Baker, Digital Broadband Migration, Silicon Flatirons, Internet's Ecosystem, Cloud Computing, CTP, bytes: 75084878 Chnl: CTP - bytes: 75084878
LISTEN TO: Digital Broadband Migration Panel Discussion

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Podcast Directory @ What do Leonard Nimoy, Krista Marks, Vinton Cerf, have in common
1600_ 8/11/14 - [archives/2010-09-27] ...Celebrity status in the realm of science and technology; business, commerce and community, creators, educators, visionaries, philanthropists, leaders, adventurous, courageous people! You will find them and many more stand-out-leaders from actor, astronaut, genius to outspoken critic. Visit the w3w3 Podcast Directory for a comprehensive collection of our most important business leaders over the past eleven years. You won't find all these celebrity interviews any place else. Ask Google: Mike Fries, Lucy Sanders, Ted Turner, Dan Caruso, Larissa Herda, Steve Bigari, Jim Crowe, Denise Brown, Ping Fu, Mark Endry, Kathleen Quinn Votaw, Heidi Roizen, Seth Levine, Jon Nordmark, Nancy Phillips, Stephanie Smeltzer McCoy, Donna Auguste, Sam Addoms, Helen Greiner, Roy Dimoff, Greg Maffei, Vinton Cerf, Guy Kawasaki, Jay Walker, Sam Pitroda, Rick Patch, Terry Gold, Michael Powell, Richard Truly, J.B. Holston, Holli Baumunk and 1000s of more interviews can be heard 24/7 at We have been doing this since January 1999. Check it out...our Podcast Directory makes it easy...
RELATED LINKS: About || Sponsors || Blog || Podcast Directory || KEYWORDS: w3w3® Talk Radio, Leonard Nimoy, Krista Marks, Vinton Cerf, Mike Fries, Lucy Sanders, Ted Turner, Dan Caruso, Larissa Herda, Steve Bigari, Jim Crowe, Denise Brown, Ping Fu, Mark Endry, Kathleen Quinn Votaw, Heidi Roizen, Seth Levine, Jon Nordmark, Nancy Phillips, Stephanie Smeltzer McCoy, Donna Auguste, Sam Addoms, Helen Greiner, Roy Dimoff, Greg Maffei, Vinton Cerf, Guy Kawasaki, Jay Walker, Sam Pitroda, Rick Patch, Terry Gold, Michael Powell, Richard Truly, J.B. Holston, Holli Baumunk

Achieving Your Personal and Professional Goals
The Ultimate Win - Your Goal1486_ 1/13/14 - Don't Let Another Year Go By - The Ultimate Win is Yours! Larry Nelson has taught this material in seminars in over a dozen countries, from China to Canada, from Norway to Australia, from Germany to Japan as well as throughout the US. He shares the results of his international research about the Characteristics of an Achiever and then goes on to help you lay out your "personalized blueprint" for personal and professional success. Larry is an internationally published author, has been a consultant to many Fortune 1000 companies and is best known for his train-the-trainer programs and Talk Radio. Larry and Pat developed these materials 20 years ago and put them up on the web in July 2007. The ‘Ultimate Win’ link below takes you to a page that allows you to download and print the entire Resource Guide and listen to all the Audio Sections for FREE. This is our thanks to you…have a great year!
RELATED LINKS: Ultimate Win || 3-Filters || Your Goal || Training Trends || Mastering Change || KEYWORDS: Ultimate Win, High-Tech, Goals, Training Trends, Business, Interviews, Photo Chronicles, Pat Nelson, Larry Nelson > Learn More
LEARN MORE: Larry Nelson, Exec. Director, Institute for Change Research

National Center for Women In Technology
Capital Investment Management Company - Registered Investment Advisor -  DTC, Denver and Boulder
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